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: Patch 9.14 notes
This really hurts Shen {{champion:98}} players. Anti-shield and Anti-mobility that is half of Shen's kit. His ult, his passive, and his dash... i realize there are now too many champions to remember how every one of them is impacted by these changes so i am hoping that by posting this someone will see it and help save shen.
: fiora also does decent against shen
*tips hat. Right you are. But what do Shen mains know. It's not like we have to be tanks in a season where the new runes are clearly designed for damage.
: Patch 7.24 notes
Wait, why are we nerfing Shen? Who are these top laners that struggle against Shen...Oh that's right, every ranged champion owns him, teemo, jace etc. Riven and the overpowered Darius, who now is getting buffed, Kled, Vlad, Garen, Yorick all destroy Shen.
Thiadel (NA)
: No, I'm just thinking you can change your runes in champ select now. As you see the team filling out, change your runes accordingly.
Soooo...just memorize the 15 or so different patterns that I play for each champion. That's convenient >_<
: 2 pages.... 2 pages of runes. Really. There are 134 champs and it's not like these runes are interchangeable. I had over a dozen mastery pages. I agree with so many other posts on this board this seems like a greedy move on Riot's part. I now have to decide my champ before game, set up my page and hope i dont get banned. Thanks Rito for screwing up a good thing.
I know someone is going to say "buy them with IP." Please calculate how many game I would need to win to by 20 pages at 6000 ip per page before commenting.
Wráthful (EUNE)
: Riot please allow me to delete the "prepared" runes that you've made so i can create my own.
2 pages.... 2 pages of runes. Really. There are 134 champs and it's not like these runes are interchangeable. I had over a dozen mastery pages. I agree with so many other posts on this board this seems like a greedy move on Riot's part. I now have to decide my champ before game, set up my page and hope i dont get banned. Thanks Rito for screwing up a good thing.
: No mystery boxes
Ok, so I played a champion who definitely had not won a mystery box. My teammate scored an S. I still did not get a mystery box. I am showing that I am able to earn 4. Shouldn't I have gotten one? I think I am still missing something here.
: It's not one per champion per month, it's one per champion per season.
Thanks, that makes sense now. I thought it was by the month.
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: No Hextech Chest after getting S rank
I am having the same problem. 4 chests available and just earned 2 S ranks including and S+ and got no chests.
: every single one of his skins look way better than they usto. your being a moron.
It's fine if you like them, but why couldn't they just add the new ones and leave me my old ones? It is a matter of opinion whether they look good or not. However, if you bought them, then you paid for a certain look and then you are given something else, that's not quite right.
: Shen Shadow Dashes over to Live
I've played the new Shen. He is way weaker than the old Shen. Give me back Vorpal. I hope whoever removed it gets hit by a vorpal blade.
: Shen Shadow Dashes over to Live
You totally ruined Shen...Thanks for breaking my favorite character and destroying the Skorpion and Sub-zero skins. Way to go Rito.
: Champion Update: Shen
So you shell out money to buy a skin you like and then they change it. That's called STEALING, duh.
It was kinda nice to have someone who was mostly melee with a mid-range ability. Give me back my lifesteal and range. Unless shen is SUPER SUPER SUPER tanky, you are going to get destroyed trying to position for your Q. Bottom line, if people are using the old champs, dont change them. Some of us have been playing them since the start of the game.
: Champion Update: Shen
Give us vorpal blade back.
: @ Riot!...Vorpal Blade as is... Is key for Shen...It plays a big role for support/top/and jungle...By removing Vorpal Blade Riot is limiting Shen's potential...Shen/support/Vorpal Blade allows Shen to poke and dash to get in and out along with getting that ks if the opponent use's their turret as a shield and the ADC is unable to finish the job...Shen/Top with out Vorpal Blade Shen is useless top lane he lacks true DMG/attack power... although the new dash does dmg it forces him to dash forward leaving him open to take more dmg meaning he will not be able to kite/hold a lane alone forcing him to be stuck in the world of support...Shen/Jungle may be helpful as the new Shen but vorpal blade gave him the ability to kite minion's along with opponents...Riot should keep vorpal blade as it is... It's bad enough that Shen isn't played as much as he used to be played...Now you are taking top lane from him and slowing his jungle game... LOL has plenty of support tanks...But Shen isn't just a tank/support in his current stat his also a warrior..."RIOT HAS ALREADY FAILED WITH THE LAST 2 NEW HERO'S STOP DESTROYING OLD ONES!" IF ITS NOT BROKE DON'T FIX IT...
Agreed...stop bring the crap that destroyed World of Warcraft to League of Legends.
: Champion Update: Shen
You broke Shen. Why did you get rid of Key Strike....there goes Shen's only damage ability.
: > [{quoted}](name=Askelladd,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=EZbHLGZY,comment-id=0605,timestamp=2015-06-09T01:12:49.456+0000) > > Before you read what I have to say, read the comments on this board. Almost all of them are negative. > > You are getting negative feedback for a reason. The new system is broken. BTW I may be the "1%" on the matter but alas this new Leavebuster is far superior to the old one. DOes it have problems? Yes. Did the old system have even more problems? INdeed. The -400 downvotes on this thread is unmerited: What do you WHAT Riot to do?... Insta-ban leavers? Do Nothing? Spy on your computer to determine the cause of DC?... Humans.... such primitive lifeforms... Indeed it is so...
What do we want Riot to do? Lighten up. Make the penalties less strict, especially in unranked. Why can't there be a mode for casual gaming? There aren't that many leavers who do it on purpose.
: Lyte, the goal of this system seems really muddy. It doesn't make sense to me. Because, honestly, it feels like you're just trying to punish people who have bugsplats, who disconnect due to riot server issues, who have power outages, or who have random internet issues. People who intentionally leave games aren't that common in ranked, and I doubt they'll be deterred by a few minutes of delay time - small price to pay to be out of the game they hate so much they want to leave. The people who will really suffer from this system are the innocent people. This isn't going to improve anything, because the people who will actually CARE about this punishment are the ones who have no control over leaving the game in the first place. I don't see this system helping anyone. It's not like a person whose power goes out can FIX getting a power outage. Or a person who gets disconnected due to your servers going down can fix your servers. You're just punishing people for something outside of their control.
: This is burning a house to kill a flea.
Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
Before you read what I have to say, read the comments on this board. Almost all of them are negative. You are getting negative feedback for a reason. The new system is broken. This new leaver buster system is quite possibly the worst thing RIOT has ever developed. I haven't missed a game in over a month and yesterday I got dc'd and reconnected in about 3 minutes. I got a 20 minute penalty for the next 5 games. Punish frequent AFK's but don't ruin the game for your regular players. P.S. 90% of my disconnects were Riot's fault because the game started conflicting with my firewall and no one at Riot could tell me how to fix it and turning the firewall off had no effect. Fortunately, it hasn't happened recently.
: the problem with treating normals this way is that its still at least a 20 minute time investment by the other 4 members of your team; and chances are it isn't going to be fun. If you want normals to function in the way you are talking about, the surrendering at 20 rule *needs* to be changed. Good internet or bad, im going to be very annoyed and frustrated if you d/c 5 min in and we are playing a losing game right from the start.
I'm not saying they should change normals. I am asking for a new game mode.
: What do you mean, 'Casual Mode'? That's basically Normal Mode, right? It's hard to say why your thread may have been deleted when I don't know everything you said in your post. But read through the Board Rules, and see if you can figure out why your thread would be deleted multiple times. Did you post/say anything against the rules?
I would like a mode that does not penalize you as severely for being disconnected. I get DC'd and even when I reconnect, I get a 10 minute penalty. I'm tired of that and I would much rather have to deal with someone leaving than wait 10 minutes each time I mean to play a game.
elduris (NA)
: Hey Askelladd! Your posts are likely being removed because you're posting them in the wrong board. Boards Feedback is for feedback or suggestions for the boards themselves, not the actual game. Try Gameplay & Balance or Miscellaneous for your thread instead. You should also get a notification from Riot explaining why your threads are being removed so look for that in the top right corner of the page.
I think that must be right. I was giving feedback on the actual game itself. I did read the guidelines but it must mean improvements for the boards themselves as you explained. Thank you. I will re-post on miscellaneous.
: Sounds like a terrible idea. Now trolls can afk in that mode without getting punished.
So, people could always choose to play the normal modes that exist now.
Mandaari (NA)
: Normals yes. ARAMs no. There are a lot of people like myself that play ARAM seriously. Normals have a ranked queue for people that want to play them seriously. ARAMs don't.
The problem is if I get disconnect during a Normal, I still get hit by leaver buster. I have a problem with staying connected, and while I can almost always reconnect after a few seconds or minutes, I still get busted. I've tried complaining on the tech support boards, but they always blame the firewall, which I have already turned off. Anyway, I am tired of having 10 minute penalties for nothing.
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Ch0eX (EUNE)
: leaver buster
Ever since RIOT brought on the man who ruined World of Warcraft, League has been going down hill.
Eambo (EUW)
: And how would you counter this to people: - Pulling out their power cable - Pulling out their network cable Both these things, as far as a system is concerned, is a legit disconnect - but of course people would just abuse this system. Notwithstanding even if you are having a technical issue, you are still disrupting the game for 4-9 other players. Should LeaverBuster just ignore that disruption and say "Well it's not their fault, so it's okay for your game to be ruined?" Ultimately LeaverBuster will end up suspended 1 in 10 people in a worst case scenario. This leaves 90% of players with a better game experience at the expense of those 10% having issues or intentionally leaving. Although it's not a perfect solution, it's the lesser of two evils. If those 10% of people were allowed to continue, it would make an unenjoyable experience for 100% of players - those who leave aren't having fun, and those who are playing a game with a leaver aren't having fun either.
Yeah, except that eventually EVERYONE experiences technical difficulties because we don't have thousands of dollars to be professional gamers and have top notch equipment. I don't care if my game becomes a four on five. So what if I lose a game because of another person. I do care when I have a 10 minute ban for 5 games. Remember it is a game for REAL people who have real lives, not just professional gamers.
Ch0eX (EUNE)
: leaver buster
I have contacted Riot multiple times because I keep getting disconnect and the problem is not my firewall or internet and I still get busted by leaver buster. This new leaver buster sucks big time.


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