: I cannot stand this "never surrender" fucking 4 year old mentallity.
If it's low elo shit like gold/silver people fuck up and throw games all the time no matter the lead.
: Don't understand why Leblanc of all champion got a revert.
People cried hard enough that they can't instantly burst so they got back what they wanted.
: The Day Has Finally Come
not sure if this is actually a good thing or it's a bad thing because assassins are running over stuff so hard that not even janna can deal with them.
DW Diana (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion: Control Mages are too Weak
That's not unpopular opinion. Boards *love* control mages and have been advocating for them.
: I love it when people post vandiril's video, and not realize it was a massive joke on his part to attract silly people. You are being trolled hardcore. He even stated it himself. Also, it is hilarious how people are stating Dardoch out of all pros as their key source how Zoe is detrimental to the game...While of course it is notorious Dardoch proved himself to be a deadweight to several professional teams, and does nothing to improve himself. He was hated hardcore. He just loves to blame stuff more than Hashinshin and was one of the least "professional" pros in the tournament scene.
I would still sign the petition for memes because we can.
: Would you rather play against Zoe or yasuo
At least you can see Yasuo when he kills you and I don't have to turn off voice because I would rather hear a grown man than a 12 year old talking about 12 year old things.
Rioter Comments
: Too many champions are dumpstered because of pros.
I don't wanna be that guy, but that has *long* been a thing since season 3. Maybe with periods of "balance" where a wider selection of champions become playable in soloQ, but that's not news.
haenex (EUNE)
: I love it when adc's cry about zed
you forgot to include mages instead of just adcs
: 2%: this tickles, like does Brand even have a passive? 4%: OMG, WHY DOES BRAND DO SO MUCH DAMAGE FOR FREE? If only there were a number between 2 and 4 that could "balance" this out...
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Once again i'm done, NO JHIN NERFS PLANNED
good to see boards being good ol boards again :^)
: Can we please get rid of all the feeders from ranked please?
: i am convinced riots balance team is trolling at this point.
in a company where farting on people's faces is not unusual what didja expect :^) :^) :^)
Rioter Comments
: This article is what makes me want to take a break from league
I want to say that [*multiple* Rioters on Twitter](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/95elic/inside_the_culture_of_sexism_at_riot_games/e3s75xt) have already confirmed the credibility of this article, even though it's from Kotaku. I know, a lot of you here don't read Reddit at all, but maybe do some research instead of pointing fingers at SJWs, as much as we don't like them.
: The tank "buffs" are weaksauce and you're not nerfing damage enough
> [{quoted}](name=Khristophoros,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZiNBHvdG,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-06T11:10:48.056+0000) > > IDK I just don't see any actual effort to fix the problem. It's like Riot is just trying to give concessions and hope that people pick different champions instead of actually fixing anything. I thought that's been a Riot specialty since day 1.
: Are you kidding? He was so strong he had a literal 100% ban rate in Worlds by Season 4.
maybe that's what he meant kass basically had 100% banrate which is why he never saw the light of day
AmazoX (EUW)
: What do you want League of Legends to be?
I think you left out a word in the title...
: New Christmas Eve Skin
The picture isn't new, but still a good reminder.
: [Skin idea] Star Guardian Vi
I don't like the idea of Vi being a Star Guardian, but the concept definitely looks nice.
: (+Vote) Which one is your favorite meta ?
I like how people wanted tanks into the meta but the right has more champs in the "top tier list" for every role.
: Unpopular opinion: So, uhm... what happened to bot lane diversity?
Turns out that a lot of people who advocated for "bot lane diversity" aren't the ones playing it, and expected ADC mains to change entire champ pools overnight. Which is why you still see people picking ADCs in your games. "You" as in your average League player in silver.
: Unpopular opinion: don't buff tanks
Now that's actually an unpopular opinion. On the other hand, nerfing damage also lets non-tanks build defense and actually make it worth buying again, and I want to see that happen again. You won't get to be tanky from building defense, but actually live more than just 3 seconds longer.
: If this is right so i can say good bye league of legends <3
dont let the door hit you if thats the case
: Unpopular opinion
How is that unpopular opinion?
SirPurrr (NA)
: One For All Taught Me How Big The Ranged Advantage Is
: How the game feels as a Marksman
better nerf adcs more amirite :-)
: Jhin is way too fast
Someone must have been ran over by The Fast.
: Smurfing it's a cowardly act. Change my mind.
I know a friend who streamed playing low elo accounts to teach people how to play and climb as Jhin, during a meta where Jhin was pretty much trollpick in high elo, but was still a great low elo pubstomper. Basically, streaming smurfing for the intent of teaching others how to play and climb. I think that's not just cowardly, but rather informational.
: What is the meanest (legal) thing you've done to an enemy team to get a win?
By existing as a Lulu main. Does that count? I'm still entertined by the amount of salt people generate because I had a working polymorph button.
: with old nid you actually had to have skill {{champion:142}} this is like old nid but you force your opponent to sit still to get hit without even needing aim
old nid you have to land spears zoe you have handicaps to help you land skillshots because the handicap makes people sleep and has a huge AoE to make sure you won't miss :-)
Naalith (NA)
: I hope Riot has learned valuable lessons from season 6, 7, and 8
Is it petty that I left the game also because unpopular champions basically get ignored in terms of who gets skins and whatnot? All those awesome ideas for unpopular stuff, only to be slotted for more popular champs who already have a multitude of skins.
kenbah (EUNE)
: this game needs so much STUDYING TIME to be successful ,my champ is actually unplayable to climb wit
: > [{quoted}](name=Cancerous Lulu,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aEc63o6M,comment-id=0021,timestamp=2018-07-28T10:02:34.272+0000) > > i need to drop my salt here > > &quot;riot will be the **sole judge** of this contest&quot; > \&gt; lets community vote > > i get it that some entries are great and worth being part of grand prize/honorable mentions and that mines is bad but i wish riot was at least honest on that end I think that part was clear from the beginning, was it not ? After the deadline, community voting starts and after that, Riot picks the winners (presumeably among those with the most votes)
> [{quoted}](name=Silvarspark,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aEc63o6M,comment-id=00210000,timestamp=2018-07-28T10:32:33.072+0000) > > I think that part was clear from the beginning, was it not ? > After the deadline, community voting starts and after that, Riot picks the winners (presumeably among those with the most votes) if that's the case then they should've mentioned that they would let community vote first, then be the final judges saying "sole judge" implies that they are the only judges, which isn't the case unless my english is actually bad and i can shut up if "sole" means "final" and not "the only"
LdCwrGm1vv (EUNE)
: The Memote contest was A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!
i need to drop my salt here "riot will be the **sole judge** of this contest" \> lets community vote i get it that some entries are great and worth being part of grand prize/honorable mentions and that mines is bad but i wish riot was at least honest on that end
: "Narrowing this massive field of submissions down to just a handful of finalists was tough." "For the first round the community will be the judge, working in Woobox to pick their favorites." {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
More like "Riot will be the **sole judge** of the contest" \>opens community voting
: I signed in just to downvote you for being a sore loser.
: Fiddle Support Has No Counterplay
I find more success against him when lanes become kill lanes. Kill Fiddle before he could even interact and touch those crows on you, and once he's dead you can finally lane.
: Unpopular Opinion: Chinese companies are killing "western" games
I don't wanna be that guy, but that's not really "unpopular opinion".
: Champ Memotions Contest Voting Begins
A moment of silence for people who aren't the best shaders and will now be disqualified because the general public prefers color when the contest emphasizes emotions... "Riot is the sole judge of this contest". Come on, or you could be more honest and remove that line. Oh well, good luck to everyone who submitted their entires {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
saltran (EUW)
: Is kinda funny that after months and months of the Gameplay Boards crying about adcs and enchanters they both get huge nerfs and suddenly this is the worst meta ever acording to the Gameplay Boards. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Is like they all hated the game apparently for the adcs and enchanters but now they still hate the game plus there are more adc mains and some enchanters crying here aswell in add to the first group.
"but gameplay consists of different people having different opinions!!!"
Rexxiee (NA)
: As much as you guys complained about adcs and supports, they are what keept the meta balanced
nah dude clearly adcs and supprots r soooooo evil cuz they destroy diversity!!!!!1 /s
Xetian (EUNE)
: wtf man? how? i got 15 chest and 0 key
you just ~~be bad~~ onetrick, its that simple
: Why does it matter when you are a one trick? I looked it up and you have a chest on 2 champions this season. If you only play Lulu I assume you already have skins on her in which case it doesn't matter if you get chests anyways. Why would you want skins or champions that you would never use anyways?
Or I could do something with keys I *earned*? I'm fine with converting them to BE, or even discarding them sounds like a great idea.
: Make ability indicators correlate with their ability hitbox's.
But but but! Gotta lollipop most skillshots so players and enemies can feel good about landing those!!!!11
: Someone earlier apparantly """""leaked""""" the next upcoming skins
I remembered doing a scratchy Arcade Ekko concept 2 years ago and I'd *love* to see it happening {{sticker:sg-lux}} Whether the leak is true or not I still want to see it one day.
: I'm sorry, but you are the absolute last person I would give credibility to. You have played _so_ unbelievably few games of a champion that has _only been played and played against by a relative_ **_handful_** _of people_ _**in an environment that is already incredibly constrained by its minute population.**_ I'm sorry, but the cards are pretty stacked against you. Why can't the Boards wait two weeks for a champion to come out and at least one more for people to get used to them?
Even better, OP is a support main. OP also doesn't really play much mobility champions.
Riot tried to give Irelia some frostbutt and people weren't happy, so they gave up with keeping the sideboob. I also expected you to make this thread when Riot nerfed it :^) kappa
: AP Carries, AP assassins and AP fighters all use the same items....
Riot tried and tried to make innovative item options for AP. Everyone ends up going back to sticking 1 best item, which changes over time. Maybe what mages really need after all, is just more scaling so their spells do more. Not like mages actually have vastly diversified playstyles among champions.
: Maybe people DIDN'T want bot lane to be addressed?
I'm pretty sure it's just some louder ADC mains bitching about stuff, because I'm still seeing the consensus of how much people were *so* happy that ADCs were long gone. Enchanters got nerfed too because most people think they're so fucking evil, so now assassins are running amok because there's no one left to save those *poor* mage mains. Or the classic "too much damage" and people bitching about the bigger pictures.
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