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: Yeah premade troll groups are common nowadays. The best part is Riot refuses to ban them because the system doesn't recognize lone reports.
You can't prove that lone reports aren't recognized because you can't look at who reported them. It's unlikely that troll groups are only being reported once. I once got an "instant report feedback" I think it was called 10 minutes after reporting someone, so I don't think reports are unnoticed. Correct me if this only happens for someone who has been reported a lot.
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: Honoring someone in your premade group is less effective, not ineffective. You will have to pay more attention to the data in order to claim there is a bug.
It said "non-premade," so I can claim there is a bug. You're right that I should have a better recollection of the 18th before making claims, but I can't imagine it was focusing on the games other than my premade ones.
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