Is... is that Jinx and Vi? Are we finally getting the fully story of their hatred? {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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: If you read Confessions of a Broken Blade, there is nothing major that moved the story forward. If you want all the stories, you can sort by newest on [universe](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/explore/short-stories/newest/). Also there is the Ashe comic from the Marvel partnership, [Issue 1](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/comic/ashewarmother/issue-1/0/) and [Issue 2](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/comic/ashewarmother/issue-2/0/) are already available, next one in a month or so. For the Diana Question, I do not know. The Soraka story implies that she travels a lot and influences several people (it is implied that she was the one that told Kalan about his kids in ["The Dreaming Pool"](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/the-dreaming-pool/) - great Syndra story, read it if you haven't.) It's still possible that Diana seeks her help, but there is no hint for that afaik.
Thank you! I gave the story a read (you were right about it being really good), and I'll probably read the comics when I get the chance, although I may wait for the next issue to come out and binge read all three.
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Draclen (NA)
: For Her New Lore, I Hope Akali Doesn't Actively Dislike or Act Malicious Towards Shen.
If I have to guess, given the current state of affairs in Ionia, I'd guess Akali is moving away from the natural passivity of Shen's balance and hopes to find her own. This is especially possible given that one of the major plot points for Ionia right now is "Can we afford to go back to our old ways with Noxus still bearing down our necks, and do we really want _this_ to be the new Ionia?" We've already seen a lot of this with Irelia's lore, but Akali leaving the kinkou order as a result of this internal conflict and potentially not knowing who she is in this new Ionia would make a lot of sense. I've always seen Shen as traditionalist when referring to Ionia and their ties to the world, while I could see Akali as being "progressive" without the extremism and villainy of Zed. It's also possible it could be the result of something happening with where we are in the lore regarding The Hunt for Jhin. Perhaps we'll finally have it be resolved (or worse, expanded without resolution) and Akali is less-than-happy with how that was handled, and as such feels that perhaps the Kinkou's ways are not for her.
: Urgot skin
"P.S. The skins coming out for Aurelion Sol and Urgot in the next few months are one of each." - Supercakes [Source](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/06/ask-riot-skins-and-champions/)
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Bazerka (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vekkna,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=I42GMEiP,comment-id=0000000400000001,timestamp=2018-06-11T18:39:51.197+0000) > > I think Riot needs to start by publishing an actual balance philosophy, because League right now is the balance equivalent of spaghetti code. What I mean is that there have been multiple shifts in philosophy towards the game as a whole that have massive invisible influence on balance. Let me try to explain. > > You have two main branches of balance - tuning and design. The design side is focused heavily on "counterplay," which can be broken out into two main categories - micro (eg dodging, skillshots) and macro (eg stall out vs assassins, close out vs hypercarries). The current issue is that the systemic value of counterplay is largely environmental. > > If games become shorter, strong early game champs lose some of their intended macro counterplay. If games become longer, hypercarries lose some of their macro counterplay. When xp and gold are more individual and less teamwide, duelists and assassins lose some of their macro counterplay. When team-fighting is less important, juggernauts and split-pushers lose some of their macro counterplay. > > Riot has been on a rollercoaster with these sorts of changes for years, but it really ramped up with turret first blood in season 6, followed by significant changes to catchup xp, shutdown gold, minion health, turret strength, and other team vs individual rebalancing. In that time, we haven't seen much evidence that the balance team appreciates how those changes affect counterplay in champs whose counterplay is predominately macro (like Jax, Yi, or Trynd, but really any lane bullies or hypercarries in general). > > The problem is that a champion may be balanced *on average* while macro game changes create the environment where certain champs lose nearly all of their counterplay. Certain champs are designed to be objectively overpowered at certain stages of the game (eg Pantheon, Kog'maw). Some can build for absurd power spikes with later trade-offs (eg J4, Vi, Lee). Some are entirely designed around needing a team to take them down (juggernauts) or survive them (assassins). > > And yet, we see yo-yo changes in snowball, game length, and team/individual gold and exp spread without any meaningful discussion of the ways in which these changes impact balance by affecting macro counterplay. Then you overlay actual tuning, item, and rune changes on top of it, and it's basically just a constant clusterfuck. I think the current level of player frustration about balance - and what sets it apart from previous seasons - is how intangible the macro counterplay issue is. It's hard to pinpoint the problem and understand how a macro change translates into playing around certain champs. Personal opinion time X). In an ideal world I completely agree with you. But in an actual sense, would doing this help? Not a negative statement, but genuinely curious. Trying to parse through frustration venting vs. insightful input (both of which are valid) makes a move like sharing philosophies watered down. In my, admittedly limited, experience that waxing philosophical only helps a small group of the community who are interested in that area. Again, this is an assumption open to thoughts on the topic o.o. Also fwiw, we've shared our design philosophies quite a few times. Those philosophies are universal around both new content and balance. Again which is why I'm curious if sharing philosophies would actually help :). References: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/08/dev-diary-ghostcrawler-on-successful-champs/ https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/#category/gameplay https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2016/10/dev-on-depth-vs-accessibility/
> [{quoted}](name=Bazerka,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=I42GMEiP,comment-id=00000004000000010000,timestamp=2018-06-11T18:57:01.717+0000) > > Personal opinion time X). In an ideal world I completely agree with you. But in an actual sense, would doing this help? Not a negative statement, but genuinely curious. Trying to parse through frustration venting vs. insightful input (both of which are valid) makes a move like sharing philosophies watered down. In my, admittedly limited, experience that waxing philosophical only helps a small group of the community who are interested in that area. Again, this is an assumption open to thoughts on the topic o.o. > > Also fwiw, we've shared our design philosophies quite a few times. Those philosophies are universal around both new content and balance. Again which is why I'm curious if sharing philosophies would actually help :). > > References: > https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/08/dev-diary-ghostcrawler-on-successful-champs/ > https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/#category/gameplay > https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2016/10/dev-on-depth-vs-accessibility/ For those not aware, riot also has some posts regarding the actual technical processes things go through and conversations within riot leading up to any and all changes over on the technical blog [here](https://engineering.riotgames.com/) The most important one to this conversation, imo, is [this one](https://engineering.riotgames.com/news/tech-design-riot), where we see how many of the technical things are commented on and how many of the ideas work, even if this is primarily the tech end, and less of the specific balance philosophies and such that are in question. Regarding the philosophies of champ balance, we also have the BTS on [reworked irelia](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/04/remaking-irelia-behind-the-scenes/) and [kai'sa's development/testing](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/03/kaisa-evolves-in-player-labs/)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Afic,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=LWYEdcRP,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-06-06T21:28:14.344+0000) > > Looks to me like this is a result of the soraka E silence being applied every server tick (basically it isn't a 100% consistent thing. If you are resurrecting from a GA, soraka places her E over your corpse, you will be able to spam flash and flash before you get silenced. Same thing here). Pretty sure the amumu walks into the silence zone, and shortly after walking in (before the silence is applied) he casts his bandage toss. Are you sure Soraka E is applied _every_ server tick? It really seems like it's much less frequent. Most ground-targeted lingering AOE effects like this do a good job of almost instantly applying their effects, look at Cass's Miasma, Singed's Mega Adhesive, or Viktor's Gravity Field. I'm almost certain Soraka's E updated much less frequently than other skills.
I definitely agree that it's updated less frequently. I've actually seen people walk out of the root effect because of the delayed updates.
: Like vgus, is there any sort of tier list that you could share?
I would love to see this as well! Having some idea of who is in line for more lore is an incredibly exciting thought, and lets us start to come up with theories and nerd out as lore nerds do.
: https://youtu.be/8-ruRJwuJbU Oh, oh, can we have Sona be a lost Ionian Princess!?!?
I mean, I would definitely love to see Sona's lore get expanded in some way, especially due to the short nature of her current lore and its great room for expansion. At the same time I doubt we'll get to see her as an Ionian princess. Do ionians even have princesses? I also don't know when they would fit that into the current updates
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 25
Have you considered at all any items that either reduce incoming shielding or have shielding penetration or even are like Irelia's passive and cause bonus damage to shields? I feel like the ability to itemize against shielding the same way you can with healing might help provide a more balanced play because it gives options to build around the enemy's strengths, but at the potential cost of another item, causing for interesting itemization and prioritization, especially in bot lanes with the marksmen update.
: Did you forget about {{champion:13}} ? This guy is basically the sole reason Runeterra still exists, yet his lore is small, and he could really use a story that showcases his power (maybe one with {{champion:127}} and/or {{champion:63}} as enemies since they want to destroy the world and Ryze wants to protect it.
He actually has a fairly large amount of lore compared to many (his backstory is currently one of the longer ones and he has a fairly decent color story) and while I would absolutely love to see more with him, I'm not necessarily sure where in the upcoming stories it would fit. I could definitely see him battling against Brand, depending on the version of brand in question, as in some versions he's a result of the world runes.
: How do you learn magic in Runeterra, and can anyone learn it?
So, the way I understand it, there's two primary ways to acquire magic as a human: be born with it or get it from something beyond humans. The former includes champions such as Annie, Karma (though this is an odd mix of the two and is highly subject to change in the coming months),Lux, Sona, Syndra, Taliyah, and Twisted Fate. Each of these champions seems to have some inborn mystical talent, especially Lux, Syndra, Annie, and Taliyah, all of whom have it playing a major part of their personal stories and whose magical origins we, for the most part, know for sure. Each of them has had to hone their talents and learn how to control their magical powers. LeBlanc and Ryze may also be a part of this group but the origins of their powers are less known as a side effect of their _ancient_ nature and the magical sources they are related to in the lore (LeBlanc being the Immortal Bastion and Ryze being world runes). The latter method encompasses most of the rest of the magical or ascended humans, but can come from different sources. The void is a common source of magic for champions, as both Malzahar and Kassadin (though this one is a bit weird with his lore right now) have their powers originating from some form of glimpse into the void, and Lissandra and the other iceborn were given their powers through the Watchers, who are known to be void entities. Another source is the targonians, who merge their "aspects" with a mortal, granting them power but reducing their personal agency, though the amount of reduction varies from aspect to aspect. Shuriman Ascension can grant magical powers, though after ascension you're no longer human so whether this counts or not is up to the reader. The same can be said of necromancy granting magical powers, as seen with Mordekaiser and Karthus, as well as most of the shadow isles champions. In a few rare cases, we see champions getting their powers from beings who are gods, such as Elise (vilemaw) and Illaoi (nagakabouros). Note: from what I'm understanding, Swain is fairly unique, as he gained his power from _controlling_ a demon and I'm not really sure how that all will work in the larger narrative, but we shall see. ==== Other forms of magic do exist. These include hextech, spirits/vastaya/demons/yordles, and demigods, though I'm sure that that isn't the full list. Hextech is unique because it is magic meets technology, but comes at a cost: the shards that hextech comes from are the thoughts and memories of the Brackern. Hextech can be wielded by anyone, even those without inborn talent, but it has a limited supply in the long run (and possibly short run depending). The various spirits of the Runeterra—from peaceful ones to the human/spirit mixes that are the vastaya to the wildly varying yordles to demons like Tahm Kench and Evelynn—all have some form of inborn magic. While we rarely see the peaceful spirits, they are mentioned at various points in the lore, most especially Ionia's lore, though also in Yorick's. The vastaya are naturally magic because of their origins: they are the descendants of interbreeding between humans and the protovastaya shapeshifters. Yordles and their lore are currently constantly shifting, but they are widely considered to be akin to the classical fae, with Lulu even bearing the moniker of "Fae Sorceress." Finally, we encounter demons, who I can say without hesitation for once that they are entirely magic. From what we know from evelynn's lore, they start off as formless spirits that end up gouging themselves on human suffering of one form or another, and their powers growing as they continue. They are very much malleable in form, as evelynn shaped herself numerous times before settling on her current one that she uses to lore humans through lust. The demigods are odd because they are, for the most part, primordial beings. They are ancient, and often take on titles or roles, like Ornn being god of the forge. === Note: all of this is entirely how i understand the lore based on what I've read. I've done my best to only use sources that are either direct from riot or are cited on the wiki so as to keep to the canon as best as I can. Much is subject to change given the odd mixes of old and new lore.
: Nice! Also, a possible rivalry between the Eternal Hunters and the Harbinger of Doom?
I mean maybe. My comment regarding Kindred was more referring to how they are seen around death and their nature as spirits. I'd imagine the act of dying and the time leading up to true death has some effect on the spirit world, which is part of what allows for Kindred to find people. It's this classic idea of being between the two worlds for those few short moments. While I can't say that any of this is canon, it's how i envision things based on my knowledge of Bard, Kindred, Evelynn, Tahm Kench, Shen, and all of Ionia, given that we've seen celestials take corporeal form ({{champion:432}}), carnal demons ({{champion:223}} {{champion:28}}), spirits of death ({{champion:203}}), and someone "tasked with enforcing the equilibrium between [the spirit realm and the physical world]," ({{champion:98}}). A lot of these ideas are cobbled together from some of the lore I expect to be slightly volatile in the coming months, as Akali's lore may change Shen's and the nature of the spirit realm, but I really don't expect that much to change. I could also see it tying to the idea of how memories are tied to the spirit ({{champion:103}} and {{champion:86}} lore), and how fiddle became something of a spirit of vengeance and death, but it would very possibly be something of a mix between the two if I had to explain it.
: We got a teaser for Swain, Warwick, and Yorick, so I'm pretty sure their will be a teaser for Aatrox as well.
Those were all VGUs, not GUs. GUs are purely graphical, while VGUs constitute full redesigns. Aatrox is getting a weird inbetween, from what the current understanding is as of the last champion roadmap.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ifneth,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=kEEfIVAz,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-05-24T06:46:40.870+0000) > > Azir’s reign led to decades of war, the everpresence of slavery, and Shurima’s descent into destruction and chaos. I shudder to imagine a worse leader. > > Moreover, he did not lead. He _ruled_. At the points of his army’s spears, the Shuriman people were made to bow in terror. Not again. It is time for people to rule themselves... On a personal level I think you're totes wrong, and characterizing Azir in a very unfair way. However, I'm loving this conversation so I've upvoted you. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} ###Bioluminescence's Opinion: Azir was **_truly revolutionary_** in his time - seeking to end what might have been hundreds of years of institutionalized slavery. I also think it's not entirely fair to blame him for the fall of the Empire and the resultant suffering it brought when he was betrayed by what he thought was a close childhood friend. I'd argue that he, amongst all the obvious candidates, is the best suited to rule (having being trained in statecraft since he was a boy) but that we have yet to see how he is able to adapt to this very new geopolitical and cultural situation he's found himself transported to - AS WELL AS having a whole bunch of new powers that he never had before, as an Ascended. I could maybe see Taliyah become a trusted advisor? Helping him get up to speed on how things are done this century could be critically important. Even so, she has no training in such things - he main strengths are a strong moral compass and actually having traveled outside of Shurima.
This is how I've always read Azir's story. I've always felt from the way his story reads is that many of the issues he was running into while trying to be a relatively progressive leader were the results of the slavery being ingrained into "millennia of tradition." He was well aware of the resistance he would receive to such a change and so he kept his plans to himself, which is what led to his downfall, as Xerath was not aware of such plans and instead heard only the empty promises from his childhood. He's also described as being "harsh, but just" in his rulings while "[expanding] Shurima's borders." This, to me, along with the legal reforms, brings to mind both Marcus Aurelius and Justinian. The former famously worked to pass laws and adjudicate court cases that helped benefits many of the common people of Rome, but at the same time was both part of the early discrimination against Christianity and the massive expansion of the roman empire. The discrimination against Christianity, while later considered unjust and would be condemned, at the time they likely would have been looked at as some form of "keeping the peace," as it was, technically, disrupting the order of things. Justinian similarly expanded the Roman empire, taking back much of the lost western areas. He also worked in legal reforms, writing the _Corpus Juris Civilis_, one of the most important legal documents in all of history (I could write a whole essay on that alone). Justinian also saw his fair share of issues. For instance, his appointment of efficient but unpopular advisors and administrators saw the Nika Riots, during which he had, according to Procopius, 30,000 unarmed civilians executed. He also heavily discriminated against religions other than Christianity, as he had the common roman belief that the empire should be unified in nearly all things, religion especially. During his reign, he abolished the worship of several pagan gods, including Amun and Isis, and restricted the civil rights of Jews. One important thing that both of these emperors are widely considered great emperors, even despite the issues during their reigns. I feel that, had Azir's plans not been utterly destroyed by Xerath's betrayal during the ascension ceremony, Shurima would have seen great forward progress and improvements for much of the lower class.
: ... Hey? Y'all remember {{champion:10}} and {{champion:25}} ? And how Runeterra and their connection to it isn't mentioned in their lore at all? And that they're basically not even in the same universe as the rest of League of Legends?
The reason I didn't mention them is that they're _believed_ to be next on the rework list after nunu, but that is not fully confirmed yet. With that in mind, I created a separate thread to discuss my theory on that matter and for people to discuss theirs.
: So... What is the source of Fiddlesticks' resurrection exactly?
I would put Fiddle in the same category is many of the older champions like Malphite and Nocturne who riot haven't really settled on (or at least publicly settled on) what they want to do with their lore. I would guess, however, that fiddle could possibly come from spending too much time with his life caught between the human world and the "spirit world" as a result of how close to death he was, much akin to how when you're dying kindred tends to come to visit you. It's also possible that carrion birds like ravens and crows are closely connected to the spirit world, as we've already seen ravens linked to Swain's lore when he was dying, and so when they feasted on him and his body and soul started to get screwy from being between the two worlds in such an unnatural way, it caused him to be corrupted by some form of murderous spirit akin to a primitive Evelynn.
: You stopped playing 16 minutes into the game and continued to talk. Here are your chat logs, where you admit to giving up: [17:21] KiwiTwang (Annie): fuk u [17:55] KiwiTwang (Annie): fuk u draven [18:01] KiwiTwang (Annie): stole all my cs [18:08] KiwiTwang (Annie): gg [18:32] KiwiTwang (Annie): fuk u draven [18:42] KiwiTwang (Annie): fuk yo couch [18:55] KiwiTwang (Annie): thnx but im done [19:01] KiwiTwang (Annie): just sur [19:16] KiwiTwang (Annie): cant cs in my own lane [19:22] KiwiTwang (Annie): AWESOME [19:35] KiwiTwang (Annie): YO MAMA PASSED LANING [19:58] KiwiTwang (Annie): im done [20:06] KiwiTwang (Annie): go ahead keep taking that cs [21:20] KiwiTwang (Annie): trash' [22:07] [All] KiwiTwang (Annie): guys im done playing since draven takes all my cs [22:44] KiwiTwang (Annie): thn adc ur bot lane [22:48] KiwiTwang (Annie): not my mid [23:05] KiwiTwang (Annie): yo mama roams [23:21] KiwiTwang (Annie): im here [23:23] KiwiTwang (Annie): not afk [23:39] KiwiTwang (Annie): can fukin lane [23:42] KiwiTwang (Annie): so y play [23:53] KiwiTwang (Annie): cant [24:36] KiwiTwang (Annie): draven is bot he should cs that fukin lane [24:51] KiwiTwang (Annie): he has more cs [24:58] KiwiTwang (Annie): comes in my lane and steals shit [25:10] KiwiTwang (Annie): yeah i need that gold [25:13] KiwiTwang (Annie): but fuk me [25:19] KiwiTwang (Annie): 23 [25:21] KiwiTwang (Annie): lmao [25:27] KiwiTwang (Annie): lmao [25:32] KiwiTwang (Annie): its not ranked so idc [25:50] KiwiTwang (Annie): lol draven been even fuckin our jungle [25:55] KiwiTwang (Annie): but fuk [25:57] KiwiTwang (Annie): me [26:22] KiwiTwang (Annie): yet ive leashed red buff a hundred times never once taken it [26:34] KiwiTwang (Annie): cuz ur trash [27:00] KiwiTwang (Annie): im drunk ND tired of this bs game [27:19] KiwiTwang (Annie): on a team and they dont even help u [27:20] KiwiTwang (Annie): bs [27:36] KiwiTwang (Annie): if only i could lane [27:40] KiwiTwang (Annie): then i could play [27:48] KiwiTwang (Annie): but fuk me [27:56] KiwiTwang (Annie): BUTT* [28:16] KiwiTwang (Annie): 3 lanes [28:23] KiwiTwang (Annie): 1 for bot 1 for mid [28:28] KiwiTwang (Annie): 1 for top [28:38] KiwiTwang (Annie): yet bot goes and steals mids cs [29:19] KiwiTwang (Annie): lmao [29:35] KiwiTwang (Annie): yeah they r [art of the english language Postgame: [2018-05-20 22:43:41 PDT] KiwiTwang: LOL [2018-05-20 22:43:52 PDT] KiwiTwang: plz [2018-05-20 22:44:09 PDT] KiwiTwang: lo cuz i couldnt cs since bot lane was in my lane stealing shit [2018-05-20 22:44:26 PDT] KiwiTwang: nope like smite much more [2018-05-20 22:44:35 PDT] KiwiTwang: this game clicking shit is shit [2018-05-20 22:44:43 PDT] KiwiTwang: wasd is better [2018-05-20 22:46:34 PDT] KiwiTwang: ehh this game is trash [2018-05-20 22:46:40 PDT] KiwiTwang: fortnite is where its at [2018-05-20 22:46:51 PDT] KiwiTwang: will do [2018-05-20 22:47:02 PDT] KiwiTwang: if only i could lane [2018-05-20 22:47:08 PDT] KiwiTwang: then i wouldnt have to > UNBAN me now or it will forever be known you guys just ban people without properly looking into what had happened. You're going to stay banned.
And this, kids, is what happens when you put your foot in your mouth. Everyone seems to forget that riot keeps chatlogs for some reason.
: Honestly it's been over a year, I can barely remember exactly where I put my pants yesterday. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: I'll tell ya what's a lore update possibility, giving the 2014 champions the lore they diserved to have had on release. Yasuo had his bio only recently released, Braum waits upon his now.
I could definitely see braum getting a lore update. Currently his story is far more comprehensive than his actual backstory, and his lore could stand to be updated to change that.
: Pool Party Skins 2018?
I expect pool party aurelion sol, with his orbs turned to beach balls, and maybe a surfer style taliyah. I'd love to see "Beach Volleybear" but I doubt we'll ever get it. The first two are, admittedly, champions who we've been told will be getting skins this year, and this is definitely a place where those skins could come from
: Pretty sure when the whole Targon changes came down, we were told that they wouldn't move Kayle or Morg away from the Extra-Dimensional Angels bit.
I was not aware of this. I don't suppose you happen to know where or when this was said?
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Lissandra is getting a lore update with nunu... It was strongly implied She honestly needs an update ASAP due tot he watchers being talked about the void lore being more precise now... We need to know when the watchers will dig their way from the Abyss.... Its been over 5 years of waiting! I dont want to be 30 when they announce the watchers return lol{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I was not aware of this. Thank you for that information. I'm incredibly excited for that information as well. Lissandra's lore has been... rough for a while and getting more details on the watchers is something that i agree has a lot of potential for further storytelling. Especially given the hints and information that's been dropped by the other lore pieces that have come out, such as Ornn's building of the bridge over the howling abyss.
Cetri (NA)
: Not gonna lie, I'm not very much of a fan of the "Morgana is a darkin" theory. Part of the thing that makes Kayle and Morgana so interesting is not only their being sisters, it is that they are two equal yet opposing forces. Order and Chaos. Bound and Free. By making Morgana a darkin, that would make the dividing lines between them not as strong by the addition of 3-4 more characters on the same level into the mix.
Don't get me wrong, I agree that it's not necessarily better. It definitely loses a lot of the more interesting points of their of their dynamic as characters. It's merely a theory as to the direction riot will take to incorporate them into the current lore
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GreenLore (EUW)
: My thoughts on all of this: **Pyke** Pretty much agree with you on Nautilus,but they also updated the short story of {{champion:105}} on the PBE,so it is very likely that he will also get a bio-update,even if he isn't listed as a Bilgewater champ anymore {{champion:266}} Yeah some additional lore for the other 2 Darkin(and maybe a bio-update for Tryndamere) would be nice. I also hope that the darkin get their own page on the universe site,just like the vastaya. {{champion:84}} I agree with you on Soraka and there is also the updated version of Karmas new bio that was confirmed to be ready for release,which would likely happen with Akalis release. Aside from that I'd say Kennen and Zed have a good chance to get a bio-update(as the latest lore updates only contained bio updates).Sure Zeds bio isn't really bad,but it could need an expansion. Though they might decide to wait for a Kennen bio-update until his VGU(he is among the Tier 1 candidates) {{champion:20}} Honestly with his release we could see a bio update to pretty much any Freljord champion.Because none of the Freljord champs got a lore update after the lore retcon,so even if their lores are mostly fine,they aren't exactly up to date either. Volibear might be a possibility,but depending on when he'll get his VGU they might just wait for that to release his new lore.
Oh cool, I actually didn't know about the fizz update and forgot that he was (formerly) bilgewater. I'm very excited to learn more about the darkin. I have some related theories that I'll start another thread about regarding the direction I could see riot taking kayle and Morgana, but I think the Aatrox update could pave the way for the remaining ones to come into play. I'm glad to hear that karma's lore is ready and I've been asking about soraka for at least a year now. The kennen and zed updates are very much needed, and I'm excited to see where this goes, especially given the current push to tie the noxian occupation to many of the backstories and politic and ideology conflicts between the factions within Ionia. With nunu, because of his sheer options as a result of freljord, that's why I listed the champions whose lore is legitimately out of date, though I will be adding trundle when I next have access to my computer as there are some reasons to believe he'll be updated as well.
: A strong candidate for the Freljord update with Nunu is that guy IMO: {{champion:48}} He is supposed to be the troll king, but we know extremely few about the trolls of Freljord in general. We just got some trolls mentioned as side characters, like the troll child that gets rescued by Braum, or the troll who tries to trick Ornn. I would enjoy to learn more about their society. How their warbands are wandering in the tundra. How the hierarchy works. How are troll females like? Are they respected, because they bring birth to trolls, or are they seen as the weak gender and oppressed?
Oh my gosh I forgot to add trundle in that list and he was the original inspiration for this post. When I get the chance I'll actually add him and a bunch of analysis for why I think he's going to get his lore updated.
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: Agreed. I was about to leave feedback in your other thread about how I feel Morde is WAY overdue now. I don't even think Swain needed visual work as badly as Morde (gameplay, maybe). It's time for Morde news. I get that Akali and Nunu also needed it, but I'm ready. The only champs that I think you could argue need it as much as Morde, at this point, are Morg and Kayle.
Well judging from what we've heard (I'd have to find the source on this, mind you, but I've seen it around), Morg and Kayle are the ones after Akali and Nunu. I seem to recall something being mentioned about a pair of champions and the much needed Kayle rework. I'll see if I can't find the comments that spawned this questioning.
: Sure, let me explain it a little bit more. When we start making a champion, we have explicit roles in mind where we would want the champion. This ensures that players of different roles can have something new and exciting to play once in a while. With your suggestion, can you imagine a world where we release 3 champions (We release champions with a few months cadence) that end up all being jungle. How would the rest of the player base feel like that we basically just released champions for jungle for almost an entire year? Additionally, when we make these kind of explicit role calls of what the champion should be created around, we can look at that role and understand opportunity spaces (basically things we don't have in that role in our game) and work around it. TL;DR is that it ensures all players get something cool and exciting with some semi-regular cadence and it allows us to create something new and exciting in the role. Sure, it has it's downsides and it'd be great to let players decide what is optimal or not and it can suck for players who want to play champions in other roles than designated, but I feel like the pros outweigh the cons here. I'm sorry that you feel this way though :(
Out of curiousity, does a champion concept come first, only to then be fitted into one of the roles, or does riot look at what they need or haven't done and go "what can are some concepts we fit into this role?" I expect it's likely a mix of both, but even if it is, which one do you feel is more prevalent, and are there some examples of either you can give us? I know you may not be the person to ask, but it's relevant to the conversation and I feel may help provide both myself and many others with a better understanding both with pyke and for the future when it comes to both balancing decisions and the roles of a champion
: We will be actively balancing him around support and have plans in place for launch if he ends up not being played support primarily.
Thank you for your response. While I will admit that I (and from what I've read, many others) fear for the possibility of him being too good in the jungle leading to him getting nerfed hard enough that he's unusable as a support, I'm still super excited for him for both roles, though, as the idea of a super-proactive support going along with an aggressive adc like vayne or lucian is rather appealing to me and I'm willing to trust that these balance changes won't overly gimp him since there are plans already made should something happen.
: Skin color changes, but melanin does not leave the skin. If you got to an african american's funeral they won't be white in the casket. Paler, but not lighter.
Well yes, but in the context of the changes that were made in the post, the skin tone is paler and has a blueish marbling effect (the latter might be the effects, I can't tell from the picture), while maintaining his black skin color as something of a base point.
: the changes to the bandana look good, but personally I find his skin tone fine as is. He's more of a Zombie then a ghost imo, and people's skin tone doesn't change just because they're dead.
Actually, it does. People who die typically take on a paler skin tone in the majority of the body, while the areas that are physically lower than the rest of it (for example, the legs of a hanged man) take on a blueish-purple tint as a result of the livor mortis. In a drowned man, such as Pyke, the blueish purple would naturally be in the face, upper body, and hands. In addition, during decomposition, the sub-dermal vessels take on a purple hue that then causes the skin to become marbled. Sources: [https://www.amboss.com/us/knowledge/Postmortem_skin_changes](https://www.amboss.com/us/knowledge/Postmortem_skin_changes) [http://www.deathreference.com/Py-Se/Rigor-Mortis-and-Other-Postmortem-Changes.html](http://www.deathreference.com/Py-Se/Rigor-Mortis-and-Other-Postmortem-Changes.html)
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 16
If Pyke ends up being played more as a jungler than a support, will you try to balance him around the support role or let him fall naturally where he will with his kit?
Novalas (NA)
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.11
If Pyke ends up being played more as a jungler than a support, will you try to balance him around the support role or let him fall naturally where he will with his kit?
Doozku (NA)
: He looks soo badass. Shame such a cool looking character has to be a support. He would make such a good Assassin. Edit: Apparently it was leaked that he's going to be hybrid Assassin who shares gold with ADCs for kills and builds lethality.
Depending on the exact mechanics of that and his kit, he could make for a great jungler. His ganks would be even more meaningful because if he gets the kills, the laner gets a larger share of the gold than normal.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Have you considered giving grievous wounds a shield piercing ability (something like "10% of damage dealt ignores shields") or doing extra damage to shields like Irelia does, or even making that a new unique passive on an item? Given the upcoming changes to marksmen, it might help make their lane have more itemization options whilst making the lives of other champions such as assassins who have struggled against the shield support meta easier too.
: 8.10 Jungle Changes - Iteration and Additional Context
With the lowered gold for camps, do you plan to reduce the health or damage of the current camps (at least earlier in the game) so that junglers can survive long enough to be able to get the same gold as would have in the original system, with it just taking more time but benefiting from the reduced respawns of the camps, or will junglers be backing at around the same time in-game, just with less gold overall?

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