: Is farming really the game deciding mechanic?
TFBlade has a playstyle where he always pushes lane. Never stops pushing, ever. This playstyle draws attention from the rest of the map so he never has to leave lane. Its annoying for the other team as they have to bring more than 1 player to stop him. Trading kills 1 kill for 1 death isn't so bad on champs he plays Akali/Irelia etc.
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: Looking for support to duo with was silver last season
Im currently B1 Support and Silver in other roles. Can add me if you want
: D4 ADC Main - LF Team (Silver 3 Flex)
You can add me I play toplane, mainly {{champion:39}}
Paniní (NA)
: LF Silver Gold Flex Player COPY PASTE NAME
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Sitgo (NA)
: lf duo to carry out of bronze hmu asap
: Rename ARAM to "CO-OP With AI"
Theres a hidden MMR within ARAM; if you are playing with bots then you are really bad at the game
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