: With skins I don't think we want to explain our process in explicit detail, because we don't want our skin releases to be predictable - we want to keep that element of surprise! Perhaps we should, I personally don't know the data/reasons why we do it that way but I trust the people making that call. There is no ultimate skin team, just skins team - sometimes we work on an ultimate, sometimes we don't. I was involved in the development of DJ Sona and the general philosophy behind ultimates is that they are a way to challenge ourselves to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a skin. Here's a few of the goals we discussed at the beginning of DJ Sona: - Ideally, we want it to be unique in a way that only works for that champion. An ultimate should touch on something/s that is core to that character in a way that works best for that champ. This can be vfx, gameplay, visual design, even lore. Ezreal is the explorer so he was the first to explore the future, paving the way for Eternum, Headhunter, PROJECT, Program, More Battlecast, Arctic Ops, Super Galaxy, Neon Strike etc. Udyr is the only champion with a unique stance-changing mechanic; every skin for him is at least 4 skins in 1, so why not take that to the extreme? Sona is our musician, so what if she DJ'd the actual freakin game!? - We want it to push our current technology, to change the way we make skins forever! This is a much less visible goal to players but more on the team. Most players are aware that LoL is a janky beast, and there are a heap of legacy tech that hold us back. If we are going to spend a year working on an Ultimate we want some of that investment to be in exploring new tech that we can then use on future skins. Ezreal had an evolving model and showed us that sci fi skins could work in LoL, Udyr had state changes when maxing skills (which Sona then used), DJ Sona has a custom toggle, can interact with audio, has new vfx tech on her hair etc. There's tons more that aren't evident at all but really helped the team move forward and hit those quality gains you see over the years. - More than any other skin release, we want to blow players away! When I first made a pitch for DJ Sona, which a bunch of concept artists were jamming on, I suggested it be the first INFINITE tier skin - what I proposed was so insane that I felt like it was way beyond the scope of even the previous Ultimates. I hope I can share that pitch document one day, it seemed impossible at the time but more than half of the ideas made it into the final skin. One year later when players heard the name 'DJ Sona' for the first time I was reading through reddit and S@20 and some players were saying 'Why Sona? She has Arcade, this will just be the same.' and I was thinking 'Just wait until you see it!' A lot of the time we're working on projects that have a limited scope and time to deliver and we're focused on maximising the player value we can deliver with what resources we have. Ultimates are the one chance we have to cut lose, punch the nitro and show the world what our team can do!
That was pretty cool to read, thanks for giving us an inside look at the BtS. > Ezreal is the explorer so he was the first to explore the future, paving the way for Eternum, Headhunter, PROJECT, Program, More Battlecast, Arctic Ops, Super Galaxy, Neon Strike etc. fuck yeah
Mishli (NA)
: personally i'd like to see her E damage come down a bit (the ult+e combo is absurdly strong imo), or her W range a bit shorter. against most other immobile mages, she can simply march up, Wall you, ult E, Q and you'll probably freeze to death unless you flash out, and thats mostly outside of your own ability range too. it's a very very long range ability (1000 according to wiki) and technically out ranges towers (though i think that number is a little misleading) it makes it very hard to play against her unless you're zerath or ziggs and just farm under tower
You make a good point, but the E+R combination is a very habitual combo. You have to learn it until it becomes muscle memory for it to become the absurdy strong aspect of her kit (which, admittedly, takes under 25 games to perfect). I agree in that her E+R is the most problematic aspect of her kit, but everything else fits her so well. Her role as a disruption mage is impeccable with her new ult and wall. I think I really want to see changes to Anivia to where her learning curve will be much steeper. I want to see Aurelion Sol winrates, with 44% with 1-5 games (anivia @ 48) and almost 60% at 125+ (anivia at 58). Something that will target her weaknesses, like her Q's unreliability. I wouldn't mind having her Q be slowed down a bit more, or something along those lines.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team: 6.17, the Pre-Worlds Patch
I might be a little late to the party, but what are your current thoughts on Anivia? She's sitting at a comfortable 53% winrate, and is pretty talent-demanding for a champion where having more experience on the Bird considerably impacts your game-presence. The average winrate for individuals who have dedicated over 125 games on the bird is 58%! I have 170 games on her and have 60. I'm happy with the learning curve of Anivia, but am suspecting that her sudden spike (not big spike, but spike nonetheless) in playrate will catch Riot's attention. So, I guess my question is, If you were to hypothetically change the Bird, what would you change and why? {{champion:34}} {{item:3632}} <- wtf is that popped up on the item list
Sims1619 (NA)
: People have said it before, but the original doom bots happened on the old map so if they want to bring it back they have to rebuild it from the ground up, which I'm told is not easy. That being said I'm pretty sure they're working on it.
Not only that, but I'm sure it would be more difficult to implement new additions into the game into Doom Bots. I predict if they add new abilities and passives (A.Sol Passive, Kindred Ult, Taliyah stuff etc), there would be a lot of bugs and glitches that would make the game difficult. In other words; Spaghetti Code.
Rioter Comments
Bob4131 (NA)
: nah. i love those guys. Makes my life a lot easier
: lux leblanc fizz rengar jax soraka ezreal anivia zed nidalee
I won't say it because I have the FEK advantage... but Is it your avatar?
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:7}} Good luck.
Bob4131 (NA)
: {{champion:16}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:16}}
My guess is an immobile adc... {{champion:22}} or {{champion:21}} ?
Veraska (NA)
: post 10 champs you hate, and see if people can guess your main!
{{champion:43}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:31}} might be a bit tricky, dont opgg me cheater hint: I struggle against long range poke/tanky with poke
: I think he meant it more as a joke. I think.
Annoxis (EUW)
: Can we ask who is that guy ?
I can give you a quick summary of his post. *ahem* "**** YOU RIOT IGNORING ALL MY ******** ***** QUESTIONS **** EVERY RIOT POST I POST THE SAME QUESTION AND GET NO ******** RESPONSE #URGOT #URGOD #NearlyDeadLivesMatter" actually.. just look at his boards profile
Garrotte (NA)
: Living when I get ganked because his whole kit locks up and he can't use abilities
You would prefer to instantly die? Is that what you call "random" and "unpredictable?" i dunno but if i see a "!" as a squishy, I can predict exactly how the next 3 seconds is going to unfold.
: We have actually tried some stuff that tied into the bounty system as an attempt to do this. From what we tried, it felt a bit off for Rengar, but there was definitely something appealing about it. I like to think he wants to have at least one trophy from all of his enemies.
I would like to think that too :) I would also like to think that Rengar would be set upon defeating the beast that eludes/defeats Rengar. He couldn't go on without knowing that he's the head honcho of the rift.
: Assassin Roster Update - Rengar Direction
Regarding the bone-tooth necklace, it seems evident that a decent amount of his scaling comes directly from the additional stats that this buff provides . I understand that you're trying to fortify his kit with more organic ingredients to make him a healthier champion, but I agree that the necklace is a really strong and vital aspect of his lore/kit. This could be an opportunity to implement a Garen-ult style addition, creating the "strongest beast on the opposing team" type of buff that would add stacks to his necklace, as opposed to letting rengar ult and farm stacks off of the poor ashe/brand lane.
Statikk (NA)
: Can you give us some insight into what you consider to be Talon's current identity?
Not OP, but I think Talon's current identity is the "jack of all trades", sort of champion. His qualities aren't unique. In terms of skills, almost every quality he has can be related to another assassin who does it better (e.g Steath- Shaco, Blink- Katarina, DoT-Fizz's Seastone Trident, Low Range Poke- Zed). But the fact that Talon possess all of these mechanics makes Talon versatile and strong. So at least this is my point of view, but if you alter any of talon's abilities, you should refrain from creating abilities that mimic what other champions do, but better, or giving one of Talon's pre-existing skills and giving it additional mechanics (e.g reset) and instead focus on how to make Talon stand out. Kinda like how you gave Cass the Grounded attack.
ßoy (NA)
: No but he is a "Rioter"
yeah but we're looking for a "Roiter" to comment on this thread
: :D
are you one of these fabled "Roiters"?
: How the hell am I supposed to prove him guilty? Seriously tell me. 6k games is an awfully bold claim. 1k games is not. I've easily played 1k games of Yasuo between ranked and normals games.
6k games isn't unheard of by the least lol, I've seen people with over 6k games played on champions. This guy even has over 8000 on _urgot_ http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/40783652#ranked-stats Innocent, until proven guilty. If you want proof, ask him for all of his accounts, then add up his games on Yasuo then provide your findings to this thread. Now nobody wants to do that, and nobody is expecting you to, so stop being a dick
: I could, but someone as dishonest as the OP really doesn't deserve that courtesy.
You don't have a way to prove him as dishonest, unless he posts all of his accounts and their games. Meanwhile, out of the 4 accounts that he has posted, I estimate (not adding all, just rounding/adding) roughly 800 games with Yasuo. Good enough for me.
Jetjoe (NA)
: Its a grammar mistake fine, he is hard to target.
It's* < grammar mistake. Saying he can't be targeted is just a mistake.
Vesarixx (NA)
: When your main becomes FotM
Me when Hecarim{{champion:120}} galloped into FotM out of nowhere during June (like he didn't get any play until 6 patches after his buff in 6.5, now he is often banned). He used to be my only and best pick in the Jungle, and I ran Flash/Smite because I play hecarim better with flash over ghost. After his sudden spike in popularity (18th most played in 6.10 to 3rd most in 6.12 out of 50 jungle 'picks'), the times I ran Flash/Smite Hec into the jungle I would get flamed at for taking the wrong summoners. If I don't take ghost then I get flamed/aggressively instructed. felt bad man moved on to other champions :(
: ***
dw I don't hate anybody :vD except kalista when she sticks a stick up my ass then rips it out dealing 300+ damage :((((
: Aatrox don't need it, his blood pool is red when he has his passive up and white when he don't, it is visible to his teammates. but yah for zac and anivia it would be nice.
True, but similar to my situation in the OP, aatrox's teammates wouldn't know the cdr of his blood pool. The visual doesn't clarify that.
: Hey all, we've updated/reverted the suspension and removal. We take incorrect moderation actions very seriously and we'll be handling this with the moderator involved. We'd like to publicly apologize for the misstep and thank you for bringing it to our attention.
: > [{quoted}](name=Astrosexy,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FWXELt4n,comment-id=0006000000000001,timestamp=2016-07-15T18:57:16.901+0000) > > I don&#x27;t fucking know, I&#x27;m not moderator, but you shouldn&#x27;t be naive in thinking that your OP picture isn&#x27;t suggestive. > > I see a spear sticking out of Kalista&#x27;s ass. The moderator saw that too. Anyone can see it, and can interpret it as so. I mean, he didn't draw an ass, just makes her look like a body. Hard to say if she has an ass or anything explicit at all. Tbh i didnt notice it until you said it and it still seems pretty debatable. Just my opinion though lol, moving on
Don' worry, I barely see anything wrong in that picture, I don't think it's worth permanently banning whatsoever but I support the logic in debatable = removable. Debatable =/= Permanently ban and OP should definitely have his account restored. yeah i'm moving on too. peace.
: Alright but this is allowed to be posted http://pre03.deviantart.net/8a7c/th/pre/i/2015/338/a/f/_commission__quiet_nidalee_by_exaxuxer-d9iz7dg.jpg I'm not trying to come off as arrogant but unless you haven't been on the boards for the past few months and haven't seen the quite "suggestive" and borderline blatantly sexual posts. I don't understand how you can even begin to understand the suspension I received admists the countless other much more "explicit" posts.
I don't fucking know, I'm not moderator, but you shouldn't be naive in thinking that your OP picture isn't suggestive. > Moderators will look for and consider the following as violations of this rule: > > Content that represents sexually explicit acts I see a spear sticking out of Kalista's ass. The moderator saw that too. Anyone can see it, and can interpret it as so.
: I have been away from league. I don't know how to use them. So, how do I use them? I could google it but I don't feel like it. Besides if I google it no one will tell me how to.
To ping skills (QWER), you press Alt, then click on the skill. To ping camps you open up the scoreboard (tab) and just click the timer. No need to press alt for the camps.
: > [{quoted}](name=King Jodo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FWXELt4n,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-15T15:58:45.275+0000) > > 3. It doesn't come close to being suggestive in any way Stop right there... you are insulting the intelligence of everyone that you are addressing if you expect them to believe that nonsense.
^. This is suggestive, idk how you can say it isn't. A nearly nude image of Jinx kissing Vi isn't really the same as a suggestively nude image of Kalista on her hands and knees. You didn't deserve a perm for this, only a warning, but please, understand that you really _shouldn't _ be confused by the nature of the suspension.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Astrosexy,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=n5WsHXNw,comment-id=000a0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-03T23:51:30.761+0000) > > Or you could live your life with the ideal &quot;To each their own&quot;. If someone&#x27;s sole pursuit is entertainment, then you are in no position to tell them what they should be doing or how they should contribute; that is a decision that they must make on their own, not be influenced by a stranger on the internet. > > People have different backstories, environments, paradigms, and overall lives that you do not have access to, nor have the jurisdiction to try and influence. If you see an opinion on the internet that you don&#x27;t agree with, it would probably be best for everyone to not be pessimistically discourteous. And I'm not telling you you have to live your way in any which way. Go dilly dally as you wish. It's discourteous to have my own opinion, and to disagree with you guys, instead, despite disagreeing with you, I should go ahead and endorse what you're doing, after all, that's the only proper thing to do.
You misinterpret my sentence by saying "... that's the only proper thing to do", when I do not allude to such a conclusion whatsoever. Having your own opinion and disagreeing is perfectly alright, you are entitled to doing so and nobody should ever attempt to rid you of that entitlement. That's what I hate about websites like Tumblr and Reddit, very rarely do they accept and argue opposition to the consensus. However calling a lifestyle a waste of oxygen and resources, an insignificance within our own insignificant life, and a constituent of the capitalist system is a toxic means of expressing your opinion and does not bring any positive insight to the conversation.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeadlyStalker,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=n5WsHXNw,comment-id=000a00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-03T15:24:34.890+0000) > > You sound very brainwashed. It seems that you have visited too many websites of &quot;enlightenment&quot; and the so called &quot;meaning of life&quot;. Hope you didn&#x27;t give them your credit card information. > > Everyone has a different purpose on earth and everyone is meant to live a different life. Just like you will live a life full of paranoia, there are people that will have nothing but video games in their lives. > > Just a friendly reminder that your life is not any better, since you just wasted about 15 minutes of it writing nonsense on a video game forum. You do realize that spending your entire life dropping money on video games/otherwise entertaining yourself sounds a lot more like you've been brainwashed than someone seeking meaning. I just find it really silly that being contemplative is considered brainwashed and scammed, yet spending money on "entertainment" is a good use of time and money. As for whether you can spend any time on entertainment? It's no problem if you do, but if your sole pursuit is entertainment, there's a problem. For your information, however, I have actually never visited one of your so called websites, or spent anything online other than on League and one other video game before league, both several years back ($75 on League, $200 on the other game).
Or you could live your life with the ideal "To each their own". If someone's sole pursuit is entertainment, then you are in no position to tell them what they should be doing or how they should contribute; that is a decision that they must make on their own, not be influenced by a stranger on the internet. People have different backstories, environments, paradigms, and overall lives that you do not have access to, nor have the jurisdiction to try and influence. If you see an opinion on the internet that you don't agree with, it would probably be best for everyone to not be pessimistically discourteous.
Zerenza (NA)
: Illaoi is listed as Warlord so no confusion due to them being 2 different things.
He is referring to the class of champion that Illaoi is; a juggernaut, not the tier name.
: LoL-Themed Gameshow: 100% FREE, Win RP! ------ Looking for contestants!
Rioter Comments
: except that it has a k in it, instead of victor.
Viktor is an alternative way of spelling Victor in many Eurasian countries lol
Rioter Comments
: QSS / Mercurial change for 6.9
Posting this here becuase i dont have a PBE account, but would it be possible to have Vel'Koz ult work like Jhin's ult in terms of camera placement? I believe it would be healthier to his playstyle if he is able to see his ult full range regardless of where he is standing when you stand it. In high pressure situations, focusing your camera is just another aspect to the ult that should be unnecessary.
Reav3 (NA)
: We are looking into this :)
I wish you godspeed, as this may make or break the game if he comes out underdeveloped
: GD no longer has anything to offer me.
lol besteau invited me to this thread first time ive been on gd in about a year Ori just quit forums overall, no need to addict yourself to a cesspool of forums
Veruka (NA)
: I agree so hard with this. His E is insane now. Like I only use it when there's a wall that I can clearly push them into to stop the knockback. It's so far now, and very easy to isolate yourself from your team that cannot keep up with the horse.
True, and I really dislike having to face the option whether I want to exchange additional damage for that scaling as well.
Rioter Comments
: Is Hecarim going to get some love?
I main hecarim, and do not think he needs serious buffs. He is still a heavy snowball champion, and I find that with a good experienced early game, you can almost always be a factor in winning your game especially in my elo (midS). You're right. The more his core items get hit, the less powerful he becomes. I do think his damage to minions could be higher to encourage early game efficiency, but his core combos don't need more damage IMO. That would make him more snowbally and potentially broken.
: Wonder, just for experimental sake... if
Their disengage is what makes them assassins. It's how you pick against a disengage assassin that makes or breaks the usability of that assassin.
agbudar (NA)
: why in gods name do people want soloQ back... oh wait
I liked solo queue and I was none of the above. In fact, a majority of solo queue players like solo queue as a destresser and time waster. No need to generalize.
: Scaling goes up so the price is higher. http://imgur.com/gallery/YO44DwL
Very good, I'm glad that makes sense to you. Standard AP quint = 512. Scaling AP quint = 1025. Scaling goes up so price is higher. Shouldn't this apply to the same severity as AD? 3 IP = 0 IP in the short and long run, when you get ~100 per game.
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:89}} Sleeper AF right now. First clear is rough but once you back and pick up {{item:2032}} you can clear forever. Her early ganks are insane. Pretty slow clears but it's about the same as {{champion:54}}. Once you have 2-3 points in W she clears a bit faster. Plus if you smite Gromp and/or have red buff it's not too bad. {{item:1402}} {{item:3009}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} is no laughing matter. Sure you could go cinderhulk but {{item:1402}} is just so freakin strong right now. It helps her clears so much and the movespeed+swifties makes for unavoidable ganks. She's a freakin teamfight monster especially if you have {{champion:201}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:12}} as a support. You can skip the sightstone for an extra tank item if you want, i just find the vision extremely useful because you're looking to set up a lot of flanks. It's also good to pick up early because a good jungler will probably look to invade you. Keeping defensive vision up allows you to turn that invade into a kill for your team when your laners collapse, they aren't going anywhere with your lockdown. She keeps {{champion:238}} and {{champion:99}} on lockdown which can pretty much win you the game. Sometimes i even like to slip a {{item:3800}} into my build if we're having trouble getting close or if we're just stupid far ahead (which you will be because you'll be snowballing your lanes like crazy)
Legend. Honestly I see that being perfectly viable especially with echoes. The supportJG is such a want
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