: Removing passive from Tahm's Q was the worst idea.
best nerf they have done in a while
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Drezder (EUNE)
: Enemy has yasuo brand morg cait rengar. which form do i go as a kayn player
This depends a lot on who is on your team as well and if you are ahead compared to rengar or any of the other champs. I would say assassin as cait is vulnerable despite her range. Ur mobile enough to get on top of her and one shot her, but then it becomes a game of who can one shot who first with rengar vs kayn. Another benefit of blue kayn would be that none of them are tank so u kinda just murder them all as long as ur not behind. However, if your team needs a tank/bruiser red kayn is fine as well because u can peel back on ur carries against the rengar yasuo. It really depends on a lot of things..
: I'm getting so frustrated on how bad I am.
I never play when I get tilted. I just log off and watch Netflix or twitch or something. Then I find something that motivates me to play, weather that is playing a new champ or I was watching highlights from someone. Most important thing is to know ur powerspikes and try not to tilt. if u do tilt just log off after game until u are in better mindset
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KazKaz (OCE)
: So is no one going to talk about how unhealthy Ezreal is right now?
he sucks in lane (compared to most adc) and he is skillshot reliant. Fight him in a minion wave and he will do little dmg. Also bruisers who get on top of him will kill him easy. Just get an irelia jax riven and hes fucked.
Barkley (NA)
: I've thought about buying a diamond account.
silver and low gold is nothing to diamond. Ill play 20 games in silver and win 19. It is not hard to climb out of. If you cant do it then you belong in silver. Your argument is that oh I always finish higher, but when new season starts I go right back down. On my smurf acc I finished plat 1 and after my placements I was plat 4. It took me 35 games to get to Plat 1 again. The problem is not the system it is you. :)
: Buff GP please
LOL GP has 51 percent win rate in plat plus (only goes up the higher elo you go). He is genuinely so dumb to play against. You seem to never run out of mana and u beat almost everyone in lane because once u get sheen u q spam every 5 seconds and do 1/5 of their hp every Q. If you try to hard engage on him, he already has a barrel on top of him to slow u, do dmg, and give him momevment speed. On top of this he has a built in qss that also gives him hp and a global ulty that slows and does dmg. If anything he needs nerfs.
: Patch 9.14 notes
how the fuck have they not fixed yasuo wind wall bug. How did they even know about that lucian bug? who uses edge of night or banshies on lucian? FIX YASUO WINDWALL BUG
: Nerf Mages
Hashinshin second account?
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: ***
> [{quoted}](name=thefatlazycat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4mApabKK,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-06-25T19:49:07.838+0000) > > and you are what needs to be cut out of the community I bet u only play tanks. WOW SO FUN LEMME QUEUE UP SO I CAN PLAY A 40 MINUTE GAME OF MALPHITE OR GAREN. Just because you are bad at the mobile champs does not mean that they need to be taken out of the game.
: Patch 9.13 notes
why no yasuo windwall bug fix?
Reksee (NA)
: Opinion: More Mobility does not make the game fun
I only play the game because of the champs you have listed lol
NoPaxt (NA)
: You were late again...
> [{quoted}](name=NoPaxt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AEBIrE8t,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-06-24T22:38:42.376+0000) > > You were late again... don't worry this guy is silver 2 and doesn't know how yas works so no one has to listen to him
NoPaxt (NA)
: What's the bug? The Wind Wall materializes past where the card is released, it should never block it. You were simply out played...
> [{quoted}](name=NoPaxt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AEBIrE8t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-24T20:05:53.286+0000) > > What's the bug? The Wind Wall materializes past where the card is released, it should never block it. You were simply out played... That has never been how yasuo windwall has worked. I was not "outplayed".. TF players like to fake throw the card by canceling the aa or throwing a wild card because they want u to waste the windwall. The best yasuo players wait for the stun card animation to go off so that they can react by windwalling the projectile. This is a bug and never how windwall has worked or riot would have said something in the patch notes
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JancevFTW (EUNE)
: Hah told someone with a ''high rank'' will comment some shit
> [{quoted}](name=JancevFTW,realm=EUNE,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=9Bp9Uqmf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-24T00:00:50.872+0000) > > Hah told someone with a ''high rank'' will comment some shit why is high rank in quotes. D3 is VERY high compared to ur silver 3.... x dee
JancevFTW (EUNE)
: This game is a fucking joke
saying zed is op is the most silver shit.. however tahm is broken af early-mid game need ganks to beat him. basically afk farm against him or play ranged champ
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: Patch 8.14 notes
unpopular opinion: I like this patch. Addresses strong champs like talon zoe, wukong and givies small buffs to champs that need it. (besides vayne buff why tf u buff her late game and not her early.)
Ændril (NA)
: making silver-gold sister team
If their are weekend practices I would love to try out :) school has me busy for most weekdays. Ign: Agnostic Monk Role: adc Top 3 champs: Lucian ezreal vayne Team experience: not much
Ændril (NA)
: making silver-gold sister team
Why not practise on weekends?
: Competitive Team (Silver/Gold) Looking for Mid!
Summoner name: Sir xandeir Current rank: s1 Age: 18 Timezone: Est Times available: mostly Friday-Sunday 5 pm to whatever time in the morning Role: mid Top 5 champs: Yasuo, Leblanc, ahri, tf, and lux. Playstyle: Aggro enless ik its a bad match up for me. Past experience: Was on a team for about a week then everyone quit. Why are you interested in us?: Want to play with people competitively and also have fun. :)
: Plat last two seasons but stuck in silver at the moment. Looking for good duo to grind games. <3
: Vortex eSports looking for members of all roles!!!
Role: adc Rank: G3 Top champs: jhin jinx lucian cait ashe sivir Age: 17 Availability: 7pm est- 3 am est Time zone: eastern Experiance playing on 5v5: few times with some of my irl friends not much tho Pros: good in lane and good positioning Cons: underestimate enemy champs Shot caller: sort of not the best at it Open to meet new friends: of course Fun fact: uhh i have 4 pets Questions none
: Dimension7 is recruiting players! (Starters & Subs)
Ign: sir xandeir Age: 17 Role: adc Rank: G3 Time zone: est Elo goal: uh idk eventually be diamond Strengths: lanning phase, postioning in team fights Weaknesses: underestimating an enemy champ What do you feel you can bring to the team: I can play hypee carry adc champs but I can also play support champs such as ashe or sivir and I have pretty good mechanics and will communicate with the team well. :P
: New Team Aurora Academy Recruiting all except for [Supp]
Ign: sir xandeir Current rank and highest rank: G3 Postion: adc Strengths: lanning and team fight Postioning Weaknesses: underestimate other champions Top 3 champs: lucian ashe cait
Tooasty (NA)
: Undamaged Esports Looking for JG/Top Gold+
Mickdog (NA)
: 5D4 is Recruiting for a Gold adc/support/jungle
Summoner name: Sir xandeir Main role: adc 5 champs im strong with: lucian jinx ashe cait jhin Strengths: lane phase postioning in fight Weaknesses: underestimating opposition Availablity: 7 pm est- 3 am est Im ok with practising in ranked solo queue: yes Are you ok with being on ts: yes Any question: no
: Precision Esports - Silver - gold elo is looking for subs and Scrim partnerts
Ign: Sir Xandeir Rank: G3 Role:adc Champs: jhin lucian jinx sivir cait ashe Can u learn meta chanps: yepp Play style: normally aggro in lane enless im behind or if im playing VAYNE Strengths: postioning iN teamfights and lanning phase Things to improve on: don't overestimate an enemy champ and think you can 1v1 easily Timezone: est
: Apox Gaming LF players!
Ign: Sir xandeir Rank: g1 Role: ADC Champs: jhin jinx ashe cait sivir lucian Availability: 7pm- 3 am est Age: 17 Timezone: est Pros: good in lane and have good understanding of game Cons: underestimate champions
Tooasty (NA)
: Undamaged Esports Looking for all roles!!! Gold+
Ign: Sir xandeir Rank: G3 Role: Adc Any previous teams?: a couple for run in ranked 5s that's it Shot calling: 6 Champion pool: 8 play pretty much any adc but I have preferences Map awareness: 8 Criticism: 10 Why join us: want to get better at the game and improve with players by playing as a team Able to use dicord: yes Timezone: est
Skex (NA)
: Rozenoir eSports looking for ADC, Around Plat
: WgRs Team recruitment for serious ranked team
League name: Sir xandeir Current rank: G3 Main role: adc Champs i play: jhin lucy sivir jinx Cait ashe Can I fit the schedule: yes Communication: curse Skype discord
: NMS Clan looking for (Gold+ support and adc)
: Apox Gaming LF players!
Ign: Sir xandeir Rank: gold 3 Postion: ADC Availability: 7 pm est to 3 am est Pros: strong at 1v1 and good positioning in team fights Cons: underestimating players Top 5 chanps: lucy jinx jhin ashe cait
Ign: Sir Xandeir Current rank: gold 4 Best 3 champs: lucian jinx ashe Age:17 When are you free to play?: 7 pm to 3 am est
Yêu (NA)
: Club Penguin eSports (OPEN ROSTER)
Ign: sir xandeir Age: 17 Rank: G4 Role: adc Pool: ashe Cait jinx Lucy jhin sivir Discord and Skype: have both "agcg1" Serious:yess
Reynard (NA)
: Typhoon Gaming is recruiting [Silver-Gold]
Ign: Sir Xandeir Age: 18 Role:ADC Champion pool: ashe jinx lucian jhin sivir cait Curse: I have it Lane:bot
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Machinë (NA)
: Abandon Gaming LF 5 to fill roster! (Gold + only!)
Ign: Sir xandeir Role: adc Rank: gold 4 Access to discord?: I can get Availability?: everyday from 7pm to 3 am est
: {LFP} Precision Gaming Gold Available Positions [Serious Team] [Gold 1-Gold 5] [More Info Inside]
Name: Alex Ign: sir xandeir Role: adc Rank: gold 4 Main champs: jinx lucian Cait Ashe and sivir Strengths: good positioning in team fights and strong lanning phase. Weaknesses: greedy and sometimes overextend :/ Availability: from 6 Pm- 3 Am Est Past experiences: played 5s with some of my friends Reason to join: want to learn more and get better at the game while being competitive Have team speak?: yes
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: *Recruiting for Multiple Teams*
Main Role - Jungle Champs- Lee sin, Gragas, Elise, Vi, Nidalee. Rank: SIlver 1 Name: Sir Xandeir
: LeagueOfGaming9 is recruiting Come and join us!
Skype: xander.gask Ign: Sir Xandeir age: 17 Rank:s4 What roles do you play:mid,top,adc What roles are you best at:pretty good at 3 Are you good with other people: yes Will you practice with us: of course
Kenachii (NA)
: Looking to create a bronze/silver team (Need a Mid laner)
Role: Mid Rank:s4 Top5: ahri, tf, ori, fizz, lb Curse: just send me link to call Strenghts/Weaknesses: good at outplaying with mechanics and i need to learn how to communicate with team more :P
: Silver 3+ team looking for top
Rank: s4 Champ pools: irelia jax gnar and most top champs Timezone: eastern Availability: all the time How well do you work with constructive criticism: i listian to everything said to me What would you bring to the team: Good team comp and outplays
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