: You only ever get 3 refunds, can't refund all 4 of them. And that's just a waste of them precious refunds yo. Yes, I know it's M&G.
probably keep darius because most jocks have to repeat school during the summer
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Cyphedias (EUW)
: Easy solution leet him ward hop
{{champion:64}} i need ward jumps to see, he has no excuse
: Major Veigar Bug
~~I mean low elo people suck at this game and decide to dash into whatever they think is safe~~ ohhh its memes and games
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4Jhín (NA)
: Mute button isn't an excuse to be toxic.
i mean unless they were playing {{champion:69}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:17}} then they get a little bit of {{champion:64}}way
: I second this.
{{champion:202}} i 4th this
: What an Urgot main looks like when they nerf Urgot
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: Describe Champion with Gif
{{champion:11}} {{champion:80}}
: I'm about to teach you how to draw Cassiopeia
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: +70% more.
~~and 100% reason to remember the~~ ok im not doing that
: That is actually a teemo has SPD (Split personality disorder/Shizophrenia) Rumble has Aggression management issues Gnar is retarded (not the Insult, legitimate) Heimerdinger is an obsessed scientist with no care for his testsubjects (have your read his lore? his turret shot a kid and he was like "meh, guess the turret is too strong....FOR KIDS, lemme test it on runeterra") Tristana is a happy-go-to soldier whos yet to experience PTSD Lulu is high on so many drugs i ask myself how she even survives those doses kennen has this syndrome (which's Name i forgot) that makes you way too energetic for your health
gnar isnt retarded, he's just not comforned to human society yet. I mean if i was frozen up by an evil witch, then woken up in 2000 years later to a futuristic version of earth i'd have no idea what language people are speaking, the laws, etc.
: I mean, it's progressively gotten worse since Boards was launched however many years ago. When it first came out, it was actually pretty pleasant; I was way more active back then. Nowadays I find myself typing out lengthy responses and then deleting them because I just don't feel like talking to anyone on here. I think it's just a positive feedback loop, where people have learned that having more extreme opinions (to a degree) leads to more upvotes/visibility, which in turn fuels people's more extreme opinions. You can see similar things happening in the broader internet, and in modern political discourse. If nothing else, Boards is a pretty interesting ecosystem to study human behavior.
I mean there are positives to negatives, at least we have a dank meme section we can all just huddle around and all be happy.
rewt127 (NA)
: Click on the chat box. Tell the team what you are doing.
its for the people not paying attention to chat
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: no excuses you fed in a norms game makes your whole post irrelevant.
You're missing the point, dying on purpose, not even trying to play the game, and saying "it's a game relax" is completely different from trying to do something but dying because you're behind. How do I know this you may ask, it's called the chat box. Every time I tell my team in solo norms to try not to die, ward the brush, or just to play safe, they reply to me with, "It's just normals" or "It's okay to lose" and then just run it down mid and feed.
: what about that 2/9/2 zed game or 2/8/5 kled game a few days back. You fed in norms its norms were your supposed to practice and learn to play champs.
they were 5 man team games with my friends, we dont give a shit about anything, also im extremely shit with those two champs
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: Ranked in a nutshell
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: How is Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer, called when slowed
: Karthus in a nutshell.
"If I die, actually I won't." -Tryndamere with Ult with GA with ZIlean Ult with Kayle Ult with Morgana Spell Shield
: When you, the ADC, wanna farm a huge creep wave but the GP wants it too
He'll even go as far as **Click R for win** to ult and steal all the minions
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: If you dodge you will lose 3 LP If you are at 0 LP and dodge you end up at -3
wait also can you get -100 lp? whats the max?
: If you dodge you will lose 3 LP If you are at 0 LP and dodge you end up at -3
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clicking the answer link would be considered the so{{champion:236}} to the puzzle.
D3m37r1 (NA)
: So now that this is just Memes. I guess you could say
Greyrick (NA)
: How many dollars would you have for every game they every won? O.o
Shahamut (NA)
: Are you suggesting that Baron builds up a bounty?
I actually didn't think this through that far, but idk maybe.
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: Who would win?
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: Ed, Edd, 'N' Eddy is always quality.
Ioveless (NA)
: ***
thats what voice coms are for
: When your jungler pings that he's coming
: Annnnnd the boards are back to complaining about lee
: nah you deserve to be stuck in there for being bad
you're doing it wrong, you only say that if they rant about bad teamates
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: Right under the thread body on the left before the comments, you can switch between **Discussion** and **Chronological** views.
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