: I mean, autochess takes a good 20-30 minutes to play so I don't see how that would work.
That is the maximum time it could take, isnt it?
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: We wouldn't need to talk about this if Riot allowed players to create things... Like I would love to create my own bots(I can create one that will control my champ to some extent and get banned, but I'm talking about creating whole AI, Dota has it). Moded maps, skins, hell even champs. It would probably draw some attantion away from SR and that's, plus laziness, main reason why they won't do anything like that imo. I would like voice chat as well. I mean, I'm having fun climbing, but I would like to expend my experience, lately I have been fooling around with randoms in custom games, it would bring it to whole new level to allow community to create something.
Fucking cool, but would be a hugeeeee project
: I don't think lower end computers could handle 20 champions during a teamfight. Maybe have teams of two or three? Additionally, in that mode it would be entirely possible for your team to lose because of circumstances beyond your control. Two teams ganging up on you is all it takes, so I think there should be some kind of mechanic in place to prevent that.
Thats all true, hope riot considers the idea of more than 2 teams involved in 1 game tho. Would love it
: Yo Iā€™d be down for this kind of mode to exist, tho champ select in draft mode for this mode is gonna be long af, ppl picking a total of 20 champs and 20 bans
Truee, but sure riot can find a way {{sticker:galio-happy}} They always do!
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