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5050BS (NA)
: Have you seen the speed of the Missile? If she DOES have vision on you and she is out of vision then its going to be very hard to dodge. ONLY mobile champs have any real chance to dodge it. More Riot hates Immobile mages.
You could say that about Zoe's E, except zoe's E is quite fast. And stuns you. Which can set up for an instant kill, or a ton of damage. And utilizing her ult, She doesn't even need to risk anything if she wants to kill you. Meanwhile Kai'sa's W moves at about the speed of an Ashe E, and when she hits it she gets to teleport to you. And puts herself at a lot more risk then a Zoe would.
: I think he'd be a for-Jhin teller.
: "League is a very, very small game" should i say more
you know what, just in case
Niyumi (NA)
: The longest part of the process is just thinking through an idea and coming up with a solid design. It could take a couple weeks, or it could take a couple months. There's no set timeframe. But, when you tease a champ, you already have their identity locked in, and you know what they're going to do. At this point it's all production (modeling, animating, sound design, etc.), and none of that takes several months to do. The only thing that could potentially take a long time is getting a VA in, since they can be pretty booked at times -- and then hiring a VA for other language regions too. League is a very, very small game, and the models aren't really super high quality or anatomically correct (they're made in perspective, and in the cartoony, stylized thing League does), so animating and programming isn't going to be some monumental undertaking. And Riot has hundreds of people working full-time jobs with a multi-billion dollar profit. So if some little company like Square Enix can pump out new content in FFXIV every 3 months, and if Arena Net can constantly update Guild Wars 2, then I see no reason why League can't rework cancerous old champs in a month or two per -- well, actually, the reason is to build up hype so more people spend money, but hey.
"League is a very, very small game" should i say more
: Question about legend emotes
but yorick isn't evil, he's just trying to use the souls of his dead pals to break the ruined king's curse on the shadow isles
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: Adaptive damage?
Oh, so that's why people keep getting arcane comet on jhin, i always thought that it just did like magic damage or something
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: PAX Sivir cosplay collab
just realized sivir was the first person to have a fidget spinner in runeterra{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Broporo (NA)
: I believe you'll still be getting the same amount of honor experience in Co-op games as you do in PVP matches! You should also be getting the same amount of honor experience regardless of your Summoner level.
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