: > [{quoted}](name=Awful Thxngs,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5uPV7ucL,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-14T18:19:55.051+0000) > > But that doesn't matter if you can't actually attack her, and her W being insanely fast is going to keep her out of most dangers, it just seems like its there to limit her laning potential, you'd have to be dumb to focus on building defense on her anyways. When she is always inside her ally, she can't AA nor proc her passive. So it is literally 1 1/2 vs 2 Lane and if you lose then, you are at fault.
I don't think you're supposed to mount in the first place during laning, I'm worried about the W use in teamfights, I believe her laning will be weak, it's just more of a question of how to reach a spot where she's balanced, and not a super conditional pick like Kayle, or totally unplayable like Kalista.
: > [{quoted}](name=Awful Thxngs,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5uPV7ucL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-05-14T18:21:07.411+0000) > > I don't think a lack of auto attacks is a big deal, even with her passive, and the main problem i see with her kit is that she seems EXTREMELY difficult to catch by herself. Early-game botlane ganks are one of Yuumi’s biggest Achilles Heels from what I saw on the pbe. Yes, she can attach to her adc but if her ADC gets caught out of position it will also spell disaster for Yuumi, who won’t have an ally to attach to if that happens.
I believe that, which seems like it would be extremely hard to make her work at any elo, ie low team synergy in low elo and high camp rates at high elo, I know I seem like I'm pissed off because 'ah new things that aren't more fuckin rehashes of older champs' but I genuinely want a new support to play, but her design seems very limiting in the balancing department.
Saezio (EUNE)
: ERRRRRRR Step 1: Wait for release I guess..? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
You see me constantly reaffirm the idea that I'm saying 'I feel..' 'I think..' it's not a fact, it's possible that she ends up balanced, I'm simply saying that it SEEMS impossible or very difficult to balance her in a constructive manner. These guys STILL haven't gotten Ryze to a spot where they want and he's been around for four years.
: She can’t auto attack while attached. She also has the second-worst starting base hp out of every other support in the game. You catch Yuumi by herself and she becomes Chinese take-out.
I don't think a lack of auto attacks is a big deal, even with her passive, and the main problem i see with her kit is that she seems EXTREMELY difficult to catch by herself.
: > it reminds a lot of Kalista where her kit is so greatly powerful she can't be kept at the same numbers of other champions. That's why she is by far the most squishy champion.
But that doesn't matter if you can't actually attack her, and her W being insanely fast is going to keep her out of most dangers, it just seems like its there to limit her laning potential, you'd have to be dumb to focus on building defense on her anyways.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Yuumi being attached Is a huge risk. Non support mains seem to struggle wuth this logic but you can't save yourself if you don't detach and use your passive and when your ally dies, youre good as dead too unless you have 600+ AP
I am a support main lol, ur passive not being used isn't going to kill your kit, I think its meant to promote her to actually do stuff in lane, similar to xerath passive, but I don't see a reason that you would want to dismount and get yourself killed with a really weak 500 attack range attack. It's just something meant to help her laning, which I assume which will be fairly weak. But realistically speaking, the actual cooldown of her W is going to be 5.5-6 seconds by teamfights roll around. You can always jump to another champ if you feel that your mount is going down, and while I don't know the range for her w, it's not unlikely you'll be able to find another person to latch unto, think Rakan E being used to get out of sticky situations.
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: More female Yordles
> [{quoted}](name=vivit,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=Zx9vu1Gk,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-08T22:37:16.391+0000) > >I just wanna lick {{champion:78}}'s feet what's going on big guy
: I see what you're saying, it's like they are trying to make her a mascot. Some sort of twisted Disney with Mickey or Pokémon with Pikachu type of thing they have going for her.
Kind of, what I'm saying is that they wanted to make a disney princess character in the game, and they sacrificed game balance to make a kit that matches up to that dream.
: Oh wow it's ANOTHER Zoe qq thread Inb4 stats get posted showing she is average or slightly above average Inb4 Zoe haters reeee and say stats and facts don't matter {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Champ is really good lol
: CertainlyT stop using banned players account to justify your champions on these boards.
I'm not banned? And I def said CertainT champ kits are a level above the average league champ.
Netorare (EUNE)
: Still bitching about Zoe when there are champs that can do more than her, wow
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: Why?
I can't show empathy for my actions, like I can't reflect on past actions lol
: Shut up dude, don’t ever apologize to anyone, just makes you look like a punk. Shake it off and just try to improve, you don’t owe SHIT to anyone here buddy.
{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} This is like the worst kind of mentality lol
: Props for recognizing that you did wrong. You can do better next time! Try to keep in mind that a lot of the time people make mistakes, and they aren't actively trying to lose. It helps to remember that everyone on the team wants to win (most of the time anyway) and that they are probably equally as frustrated about what went wrong as you are. I wrote a bunch about this stuff before, so I'll quote it here since it seems like it might help you. You can ignore the avoiding bans section, I don't think it is relevant to your situation. > [{quoted}](name=HalcyonDweller,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=N5xNisWM,comment-id=00040001000000000001,timestamp=2017-12-20T19:23:18.005+0000) > > Ok for advice I've got a few things. A lot of it is written out in the post linked below, but I'll elaborate a bunch and add a few points in my comment here as well. > > https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/bv2m7fx4-feeders-and-toxic-teammates-got-you-down-this-may-help > > _Warning: Wall of text incoming. It's a lot to read, but trust me it's all useful techniques that I've used to great effect in my own games. It's worth your time if you are willing to read through it all._ > > --- > > # 1. On avoiding getting banned: > > You don't want to get banned obviously, so first and foremost you should avoid being negative, passive aggressive, or insulting in any way from this point on. A good rule of thumb is this: _If you wouldn't say it loudly to somebody in a public place in front of someone who's respect you hold dear, it's probably not something you should say to a stranger over the internet._ Or alternatively, _If you would be upset if a teammate said it to you when your situations were reversed, then you shouldn't say it to a teammate._ Avoid being sarcastic, or saying anything to blame teammates. > > Generally speaking, anything that you say that might anger your teammate is something that could make them report you. Whether or not their report for that statement is justified, if it triggers the IFS to review your behavior and the IFS finds something else that you said in that game that it thinks is punishable, it's going to punish you for the second thing even if the person reported you for something else. > > Keep in mind that after a 14-day ban you're going to be on super thin ice. Even minor negativity may be enough to trigger another punishment, and unfortunately (and in this case, unfairly in my opinion) for you, the next punishment in the progression is a permanent ban. If you are not absolutely certain that you can talk to irritating teammates without saying something punishable, then it is better to not talk to those types of teammates at all. Mute them and don't even acknowledge what they say. You can safely report them yourself after the game and leave it in Riot's hands to deal with them. > > After several months of consistently honorable (or otherwise positive) behavior, your account standing should improve and that 'thin-ice' and danger of being permabanned will loom over you much less. > > --- > > # 2. On using past, present, and future tense to better steer discussions in a positive direction: > > It especially helps to steer conversations into the future tense. reasons being this: > > * The past tense is often used for assigning blame > * the present tense is often used for discussing values > * and the future tense is often used for making choices or decisions in the future. > > This is a subtle twist of language that a lot of people don't realize affects their discussions with others, and they react to it on a subconscious level. > > For example, picture this happening in one of your games. Person A just died to a gank because they pushed up too far and didn't ward. Here we will look at the outcomes of using different verb tenses to discuss their death. > > **Case 1 - Past tense:** > > Person B: Dude you shouldn't have been so far up <- _notice the past tense, this will often make Person A feel like they are being attacked, and they are more likely to react by defending themselves instead of focusing on playing smarter the next time._ > person A: I wasn't trying to die, they just caught me! It wasn't my fault!!! > > Here Person A argued instead of recognizing or learning what they need to do better next time (ward and watch out for ganks). > > **Case 2 - Present tense:** > > Person B: Aww man that sucks, I'm sorry you're dead right now. it's not fair how they can pull bullshit like that. > person A: Thanks! Yeah, it's so unfair! > > Here both players commiserate over the unfortunate event. Nothing is learned from it, but Person A is at least feeling supported by person B. As long as you use the present tense like this (to express support for a teammate after something bad happens), it will serve a good purpose because it will put Person A's mind at ease and they won't be worried about getting flamed by Person B every time they make a mistake. > > **Case 3 - Future tense:** > > Person B: Oof that's unfortunate. Lets try to ward next time before you push like that again, maybe it will help keep you safe. > person A: Thanks! I'll try that. > > Here person B makes the discussion focus more on what to do about the problem in the future, and they do it in a helpful way. This helps Player A to see why their push ended badly for them and gives them a clear goal - a safer strategy to try the next time that they want to push. > > **Also, keep in mind that verb tense is more than just talking about when to do something.** Telling somebody to "stop feeding/flaming" or to "feed/flame less next time" isn't really using the future tense, because it is still making the player's mistake from the past into the main focus of the discussion. > > --- > > # 3. On maintaining team morale and preventing tilt and arguments. > > A lot of the time, people begin to argue or tilt because of plays going badly. They can't accept responsibility (or fault / blame) for their mistakes, or they are upset because somebody else's mistake made the game harder to win. > > A series of bad plays is sometimes all it takes to drive a team into the worst sorts of in-fighting and arguments. This is why it is super important to maintain team morale and to keep people focused on strategy and future plays. > > When a play goes badly, you can head-off (or prevent) multiple problems. First you can prevent the player from tilting and getting anxious or afraid of their mistakes getting them blamed or harassed by the team. And second, you can help the whole team to not tilt by turning the focus away from the mistake and towards what can be done to prevent or make-up-for the mistake in the future. > > To do this you need to use a combination of the present and future tense, in order to make the player (or team) feel supported while also giving them a clear goal of something to do better the next time around. For example, the future tense case from section 2. Notice how Player B commiserates with player A to make them feel like Player B is on their side ("oof that 's unfortunate," and then gives them an idea for what to do next time ("Maybe if we ward next time it will keep you safe.") > > **Maintaining team morale isn't just about preventing tilt though!** You don't even have to try to make players feel better after a bad play if they are already feeling great in the first place! This is why it is important to compliment teammates whenever a play goes well. > > If the jungler ganks top and they kill the enemy or force the enemy to waste resources... Say something like "good teamwork top & jungle" or "great gank" because these sorts of things will make them feel good about what they did well, and make them feel motivated to try to do such teamwork successfully again in the future. > > If bottom lane gets a tower or mid lane roams and makes a successful play, compliment them for it! People love praise and it will make them feel like you have their back. > > This has another benefit of making them trust you more, that way if things go wrong later and you need to give feedback or suggest they do something different, they will already think you are nice and will be less likely to take it personally or get upset when you tell them to do something differently. > > --- > > # Conclusion: > > Phew! That was a lot, I hope it wasn't too much of a wall of text. That's most of what I have to say for now. > > I've used each of these techniques to great effect in my own games, and I highly recommend you try them in your own. If you have any questions about them or you want to discuss other techniques, just let me know I'll be happy to talk more about this.
Hey thank you for replying man, I'll try to get this advice in mind, it's good common sense but I probably need more of that lol
: Did you bring dishonor to your cow? If you did, you are reflecting and can better yourself. May your ancestors watch you
aight thanks buddy
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: That's what you get for acting dishonorable. People that cannot even hold their language back in an online game don't need pity.
> [{quoted}](name=Ayanami3rd,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=691Z7INK,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-01-12T16:29:28.349+0000) > > People that cannot even hold their language back in an online game don't need pity. Seem like the kind I would mute a minute into the game because he started flaming in all chat because he died first blood
: Dude i feel you i made a post somewhere lower talking about this and how the checkpoint system should be for honor 0 and 1 just to track progress not even for rewards just to have any hint at redemption also the fact that clash and ranked rewards are ripped from me because of honor
It's insanity I tell you man
: You don’t have to get honored to get out of level 0. As long as you aren’t negative, you’ll get out of it. If you’re still there, it might be time to analyze how you are acting in game.
Do you know where riot has said this because most games for me I just mute everyone if they start talking about random shit
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BabyNaix (NA)
: I actually like the new xin. Seems better than before.
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: What is a toxic person's blood type?
I read this as B Minus and I then I remembered vlad's quote
: Can we nerf thresh yet?
Imo Thresh crops up in metas where the enemy supports like doing nothing, because Thresh can do nothing and be fine, or he can initiate fights and be fine. He trades a reliable early shield and heals in exchange for the chance to start some really good fights. And then he transitions into really the only constient SUPPORT tank right now. We have tanks in the bot lane, but Naut doesn't protect people like how Thresh or Braum does. Blitzcrank doesn't shield u, he fucking hooks threats closer and hopes you can kill them. Basically Thresh should see a nerf to sitting on his ass, in my opinion. That way these supports like Janna or Lulu have something to hold over Thresh. He's weak to the poke of spell thief, and to the brutal raw stats of relic shield, but for those that use coin, Thresh is now playing on an equal playing field with them. Thresh and the enemy coin user are going up the minion wave for drops, and that means Thresh's big laning weakness, souls, at mitigated because mana and gold drops are almost exactly the same. Maybe, what you could is put the hook on a longer cd if he misses, this would make sure that newer players have less success with his low cds, and that mains wouldn't care that much, because he's not that oppressive rn, just a huge generalist pick. That or tone down flay max damage because the passive does encourage you to just sit there, and after 10 seconds, punish adc for going for a minion with a decent ass chunk, and then wait for 10 seconds, so on repeat. Flay max is also a very new player practice because it helps with relics and harass, rather than the hook max. Essentially, these nerfs should thin out the Thresh picks without hurting mains too much. It should gapen the difference between a beginner thresh, and a master.
xKumei (NA)
: Pinging your mana should tell you a flat number instead of a percent.
Smart suggestion, should get more visibility, percents are extremely abstract, more so early.
Gelmous (NA)
: it's his flash E Q ult combo that has almost no counter play to
if a thresh e q ults u, and you somehow die to this totally misorder, u deserved to die
: I am personally scared of juggernaut meta. As soon as adc become worse juggernauts are going to get stronger and stronger. Which is honestly fucking stupid
That's true, as adcs leave, the champions that they counter suddenly become much stronger, while jugs will still be very susceptible to mages, hyper carries and divers that are usually required to burst the adc before starting to mow down the team. If they're now free to choose and pick their targets, their power increases dramatically as a versatile carry pick. They can dedicate their time to whatever they please due their being no true number 1 target for them to target. A carrying mid laner becomes much less powerful because the power distribution isn't divided as much.
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: i think nasus is held back by the strength of wither
the fact it's instant is what gets me, i dont mind a jug having a good slow if you can react and play around the "big fucking guy thats flashing on you every teamfight" but as it stands, you go top against nasus, he'll flash on the first person he sees he thinks he can kill of a wither just because it shits their auto damage and holds them in place far too long. He's very similar to morde right now, and there's a reason why morde doesn't have an instant ability that fucks trades and movement. Skillshot that locks onto first champ or a tether that lasts two seconds that works similar to kled q, small immediate slow, leaning into the gangbang of wither.
Rexxiee (NA)
: For how twitch auto wins games past 3 items, his early game needs to be A LOT weaker than it is atm
almost every diver will just totally fuck him, if you pick a team that cant shut down a backline priority, thats on you

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