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: A brownout is when voltage is lowered and lights dim, most brownouts are controlled and used to shut off certain transformers while still providing power to people. A brownout could have made him lag but " after 30ish minutes our power came back on again" is not a brownout. What he described is a blackout
: Now now, let's not bring up color here.
#Racial Equality
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: I want to play him, but everyone keeps banning him so I Kayn't
Even if I think people will not ban him, the Rhaast summoner bans him and takes away my hope of me playing him.
: A Splatoon 2 trailer has yielded a lovely new meme that I will be glad to exploit and abuse. ENJOY!
GoqK (EUW)
: 1 - Your joke is really bad, like parents that dumpster their babies ? really ? 2 - An other x987627427 yasuo memes, it have been one year since we all see theses jokes, and im 100% sure someone did the same joke as you but with differents picture 3 - saying Loging in just to downvote means, i enjoy all the memes in this boards because they are something new and don't take my interest in downvoting or upvoting them because im lazy, So you joke is so bad that i just made the effort to log in just to say my opnion 4 - All the laughing fish fanboys can downvote me to hell but this is an opinion and you guys just reflected that you are all ships of the warden of Memes 5 - Hasagi. 6- you want a good yasuo meme here something new and creative :
GoqK (EUW)
: I logged in just to downvote this, seriously growup.
How about grow up and take a joke? This is the internet, hell, this is memes and games. If you dont want to see dirty jokes, then the internet isnt for you. Real talk
: I opened a chest and got an urf ward
Great! Now ~~save up gemstones for exclusive loot~~ use the gemstones to open up another loot box!
Zephanna (NA)
: When You Think Master Yi is Gonna Gank but he Just Takes cs
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KoKoboto (NA)
: Zed and Shadow Order Business
When Shadow Ninjas use their computers or phones, they have to turn the dimness down to the lowest because light is evil.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Astrophel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EuujFtEu,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-07-09T20:04:09.028+0000) > > I am basically you, but I decided to dedicate my LoL time with board posting and dank memes instead of climbing to plat. Interesting, I see. I just enjoy playing the game oddly enough xD
I mean I dont bother with ranked, currently B5 and at 0 LP.
: No, you do not have too. Should you? That is up to you. On the flipnote I did not realize I had an evil twin.
I am basically you, but I decided to dedicate my LoL time with board posting and dank memes instead of climbing to plat.
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: All tsm need is mikeyeung in their team
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: When your team won't let you kill minions with Face of the Mountain
{{champion:201}} "Hey dude you're pretty low, let me heal you via Face of-" {{champion:236}} "WTF DUDE FUCK OFF MY MINIONS YOU'RE THE GOD DAMN SUPPORT WTF DO YOUR ONE JOB FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!!!!!"
: certainlyt rework thus cancer champ
you could also say its certainlyt cancer
: Urgot Pull Range is Global
{{champion:53}} "**TEACH ME!!!!**"
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Mr1102 (NA)
: When you facecheck a bush and there's an urgot FTFY
: Caster Biases Taint Shows
they should've swapped casters from different regions to avoid bias
Osbeorn (EUNE)
: With what native american player? You have no good mid laners, which is why you have to rely on imports.
What exactly defines an NA mid laner? If they're white, oh no they're European. Asian, oh no they're asian, not american. Seriously, if you want an actual NA mid laner go find us a native american in challenger. Being an American is extremely subjective because the whole damn country is made of immigrants. "Hey my name is Mohammad, my parents immigrated here and gave birth to me from the middle east, and now I am here as an American." EU has asian immigrants anyhow, so EU isn't immigrant free. Just accept a loss and move on.
: I challenge you to follow up this sivir meme!
: Who does Rift Rivals benefit?
I mean honestly, be it EU or NA coming out as the champions of RR the winning team will be even more cocky at worlds. Cocky+Worlds=Failure
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: That took me too long. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
but it took me only 3 seconds, so
D3m37r1 (NA)
: When did people start saying that.
its been out there forever, just go watch your local twitch or youtube chat during RR and it'll be there 100%.
: Being somewhat better than other trash region doesn't magically make them good. Nothing to be proud of. The only team that played better than shit was TSM but even then they were struggling (though they stomped second game).
I never said NA was already better, I said by the looks of day 1, if you watched lcs for a while now you would realize all the regions are the same, yes NA and EU are trash, but so as the other teams. The only team that has a somewhat better chance are the asian teams, and then korean teams are the only non trash teams. Its stupid how everyone thinks the other regions arent catching up to lck teams because they are lazy and shit. Having an actual life is worth more than training 24 7 under pressure for LoL. It both exhausting and not worth it for other regions. Notice how other regions like NA have more time to stream and hang out with their gf, do stupid vlogs about their team, like challenges and dance offs. Lck sells their soul to the game, faker doesnt have a gf, nor doesnt have the time to because of his ridiculous schedule. The only way for other teams to "catch up" is to sell their soul to the game, no one but lck and some asian teams are willing to do that. If it was a rule that every region only has like 10 hours to practice a week, the other teams should stand a chance.
: It doesn't matter, both regions are trash.
but at least NA can be recycled from the looks of day 1
: Doesn't matter you are a TSM, C9 or P1 fan. Today we are all united
Today at June 5, 7017 we are currently finding our revenge against the Whirlpool Galaxy vs us, the home town of the Milky way Galaxy
: Is that hugh jackman i see~?(if i'm wrong plz don't kill me ;-;) maybe
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: This looks familiar... _I wonder why?_ one punch man
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: A god-tier support always stay close to his ADC
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