: In Defense of The Treeline - A Poorly Substantiated Corporate Decision
Well, there's always Dota. RIP TT and really the only non-ai game mode I play.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Confidentiality, yes. Meaning you are not allowed to willingly and knowingly give your account info. The user is NOT responsible for any brute force attempts or unknowing phishing attacks. No moron in their right mind in the field would ever think that reasonable, and it would never hold up in court. You have to do some next level mental gymnastics and willingly be ignorant to think this is ok.
It's his job to ensure it is secure, the OP said they basically left the account abandoned in limbo for two years not checking on it, so yes it is their fault for not making sure it was secure. I login at least once a week to make sure the account is not compromised, and that's only because I'm not well enough to play daily right now. Bottom line, you are responsible for your account's actions. Doesn't matter who's on it, but normally if it's been hijacked beyond your control Riot will fix the issue because they are nice and realizes stuff happens.
: It is not wrong to defend yourself from bullying. That is victim blaming.
So it's victim blaming to tell someone who could have left the situation that they are wrong for not leaving? Sorry, but no one has the right in this game to flame, harass, insult, threaten, or attack another player. This isn't the flawed system we use in real life where only the worst wrong person gets in trouble.
: for everyone curious this is rant, not gameplay discussion, let people vent, stop treating it like that
They can rant about perceived champion imbalances, just as I can rant about people not checking their facts and blaming a problem with one thing on another.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=v4pm63Ve,comment-id=0000000100000001000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-11T16:17:24.438+0000) > > That's like saying someone who is a bad or unlicensed driver shouldn't be at fault for a car wreck they cause. > > Ignorance doesn't absolve someone from responsibility of acting sensibly with your information online. Thats not even remotely the same. It is illegal to drive without a license. It is not illegal to not know what a keylogger is or to not lock your door. Keylogging etc is a crime. Youre literally blaming the victims of crimes for being victims of crimes, and comparing being a victim of a crime to that of someone perpetrating a crime.
"You’re entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Login Credentials. Please notify us immediately if you become aware of any breach of security, including any loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure of your Login Credentials." Right out of the ToS that they had to legally agree to to play. They're responsible for maintaining security of the account. Does not matter if they were RATted, Trojaned, Key Logged, Brute Forced, it's up to them to check to make sure the account is secure. PERIOD.
: i did keep it secure... i dont give my password out to anyone (and its not an easy pass either). riot was the one compromised... and im far from the only one hit recently...
Okay, if you haven't already change your password and change it often. Another tip is google "yourpassword" with the quotes, that will do an exact google search and if any hackers have posted your info on the public side of the web you can find it there. I do this almost weekly if not semi-daily to make sure my passwords are secure. Someone brute forced it probably, tends to happen it happened to me once, but I quickly changed my minecraft info and kicked that poor kid who stole/bought my stolen account off. Since then I've been checking security every week at least.
: ...Regular swearing is not punished. I would know, given how many times I say "fuck" in a game. Slurs (Racial, sexual, or any other kind of derogatory language) and spam are punished, but simply swearing is not punished.
Depends on context. If you direct it at someone, then it's punishable. But yes more often then not if you don't direct it at someone else then yeah it doesn't get punished.
: how did I flame anyone? [1:12] [All] W H l T E B O Y (Garen): reported [7:36] W H l T E B O Y (Garen): reported for hate speach [7:51] W H l T E B O Y (Garen): you're being a hater [9:20] [All] W H l T E B O Y (Garen): hate speach, reported Where are any inflammatory comments here?
All of them. You called someone a "hater", and you told them you're going to report them which is a THREAT three times.
: stop putting these pussies on my team
Ok, yeah. I just looked at the match history, the teams were pretty mcuh even or yours was ahead most of the time, kind of wish a greifing report would have done something there. For anyone curious: https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3101021663/2130056974224096?tab=overview
: RIOT Supports Bigotry!
No, two wrongs do not make a right. League is not like society where his huge wrong makes yours moot. You're only defense is to ignore him and report him then move on, you are not allowed to flame ANYONE for ANY reason.
: why is kai sa just allowed to melt tanks so easily
Because she built HP% Shred? Also all that resistance is nice, but she also had Guinsoo's. She build anti-tank and killed a tank. Don't know what you're asking here. Pretty much anyone with on hit damage can take her build and smash you with it, its not her. For anyone who's wondering this was Kaisa: Enchantment: Bloodrazor, Infinity Edge, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Mercury's Treads, Runaan's Hurricane, The Bloodthirster
Leetri (EUW)
: Would you prefer the team getting mad at you because you're not following the team's callouts? They don't know you've muted the chat, so to them you're being an asshole and just ignoring the team. They might even report you for intentionally trolling and helping the enemy team. Right now you really only mute people who are being assholes, and they generally don't call out startegies in the chat.
They can report you for that, but it won't do anything. Players have zero obligation to do what someone else says. Trust me, do you know how many ADCS I wish I could have reported for them not responding/listening too callouts like, "Stop standing in Blitzcrank's melee range please." or "Stop pushing the wave, we;re behind."
: Why should he get punished for defending himself?
Yep. Two wrongs do not make a right. You learn this in pre-school.
: Yeah, I'm not watching this, but I'm a support main, so I know the struggle. I'm the jockstrap on every sweaty Jhin taint.
I know right, it's really funny when you roam and the adc goes "You can't leave, get back here".
: Account Hacked, Banned for third party use.
You need to take it up with riot, but you're responsible for keeping your account secure.
CopiluNuc (EUNE)
: I have a SERIOUS problem
Nothing will happen to you if you didn't do anything against the rules. Also for the future, taking kills is not reportable. I personally as the support do EVERYTHING in my power to ensure the target(s) die. Even if I think my adc MIGHT get it unless im 99.999999999% sure then I take it. Better to have the kill then risk someone leaving on 1 HP. Anyone who cries over "kill stealing" needs to go to the corner and sulk, the enemy laner being dead alone gives you a massive lead, unless you blow it. Now keep in mind there are some people who are dorks about taking kills for no reason, but as I said, Dead Enemy Laner = Best Enemy Laner.
Srbonator (EUNE)
: Okay so i decided to translate to you guys some of the thing they said Koliko si ti jadan i poremecen: How miserable and distressed you are Ubij se idiotu jadni: Kill yourself desperate idiot Ubij se jebeni idiote: Kill yourself fucking idiot Which i responded to keep crying and i got answers like Placem ti majci na grobu: I am crying at your mothers grave And the other guy said Zasto ti je majka u grobu sada: Why is your mother in the grave now I think of submitting an ticket but i dont really care about idiots.
Ticket riot, also delete that message. It can and probably will get flagged and get you in trouble. If anyone EVER says anything along those lines report to riot, its a zero tolerance policy.
: Swearing? No. Swearing is not punished in League. Flaming and zero-tolerance phrases, however, *are* punished.
Umm, swearing is punishable, it's just ranked MUCH lower then hate speech is.
Adelphel (NA)
: So is everything report wise automated?
Okay a few tips for you as a new player. First, do NOT play PvP before level 10 at the very least. The blind queue can be one of the most toxic places in the game, and that's at higher levels. People have the assumption that they can act however they want in there "because it's blind." Another reason to stay out of PvP is there are toxic smurfs in there and they WILL flame you if you don't perform to their imaginary standards of their imaginary level of gameplay. Plus I know it's not the same but if you struggle against the AI you're going to have a REALLY hard time in PvP or just get lucky. Second, don't tell people you're new, or its your first time playing {BLAH} or anything like that. Toxic people will automatically blame you at that point because they think you're lack of skill is causing their lack of skill. Basically don't reference anything skill level or mistake related, because most toxic people tend to not care, and will just flame you for "being a noob, shut up." Third, anyone who tells you to /mute everyone should /mute themselves. I rarely mute people, and when I do it's because they are being 0% productive with the chat box, and I need to see my timers and pings, don't need to filter through a flood of spam every time I want to check when I called out a flash. Fourth, and most importantly, you NEVER have an excuse to flame back. This isn't the real world where we balance punishments based on who's more wrong then the other person. If you break ANY rules in this game you get punished, excuses are irrelevant. Focus on your own gameplay and if someone flames you /mute them as they clearly don't have a productive reason to use the chat box.
: Good question. I think its mainly for those who arent technically afk (as in, away from keyboard) but arent participating in the game. Like walking around base/fountain and stuff. Though, that is essentially griefing.
It's more for the people who leave and come back, or those people who insist on playing a MMO with 9999+ ping, and disconnect every two seconds. Basically a fail safe for leave buster though yes.


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