: ffs plat is not low elo
Man ive been to mid d1 and people still call you out if ur not at least 100lp master. It is just people trying to make themselves feel better
: Thoughts of an Orianna main
I think one of the reasons ori is good right now is not a stat problem. I believe its more that she is good into meta mid laners. Its more a meta shift and shes likely to fade back out into A/B tier again later on
Rock MD (NA)
: I just played as AD to the Smite Support Nunu.
Honestly if you have ever played with this guy he just keeps going on and on about how good the trade for the tower to the jg farm is but he always feeds his ass off. Half the time the adc afks from the 5 or so games ive seen him
: Malz Support Counter: Tahm Kench
kench just eats anyone malz ults
Puttyblo (NA)
: If you intend to play WW, ban Leblanc.
If you want to play league of legends you should just ban lb in general that champ is so duimb
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Riot in the dev blog "Talon may be struggling so we are thinking about buffing items".
Or its cause lethality items are a bit weak which is the reason champs like lucian talon and zed are struggling right now
: Why the nurf to Ghost?
Ghost is a summoner spell that was taken consistently by a wide array of mid lane champions that helped promote uninteractive lanes where people just clear the minion wave then run away every wave. Pretty much with ghost and flash someone like viktor can create a lane where there is nothing the enemy can do its just each side clearing waves and if a jungler comes to dive they just run away with ghost on a low cd and go right back to farming
: Camille Nerfs Are Now Obviously Essential
current lb is even stronger than camille or reksai release
: Wasn't Gragas ult gutted because of the same thing Lee Sins's ult does ?
Its cause grag could do it on ult cd lee can do it every 5 mins
Unicky (NA)
: I need help laning against some midlaners
for the most part playing vs any of those 3 is about being uninteractive and farming/clearing waves. Against Cass however you can force trades whenever she misses Q or go aggresive and attempt to dodge her q in order to out trade
: All good in the rift when...
I know how u feel i just laned fucking Link a challenger lcs mid laner.... Im diamond 4
: Name 2 champions that do the same thing, but do them the exact opposite way.
Camille{{champion:164}} Dives your backline and distracts if not kills your adc Jarvan{{champion:59}} Dives your backline but doesnt do anything cause budget camille
Leonerdo (NA)
: I counted: 13 out of the 23 statements you made were exaggerated, to various degrees. Several of them were clearly impossible, like your story about how everyone always reports Evelynn. How about you remove "1/2 to 3/4" of your hyperbole, and then we can talk about LB. Seriously though, LB is probably still frustrating as ever, and maybe she's clunky to play, but making up numbers and speaking for other players isn't gonna help. Well, I guess you'll deceive some people, but not the people you really want to convince. (For transparency, I counted things "Leblanc mains don't like the reworks" as exaggeration, because it implies that all or most of them think this way. And by "statements" I don't mean sentences.)
for the evelynn thing WAYYYY BACK WHEN when evelyn was probably the worst state of a champion to ever be seen eve mains would actually get banned for just playing their champ looks up some videos on it if u dont believe
Star (OCE)
: Elo Hell (and why it exists) from a diamond perspective
Elo Hell is real, Anyone D5+ has felt D5 elo hell
: The lane matchup is about the same as syndra vs katarina. It's impossible to hit a W E combo in katarina due to her mobility. Taliyah also has no way to one shot her as she has no damaging ult :P. Outroaming is indeed the only possible way.
Ive mained taliyah and kat and can tell you that taliyah cant beat her unless she missplays horrifically. u just have to give farm and clear at tower post 6 and at her lvl 2/3 spike
: According to Riot, you can use strong language in your games as long as it isn't derogatory
I swear so much in games and dont get punished as long as it isnt offensive to other players ur safe especially with chatlog evidence
: Are AD Assassins THIS bad right now??
draktharr is a garbage item and edge of night doesnt really need buffs. Talon feels fine but zed is trashcan
Thaurron (NA)
: Why does Taliyah's passive require her to be near walls?
Honestly as someone who plays lots of taliyah ( cause katarina is abnned every game) I feel that shes in a fine spot right now, the only change i would think of asking for would be that her passive stays until she takes damage but that could be really weird looking
: Marksmen need a buff.
a lot of it is itemezation sucks ass ( how do i spell that word)
: Zilean stun doesn't stop MF's ult?
It does BUT mf ult will still fire ( seem to fre ) because the projectiles take a bit of time to reach the end so it might be half a second or so so it seems as if it doesnt end
: Fusion Organization looking for People to Join
gonna add you when im not on mobile from katamainslul. Was d5 last season but in early season mostly playing with masters/d1 from last season and would love to try out for a sub spot
: @Riot Taliyah
coming from someone who plays a lot of taliyah shes actually in a decent spot right now maybe could use a tiny touchup but nothing more
: Who counters your main
Fucking {{champion:105}} ban this bitch every game
Sciela (NA)
: Why is the game decided by your ADC?
its like that but replace adc with jungler
: @RIOT Ghost.... Is it really meta???
Ghost is really good for mid lane meta currently. If you dont need Exhaust, then ghost is the second best choice.
: When you see someone lose with your main
watching anyone play your main is the single most tilting thing in this entire game especially if its the enemy team.
: Unrework him. Just do it. Unpopular opinion, imo, but from season 3 to current Darius, old one was better, and had more defined weaknesses. This one "Adds more counterplay and more reward" but I think traditional Darius, while more linear, was better at doing what he he should be doing: being a lane bully.
Old darius actually was unlaneable if u were a melee champ is what i remember. If the enemy picked darius it was literally go ranged or lose.
: If Rylai's Got Changed Because it Was so Popular, What About Bloodthirster?
Actually they did the same thing to bloodthirster and it was disregarded as useless for several months (reworked in season 4 i think might be a year off)
Porolo (NA)
: So I got 8-2 in series
Not salty at all that's completely normal. It is done so that people can work back to get to where they were
: Who is the hardest champion but most effective when mastered?
Ralanr (NA)
: What if Hecarim lost AD based on how much he's been slowed?
He would be unplayable, although he does need a nerf
Rioter Comments
: Best picks into Kat laning phase?
Alright i gotchu Really strong picks into katarina include: {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:31}} i know its throwing a lot out there but these are pretty much unbeatable if you can play them to a good extent verse katarina
LuLu Pop (EUNE)
: Can league get a gay champ? or a gay skin bundle?
Are u saying {{champion:44}} and {{champion:92}} x{{champion:102}} dont already exist?
Meddler (NA)
: Yep, almost certainly Rylai's in 6.24.
If rylais does get changed will champions get compensated for it? The two that are exetremely reliant on it that I can think of are {{champion:163}} and {{champion:82}}
: Is "Taxing" a legitimate thing?
It is done to shove lanes losing a few minions to a jungler or not getting all the minions as the jungler really doesn't have a large effect on the game but getting a lane shoved into tower can have a huge effect
N Pelosi (NA)
: What we are in an X meta really means.
Actually season 7 is turning into a support meta LUL
: Can I Really Climb? I'm so bad is it even worth trying?
Personally what I would do if I were you (what I did when I was bronze 5) is spam normals. The people in normal games are much more skilled (usually) so it can be annoying but with time you will become a better player. After playing around 500 normal games at bronze 5 I climbed from bronze 5 to platinum 1 over 600 games.
gn: SpLn to WLn Rank: Diamond 5 Role: mid lane Top five champs: {{champion:55}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:163}} Team experience: did master/challenger 3's for awhile Can you shot call?: Yes Time Zone: PST Link to op.gg:http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Spln+To+Wln
: Please Disable new Champions/Reworks in ranked
It is flex queue ive seen silvers lane low lp challengers it just doesnt matter
Swegmec (NA)
: WTF happened to Kled and Talliyah?
As a Taliyah player she just got destroyed by nerfs. If rylais gets nerfed she will fall into the 30% winrate territory
: mid lane main
I've been spamming katarina recently very high skill cap and super fun. Also talon is really fun right now
: What does every mage get to have both a early game and a late game but bruisers have to choose?
Because you listed 3 champs 2 of which dont have a strong early game
: So, Patch 6.24 is about one week away and we got no news on Rylais
If rylais gets nerfed taliyah will be even worse than she is now
: I wonder if Riot ever decides to unban perma banned players for an experiment, more inside
There was a time (I think around season 2) where they unbanned some permabanned players to see if they reformed after several months. I believe it was 98% of players got permabanned within a month. So its unlikely to ever be looked at again
333 (EUNE)
: Vayne right now in a nutshell
I think thats because vayne was 23/2 also since she is on the strong side right she will likely be nerfed, things tend to be strong in preseason and become balanced by the time the seasno starts back up thats why there is a 2 month window for changes
Liracy (NA)
: I won't even say you're wrong. Overall she might be in a slightly better place. Especially with some tweaks... But what I am saying is that she is no longer anything like the champion I've loved since Zhonya's ring was an item. I wish they'd given this kit to another new champion rather than deleting my favorite champion of all time.
I understand what you are saying and many mains agree with you. I waqnt to ask how many games you have played on the new katarina because personally It feels like the same champion once you get it down but everyone is entitled to their own opinion if you haven't given it a chance just make sure to, if you have then im sorry to say it is unlikely to ever be reverted
Liracy (NA)
: Thoughts on Katarina (played since the game released.)
Hi, I've only been maining kat since around early season 5. I have climbed a little bit with Katarina peaking d2 when I started at d5 but one thing was always apparent, sometimes there were no plays to be made, nothing to do, no way to win. There was no way to deal with it. I was skeptical about kata getting a rework but near the end of season six I was starting to not play her nearly as much cause generally i just wasnt having fun because half the time you just couldnt lane. With the new rework her laning phase feels much more rewarding when played well but much more risky since ward hops are gone. The fact she now has power spikes pre lvl 6 feels amazing in my opinino with the lvl 2 and lvl 3 all in potential.While her roaming is weaker I think it was a good trade for her laning power as with the case of a champion like Taliyah both can't exist in a healthy manner. Also she gained the potential to do more damage but also to have it be inconsistent really gives those high highs and low lows. Personally I love the katarina rework and many other high elo katarina mains i've spoken to (3 like it 1 doesn't) Overall i think she will be in a better spot overall but at the beginning of the rework her power being shaky is expected and it should even out by the time ranked is reset. I'd say keep in open mind or swap your main
: is courage of the colossus op?
Yea its strong but in comparison to the old mastery i forgot the name of that it replaced its nothing. No mastery will ever compare to the strengeth of ages outside of thunderlords pre nerf but even that isnt quite as good
yea it still exists kha gets fourth evolution rengar gets 42% bonus ad cause why not
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