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: Let's have you understand the behavioral system a bit more. Think of it like a health bar (or tension meter) in music games. When you hit the note at an off beat, your tension meter increases. When you completely miss a note, the meter increases by alot. When you hit the note at good timings, it reduces the meter. Riot's behavior system works the same way, as in we all have a toxicity meter attached to our accounts. When players are mildly toxic, it goes up a tad. When people use hate speech, it pretty much fills up the meter. of course, clean games reduce the meter. If you started the game with your toxicity meter at 99% toxicity, any little toxicity can get you punished. So yes, while the game you posted was the last straw that broke the camel's back and triggered the punishment, your punishment is based on all the other games that you were misbehaving.
if you are right, this is the stupidest honor system ever created.
: >We get in the game, Janna goes straight to mid and starts taking my cs. And this is the most infuriating part: The fucker was actually playing to win. So I can't just report him, I have to send a support ticket. Fair enough. You can most definitely report people for stealing your assigned role in ranked (or normal draft).
well i did, also sent a report ticket. we'll see what happens.
Jo0o (NA)
: You were given a clear indication that you were having your role hijacked, so the best way to handle this would have been to dodge and submit a ticket. Beyond that, I'm guessing the other games provided were more toxic than this one. The problems with this log are that you spent the entire log complaining, threatening reports, rallying for reports, etc., which is against the rules no matter how justified you felt in doing so. The only person who this doesn't hurt is the troll themselves, since you actively rewarded them by feeding them this log.
I was given no indication. this is the first time i came across this kind of trolling. i had already dodged two games today. i wasn't about to dodge a third one. no one else reported me other than the janna. I checked. so you are telling me that the janna is right in reporting a player who is complaining because he took the player's by force???
: Well I am pretty sure asking people to report is considred to be aginst the rules. From waht I have lrened reading some other post you jsut need one report to triger the system to look at the game so having evreyone else report does nothing. THats just hat I have seen stated bye specilist on the baords. THat being said I had a Jana ADC one game I supported.... And I bleive we actully won that gmae so yeat its not trolling it is them taking your lane when they were put in bot role.... that could be considred trolling and youre best bet would have been to just play the match and then reporting them after the game.
again, janna didn't play adc, he went mid and started taking my cs. then I didn't say "janna you are reported", i asked the enemy team to report her because she was griefing.
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: They contributed towards your punishment, think of it as the checkpoints in the Honor system. Yes, technically this game triggered it but it's not the only reason you received a punishment. Either way, this chat log (listed in the original post) is still worthy of a punishment. You're constantly going back and forth with your teammates, in the future just mute and/or ignore them. I'm not condoning their actions but these weren't acceptable either.
dude, again. i wasn't going off on teammates. the 8 other guys playing the game were in an agreement. i didn't flame anyone. not even the janna.
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: OP copied and pasted from his reform card where it says "game 2" at the top, meaning he left out game 1.
because this is the one that triggered it. I don't care about pasting the other one because 1.yes it was toxic, i admit it myself. and 2. it didn't tirigger a ban. this one did
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: Being frustrated is fine. Taking that frustration out on others is not.
have you even read the chat log?
Hotarµ (NA)
: You have two games on your reform card, I'd like to see the other before I discuss this further. **Both** games contributed to your punishment.
They did yeah. and like i said above, the other two games were deserved. But they happened four days ago. and this is the one that triggered it. i could have spent the four years not saying a word in chat (which is what i was planning on doing), so no. I'd have to disagree with you. they contributed, but they didn't *trigger* it
: Your ban literally has nothing to do with anything anyone else said. The reason they only provide _your_ chat log is because that is all that matters. Gotta take some personal responsibility.
you are right, how dare I be frustrated at a player that hijacked my game, trolled his entire team then walks out free.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Emelie Cauchemar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bEZELuJ7,comment-id=0005000400000000,timestamp=2019-02-05T21:14:29.084+0000) > > > > Account is several years old with terrible stats. > > If I were to smurf down there I could go AP garen and still win 95% of my games with a hilarious KDA. > talk is cheap. DO IT.
look bro, i didn't wanna say it here, but there are other ways of getting an account, esoecially if you dont' feel like making the lvl 30 grind, if you know what i mean
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