Eedat (NA)
: Still not as bad as "?"
: Illaoi is terribly broken!
You should see her in Twisted Treeline. She is a god in that game mode.
: I just went into PT and it was working just fine for me.
Yeah I tested it in a custom after and it was back to working fine! It must have been a one-time bug, if that makes sense. Not sure how to reproduce it.
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Porocles (NA)
: Heya, it's showing 0 on your account for me. You may need to relog to resync your balance, let me know!
Relogged and it's displaying correctly now. Thanks!
Porocles (NA)
: Ohhh bb, very nice Lucian. Thanks, you may find some goodies on your account. :D
HEY sorry to bother you again but for some reason when I bought project lucian it didn't take all of my RP and put me back at 526. I figured I should let you know since I should be at 0 RP after that purchase.
Porocles (NA)
: Ohhh bb, very nice Lucian. Thanks, you may find some goodies on your account. :D
Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Porocles (NA)
: Hey, I'd love to see the drawing! You can upload it on a site like [Imgur](, and then link it here. :D We may be able to help out! !!!!!!!!!! made an imgur just for u bb
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Igotlazy (NA)
: How to keep AP Ekko alive while Weakening Tank Ekko
I'm also an Ekko main (here comes the hate) and I think this would be a decent nerf. Or maybe have the radius of his ult and/or w scale with ap, but have a really low base radius, if that makes sense.
: Can someone explain to me why Twisted Treeline gets absolutely no work done on it?
The playerbase is tiny. Idk why, but that probably shoos people away from it even more. I personally love treeline, but I get it. My 3's team was diamond last season and we consistently went against challenger teams, and gold teams. It was rare for us to go against a team with a similar mmr, simply because the playerbase is so damn tiny. Anyways, where I'm going with this, is that Riot probably doesn't see treeline as a priority for work being done on it because they think it would hardly affect anyone.
Wolfbook (NA)
: Does anyone feel that Riven needs a slight buff?
Riven has so much in her kit that it's hard to buff her without making her freelo.
: Remove CDR
I don't get what this change would accomplish. Except making the game even more stale than it already is.
: If you could vote to get rid of a champion which champion would it be
I hate Akali with a passion. Ever since I started in season one I've despised her as a champion. inb4 "if u buy pinks shes useless"
: Sadly disappointed in URF...
I just hate the fact that everybody only plays the same 10 champions every match. Boring as hell.
Choo6 (NA)
: Ekko feels too weak in damage; I need help?
Ekko is kind of a sustained damage assassin. You generally won't have enough damage to 100-0 with one combo. But you can do that damage, get out, and do it again. He's very mobile and his kit allows him to use his combo multiple times in one teamfight. The only time you should be focusing on 100-0ing with a combo is if you see your ult landing on them.
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: demanding to speak to riot employee asap, please
You "demand?" lmao. grow up. they got shit to do they arent going to surf their boards looking for people "demanding" to talk to them.Go make a ticket.
Firu (NA)
: Three (imperfect but hopefully useful) examples of retaliatory toxic behavior in real life.
: How do you make Rek'Sai work in this meta?
: Chests need to be available through IP as well as RP.
Grashnim (NA)
: Report Riot Fail Grading
Grading system isn't foolproof. It's probably because as far as I know, it's coded to incorporate cs. The other day I was playing with my brother and he went 1/0/19 as support, and got an A-.
: Free Hextech Chest
Heartseeker Vayne, but I accidentally traded it in for more essence. Which sucks because Vayne is my favorite champion and I really wanted that skin. I made a ticket so hopefully rito will help me.
Wrightrj (NA)
: Struggles Using Ekko
Late game your focus should be assassination. And chances are, if you're farmed enough, you should be able to assassinate a carry and escape, by means of his ult, zhonyas, or landing a teamwide stun. After that, you should aid your team in killing the rest of them, by means of poke, stuns, baits, etc. Or if you a crazy hoe, you can stun their entire team and when the stun duration is over, you can zhonyas, and then by that time your ult clone should be standing on top of all of them, and you can do massive damage to everyone. This approach will probably result in more damage dealt but also spike your chances of dying in the fight.
: Hai
oh i thot u were saying hi to us
: No, it is not. "Steel Tempest is unaffected by Dodge and Blind". It is not intentional, it is a bug.
> [{quoted}](name=N00B PWN3R,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=8UgI46V3,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-02-27T23:29:04.705+0000) > > No, it is not. > > > > "Steel Tempest is unaffected by Dodge and Blind". > > It is not intentional, it is a bug. It really is intentional. His Q is coded as an auto attack. That wiki page must be inaccurate.
: Did i get worse or did ranked get better?
Probably just on tilt, or maybe you haven't been devoting as much time to league as you used to? Either way, S4 and B2 are very close in skill.
3DWeird (NA)
: Account hacked, 14 day suspension :c
hmmmm. You said you have some suspicions and theories on what happened, do you mind sharing them with us?
Throe (NA)
: Is there a cap to getting second choice in a row?
Just set your second choice to mid lane, works like a charm
Cherysse (NA)
: Daily reminder: Lux sits at 54% win rate
Bârd (NA)
: When fighting Fizz (and assassins in general), keep this in mind
it seems so obvious to do this, but so many of us forget.
: I Can't Ekko
he just has a high skill curve. just play him a lot and you'll get the hang of how amazing he is.
: Im done.
seeya good to know that riot is doing their job by banning/chat restricting toxic people
Nekusen (NA)
: Blitzcrank hook Anti-Fun
if you got half a brain and are able to dodge his hook he's pretty useless compared to other supports
: Most Balanced Champ Atm?
I always thought of Kennen as a pretty balanced champion.
: We miss Azir,Rumble,Gragas,Maokai,Gnar
for the love of god please do not buff maokai
: Did you even playtest Xin before you buffed him?
idk why riot decided to spontaneously buff xin. out of all people they choose xin zhao, an already incredibly viable champ on 5's and a top pick on 3's
: "Lux's E is the hardest skill shot to hit in the game"
Rioter Comments
: Is Twisted Fate in line for the Immobile Mage Update?
bruh he tp across the map every two minutes u call that immobile
Wolfess (NA)
: Anivia auto attacks feel very clunky
they used to be even slower man
: Please Nerf Vayne's Passive
the counterplay is winning the game before the 35 minute mark, which is relatively easy in season 6
Totalis (NA)
: "shut up, you're silver"
the good news is it's pretty easy to climb back up to where you were tho
: Are we ever gonna fix Graves?
Parceval (NA)
: Runaan's On Graves
if that's the case then imagine having hurricane and ie, and critting. That'd be 27 bullets.
: just uninstalled league of legends
"i just uninstalled league of legends" later comment "i actually got perma banned"
: Banning people for negativity is ABSURD.
i personally don't enjoy when teammates are assholes and put me and my teammates on tilt that's just me though
: Does kennens q count as auto attack like ezreal?
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