: Dynamic queue and the future of League
Good thing overwatch is out. No point in playing ranked ever again as a solo player.
SrbLud (NA)
: Each to his own. I personally see it as a teamwork challenge. If i manage to work with so many variables involved it makes me think more and gain more insight on team managment. Makes managing five randoms less frustrating and you can apply some of the gained insight to it to make it easier. I'm kinda just going from the top of my head here but i think you can guess what i'm going for.
You are going for something impossible because your bronze 4 brain doesnt even know how the game works.
Atrak7 (NA)
: Why would anyone vouch for dynamic que?
Look at this game I ss that is going on right now. Look at the masssssive difference in ranks LOL what a joke. https://gyazo.com/ae42fdd56a716cc3950b2612166ad15b
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Asinine (NA)
: who would win in a fight
kass would shit on zed this isnt even a debate.
: Alt Accounts
you can do that after you sign up with a different email np
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: Riot was not lying about players with a positive attitude wins more games!
well mm is extremely swayed right now so makes sense you could literally pick anything and win
: I personally always hit "no" on the surrender vote in ranked games unless we just lost a big teamfight and the enemy team can just walk up a lane and finish before we spawn, or something along those lines of the game already ending. Mainly cause the enemy team is usually just as bad as my moronic teams and if they just listen to me for even a moment we could capitalize on the other team being stupid, as they almost always are. But ofc my teams actually listening to me is far and few in between, I can only hope.... Honestly though there have been a couple games where I suffer the opposite. One time I was 8/2/3 as Rengar jungle in a game that was only 23 - 13 for the enemy team, and due to my map movement I managed to keep my team tied in towers and only behind one dragon! Yet immediately as the timer hit 20 mins they all 4 just surrendered.... like how the FUCK am I supposed to carry myself to a higher rank if even when I hard carry these heavy ass teams they just ff as soon as they can!? DynamicQ is just fucking awful.....
i mean your also only plat so makes sense you would vote no every time for no logical reason
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: Why was I permanently suspended?
well the rp thing is pretty relevant because if you have errors with payment they suspend your account until its fixed.
: Tired of getting blamed for literally everything in DynamicQ
I constantly get 4 mans that feed while I do good and they wont even surrender 13 to 40 games lmfao.
: ***
you clearly have no idea how it works xD btw the plats carried the living fuck out of the game even with me smurfing going 4-0 in lane. team too retarded compared since its such a big difference. My whole team fed.
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: Anyone feel like matchmaking is always lopsided since 6.9?
its just dynamic que. The sways in x players being able to be found in their certain roles with x players at division with x players that are playing together can obviously make some super matchmaking sways. There are too many variables with how many of these little matchmaking options there are. This is why people want solo que so bad. Its easier to match all solo players that have x mmr in the same tier because there is no gold 5 duoing with bronze 2 scale or whatever it may be.
: Dynamic queue has no right to survive and here is why
I lose every game I have a 4 man because they all play like shit and dont listen to anything just do their own thing.The only time I can win is if I am smurfing and hard carry lmao clearly balanced.
Verxint (NA)
: You've only played 28 games of ranked and still have a positive W/L ratio. Quit whining, nobody said it was easy.
you must be like bronze so ill spell it out easy for you had 80% win rate to plat 2 on another account. last season I had 90% to diamond. It is easy moron way fucking easy. Just as long as dynamic que doesnt fuck you or the bullshit games ive been getting. Just hilarious riot does jack shit about actual toxic players.
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Iaendis (NA)
: Is Katarina decent in ranked?
no she is not good.
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: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Silver 2 11 LP / 31W 35L Win Ratio 47% Lulu's Exemplars Season 6 Zed 180.4 CS 2.46:1 KDA 7.2 / 4.7 / 4.4 43% 21 Played {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: So I've noticed one type of Playstyle missing from LoL atm...
: Dynamic Queue is toxic for solo players.
Im glad when I get jungle with a premade then you somewhat have power getting toplane is the worst even mid. Ive had players play azir and easy gankable shit with 0 wards while 4 man just focus's their buddys that are getting shit on. D que is hilarious too bad we cant take competitive seriously though esp with these que timers.
: I just got 8 reports because I wasn't part of a premade.
no riot encourages it will their dynamic que great stuff!
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Grenth (NA)
: Looking for a platinum + who can tell me where I'm going wrong.
just play through the camera lock for one doesnt take too long just find a speed that suits you , for two because what you think is right is not right and you havent done anything to improve im guess like most other stuck players and so you plateau. Just play easy champions and work on the basics like farming/damage foresight/trading/mini map awareness/positioning. If you ACTUALLY have those down you can get to diamond 5 no sweat. and spam the champions 6 games in a row of one easy champ and then 6 in a row of another easy champ and keep your champ pool to like 2-3 champions. This is how you improve.
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: why are you playing on a smurf anyways? people say they are diamond and plat but honestly, they are usually lying, they might be gold but don't assume every smurf is a plat/diamond.
que times and constant dynamic quers make the game less fun at a higher level so I need another account for when I get annoyed
: Important question about toxicity
No only in game can people be banned but yeah man on my main I get told im boosted all the time for screwing around in normals but in ranked nobody says shit LOL
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: LF other low level smurfs to grind levels with
: Can we stop nerfing Azir!
You are silver 5 you cant play azir properly higher elo players cant even play him xD
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Giannox (NA)
: How to make sure you can carry?
dont play stuff like nid it doesnt work the best in lower elo you need something like malphite to win all the fights.
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