Kei143 (NA)
: You need to add a bit more context brother.
1) Carousel champs can put you above your champ threshold 2) Carousel champs can completely change your comp make up 3) Carousel item can completely change what items you want to equip on certain champs 4) Late in the game when youre messing with 6+ champs this takes a longer than 30 seconds to do 5) You know cause the name of the game is Team Fight Fucking TACTICS. Maybe give some time to actually fucking do some tactics. Enough context?
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Kuponya (NA)
: Hmm it's almost like using an actual comp makes more sense than random units..
There are 4 synergies in my comp. glad you arent an idiot. But yea, the winner having 6 3 stars had nothing to do with it...Good to see that went right over your tiny head.
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: Braum Shield....... SO that's shit is broken, especially because he spam use it too
You dont know what broken is until you see a 3 star Braum with Dragon Claw, Warmog and Thornmail. It is the literal definition of 1v9. I played against one when he was the last champ left on the enemy team and I had 4 champs left. It was sad watching them die a slow and miserable death as he reflected all of the damage and never lost health.
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Dyshein (NA)
: Item Randomness
My favorite thing is when Im building an offensive team and get nothing but defensive items. At least with offensive items they seem to always be viable and can make a difference no matter who they are on. Doesnt do a group of rangers much good to be loaded with warmogs and frozen hearts.
: is glacial's endless frozen too much
Glacial freeze, like gunslinger and ranger procs can be infuriating. Some games it goes your way/or against you depending if youre on the giving or receiving end and they proc constantly. Other games not so much. Its like roulette you have a certain percentage chance to happen and it can be either feast or famine. There is no consistency, kinda like playing roulette, the odds never change but you can get a huge run of reds and no blacks and vice versa or runs where its more or less even between the two. Its just the nature of the beast.
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AIDS = Draven with a rapid fire cannon.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: finally felt blademasters not being awful
> [{quoted}](name=Pxerkza,realm=EUNE,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=GJJa3en2,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-02T10:47:27.585+0000) > > it only took a 6 blademasters 4 gunslingers with blademaster trist and like insane item drops > > > > trist was dealing in the 8-10k dmg per fight > the only problem i kinda saw was that she was losing time casting her ability a lot but i saw at one point 4 bombs being ramped up so there was that xD > > i had insane lucky with items > 1 cursed blade and IE from drake and herald > and chickens and wolves dropped 4 items each + 4 items from the 1st pve rounds > > pls buff blademasters You are truly a skilled player.
GotDayum (NA)
: Can you guys look into the RNG battles and ITEM drops!!
I sometimes feel that Riot is fucking with me. Im hardstuck Gold 2/3. Its a hilarious cycle. I get to Gold 2, maybe have one or two decent games then have a string of games where I get only gold drops, completely random champs where building any type of comp is hard and end up sitting on 2 of everything, get hard fucked and get demoted to Gold 3. As soon as I get to Gold 3 again the game decides it wants to stop fucking me. Drops fall like crazy, 3 stars all over the place, seems like I can just pick a comp and itll work out and back to top 2 finishes. Within 2 games Im right back in Gold 2 and the cycle repeats itself again. Its the most bizarre shit.
: The RNG is too powerful. Allow us to Buy Items instead of leaving it up to chance
If youve got a 2 star draven in the back with a rapidfire cannon, a shiv, and bloodthirsters you can throw pretty much whatever the fuck out in front of it and place top 3 if not win. yea, items matter a shit ton. throw an ionic spark on any random champ on top of that and its pretty much GG.
LQRider (NA)
: During the carousel I choose the item not the champion. (Am I alone?)
Only if I need a Yasuo for 6 blademasters or a Kayle for 6 nobles. Thats the only exceptions I pick champ over item.
: Thirty seconds per round in the beginning is too long but far too short at the mid-late game.
Eychpee (NA)
: Can we do something about the RNG
well if the game did that. everyone would just choose meta champs and wait for the game to just give it meta champs. Everyone would have the same comps and it would come down to RNG either fucking you on items or not and a race to see who got 3 stars first.
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: Carousel Round (Feedback / Suggestion)
My favorite part is getting completely screwed on late carousels when you either A) have a top 2 pick and what you need is on the opposite side and someone with a later pick gets it or B) being just good enough to not be in the bottom 2-3 and missing out on something that would definitely get you top 4 and the person who ends up getting it ends up knocking you out of top 4.
Subdue (NA)
: Getting the Gold in the Early Rounds...
Yep, tell that to the person who gets a shiv ater the first 3 rounds.
Undustas (NA)
: I can tell by you're need to insult people and the lack of social skills you possess you pretty much have no idea how to play and when someone gives advice you lash out with insults as if you have nothing to learn. Again, odds are you will not have this rng based loss, which is why good players will keep getting Elo and bad people won't. The bad people will make the same claims you do about how bad rng is in this game. Sorry to inform you this game is a skill based game and you don't possess that yet.
I can tell by your inability to read that you are a moron. I told you exactly what the situation was, that I reviewed the game and the outcome was unavoidable. Did I bitch that this happens all the time? No I did not. I cant help if youre simple. I call it like I see it.
: First of all. 9 gold. It's a set amount, 1+2+6. Second of all, I got that about 2 games ago, and I was 100hp until krugs. That extra gold can allow you to 2 star more units than anyone and early game that's way more important than items.
youre just like the other guy. No clue what the situation was. When you are getting random champs and have 0 possibility of getting a 2 star based on rolls. when i get hard screwed I go back and watch the game to see if there were anyway to avoid the fucking I got. There wasnt.
Undustas (NA)
: This game is a lot less rng based than people think. Sure it has no rng, but the rng you get can still be used to place top 3 typically, if not then the people who keep winning wouldn't be winning. People are master ranked for a reason, and it's not because they are just lucky every game. Situations happen and they can make the best of them, that's what good players do, bad people who are still not understanding the game but think they do are the people who think it's just rng.
and you make blanket comments like this without knowing wtf you are talking about. When you get nothing but gold in the opening rounds and ever opponent you face through krugs has at least one completed item you are fucked. you then get to krugs with no items and get fucked when they all reset. If I did nothing but spam games I could climb as high as I wanted. And I gave you an example of an RNG fuck job that had absolutely nothing to do with skill or comp or any thing else.
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: Screw the carousel
IDK the opposite of this is some last place scrub, in this case you, ends up getting that Kayle and making an epic comeback which of course does happen. Then the guy who thought for sure he would place gets to see failure rewarded. Theres two sides to every coin (scenario) in TFT. You either luck out early or luck out late. Either way can end up resulting in a 1-4 placement. Just the nature of the TFT beast.
: Similar to how killing 1 raptor increases the living raptors attack speed. It's just the mechanic they gave Krugs. It's also why they positioned one of them so far from the others. Some tips: 1. Anti-healing works on Krugs (this includes morellos and red buff... and Kat, but good luck with that one) 2. 2-star Darius can tank all 3 Krugs for an exceptionally long time if positioned correctly 3. Kill the right krug first (put assassins on the far left) 4. Lucian is also very good at the krugs stage, especially with noble buff. 5. it's technically possible to kill multiple Krugs at the same time, preventing the reset, but pulling off that positioning is extremely hard. 6. It's likely worth spending a small amount of gold to try and get your team on-par with killing Krugs. You should have at least 4-8 gold to spare at this stage minimum.
you say this as if any of this outside of #6 is a given and within your control.Getting shit on by krugs only happens when Ive been gifted with complete champ and comp randomness in the first few rounds. Then you get to krugs and are like, yea the screw job continues.
: Pyke
TFT has proven Rito is heavily invested in cancer treatment drugs. Nothing Ive seen creates tumors and makes them grow as fast as a TFT match.
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: try this formation to handle blitzs 11 020 1 = tanks/front line 2 = the main carry or the ones you dont want hooked 0 = hook this garbage blitz!!
If the blitz get items and can constantly make pulls it doesnt matter about your starting position.
: Blitzcrank is too impactful for a tier 2 unit.
I had someone get a 3 star blitz with shojins and deathcap. That fucker was aids and hard carried that team.
skerodobre (EUNE)
: Nice concept, but based on luck only and also some combos are too broken from the beginning
IDK about that. If you get a 4 gunslinger comp with some items or 4 rangers with items you can hard shit on yordles due to the extra attacks and/or attack speed and damage output. Get a Gangplank with items with a blademaster/gunslinger comp and watch those little shitters melt with all the damage he gets from all those procs. the thing you have to go back to is that you only have to finish in the top 4 and most likely you arent going to be going up against a group of folks where 4 people ahead of you are running completely stacked and unbeatable teams. Sure going against uber strong teams will happen but consistently getting top 4 is quite doable.
: Another fruitless RNG Shitpost
I think it would be a much bigger deal if you had to actually finish in 1st place to gain LP, but of course, you dont.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Could it be that Shapeshifter is weak?
the time it takes them to generate mana, without items, seems quite long. but there isnt much worse to see than a transformed gnar with that passive stacked.
: TFT Sucks
yea, you are doing so much wrong then. I went from Iron 2 - Gold 4 in just a few days. I place 1-4 the vast majority of the time.
: Comprehensive indepth list of TFT issues
I hear you on all of these points. However, keep in mind that TFT isnt just giving LP increase if you finish #1. Unless I get completely trolled by the RNG system and get completely random champs, cant finish a 2 star or two after the first few rounds, or cant put together any halfway decent synergies because of all the randomness and get so far behind Im having to blow all my gold as soon as I get it to try and make something happen I can usually find my way back into a match. I finish top 4 much more often than I finish outside of the top 4. Sure finishing 4th gives less than 20 LP and winning can give you north of 60 LP but a gain is a gain and if you halfway know what youre doing you can easily get into gold/plat.
Gubaguy (NA)
: Item RNG is BS.
I would tend to agree, however TFT isnt about winning its about placing 1-4, which it appears you were well on your way to doing. I have to keep that in mind myself when I end up on the receiving end of this sort of thing.
Håppy (NA)
: Item Balance is Impressive
stacking lockets also doesnt suck. I see all the time where some lucky bastard has managed to get 3 or 4 of them in a match. god forbid its an assassin comp, thatll give you aids.
: Knights... LOL at this point could DOUBLE all the damage reductions on knights to 40/80/160 and would still lose
its truly sad, 2 knights are viable to krugs if youre lucky. As far as drops almost every start of game my first 3 minion round drops are, in no particular order, 1 gold, 2 gold, one item. Id say over 90% of the time.
: yeah a draven with life steal is nasty indeed, just never seen anyone build their Kayle with so much cheese, still thinks it needs a nerf
If Im finishin off a Yordle comp and sitting on a 2 star Trist with items and have a 2 star trist sitting on the bench waiting to get copies to take it to 3 stars Ill sell the 2 star trist with items, put them on kayle and put in the other 2 star trist. Ill do the same type of thing if I get at least a 2 star of a late game champ if ive for another champ i can fill in to keep whatever buff Im trying to maintain.
: Soooo.... why use anything other than Yordles, Glacial or assassins.
If you go deep enough in a game and get to 8-9 champs you can mitigate assassins, even when there are 6. You have to make sure you are putting your least valuable champs on the back line so your carries, for example, dont get blown up. Unlike the yordles and glacials assassins are of course the easiest to get 6, as you can get 6 of the 7 fairly early in game. Now weather they all drop enough to get you at least 2 stars on all is something completely different. Even with the 6 bonus a one star assassin later in the game does negligible damage. Getting 6 Yordles and building them up, particularly the Gnar or getting a solid glacial comp, Sejuani and Anivia, is no sure thing. Getting late enough into game to get them all to at least 2 star and having the right champs with the right items is the exception rather than the rule. Im currently making my way up the ladder, Gold 4. I was Iron 2 earlier in the week. Anyway, due to consistency the people, myself included who are placing are getting fairly diverse synergies, 4-5 of them, unless they get really lucky with rolls have only 2 star champs, and are going for 8-9 or more champs, if they get a force of nature. Sure there are outliers where everything goes your way and you get those champs early enough to build them up. However, if you are using that type of strat every single game you are going to not place much more often than you will place. My observations only. Take it for what its worth.
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: 93%... back to back losing, ended up 2nd place
A 2 star Kayle without items is cancer. If they can get items on them it can make you go insane seeing that shit.
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: THREE games in a row I get ONE item off the initial minion rounds
AuronRoo (NA)
: Assassin Comp Rush Experiment
Updated from 8 games played to 15. Yep, still broken AF.
Jamaree (NA)
: Alternatively, you can play comps that counter them, like nobles, brawlers, and yordles.
If the game was about only getting 1st place then sure, who cares. But its not, its about placing 1-4. In 15 straight games Ive rushed an assassin comp and gotten to 6 assassins 14 of 15 times. Ive placed 14 of 14 times. 4-!st, 7 2nd, 1 3rd, 2 4th, 1 5th. When ranked comes out assuming I have similar results Ill gain LP like its nothing. The one game I did not place I was 5th, only got to 4 and had literally no item drops outside of carousel pick ups.
Toadwart (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AuronRoo,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=E4oN9GtV,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-16T03:09:14.149+0000) > > And here you are again. Yes, like all people, I get notifications when my posts are replied to. Are you ready to stop embarrassing yourself?
Embarrassing myself? You're the one who keeps replying. But tell yourself whatever you need to. When you get a notification you can...ignore it. But keep coming back. I know you will.
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