: honestly the AD isn't low enough for it still not to be apart of the champions that buil it nows build path, its still gonna be bought by any champion who builds Lethality.
I agree, drop it another 10 points and give it 100 more HP.
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Zerenza (NA)
: Why aren't more items Melee only.
Because Xypherous doesn't like cut offs like Melee and Ranged only items.
Totalis (NA)
: The more I thought about it the more right you are. Xin's lore was all about him being a champion of the arena, so creating a 1v1 arena would have been so perfect for him as an ultimate.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xais the Reaper,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2545MyLa,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-21T19:30:18.937+0000) > > Knocking back all allies and forcing a 1v1 arena duel? That should have been Xin Zhao's niche as a Diver. > > Unfortunately, now it looks like he'll have to find something else that makes him distnict, even though it was so perfect for his theme. > > Edit: Alot of people are saying its more like Jarvan's ultimate but I'd have to disagree. Jarvan's ultimate traps everyone he can fit into it inside it, while Xin Zhao's ult is all about singling out a target and knocking back all of an their allies, therefore I saw a bigger connection between Camille and Xin than Jarvan. > > And to everyone saying this is okay, consider this. Camille's ult does what Xin Zhao's ult is trying to do, without regard to what this leaves Xin Zhao. This new champion is taking something Xin Zhao has always done, and 1-Upping it. She is stealing a piece of Xin Zhao's identity, someone whose existed for years now, is being relegated to being the second best at the thing that made him unique. > > So now when the invetiable Diver rework comes, and its Xin Zhao's turn to recieve changes, he won't be the man diving in and splitting the enemy team apart, _even though he always has,_ Camille stole that part of him, and what does that leave him left to work with? To piggy back on what you said. Not only does Xin's ult single out people like you said, but Camille's ult for Xin would be very appropriate because Xin's background was that he was an arena gladiator until Jarvan freed him. (correct me if I'm wrong)
Spot on. Xin Zhao was forced to fight in a Noxian gladiator event called "The Fleshing", suriving the longest of any combatant before him, when Jarvan the 3rd (I think) rescued him.
: It doesn't force a 1v1 duel though. The person you ult can't leave the zone but their teammates can enter it after being knocked away. I think that fact that it's a target gap closer is going to make it extremely useful. Wont force a 1v1 but at the very least whoever you ult wont be able to flash out of the fight entirely like they could if Xin ulted them.
If your team isn't around, she can most definitely force a 1v1.
: Wasn't something similar to, but weaker than Camille's ult considered for the Fiora rework, but turned down because it would be too overpowered? Seems kinda strange that it's alright for Camille, who gets better base stats and a better kit too.
Something about being able to teleport a select enemy champion to 1v1 Island where it was just Fiora and them, but she'd just always pick the support and they'd have no way to fight her. Camille's ult looks like while you can't leave the area, you can still get help from teammates.
: it was actually supposed to be fioras rework ult but they scratched it looks like they brought it back though
Wasn't Fiora's ult suppose to whisk you away to a private location where it was literally only you too though? Camille's seems to keep you suck in one location, but not unable to be helped by your team.
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: Darius is my fav for a completely different reason... Mainly because he is like 100% Husbando Material
Haha I've always liked how Darius isn't overtly handsome, not that that is the only thing that makes a man desirable, but as in he's so human. I don't consider him ugly, but he's not some one like Garen or Taric who would look good on a poster, but rather he represents a determined reality, like "This is what hard work looks like." It's very fitting considering his orphaned background, like he wasn't born someone special, he made himself special through by having a vision and the determination to see it through.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: There are tons of items that should be made melee-only, if you ask me.
I agree too, however Riot Xypherous is one of the senior systems team leads, and is fervently aganist the idea, making it unlikely to happen. In fact, I'd take it one step further, and lock Champion's item options based on their classes.
: I like how you're just reverting it to the original juggernaut cleaver lol Cleaver is valuable because the armor shred makes lethality even stronger, it's natural synergy
While the build path will be the same as orignial reworked Black Cleaver, this one would have the lowest AD and highest HP of any previous iteration, something that favors Juggernauts over other classes. I'm aruging that %Pen's synergy with Lethality is inappropriate. Assassin's shouldn't be dealing extradionary damage to targets with low Armor and then not have to worry about targets with lots of Armor. In Lethality's tooltip it even states it does well aganist targets with low Armor, and that it should be countered by buying Armor. Assassins should be weak aganist targets who purchase lots of Armor, but this interaction skewers it so they just don't care.
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: I still have yet to see anything about Swain that makes him any worse than any other Noxian.
Well, Darius's crusade to make Noxus as great as it should be started by coming back and executed people with power who were exploitating Noxus for their own benifit. It is explicitly stated in Sion's lore that Swain is making many deals with the Black Rose that gives them more power over Noxus, all for his benifit. Darius truely believes in the idea of "True Strength", and these backroom deals and constant extortation of Noxus are obviously wrong in Darius's mind, so it goes without saying he should hate Swain. And this isn't even taking into account that Darius views Sion's resurrection as completely dishonorable and disgusting, and with Swain as the man responsible for that, it seems nearly everything Swain has done goes aganist what Darius is trying to accomplish. I think its a huge dissapointment that Darius helped Swain become the Grand General when Swain clearly isn't going to lead Noxus to the vision Darius has imagined, and can only hope this is ammended in a lore update. Because at the moment, Darius is looking like the George Washington of Noxus, the man who doesn't want to be in control, but is the most fitting for the job, and nearly everyone else in Noxus (Nobles like Katarina, Cassiopiea, Elise, and people looking to exploit Noxus like LeBlanc, Vladimir, Swain, and then people who just straight up betrayed it like Riven) has an agenda that's counter to Darius's ideal Noxus. Reasons like these made Darius my favorite character in the game, and I'm hoping now that the Universe website is up and running, we can get to see Darius made into the character that he truly should be, and accomplish the things that he hopes to do. "A united Noxus could rule the world - and would deserve to." - Darius{{champion:122}}
: There is 6.22, which is the assassin update, hopefully here in a week or two. And then theres like 2 or 3 more patches after that. Thats how it was last year anyways. If they did everything on 1 patch, there would be a lot of things that would need to be changed again. It would be a balancing nightmare to have everything in 1 patch. So they space it out in multiple patches.
Gotchya, thats what I was asking. Thanks for clarifying.
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Congrats Speary!
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Émiil (NA)
: Noice. I have nunu bot waiting. And I already unlocked Demonblade Trynd. I don't play ez but the skin would be nice.
Ya I don't play Ezreal either, but I thought it was cool how lucky I got.
: firefighter tris
I already have that skin, bought it when it became available the second time.
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Verxint (NA)
: Light Fighters? Divers? These aren't words anyone uses. You can't invent classifications and then use them to prove your point. That's not how it works. Tryndamere is an archaic melee carry. Yasuo has a specific crit interaction in his kit that encourages him to build crit, like gangplank. The fact is Crit is *not* an inherent part of melee fighter itemization.
> [{quoted}](name=Little Mac is OP,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RJXAwrfV,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2016-01-31T02:44:39.773+0000) I'm actually really surprised you haven't heard these terms. Whenever these champions come up I hear these classes used to describe them.
Verxint (NA)
: What.. Light fighters..(?) get crit? Besides {{champion:41}} {{champion:39}} Attack speed and on-hits {{champion:24}} Attack speed and hybrid items {{champion:11}} Attack speed and on-hits {{champion:56}} Attack speed and lifesteal {{champion:80}} AD, CDR, and Penetration {{champion:58}} AD, CDR, and Penetration {{champion:92}} AD, CDR, and Penetration {{champion:107}} AD, CDR, and Pen {{champion:254}} AD, CDR, and Pen {{champion:62}} AD, CDR, and Pen {{champion:5}} Attack speed and AD. Crit is primarily a marksman stat now... fighters don't get crit. Furthermore, that scaling would only make her snowball harder with higher base damage vitals. The entire point of how vitals work is that she's supposed to build damage, the problem is she doesn't need more than 100-ish bonus AD to get effective vitals. The simple solution is to reduce the scaling or alter the curve so im not doing 8% of peoples max HP with half an item. The other thing to change is her attack speed debuff on Ripost needs to be something like 25/30/35/40/45%, rather than 50% at all ranks. right now it auto-wins trades against anyone who wants to autoattack even if they don't get baited into using an ability on Ripost. I don't think I should win a fight simply because I hit them with ripost and now they take 4 seconds to autoattack. For comparison, {{champion:54}}'s E starts at 30% and needs to be rank 5 to be 50%. Of course, it is on a lower cooldown and does not have an opportunity cost. But I say this as a Fiora player, Ripost shouldn't feel like I still get rewarded for using it badly. Maybe it could be changed so the 50% attack speed slow doesn't trigger unless Ripost actually blocked damage. It would just be a move slow in that case.
> [{quoted}](name=Little Mac is OP,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RJXAwrfV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-30T23:12:48.602+0000) I think there's a misunderstanding. Light Fighters tend to refer to Yasuo, Yi, and Tryndamere. Champions who rely on their auto attacks for most of their functions. For example, Yi's passive, and E are entirely reliant on him auto attacking to utilize, and his ult boosts the effectiveness of them, whilst his Q's CD is reduced by his attacks, and it can even crit. Most of the champions you listed, with a few exceptions, are Divers - Fighters whom objective is reach the back line and wreak havoc. They kinda are the middle of the Fighter pack - inbetween Juggernaut and Light Fighters. Fiora has always been compared to and fallen under the category of Light Fighters, and way back when Riot initially announced the Fiora rework, many people asked how she would be different from Yasuo, the most recent Light Fighter. Additionally, I just threw some numbers up there. I'd rather leave balance to Riot, as I can't possibly begin to understand how these would affect her winrate wise. All in all, I thought the concept would be beneficial to investigate from both a game play standpoint, and a thematic one. Phatom Dancer and Death's Dance seem like items Fiora as a character would like.
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: Garen E used to not crit, but it was made to do so. Garen's main items used to have crit, but no longer do. You need to build crit to benefit from crit. Garen no longer builds crit, so OP wants the non-crit version of Garen's E instead of the version that crits.
^ This. I'm bad at wording, so I can see how you could get confused.
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IgI007 (NA)
: I love the idea its really creative like Elise in spider and human form.I can picture her in my head and its fantastic, but what is she an assassin,fighter,mage...
Hybrid melee carry who likes to back door and 1v1. Her lanes of preference are mid/top. (Assassin, Mage)


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