: I've run into trio/quad groups very often lately that will troll the solo players. In ranked and even more in normals. They ban your champ deliberately, can 4 man report you if you try to say or do anything they don't like, and are not fun to play with at all. There needs to be a TRUE solo queue. Where all players are solo, matched with and against other solo players. Please add this option to ranked and normals so we can choose, even at the cost of longer wait times, to avoid teams. Not all teams are bad, but more and more it creates unhealthy gameplay. Teams upset with the solo player or solo players upset with the teams.
i would prefer a truely solo que as well as a que that could be solo and/or duo/trio/quad. sometimes i like playing with friends (mainly in normals) but other times i dont wanna be solo and go against a quad que on the other team.
Thales (NA)
: > They add a level of infinite threat and hyperscaling that pushes teams and players to action and will ultimately ensure the game ends one way or the other. From Champion.gg's data, it doesn't seem that the infinite scalers actually notably hyperscale. Sion and Thresh fall off, and although Veigar, Bard, and Nasus do seem to do better as the game wears on, IIRC, that's a newish development for Nasus and Veigar. Am I misremembering, or do things pick up for all the infinite scalers once things get to super late game that Champion.gg's charts don't show?
To the person that posted that "adding more HP doesn't really contribute much more than being a damage sponge." I beg to differ. There is a niffty item named... TITANIC Hydra {{item:3748}}, and it scales with health if im not mistaken. Thats why if you go tanky tahm jungle one of your items somewhere along the line is Titanic Hydra because of the High amount of health and extra damage he gets from ult and hydra combined, the same works for sion, and as far as i can remember Sion benifits, from the stats given by titanic hydra.
: Patch 6.4 notes
Riot... I see what you did there with the fiora "E - bladework" notes. Fate/Stay Night un"LIMITED BLADEWORKS". Whos the fan?
Rioter Comments
: NOOOO he must be called prophet of the stars. Or something a kin.
Prophet of Chaos Malz? Since Kassidin is trying to bring about order and balance and Malz is his rivial so... thoughts
Rioter Comments
: Your Favorite Champion Has to Help You Survive a Zombie Invasion
Dare I say ...{{summoner:14}} {{champion:17}} {{summoner:14}} ? Never ever gonna play him.... EVER! but i believe my survive ability (its 2 words?) would be unmatched. #Shrooms around the house... but if it were my favorite champion, Id still be ok cause{{summoner:11}} {{champion:107}} {{summoner:11}} we just go all Predator vs Zombie on them and we can cuddle with fluffy kitty After thought: Heimerdinger cause Turrets....
: {{champion:102}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3931}} {{item:3153}}
{{champion:102}} +{{item:3153}} +{{item:3931}} + {{item:3742}} OR {{item:3053}} = 1v5 then take baron with support...{{summoner:3}}
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: Be Victorious
{{champion:82}} - I like my Skins how i like women, HEAVY and METAL...
: Be Victorious
Victorious MORDEHUE??? Yesh Plz...{{champion:82}}
: Be Victorious
SO usually the image file name contains the champ being refernced, due to good file management and coding... (omega squad {{summoner:14}} {{champion:17}} {{summoner:14}} was one) but they've caught on... hmmm... {{item:3070}}
: Patch 5.19 notes
saw the new loading screen, looked at the crystal and saw big ben and heard dr who theme song,my first thought was " DR.WHO is gonna be at WORLDS?!?!?!?!?!?" then i realized my phone rang with the theme song as the ring tone... :( RITO WHY YOU DO DIS?
: Jungle icons invade the store
{{item:3073}} Jungler Goes Vlad jungle, gets level 2 with 25% health left, decieds to "kill" scuttle to gain back health, dies to scuttle, blames bot lane for horrible leash ... happened twice in 1 game... SMH {{item:3073}} ALL HAIL THE MIGHT SCUTTLER!!!{{summoner:3}}

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