: When The Whole Team Takes Teleport
teleport takes way longer than that to channel nowadays.
: ***
> your drunk and stupid relook maybe you should spend some real time looking twat *you're kind of funny how someone can get so mad they counter their own argument. none of your games has shown any form of a leaver on your team, how about show us the actual match replays they left so you can make your post a lot more convincing?
: how is something considered a sport if it is not possible to play 4v5 ?
you're match history proves otherwise, no one left the games that you lost.
: To be honest, I'm only rooting AGAINST SKT this year.
dont worry they wont win with huni and untara on their top side
: TSM won't play a Korean team until knock out round, can't ask for an easier group than that.
: Top 20
Is Faker ever going to get number 1 again?
: > [{quoted}](name=Astrophel,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=sYoLPZEX,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-08T21:56:28.701+0000) > > Yea Hai is pretty good, but in order for them to win the gauntlet he has to fly Haier They failed to fly Haier, now CLG reached the top of the mountain with C9 waiting.
its funny because some clouds are present on top of mountains
: Damn Turtle. Why can't you play like this all the time?
Turtle is known for popping off sporadically throughout the year, he isn't consistent
KilljoyX (NA)
: When Hai's shotcalling is on point and he isn't tilted he increases the tier of a team from tier 2 to 1.5 or 1.5 to 1.
Yea Hai is pretty good, but in order for them to win the gauntlet he has to fly Haier
Rioter Comments
: What do you call tank Syndra?
: Sumonner's Rift got more skins in the meantime, too.
dragon has 5 skins aka more than {{champion:83}}
: Tfw you hit enter too earl
WinBoat (NA)
: LCS Matches Are Not Rigged/Scripted
its the same old same old reason, salty fans.
: Pushing what? I won't deny how effective DLift has been on the second half of the split and playoffs, but first half he was no better or distinguishable from Turtle. Meanwhile the meta shift has done the opposite to Flame. He started out great bullying with fighters like J4 or Renek, but fades hard in the tank meta after winning lane.
> I would even say Dardoch is more worthy of consideration than Flame. that is pushing too hard
Mye (NA)
: ***
to be fair they won IEM IX and actually went to knockout stages in an earlier season
: Drinks on stage needs to be banned!!!
no tsm needed to spill water in order to drain out the salt and therefore keep a clean and focused mind to pull of the comeback.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: *this moment +5 more LCS Championships and 5 times 2nd place
plus IEM IX and RR
: Good for your? Your team is luckier than other teams. Roll of the dice.
: wow those sure were some embarassing "mistakes" that IMT made "100% on accident"
until you can actually get some proof then don't get mad IMT lost, look to worlds and hope IMT will pop off there.
: Immortals is like " Nah, you guys(TSM) can have the NA#1 seed to face #1 LZ and like a #2 seed from LPL(RNG), we'll lose on purpose to get a more even group.
lol thats not how it works, they use papers with team names and put it inside a ball, then swirl it around and pick teams.
: How much do you think IMT got paid to throw vs TSM today?
: Because they are accustomed to getting wrecked and need to cover the damages.
: {{champion:92}} is the strongest champ according to urgot
what about {{champion:101}} with his broken sarcophagus?
Rioter Comments
: DLift was forgettable and at best top five the first half of the split, he should be further from MVP than Bjerg. I would even say Dardoch is more worthy of consideration than Flame.
that's just pushing it way too hard xd.
: Average income of a League pro?
With the franchising next year pros will be earning 70k a year disregarding tournament money. While that may not be that impressive, keep in mind the get food, shelter, insurance, psychologists, internet, high end gaming gear, all for free.
: Counter Logic Gaming dances to victory over Team Dignitas
ViceN53 (NA)
: So if she ults me, is it considered feeding? https://media.giphy.com/media/K4x1ZL36xWCf6/giphy.gif
when syndra builds ad her ult is like http://i.imgur.com/bkm14WE.gif
OHminus (NA)
: Bjerg gets MVP
It doesn't matter if he won MVP awards before, giving someone else a chance because they never had it is not the way to determine the MVP.
: Never understand y they consider kys offensive in the first place. doesnt cause any physical harm
how did you find this thread? are you an archaeologist?
: {{champion:103}} ! {{champion:201}} !
: Does this summoner icon make me look fat?
No you accidentally pinched a hole in your icon, now water is spreading all over the boards and everyone is being infected.
: Did you forget Rift Rivals already?
I didn't forget about it, but so much people called it off as an All Star sort of event, where it's international but it's supposed to be fun. It's also only vsing EU and nothing else. The term international, for me, means the whole world. Like an international airport doesn't only go to one different country, but most if not all of them. The whole point of RR was to prove NA or EU, and it was NA with TSM winning finals. There's no denying that until EU beats NA in another RR. I however, don't think it was an "All Star" event, and NA won fair and square and proves NA > EU. I included IEM only because it was an international tournament in the sense that it was vsing other regions not just EU. TSM beating top teams like Flash Wolves, Team WE, ROX Tigers (GE Tigers was their name at that time) is far more impressive and proves that TSM has the potential to get out of groups, maybe reach semi idk.
Rioter Comments
Budds (NA)
: ***
Well according to NA LCS standings Piglet, Madlife, Arrow, Ryu, and GBM are literally either at the top of challenger series or bottom tier in LCS.
Tamuut (NA)
: We need TSM to win so that we can be heartbroken again at worlds... dammit...
both teams are going to worlds, in fact 3 teams are going to worlds. On that note, NA as a whole hasn't won any international tournament except for TSM at IEM Season IX
: What it's like playing assassins right now.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: plz dont let yas win
thats what dawnbringer riven said but guess where that went.
: https://m.popkey.co/8de54f/QlKmV.gif
Amxen (NA)
: I.... I can't.... Jhin? {{champion:202}} _"Hmpf. I Don't think I've heard that one before."_
"Hmpf. I Don't think I've heard that one be4." *
: What do champions decorate their tree with for Christmas?
: Most free win ADC
{{champion:53}} "Metal is harder than flesh"
: Did you ever hear the tragedy of Laughing Fish the Memer?
once he figured that he was downvoted so much, his joy and jolly was gone and he became a mean evil warden
: I am hope voting this because this post is terrible, and I despise M&G. You do the math M&G.
: When the Toxic one pings
: Thinking you've got that low-health Shyvana
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