: @Riot: In-Depth Feedback on Teamfight Tactics
Not to sound petty but I have yet to understand what is actually supposed to be fun in that mode. Little to no explanation is given to you as far as how combat works, you're left in the dark to figure out why some champions use their abilities faster than others, you are a slave to RNG, you never know who you're going to face, positioning your units doesn't matter nearly as much as it should. I just don't get this mode's appeal. This is less about strategy and more about sitting there and hoping you get lucky.
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: Is it driving anyone else insane that there are only 2 Coven skins, and not 3?
I need a Coven Syndra skin
: Patch 8.11 Early Look
I gotta ask... Why is it that ad carries, erm sorry Marksmen... are always the end all be all of scaling. No one ever even comes close. Why? What does that bring to the game? To have a class you cannot afford to not include in your team composition for a ridiculous amount of reasons? Can't kill tanks without em, can't kill towers without em, highest scaling... it's so ridiculous. Why is it that the whole game is defined by marksmen and how powerful they/their counters are? How is that healthy?
Nayzumi (NA)
: Why do ADC's have the cheapest item path, do the most damage with autos, and have supports?
Because for some reason ADC is the one class Riot refuses to make non-essential. Top: Mages, assassins, bruisers, tanks and hell even ADC sometimes Jungle: Mostly bruisers and tanks, some assassins and fringe picks Mid: Mages and assassins, mostly, but then there's Corki Support: Actual supports like Sona, Soraka, recycled mages, tanks And the fifth one is and always will be a fucking ad carry. The game is literally built around them. Neutral objectives? They're the best at killing them. Towers? Best again. Killing tanks? Literally the only ones who can do it. And for some unknown reason that's just fine.
KazKaz (OCE)
: Well....since we're talking about design philosophies.... You guys remember the assassin update, yeah? The update where Riot literally stated that insta-burst damage and mobility was a problem that needed to be addressed? Yeah, where does that design philosophy apply in regards to ADCs? Trist, Vayne and Twitch all do what the old assassins did, but better, and yet....where's Riot on this one? They don't seem to be speaking out against it, how odd. This tilts me more than anything since they screwed assassins over so mages and ADCs could have an easier time. However what they forgot to do was adjust mages and ADCs accordingly so that they didn't become too oppressive without any consistent natural predators anymore (let's be honest, the old assassins were the predators in the food chain). It should also be noted that Riot isn't ok with burst damage....except the only way to bypass the excess amount of shields in this meta is by utilising burst damage. Except....assassins no longer have that, so again they're screwed over. Why does Riot have this problem? Why do they hate assassins while not hating any other class? I don't think any other class has been screwed over as much as the assassin class has, and that's saying something since even bruisers are in a better spot than them. Even Aatrox is in a better spot than assassins and he's been out of meta for ages. Touching on what "Get Ogre Here" said, where does the assassin class sit in the "circle of balance" now? ADCs beat them, supports provide far too much peel, and mages have far too much HP following the AP itemisation update+loads of CC and waveclear. So really assassins only beat other assassins.....except they don't since the opposing support will always peel the other assassin off their assassin. So literally, assassins don't counter anything rn.
Assassins are absolute cancer. Why? Because outside of the jungle, they literally cannot function properly while being somewhat healthy. Seriously please show me an assassin that is better designed than Eve or Kayn right now. Here's what an assassin who goes mid needs 1) Mobility, which more often than not translates into an escape due to how team fights work. No one wants a suicide bomber, the goal's not to make the team fight a 4v4, it's to make it a 5v4 2) Burst, this one is self-explanatory, they're assassins 3) Waveclear, because without it they'll just be pushed to their turret all game and do nothing And the problems lie with numbers 1 and 3. 1) It is completely unfair when a character who can instantly kill you should you make a mistake or get ganked has access to a safe escape. But because they need to be even remotely functionnal in team fights, they have it in lane. The only solution would be to tie literally every assassin's escape to their ult, which limits the devs' creativity a lot. 3) There is no way in hell you can justify an assassin having waveclear that is even remotely on par with the average mage's. Whenever assassins do have access to good waveclear, they are oppresive and overpowered as fuck, like KZ back in season 2 or Zed whenever he's good. They clear waves, stay equal in farm and are able to roam. Mages cannot easily follow an assassin that is roaming because if they get caught 1v1 they're dead. If the assassin has good waveclear and is balanced/weak, then that champion either lacks true assassin capabilities, like say Ahri who's a mage-assassin hybrid, or their numbers are simply too low. And so here we are, with assassins more often than not being either OP or UP, frustrating as shit or dreadfully underwhelming. They and bruisers are by far the most difficult classes to balance because they are usually in a state where they either lack exploitable weaknesses or their weaknesses are fucking glaring. Tanks don't do a lot of damage, mages are low mobility and low-ish defensive capabilities, supports need to enable someone else, ADCs are/should be squishy and *SHOULD* lack burst. I think jungler assassins are a lot better simply because they do what assassins should be doing, roaming, without having the need for overbearing safety and waveclear that their class should not have access to. That being said most assassin kits do not lend themselves well to the jungle, unfortunately. I long to see a League of Legends where Zed's waveclear is gutted but he's still viable, but I'm not sure how you can make that happen and clearly neither is Riot. So we'll just keep riding the nerfs-and-buffs train till we get to a point where you're not allowed to blind pick a mage ever. Hooray!
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: Your Shop Returns
Bad skins for champs I don't play. Come on Riot...
Rioter Comments
: So this is where opinions can vary a lot, so I can share mine but it honestly doesn't mean any more than anybody elses. I think it is actually very very good for a champion to never be bad, that should be the goal. A champion that is always great is a little more of a problem because they could be crowding out others, but if they aren't I don't really see it as a problem. Personally, seeing that the perception is that Lee Sin is still viable even though he has a 45% winrate shows promise that a champion can be playable regardless of how strong they are. If we can allow Zed to still be "good" but allow room for other things to be played, I would call that a roaring success. I would also say that is a better goal than simply putting him in the gutter so nobody can play him.
Yes, but the balance team does not seem to share this concern for other champions Hence why people are mad
: Preface this by saying I am not the designer for the Zed changes, I am simply the playtester who was helping with these changes. So these are my personal opinions, hopefully I can shed a little insight into my logic when giving feedback though. So I'll talk through the logic, or at least the logic that I gave from a Playtest perspective. When you hit Zed's Q by any number, but lets use the 10%, you effectively hit multiple areas of the champion. Zed uses his Q for farming, wave clearing, harassing, and all ins. All of this would be reduced by 10%. Since this ability is so core to the champion, any change will affect him very heavily. Now you may say that Zed deserves to be hit heavily and can use some time in the gutter, but I think a lot of people would prefer to see the champion still be viable if he isn't so frustrating to play against. Especially when you consider that his winrate isn't even that high, it's simply his bantrate that is the problem. This is very subjective though so I can see why people feel he deserves to be weak for a while. So this is where the change to multiple qs comes in. We are giving Zed players that can execute well some room to still succeed on the champion during all ins, while keeping nerfs on his early wave clear and poke. It can be easy to dismiss a nerf when the number may seem small to you, but when it affects so much in a kit I would expect it to have a pretty decent impact. Also, I personally don't see -10% as a small number. ~~I'd be happy to stay around and chat if there is anything people would like to discuss.~~ Think I'm gonna head out and be done for the day. Thanks for the discussion guys.
I think the main point of frustration here is the perception that Zed has almost never been bad while other champions are kept very weak for no good reason Sorta like how people hate Lee Sin even though he's not that good
Tentaku (EUNE)
: Spellvamp removed, OK, but why AP champions have access to absolutelyNO form of HP sustain?
Because Riot thinks mages are so strong they need to be severely limited by their 2 ressource bars while pretty much every other class in the game either naturally doesn't need to worry about one (basically most melee champions with mana as a joke of a ressource) or have items that allow them to opt out of worrying about those ressource bars The only other class that comes even close to having to worry that much about their ressources are supports and as far as mana regen goes they still beat mages pretty handily
: > [{quoted}](name=Penns,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=e8NqFzOd,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-16T10:10:29.389+0000) > > By that Aatrox patch note logic, pretty much every tank or juggernaut should get nerfed too lel Riot sometimes put patch notes that do not make any sense. For example, they nerfed Veteran's Scars because they said it would make it more attractive for ADCs. However, ADCs do not put points on the Resolve tree. Even if an ADC were to use the Resolve tree they would probably use Runic Armor for the higher healing with potions early game, as well as increased lifesteal. Riot didn't wanted to admit that the real reason why they were nerfing Veteran's Scars was due to the tanks.
To be fair, the resolve tree was OP as fuck and they did also say on the boards that they wanted to remove one of the multiplicators for late game tanks. THAT'S why they nerfed it. They then said ''Well it also gives something for squishies who want to go 12 points into resolve''.
: Just destroy tank ekko please
The main problem is that nerfing tank ekko is not really possible without making AP Ekko more snowbally What are you gonna? nerf his base damage and increase his AP ratios? Then AP Ekko can't do shit early game and if he somehow gets enough AP to fuel his buffed ratios, he becomes an absolute monster late game. If you give his utility AP scaling it'll be the same thing. I'm not saying it's impossible to remove Tank Ekko and make his AP build viable, but it's gonna be really difficult. What he really needs is not so much getting his numbers tuned as getting some of his mechanics changed.
Doofs (NA)
: Honour Rek'sai for being the only League mom.
{{champion:127}} is a mom too. It's just that... ya know... She kills her daughters and takes their place.
: > [{quoted}](name=Auryiel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VjtLui1P,comment-id=0020,timestamp=2016-05-08T07:29:44.239+0000) > > What really pisses me off about Lissandra's passive is that her mana costs and mana regen are aggressively tuned to be shitty AS AN EXCUSE FOR HER PASSIVE. > > It's just so... wrong. Did you even consider that might be by design? It is not like the rest of her kit makes her under preform.
I'm not saying she's weak I'm saying I think it's a bad design
kile147 (NA)
: I mean she also has the hidden passive of being able to move while casting.
Only on her Q and W And it's hardly hidden, it says you can do it in the abilities' tooltips
: Lissandra's passive is screaming for a rework.
What really pisses me off about Lissandra's passive is that her mana costs and mana regen are aggressively tuned to be shitty AS AN EXCUSE FOR HER PASSIVE. It's just so... wrong.
: > [{quoted}](name=AkabaneKun,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dyz5FIJo,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-05T16:59:44.168+0000) > > They have on their skills derp, what a worthless excuse, not to mention ADCs have better mana management items, even more now that mana regen is basically gone. There's not a single ADC that waveclearas as fast as a mage. There's not a single ADC ability that's that better than a mage one, whether it's utility or damage.
{{champion:22}}'s ult sure doesn't beat {{champion:30}}'s Q as far as utility goes, huh? Maybe you should avoid ridiculous sweeping statements
: This comment is making me so happy :) That's precisely the takeaway we wanted you to have in many ways. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
So we're revisiting events that we thought had already happened in the past and shit is going DOWN Also that means that the champions and story arcs are now probably much more spread around the timeline as opposed to what felt like a clusterfuck of potentially apocalyptics threats popping up around the world all at the same time. I know you don't work for narrative, but do you know if we'll get more details about that anytime soon or will we have to sort of piece it all together ourselves?
: TFW 5 people vote on a remake due to afk{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
a PREMADE OF 4 does not mean all 4 voted, it just means all of them count as 1 in all the above examples, it doesn't say there are 5 people who vote, just that the group that queued together, whatever its size, gets 1 vote
: is 40% CDR even good on zed aside from his ult. I mean sure you'll get your abilities faster but you still have to wait for you energy to come back.
http://champion.gg/champion/Zed Apparently it's good enough that the rune set up with the highest win rate on Zed includes CDR blues
: The face Vlad makes when he pools under a female champion wearing a skirt {{champion:8}} "I can see your underwear from here!"
There's something about a pool of blood under a girl wearing a skirt that disturbs me
Anloix (NA)
: URF is Fun! Monotony is not...
How would RURF (not gonna lie I like that name lol) be so much better than URF? Only difference would be instead of losing because someone picked an OP champ is you'd lose because someone rolled an OP champion. I'm not against the idea (my main mode is ARAM), but I honestly do not think it would fix any problems. As for Nemesis Draft urf, you'd just see all the same lame, underpowered champions over and over again. IMO that'd be even worse.
Raoul (EUW)
: Then you realise you can dodge all of it or just hide behind Minions against all of these. Counterplay is the word you should look for. If there is counterplay, its ok. There is no counterplay to shaco W spam, since its a point and click nuke, and his Q is an instant blink with invisibility.
{{item:3341}} allows you to deal with Shaco as long as you realize that once he's used his E (his W is his trap skill), he's got nothing Just because the counterplay isn't ''dodge this'' doesn't mean it's non-existent Also, his Q only goes on CD AFTER he's come out of invisibility, so it's not like he can Q in, E and Q out. He's gonna be visibile for a while either as he goes in or as he retreats Is Shaco hard to play against in ARAM? Yes. Like a shitload of other champions. Some champions simply aren't very well equiped to deal with him, but that's true for almost everyone. Medium ranged mages can't reliably deal with long range poke champions Long range poke champions can't reliably deal with super mobile assassins Low mobility champions can't reliably deal with high CC champions
Raoul (EUW)
: Yeah, kinda like throwing stones from a bridge at people is funny. For you. And noone else.
Oh, I'm sorry, is Ahri's perma charm supposed to be fun for the enemy? What about Morg's snare? The Jhin W spam? Or maybe it's the getting hit once by Diana's Q and instantly dying that's fun? Champion kits are BROKEN in URF. They're not fun to play AGAINST. They never are. What's fun is playing a broken kit.
: "WE WANT URF NOT DRAVEN DAY" -Community 2016
It's like the boards can be filled with more than one group with the same opinion AMAZING!
Wuks (NA)
: Who are YOUR URF champion picks?
Zyra's really fun (if they don't have a team full of broken champions, that is). You have MASSIVE pressure from your plants early game and late game you can control several zones all by yourself Orianna's really nice too, you can reposition the ball constantly, shield your allies, speed them up, slow your enemies, etc. URF Orianna kinda feels like what Orianna should always play like. You really feel like a dancer, IMO Vlad gets really stupid, but in a funny way. His Q has an insanely low CD and you can ALMOST perma-W. If the enemy doesn't have instant CC they can almost never catch you because you can just pool away from everything (it gives you a small speedboost too!)
RichBean (NA)
: While I agree with what you are saying about the attitude of the players, I disagree that the op champs are all well known. There are quite a few that no seems to play but are insanely good. Everyone just plays the popular picks that don't take much thought in seeing their strengths in urf. I can name a list of strong fun underused picks if you would like.
I haven't seen a Galio yet Considering how fucking cancer he was last year, I'm really happy about it
Rioter Comments
: If you run a cc heavy combo. He might have some issues on his own, though it's not half as bad as people make it out to be, even without the followup from the E explosion, Q+E does some quite good damage and he gains more shield than befor. But the big thing is, if you have cc from your mates and can follow up on it, the impact is massive. His full E hits for 390+1.1ap, and the full ult reaches 1300 +2.3ap damage, both on aoe. If his team can set him up, he can provid all the damage you need to kill an entier team.
Yeah, if you can lock down a target FOR A WHOLE 6 SECONDS Viktor can do good damage WOW Who even needs AD carries when Viktor is here
Wolfeur (EUW)
: The QSS nerf is a lever for balancing Zed in the future
Meanwhile Soraka getting nerfs even though GW's changes are gonna be huge nerfs to her because the new Athene's is expected to benefit her
: When your team isn't doing as great as you and expect you to carry
lol I don't know what song this is but I remember this video clip I didn't really speak english back then so I just looked at it and tried to figure out the story
lolptwo (NA)
: I just like to point out how Riot successfully forced Dynamic Q on the community
You say that like they haven't been doing this for YEARS lol
: Come on dude I tried to compound the memes, but you just ruined it.
It wasn't funny
: viktor changes are awful
Rickless' changes are almost always complete and utter experimental garbage, luckily he seems to be one of the very few designers who does use the PBE to test things that are not almost 100% certainly going live, so I'm not too worried. Those changes are so laughably bad that I can't bring myself to think Riot would ever push them through
: To make it feel like it has impact. Because currently it pops then it kinda does nothing unless they stand in it the entire time. It still does damage, but it didn't feel like it.
I assure you, when you build Rylai's you feel the fucking impact
: Just saying, her E only removes CC, not debuffs.
It's like Morg can force Zed to sit in her fucking pool and freely get several auto-attacks off as he goes from being snared to being stunned if he tries to go in on you or something It's like Morg has built-in sustain and good wave clear or something It's like one of Morg's core items makes Zed's all-in all but irrelevant or something Ya, no clearly she's an AWFUL pick against Zed solely because her E is not useful against his damage type
: Stop Before It's Too Late
2 seconds between ult ticks wat just wat
: > [{quoted}](name=Elite4Runner,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gsjsZ6Oh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-20T16:34:06.152+0000) > > I may be the minority here, but I felt like the wolf was a bit awkward. I like the idea. It actually seems interesting to me that an item could give you a little minion, but it really didn't do anything, and it really felt like they just wanted to add a visual effect so they grabbed a wolf model from the Murk Wolf camp and told it to follow you. Felt a tiny bit lazy to be honest. I do hope they bring back the idea, but maybe make a unique model. You know, I always thought they had the wolf backwards. How cool would it be that when you become sated that's when you get the wolf that sort of stands next to you and attacks along with you every 2 attacks. That'd be how you explain the double on-hit effects, because your pet wolf was actually hitting them. It'd probably be a pain to do though, and would get weird if a ranged attacker with fast attack speed got it so the wolf would have to run up to where they were attacking really fast. But, eh, it still would have been cool.
The wolf spectre could just spawn right next to your enemy instead of running from your position. Like it blinks to its target or something. That way there'd be no weird ranged interaction.
Dessem (EUW)
: "It's unfair to counter [Zed, Trundle or Fiora ult] with the click of a button." - Repertoir
Way to make people say something they didn't mean He was talking about how QSS completely invalidates debuff champions like {{champion:50}} or {{champion:90}} you dimwit
: all of the reworks were pretty disappointing IMO. i don't think they did nearly enough of what they said they would except vlad, and cass kinda. {{champion:90}} only got a new passive everything else was just copy paste of his old abilities. his ult was especially disappointing, they said they would change it to give the enemy something to play around, but all they did was copy paste his old W under it... {{champion:63}} legit looks like cancer. still "brand" new, but his passive looks absolutely broken. correct me if i'm wrong, but they don't use items in these demos and the absolute ridiculous dmg he did with only 3 spell and his passive proc scares the shit out of me. the idea of the blaze sound interesting but from what i've seen so far i don't like. they didn't do anything to his E like they said they would. ult is less random kinda unless everyone is blazed lol {{champion:143}} just got iloi passive except less useful from what it looks like since you have to use an ability on your random spawing seeds(everyone loves RNG). Q is literally the same thing except in a line(was super excited at first from the image since i thought i was a vine that remained on the ground) everything else is the same including her ult which i think had a TON of possibility. {{champion:161}} got pretty much no changes (which is great) except his "researched" thing on his ult that i still don't understand. we will have to wait for more info on the "minor" changes, but from what i can tell annie still doesn't throw tibbers so -1 points from me. edit: i have since figured out how the vel'koz change works, i really don't know how to feel about it... vel'koz was already perfect and possible the most balanced champions in the game. if this cause him to become pick or ban and he takes a ride on the rito balance rollercoaster i will never forgive....
For Vel'Koz, basically if you trigger your passive on a target, for the next 7 seconds, your ult deals true damage to them but (I think) doesn't apply your passive
: > [{quoted}](name=Mansana,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dj292yTr,comment-id=00020001000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-19T01:19:23.026+0000) > > Nah, you are thinking about mana regen since they reworked how mana regen worked for the beginning of the season, many champs that relied on mana had their base mana regen compensated. Oh thanks. Must have gotten it mixed up then. They DID change how turrets take damage from people building AP tho. That I know for a fact.
The mastery didn't do damage to towers
: Ekko currently at 83% ban rate.
I'm not gonna lie, I kinda miss when Kassadin was broken OP It made for some hilarious blind pick normals
: > [{quoted}](name=Auryiel,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=jxw16vmI,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2016-04-16T17:19:05.662+0000) >I take it that it feels weird for you to think that a product is made without any care as to whether you would enjoy it or not. In all honesty, it was meant to be a beneficial comment. The 'product' appealed to a larger audience than you originally expected. (Which is good.)
I mean that really does not matter as far as my comment is concerned. The specific product is irrelevant, it's more about the fact that yes, sometimes things aren't made with you in mind, they're made for other groups.
: I'm a straight guy and I love the debonair skin line. Like if there is one on a champ I like to play then "yay I get to try and kick someone's ass in a tux all james bond style."
Just to clarify one thing quickly : I didn't mean to say that you can't enjoy something that was not tailor-made for you I own all of Evelynn's skins and I think we can all agree that some of her skins rely on pretty much nothing but sex appeal. I'm gay, so I don't find her attractive, but I still love those skins for other reasons. All I wanted to say was that sometimes things are made for people who are not straight guys and there's nothing wrong with saying that. If straight males feels weird because they're left out so to speak, I think it's a good opportunity for them to realize how many minorities often feel. IMO understanding each other helps us all. I know that personally as a white person it took me quite some time to understand why non-white people were annoyed by the lack of representation in the media and I only finally understood it through an experience of being left out of some cultural products. I'd hoped that some people might take something from the experience. Clearly that's not what happened XD My point got lost and distorted by mindless anger, so it's whatever And yes, classy skins are awesome
: > [{quoted}](name=Auryiel,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=jxw16vmI,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2016-04-16T17:19:05.662+0000) > > I think the OP said that because this would be obvious fan service that is not aimed at straight males. > > Yeah, you read that right. Not everything is made for the majority. I take it that it feels weird for you to think that a product is made without any care as to whether you would enjoy it or not. That's how it feels to be a minority. > > I'm seriously not trying to be a dick about this or anything. I just think it's interesting to note your reaction and I sincerely hope you take that experience as a learning opportunity. Not trying to say that you're incentive or anything like that, just that experiencing other people's reality is a good thing ^_^ > > But, oh well, I'm probably gonna get downvoted by people who think I'm somehow accusing you/people like you of being misogynistic homophobic white supremacist or something XD You're just a bigot who think of himself as a progressive person because you sound left -ism. Trying to protec yourself and your words from valid critics with a victimhood shield. You have a serious mental/actitud problem. Of course you going to be downvoted. I would say the same thing to you: take this opportunity to reflect on your views of the REAL world where people ussually dont have a problem with minorities/womens and straight male dont have a complex with a buch of good looking, fine taste draws until some moron like you show up .
I mean if you had valid criticism to offer I'd be happy to discuss them, but you don't seem to want to have a conversation about this, so I'll just say this : in 2 paragraphs you've managed to accuse me of being a bigot, of being full of myself, of portraying myself as a victim, of having mental problems, of having a shitty attitude, of being disconnected from the real world, of thinking that issues of race and gender are all in my head, of CREATING issues where there are none and of thinking that guys can't enjoy cool things. You wanna see a shitty attitude? Look at your own behaviour.
KOC rule (NA)
: Ok, I'll try and explain how I took it from you. "Yea, you read that right(as if I misread that). Not everything is just made for you. Doesn't it feel weird to not be cared about at all?<-(as if from personnel experience, sounds like that guy from Toy Story). Yup, that's what it feels like to not be the majority, suck it up that some people are different from you." Taking it from your rewording, "This might surprise you, but you're not being cared about on this product because it is aimed at a different audience, deal with it." Your whole comment is kinda calling him spoiled as well, if you read it. It kinda implies that. Just trying to show you how others perceived it, also, just because products are very obviously aimed towards a certain audience doesn't mean that another can't like it. I think the skins are a cool idea, but I'm not a female/gay.
Ya, I can see how some people might interpret it that way, but to me that just sounds like the interpretation of someone who actively seeks a confrontation. I personally try to read things from a more... err I dunno how to say it... a more positive perspective I guess. And well yes, the person's comment does indicate to me that he is spoiled/entitled, because he expresses shock and disbelief at the fact that something is not made for him. From my point of view, that's not inherently negative. Rather, it's just what the person is accustomed to because he is part of the majority (as far as LoL is concerned, that is). I just think this was a good opportunity to point out that this could be a learning experience. This feeling of ''this is not meant for me'' is something some of us are confronted to daily. I'm hoping that the person will realize that it's ok for some things to not be made for him and people like him, just as it's ok for other things to be made for that group. This entitlement only becomes negative when you realize what you're doing and still do it. I honestly believe that this person meant no harm with their comment, but it DOES show that he is not comfortable with being excluded from a product's target audience. Also I was not trying to imply that because you're not part of a target audience, you can't appreciate something. For example, I own all of Evelynn's skins. Some of them blatantly rely on sex appeal to sell, but that's not the reason I bought them. They appeal to me for different reasons. You're not excluded from enjoying a product because you're not part of a target audience, but I do think it's rather silly to say ''this should not be labelled as catering to X audience because I'm not part of it and I still enjoy that product''. I honestly can't see the harm in saying ''this is for you gals and gays out there''. If you're a straight guy and you like the product, just enjoy it. Same way I enjoy those Evelynn skins even though the kind of person I am was never taken into consideration when they were created.
: > Yeah, you read that right. Not everything is made for the majority. I take it that it feels weird for you to think that a product is made without any care as to whether you would enjoy it or not. That's how it feels to be a minority. :)
Yep, still don't see it, sorry. I'm literally saying ''This might surprise you'' and this is being perceived as aggressive. Should I assume your smiley face is you being passive aggressive then?
: Hey, no need to be that aggressive about it. I think these concepts have the potential to be liked by everyone, as witnessed by the amount of upvotes, but it does affect women in a very specific (omg WANT) way and hence the proposition "if riot female then they make this"
I honestly cannot fathom how what I said could be perceived as aggresive
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