: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.13
Hello, Do you guys think Aatrox will still be primarily a top laner after these changes or will he be relegated more to the jungle? I really enjoy the AS drain-tank playstyle, and with these changes moving Aatrox towards being an AD caster there don't really exist too many innately tanky champions who can buy BorK now (Trundle and Jax being the only ones that come to mind). I used to play a lot of Warwick before the rework as well, back when people actually bought AS items on him too. But looking forward, do you think Aatrox or Warwick would be a better fit for a drain-tank playstyle? Because Aatrox and Warwick seem fairly similar to me in terms of being juggernaut/diver hybrids, what do you think each one does better than the other? Thanks for doing this AMA by the way, it's great to get a chance to interact with Rioters.


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