Vitalic (NA)
: Comment with your Main and I'll draw them badly in MSPaint lmao
Xemeron (NA)
: RIOT, are you serious with Teemo Buffs?
Blood Lord {{champion:17}} confirmed.
Strazty (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FarRockBF,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kjA8LZfY,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2015-07-07T21:42:16.582+0000) > > Haha!! Me too! oh wait
: Flavor Text for Champion Abilities?
I think I can think of a few... {{champion:57}} **Vengeful Maelstrom** _"Nature shall be preserved!"_ {{champion:154}} **Let's Bounce!** _"Mind if I drop in?"_ {{champion:72}} **Impale** _"Feel the fury of the Brackern!"_ {{champion:112}} **Chaos Storm** _"Behold the fruits of my research!"_ {{champion:161}} **Life Form Disintegration Ray** _"Hmm... I believe further testing is in order..."_ {{champion:17}} **Noxious Trap** _"HA HA HA HA HA!"_ {{champion:119}} **Whirling Death** _"Running away? Draven doesn't think so."_ {{champion:41}} **Remove Scurvy** _"Runeterran oranges! Never leave port without 'em."_ {{champion:53}} **Static Field** _"PREPARING STATIC DISCHARGE. PLEASE REMOVE ALL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FROM THE AREA."_ {{champion:69}} **Petrifying Gaze** _"Please, look into my eyes..."_ {{champion:30}} **Requiem** _"This is a song of eternal peace."_
dmf2810 (NA)
: which adc should I buy?
Draven has amazing damage if you can consistently catch his axes, and his ult can really ruin someone's day. Ashe's rework was very kind to her, and now she's a very strong pick, especially with a global ult and her reworked Q. I'd also suggest Urgot because of his awesome damage potential, but I think that he works better with a tanky build than as a straight-up ADC.
: Returning after a very long layoff... need some advice.
Definitely practice with bots first. They're a lot easier than human players and tend to do really dumb things once in a while, but they're great for learning or relearning a champion's skills. The champs that you'll really want to take another look at are Ashe, Sion, and Skarner, because they've all changed quite a bit recently. Skarner got a new passive and numbers, Ashe's passive got replaced by her Q, and her new Q is a really useful power boost/rapid-fire attack. Meanwhile, Sion got totally overhauled and only slightly resembles what he used to be. It was all for the better, though, since he's an absolute beast of a tanky brawler now. His ult takes a little practice to aim properly, but it's a real force of destruction when it's successful.
: Questions about borderlands 2. If you have played it, take a look!
I haven't played that far into it, but it's pretty fun from what I've played so far. Sometimes deciding what weapons you want to keep can be a hassle, though. I'd suggest that you get the Game of the Year version if you can find it. It comes with all the DLC on a second disc, so you get two extra playable characters and four extra campaigns for free.
: **A Corporate Matter: Episode 19:** {{champion:150}} "Ah ha, this Golden Tablet is gonna be worth so much. I am gonna sell it and finally buy that Golden Black Cleaver. Rich rich rich. Shiner for my moon boots, new phonerang, light bulb for the closet." {{champion:16}} "Are you sure you should have taken that thing? What if its cursed or something. We don't have the best of luck when it comes to these things." {{champion:150}} "There are no such things as curses, silly Soraka. Now, where should i hang my Golden Black Cleaver, when i get it?" {{champion:9}} **"RETURN THE TABLET OR SUFFER MY CURSE!"** {{champion:150}} **"WHAT DID I JUST SAY ABOUT CURSES!"** {{champion:9}} **"RETURN THE TAB!"** {{champion:150}} "I didnt think i would get to sell it this soon. **Whats your offer?**" {{champion:9}} "Fine then, **LET THE FIRST CURSE BEGIN!**" {{champion:37}} **"!!!"** {{champion:150}} "Sona, i have no idea what you want. I am just going to go over here an-" "Boom!" {{champion:150}} "WHY IS THERE A TEEMO SHROOM HERE!" {{champion:17}} _"Don't look at me, placing a mushroom could let them know i'm here. The only time i move is to catch a bug, its really boring."_ {{champion:150}} "Maybe its just one left over from the battle we had he-" "BOOOM!" "BOOOOOOOOOM!" "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM" {{champion:16}} "THERE IS SO MANY OF THEM. EVEN ONE IN THE MOOSE HEAD!" _"BOOM"_ **"BOOM"** "BOM" {{champion:37}} **"!!!"**{{item:3185}} {{champion:150}} "**NO SONA,** THAT THING DOESNT WORK ANYMORE, GO TO THE ELIXIR STORE!" {{champion:37}} **"!!!"**{{item:2047}} {{champion:150}} "There ya go, now we can clear these things." {{champion:9}} "Aw, come on! **RETURN THE TAB OR SUFFER MY SECOND CURSE!**" {{champion:150}} **"WHATS YOUR OFFER!"** {{champion:150}} **"AHHHHHHH, WHAT IS THAT HORRIBLE NOISE!"** {{champion:16}} **"MAKE IT STOP!"** **"FUN FUN FUN FUN, LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEKEND!"** {{champion:37}} "..." **_"SMACK"_** **"WHICH SEAT CAN I TAKE!"** {{champion:37}} **"!!!"** **_"SMACK, SMACK, BLAST!"_** "**FRIDAY!**, fridayyyyyy, _gettin down o fr ay_" {{champion:150}} "Its gone, that horrible sound is gone." {{champion:9}} "Time for my final curse, i will show you a whole new world. **RETURN THE TAB!**" {{champion:150}} "**WHATS YOUR,** Hey, where are we?" {{champion:16}} "I dont know, how did we get here? It looks like some kind of Prehistoric World." {{champion:31}} "You are right, it is! And i am Prehistoric Cho'gath. Along with, Prehistoric Anivia and Prehistoric Renekton, we have been told to destroy you." {{champion:150}} "Don't worry, he cant see us if we don't move, so just hold still." {{champion:31}} "That only works in movies." {{champion:34}} "You better run." They run, for some reason they can outrun a giant dinosaur. Which they should not be physically capable of doing so. But i guess life, uh, finds a way. {{champion:16}} "Alright, we lost Renekton and Cho'Gath back there." {{champion:150}} "But wait, wheres Anivia?" {{champion:34}} **"SCREECH!"** {{champion:150}} "She flew ahead of us, clever girl." {{champion:58}} "Alright, time to eat you." {{champion:16}} "I dont know what to do. MUST, MAKE, BANANA CAKE. THAT WILL SOLVE EVERYTHING." {{champion:150}} "Why, how did you even cook that out here? Ok, fine, take the darn tablet. I knew someone would stop me from getting my Golden Black Cleaver." _"Throws tablet at Risen Fiddlesticks."_ {{champion:9}} "Finally, my wall just doesn't look right without this. But i have to wonder, why did you want a rock that i painted gold to fill a hole in my wall?" {{champion:150}} "Its just a rock, all this over a piece of-" {{champion:9}} "Garbage! From me, King Garbage! Of the Garbage Dynasty! I thought no one liked garbage but me. Anyways, i am out of gold paint, and its so darn expensive these day. That is why i had to get it back." {{champion:150}} "Alright, i have had enough for today. Lets go back to the office Soraka, we can read all the hate mail i got over making Ekko free. Like they think its my fault Corporate Lee Sin doesn't know how to balance. Maybe we can eat some of that Cake you made, for some unknown reason." _(Highly recommended that you watch the courage the cowardly dog episode: King ramses curse. Season 1, episode 7. For extra nostalgia and comedic effect.)_
I love that episode! Ramses was the best villain, even if he wasn't that villainous compared to most of the others.
: a new Kha-Zix skin
I wish Riot would give Kha'Zix a skin that made him look like a giant, realistic praying mantis.
: Donating 2014 LCS fines to a good cause
A great cause to stand up for. Good on you, Riot.
: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
Wait... so does that mean if we reach 55 million points... then everyone gets Pool Party Mundo for free?
: New Zac Chroma's and my Colour Blindness
Yeah, I think that Orange and Homey were too samey-looking too. I wish they would've come out with a red chroma. Raspberry Zac!
ahavel (NA)
: unless your close to anyone >.> or take action in any form
Um... I guess I could stand still for a long time?
Kaniso (NA)
: Doesn't work in big cities.
Big Cities: {{champion:28}} 's natural enemy.
: But imagine a circumstance where you would _WANT_ to be seen... you'd have to hurt someone first {{item:3070}}
Hmm... that would be a problem. Maybe I could just punch the air instead?
: {{champion:79}} And Sejuani has defeated her 9th opponent ladies and gentlemen. {{champion:113}} Now this is what I call fun. {{champion:103}} Way to go Sejuani. {{champion:22}} I have never seen her so happy before. Or Anivia this drunk before. {{champion:67}} How can you tell she is drunk? {{champion:34}} IMA DINOSAUR!!!! {{champion:22}} Call it a hunch. {{champion:79}} And now the big moment. Our Challenger Sejuani will now face our Grand Champion. {{champion:113}} Bring it on. Bring. It. On. {{champion:79}} Here he comes. From parts unknown: Knockout Lee Sin {{champion:64}} YEAH!!! Thank you my fans. {{champion:113}} You're blind. {{champion:64}} Well I guess that means you have eyes then huh? What gave it away? The Blindfold? {{champion:113}} Smart ass. Don't think I will go easy on you cause you are blind. {{champion:64}} Don't think I will go easy on you cause you are weak. {{champion:22}} Oh he did not just say that. {{champion:79}} Let us make this more interesting with our Hell in a Cell mode. In this the ring will be surrounded by a cage and the floor will be replaced with..... {{champion:22}} Mud? {{champion:67}} Water? {{champion:102}} Fire? {{champion:222}} Cheese? {{champion:34}} DINOSAURS!!!! {{champion:79}} ......Teemo's Shrooms. {{champion:22}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:103}} _Gasp_ {{champion:34}} ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
{{champion:222}} Cheese? Apparently Jinx turns into Sheogorath when she gets drunk. Who knew?
Arie (NA)
: Which champion abilities would you want IRL?
{{champion:28}} 's passive I could be invisible whenever I want, for as long as I want!
: Ryze's Ult Passive Discussion
I think that the CDR reduction on Ryze's ult was intended as a big buff, but it backfired by making a lot of good mage items not worth the gold because he wouldn't be benefiting from the CDR that he would otherwise be amassing from them. I think that either the extra mana or bonus mana regen would be much better on Ryze, since in my experience with him, he can be very mana hungry if you don't specifically focus on building his mana pool, especially in the early game.
: {{champion:67}} Man I can't believe we got kicked out the club. {{champion:103}} Well if someone stop punching people. {{champion:113}} I still don't understand. You call it hitting on them, yet you talk to them and not get physical at all? {{champion:103}} Oh trust me, if the talking works, you get physical at your place or their place. {{champion:113}} Why would I wait that long when I can just punch them right there and then? {{champion:103}} You don't hit them at all!!! {{champion:113}} Then why do you call it hitting on guys!!!!? {{champion:22}} ENOUGH!!!! {{champion:222}} Thank you. That was enough to make even me stress. {{champion:34}} Then luckily for you, I know a great place will calm us down. {{champion:22}} Lead the way. _Later _ {{champion:28}} Welcome. I will get you ladies in a sec. Let me finish with this customer here. {{champion:22}} Shyvana? Is that you? {{champion:102}} Hey Ashe. Long time no see. {{champion:22}} Hey. How are your kids doing? {{champion:102}} They are doing great. Jarvan taking care of them tonight while I relax here. {{champion:22}} Can he handle them? {{champion:102}} This is Jarvan and my kids we are talking about. I'm sure he can handle them. _Meanwhile_ {{champion:59}} WHY IS EVERYTHING ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!? _Back with the main story._ {{champion:22}} Well then if you have the night off, want to join us? {{champion:102}} MMMMMmmmmm......
... And now I'm wondering how Jarvan managed to set everything on fire.
darkdill (NA)
: Create Mastery Titles for each individual Champion!
{{champion:201}} Farmer, Defender, Protector, Savior, Folk Hero {{champion:28}} Sneak, Shadow, Cutthroat, Assailant, Silent Killer {{champion:79}} Drinker, Barfly, Barfighter, Moonshiner, Brewmaster {{champion:2}} Brute, Raider, Barbarian, Viking, Berzerker {{champion:35}} Funnyman, Comedian, Clown, Jester, Joker {{champion:254}} Brawler, Pugilist, Fistfighter, Boxer, Roughneck {{champion:161}} Curious, Ponderous, Thinking, Searching, Researcher {{champion:6}} Pained, Anguished, Tormented, Tortured, Undying
Rioter Comments
Happened to me too.
: Kha'Zix related summoner name
: {{champion:22}} _sigh_ {{champion:23}} What's wrong Ashe? {{champion:22}} Am I fat? {{champion:23}} WHAT!? No! Why would you ask that? {{champion:22}} We haven't spend any time together like we used to. {{champion:23}} Well we have been busy lately. Outside of running the Kingdom, you have had battle between Sejuani and that Ice Witch and I have finally found the monster that destroyed my village. {{champion:22}} I guess you are right. {{champion:23}} You know what you need? Some time off. {{champion:22}} Time off? {{champion:23}} Yeah. Go out with some friends, have fun, come back feeling like a new person. {{champion:22}} That sounds pretty good. Yeah...a night out with friends sounds like just the change I need at the moment. {{champion:23}} **thinking:**_ And while she is gone, I can go to that cosplay competition. My Nightmare costume is sure to win first prize _ {{champion:22}} Now, who shall I invite? Note: Who shall Ashe invite indeed?** YOU DECIDE!!** Place your vote and the top 5 will be hanging out with Ashe on this night of adventure. Edit: It ladies night by the way people. So the ladies are the votes I am counting.
{{champion:28}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:421}} An invisible assassin, an explosion-loving lunatic, and an inarticulate horror from beyond. Sounds like fun times to me!
: The main character from your favorite TV show just got teleported into Runeterra
I think Revy would fit in quite well on the Fields of Justice. Maybe duel with Lucian to see who the best dual-wielding gunslinger is.
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Fry Cook {{champion:36}} Mundo wearing a fry cook's apron, a paper hat, and wielding a huge, greasy spatula instead of a cleaver. Boxer {{champion:254}} Vi wearing a tank top and gym shorts, and with taped-up chuckles and feet in place of her gauntlets. Slightly Formal {{champion:14}} Sion wearing dress pants and a bow tie. And nothing else. Well, aside from an axe, of course.
: > [{quoted}](name=Aura Master Fox,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=oFAWgxY0,comment-id=0919,timestamp=2015-05-10T20:59:01.244+0000) > Venomous {{champion:72}} > > Skarner with a jet-black, chitinous shell and realistic-looking claws and stinger. In essence, it would make him look like a real-life scorpion, with his face as the only fantastic feature. What you're describing there sounds like an Emperor Scorpion, which has really weak venom (the reason why some scorpions have massive claws is because they brute-force their prey instead of relying on their venom). "Imperator Skarner" would make more sense for that design choice, plus it sounds badass _AND_ uses the part of the scientific name of the Emperor Scorpion (_Pandinus imperator_)
Yeah, Imperator sounds way cooler. To be honest, I just went with Venomous because I couldn't think of a good name for it.
: Champion Reveal: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
Ekko's kit looks really, really fun. Looking forward to this champ release more than ever now.
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
I have a few skin ideas that I think are kind of interesting. Fry Cook {{champion:36}} Mundo would wield a large, greasy spatula in place of his cleaver, and he would wear a fry cook uniform, complete with little paper hat. Boxer {{champion:254}} VI wearing a tank top, gym shorts, and with taped-up fists and feet in place of her gauntlets. In addition, her dance would change from the Dougie to a shadowboxing session. Slightly Formal {{champion:14}} Sion wearing nice dress pants and a bow tie. Since his dance emote is already the Chris Farley Chippendales dance, I just figured why not take advantage of the reference? Venomous {{champion:72}} Skarner with a jet-black, chitinous shell and realistic-looking claws and stinger. In essence, it would make him look like a real-life scorpion, with his face as the only fantastic feature. Evergreen {{champion:57}} A skin showing what would happen if Maokai succeeded in bringing back the forests of the Shadow Isles. He would look like an old oak instead of a dead tree, and his particles would be very lush and green. His saplings would now look like tiny trees instead of sprouts. In addition, his voice would be much calmer than usual, since his work has been accomplished.
: Love Triangle with Champs
{{champion:83}} and{{champion:28}} And undead guy and an assassin with no past. Now that sounds like a sitcom to me!
: {{champion:86}} DEMACIA! {{champion:268}} SHURIMA! {{champion:86}} DEMACIA! {{champion:268}} SHURIMA! {{champion:86}} DEMACIA! {{champion:268}} SHURIMA! {{champion:86}} DEMACIA! {{champion:268}} SHURIMA! {{champion:86}} DEMACIA! {{champion:268}} SHURIMA!
Rioter Comments
: When someone types in chat "Press D to dance" and someone on your team falls for it
Somehow, I don't think anybody's ever tried to pull that trick on me, even when I was first starting out. Is it really that common of a prank?
: Do you have any random nicknames for champions?
{{champion:98}} Dr. McNinja {{champion:24}} I Love Lamp {{champion:57}} Trent {{champion:2}} Not the Dragonborn {{champion:134}} Dodgeball Queen
Rioter Comments
: If Riot made an item that builds off of B.F.Sword and Needlessly Large Rod.
Ultimate Magical Blade Recipe: {{item:1038}} +{{item:1058}} +100 AP +100 AD Active: Inflict 100 Physical Damage and 100 Magic Damage to every enemy within 500 units. (5 minute cooldown)
: Challenged for everyone. If you are using this skin and are about to ult, I challenge to to type in all chat: "RETURN THE SLAB!!!"
And if the ult misses: "Aww... come on..."
: {{champion:2}} BROMACIA!!!!{{champion:150}} DEMAGLIO!!!!
{{champion:48}} TROLLMACIA!!!!
: When Lee Sin misses his Q
darkdill (NA)
: A group of bandits is descending on a helpless village! Who will save them?
: Seriously? Great. (Urgot)
I got him for the Crabgot skin too. His kit's pretty fun as well, even if it takes a little while to get used to it.
: {{champion:15}} That was close. {{champion:101}} **That little spell shield of yours. It absorbs magic. ** {{champion:15}} That right. I take anything you can dish out and-oh god there goes my organs. *falls to ground* {{champion:268}} **Sivir!!!** {{champion:101}} **Guess your body couldn't handled my magic. ** {{champion:268}} **Is she...?** {{champion:72}} **Scanning. She is alive but her body is heavily damaged. The magic she absorbed from Xerath was to much. ** {{champion:268}} **Skarner. Take her to the Oasis of the Dawn. It can save her. ** {{champion:72}} **Ok. ** {{champion:101}} **So it is just you and me again huh Azir?** {{champion:268}} **Xerath. How many more lives must you killed before you are done? ** {{champion:101}} **As many as it takes as long as it makes you suffer.** {{champion:268}} **You killed my family. You killed Shurima. Is that not enough!!!?** {{champion:101}} **IT IS NOT!!!! You have no idea of your sins. Shurima and all of it lives I did not kill. It is YOUR hands that is stained with Shurima's blood. ** {{champion:268}} **What are you talking about?** {{champion:101}} **You still don't know? After all this time you still can't hear them? Then let me help you face your sins. Summon your soldiers. ** {{champion:268}} **......Arise.** {{champion:101}} **Well? Can you hear them?** _hurts_ {{champion:268}} **What the?** _it hurts_ _Why?_ _I don't want to fight_ _No more_ _Don't make me fight_ _Make the pain end_ _Why Emperor?_ _Let us rest._ {{champion:268}} **I...I....** {{champion:101}} **These are the voices of your people. The pain and suffering they are feeling now is all because of you. **
The story just keeps getting deeper!
: URF sails off with Party IP in its wake
So long Urf, thanks for the memories... *screen zoom out, roll credits*
: A good name for a Graves main?
: Yeah, they thought it was hilarious. One of them even said "Well, you deserve the win"
Pulling out a victory like that? Heck yeah you deserved the win!
Rioter Comments
: Never Give Up
Did the other team find out about the DCing after the game? I bet that would've had quite a reaction.
: Imagine a champion with 10.00 attack speed instead of 2.50
: Make an extremely useless buff to a champion ability.
Whenever an enemy champion is killed by one of {{champion:17}}'s Mushrooms, their death recap is replaced by a picture of Teemo doing a victory dance.
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