: How can you say you support 4k now but not the cursor?! I've been able to set the resolution of the game to 4k for a long time now, but the cursor is so small its completely unplayable! Let me know when the cursor works, until then, 4k is unsupported!
High resolution should be such an easy problem to fix. All that is needed is scaling. It should have been solved five years ago. Just check the resolution and scale both 3D and 2D images based on it. Scaling the 3D stuff already happens if you zoom in or out. Scaling 2D images, though, like the mini-map...wait, that's configurable also. Why it doesn't *all* scale automatically, I have no idea. Maybe the code for displaying a 2D image for a cursor is really complicated (like, 2,000,000 lines of code) and requires human sacrifice to an arcane deity.
: This argument is weird, since one the people who want it will still make a purchase, and two the people complaining more often then not wont even if the price went down. So where do we go from here, if say they made it 50rp 1/9th the cost, a lot more people would buy, but they would need 9 times the sales. Now they've already gone on to say that emotes will be added to the loot system, which means they lose even more every time someone cracks one instead of purchasing. Games don't run on Rainbows my friend, they run on cold hard cash. Think about the amount of money it took just to make the emote system, it would perplex you.
I don't begrudge Riot coming up with ways to make money, but the emote system is *super* simple compared to basically anything else they do in the game and gives very little to players, so, yeah the emotes are way overpriced, but I'm sure plenty of people are buying them anyway. Emotes being too expensive is a problem for me, but my solution is simple: I just don't buy them.
Sukishoo (NA)
: >I don't Riot understands the value of a dollar. and I don't **think** you understand Grammar :)
That seems to be just forgetting a word instead of a grammar problem.
: It had more to do with Riot's whims than what people were running; Lulu got a very small amount of base armour when she ran AS and AP runes or just straight AS runes depending on the player for example, and if you look at all of the stat compensations they gave then it's fairly clear that for the most part they just gave certain stat compensations for certain classes, such as base armour for all enchanters except Rakan who for some strange reason now has the highest lvl 1 base AD in the game.
Maybe Rakan is using depleted uranium feathers. I don't really like being forced into particular stats, but I guess we don't have any choice now except what is offered through the new runes. Maybe that'll be enough in most cases.
: Your in luck! I have the perfect solution for you. Similar to earning re-roll tokens, why not slowly earn a "manual champ select" token. After "x" amount of games, you can manually choose your next champion. This way it still has that element of randomness, but people don't feel like they never get to play the one champ they may actually wanna play.
When telling someone, "You are in luck!" you can use the contraction "you're" where the apostrophe takes the place of the A. "Your" is a possessive pronoun.
grarrrg (NA)
: Replying to your first point mainly: What if you are 'OK' with one of the presets, but you decide to play a different game mode, or want to try a quick rune tweak or whatever and you want to switch out just one of the runes? Currently you'd have to make a page from scratch (almost certainly overwriting another one). It takes time, and you have to remember what exact runes you wanted, etc... What if, and this might be a programming nightmare, but what if you could designate one rune page as a "floating" page? (for lack of a better term). You'd open up the preset you want, make any changes and just hit 'save' and it would save it as the 'float' page. No memory issues, no having to decide which rune page to rewrite, just open quick and done.
Or maybe have an option to use a modified page for the current game only, with it reverting to the saved page when the game is over.
: Patch 7.22 notes
My big question is related to the transition from old armor, magic, or hybrid penetration runes. I've used them a lot, they're gone now, and a lot of champions have significantly increased base armor. It seems like the balance is going to be way off, and with the adaptive runes providing a lot of compensatory damage it also seems like it'll be much harder to build for hybrid damage. It feels like the changes to champions' base stats assumed a particular set of old runes for them, whereas for my part I think I often used different runes than what most people did. Thus, I expect my playstyles to be heavily marginalized. For example, I think I could get something like 19.6 flat magic penetration for some mages through maxing it on the old runes (with an extra 7% from a mastery). Now, I get 0. Sure, the new runes will give some AP, but I just wonder how this is all going to work out, and if I might find some champions to be effectively unplayable in my style any more. I see a lot of additional flexibility in the new runes; I'm hoping the reduced flexibility from losing the old runes and masteries isn't critical.
: Patch 7.22 notes
My big question is related to the transition from old armor, magic, or hybrid penetration runes. I've used them a lot, they're gone now, and a lot of champions have significantly increased base armor. It seems like the balance is going to be way off, and with the adaptive runes providing a lot of compensatory damage it also seems like it'll be much harder to build for hybrid damage.
: Champion and skin sale: 11.07 - 11.10
The old Viridian Kayle splash art was distinctly better, and I always wondered why they felt the need to change it.
: No Sterak's for Urgot RIP. {{item:3070}} {{champion:6}} {{item:3070}}
Yeah, that was definitely an option before, especially if facing someone like Darius. Oh, well.
: Also what is "himconf"???
It means they're hurting his self-esteem. After he recalls next, he takes a few moments to weep in the corner before returning to the fight with slightly puffy eyes.
: oh look, another champ that can negate a Karthus ult :(
But if he's *aware* of the ult that hits everyone, everywhere, of *course* he won't take damage from it. Right? That's how awareness works against all-penetrating magic, right?
: I never got mine.
Actually, it let me know I had earned two more, but now I have all four of the extra icons...
: I never got mine.
I now do have two more icons. Not my favorite reward, but I did get them as promised.
: Having the ribbon at any time in the past will earn you a corresponding icon!
: They really should have nerfed the range on it with this buff. That range can easily be really op. At least make it cost Urgot his flash to get in range once in a while
Bear in mind that he has to aim it, and the farther away he is the harder it is for him to land it. When a player *does* successfully land an ult from a distance, it's a reward for skill. If the targeting was like Pantheon's Q, it would be ridiculous, but as it is, it's just powerful, as an ult should be.
: How's there no counterplay to that? As with any knockup aoe, especially with a delay, it can be dodged. His ult has low range, just don't let him kill you with it? It's virtually impossible for anyone to get away from lee sin. Zac's got no counterplay, I'll agree with that.
Dodging the knockup once isn't the same as dodging it every time, and if he does land it, the silence and slow afterward makes it easy for him to close the gap to ult range. Not impossible to deal with, but difficult.
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
Refund-type rewards for people who invested in runes and masteries would probably feel better if they were somehow proportional to what we have spent. I'm sure that matters more to people who spent RP on them, but either way it would feel more fair, even if the overall rewards/refunds end up being relatively small overall.
Zilareut (NA)
: @Awkward Slide In respect to the ADC terminology, in LoL the term ADC has transformed into the name of the role the attack damage carry usually would fill. Regardless of whether or not the champion chosen is a carry that does attack damage or not, whoever is in that role is still distinguished as the ADC. About the OP, what makes subclasses relevant is that they're are usually distinguished on certain base stats or play styles in game. Pretty much a characterization on how champions in that role play. Like the Juggernauts have the highest AD growth rates and strong base damage on abilities, or I think Wardens had scaling MR per level whereas no one else did (That MR scaling might be changing to everyone in a future patch soon.)
@Zilareut Thanks for the thought. I see how the term "ADC" is used; it just strikes me as a bit lazy and frequently inaccurate. What I mean by relevant is really "relevant enough to players that they will actually adopt the terms in common usage". Some people do use them, but again, most people just say "ADC", even in speech, instead of "marksman".
: I'm long winded but please read! :) You are somewhat misunderstanding the acronym, for justified reasons. The AD in adc(attack damage carry) is referring to having consistant damage output through primarily Auto Attacks' damage, not through physical damage (also called AD, yay!). This allows them to have more consistand damage output over time than most other champs and THAT is their role. It is why they are paired with someone to keep them alive or cc enemies since they contribute OVER TIME. Under this interpretation the vast majority of ADCs still fit and it is harder to poke holes in the name. The term is still not perfect. Riot has acknowledged this conundrum a bit with champ select referring to the role as "bot", but announcers are still using an appropriate term. Examples of contredictions to ADC include Ziggs and cass whenever they are meta, and urgot (tho he won't be hot again at least until the rework), along with AA champs like trynd, who fill the same role but can't survive bot because of harassment in a 2v2. The "carry" aspect is obviously no longer the case in the overall game but they are often the one to be dealing more damage/farming at least IN LANE, so it can serve as a bit of distinction from the support. Maybe AD Farmer or something like that would be close but that's closer to nitpicking.
I appreciate the thought. I would still suggest that AD doesn't describe Ziggs' main damage source, though I haven't looked at any numbers to be sure. But I'm still very cool with the term "marksman", which can be made more specific if necessary and when appropriate by saying "AD marksman" (though again some champions who are coming built for straight AD can also effectively build for hybrid damage). I would just like to see the e-sports casters use the term, along with the others mentioned in this article.
Limmie (NA)
: It's hard to find funny a joke you didn't get.
And understanding it entirely, I still don't find it funny. The world will go on, though. Somehow, we will survive one person not finding another person's joke funny. Somehow.
Doozku (NA)
: Carry and support aren't synonyms, atleast not in that term. There's two meanings to the word carry. The one where you carry the team by being the most beneficial player, and the one where a champion is a high damage threat. Also idk if LCS casters still use Ziggs ADC as a term or if they still use APC. I don't watch lcs, and I haven't seen Ziggs be played there.
Again, you're making me feel like you didn't actually read what I wrote initially. To answer your question, I have indeed heard Ziggs referred to in a recent MSI game as an ADC.
: I quote from random scientific websites: "Kids start to recognize sarcasm at the age of 6..." {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
In principle, his sarcastic remark should be funny. In practice, I did not find it funny.
Doozku (NA)
: Term carry comes from other games like Dota, where the Carry is the character who power farms the early and mid game and ends up 1v5ing late game. It's like Yi but actually viable. Carries are basically just high damage threats that rely on gold more than other classes like tanks or bruisers who build cheaper tank items or supports who build cheap support items. Any damage threat could be considered a carry.
So...did you read what I wrote?
: The joke You
I guess I didn't find it funny.
: Taking another look at subclasses
I appreciate the categorization, but what is going to make it relevant? Even at the MSI games announcers were still using the term ADC, which has been common for years but is bad. If the people that players listen to don't use these terms, the players generally won't either. And if you're wondering why I say that "ADC" is a bad term: 1) Not every marksman builds straight AD. Some can build AP or hybrid, and you can bet that I'll go with hybrid damage if I'm last pick in an all-AD team. 2) "Carry" and "support" are actually synonyms. 3) Of course, people use the word "carry" to refer to the player who distinctly had the greatest influence toward his or her team's win. However, it's only pay off the time that such a player is filling the marksman role. The one who "carries" his or her team in this case is often one of the other laners, the jungler, or even the support champ.
: Excuse me, but we all know that {{champion:27}} is the very definition of marksmen, the true carry that any team deserves, especially if he runs {{summoner:11}} .
Singed is not a marksman at all.
: ***
Yeah, they'll have to be careful with Lee Sin to allow him to keep his strengths.
: 10 bans now live in Ranked
"...champions being banned across every game." Read: Yasuo. Riot needs to get rid of that shield of his. The only place he needs a windshield is on his car.
Ohikno (NA)
: idk the narrator refers to the Herald as a girl in the vid :P
Yeah, it's just that some commenters use "Harold", like the name, instead of "Herald". That's what I was getting at.
: Midseason 2017 Spotlight
I still think that it would be good to give more XP to support champs with support items when they do support actions with a teammate, like healing, shielding, buffing, or impairing an enemy. Other laners couldn't get the extra XP without another friendly champion nearby, so the items couldn't be abused and wouldn't be better than standard lane items. The XP bonus should be higher if it results in a teammate getting a kill or prevents a teammate's death.
: > [{quoted}](name=Awkward Slide,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=iGt0820e,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2017-05-01T20:11:08.851+0000) > > Malphite is "only useful for his ult"? Are you kidding? Malphite is great how he is, and very useful even without his ult. fake news
It's just my experience with him. If you don't get that feeling when you play him, then I'd understand if you stuck to other champions. Malphite's ult can be very important at a given moment (and every champion's ult should be like that), but I get a lot of value out of him even without it. If you don't see that in the Malphs you play with, remember that you also don't see a lot of value in other champions depending on who is playing them.
: He may be fine, but his kit really is boring to play with. In my opinion, his passive is really the only ability that makes sense on him. However, I'm pretty sure I heard something where they were eventually going to do a VGU on Malphite. I'm personally loving the Zac changes. What is it with people and them hating the CC and mobility ultimates. Seriously, to League players, if it doesn't blow up enemies, it's useless. As a hardcore Bard main, I love the high risk, high reward ults, Kindred and Ryze are just a few examples of those. However, depending on how you use them, your team would either love you or hate you. And no, one mishap of an ult does not mean you go yelling at me because you were stupid enough to dive in for a desperate kill.
I guess I'd just say that I don't find him boring at all. I like taking the risk of engaging enemies and then trying to escape with a well-timed Q if things go sour, or using that Q to hold someone so I can finish a 1v1 kill. I guess the active W and the E can be a little underwhelming, but they are definitely useful, and if they had more impact Malphite would probably be unreasonably powerful. I'm sure they could adjust those abilities a bit and make improvements, but for myself, I don't feel a strong need for that. As to Bard's ult: Bard players will probably never see full justice, but there are definitely times when a Bard ult can really ruin a situation. For example, it's happened to me more than once that I ult several enemies as Morgana, and then Bard ults *me*, allowing those enemies to escape and then possibly turn on me and kill me. Everybody makes mistakes, but some of those lend to a feeling like the Bard is trolling. I'll try to give Bard players the benefit of the doubt in the future.
Tamuut (NA)
: Did you just assume his gender?!
lol Based on the name, yes, I did. I evidently haven't been paying enough attention to know that the Rift Herald is a girl. (I don't understand the downvotes, though. Oh, well.)
Ohikno (NA)
: HER*{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} >:(
Is it a she? Woops. Harold is an odd name for a girl, though.
: "we're constantly updating and improving league of legends" watches rift harold one hit turret hehexd!
Ah...I never knew his name before.
: I don't get the logic behind switching {{item:3001}} and {{item:3102}}. Why? This means mid laners are going to build {{item:3102}} a lot more and gain a spell shield, mr and ap in a lane where most people are ap casters(Am I the only one that sees this problem). A spell shield should be on a defensive item not one your building for dmg and cd, this is ridiculous. Also where's {{champion:54}} changes? He's the most outdated boring champ. Only useful for his ult and there are champions that have basically the same ability that isn't on a 60sec cd. Instead we get a {{champion:154}} change when he was perfectly fine where he was. Now his ult seems rather useless unless in incredibly rare instances.
Malphite is "only useful for his ult"? Are you kidding? Malphite is great how he is, and very useful even without his ult.
: Why do item sets even matter? Do people not notice the recommended builds page in the in-game shop? Besides shouldn't you be itemizing for the game as it plays out not just a static build every game...
My item sets include different possibilities for builds for the given champion. It still allows for customization. For example, my main is Morgana (mid). Early on I go for a mana item that will build into CDR also, but I could either build a chalice if I want MR and a small heal later on, or a Lost Chapter if I'll want the Grievous Wounds from the Morellonomicon later on. I never get both, but they're both in my item set for Morgana.
SadKill (NA)
: Why limit creativity that way?
Limits can actually be a wonderful thing for creativity. Sticking fictional characters in situations that don't make sense is, in fact, not creative. If anything, it's lazy. Right now we don't have any explanation for how or why characters of vastly different sizes would be fighting each other or how it would make sense. Creativity, if exercised, would produce an explanation for that.
SadKill (NA)
: You don't have in-game models for accurate size. Look at any moba or rts, even red and blue buff are a lot bigger than in-game model would have you believe. Anyway, the problem seems to lie in his animations not his model size, because if you have "real scale" models it looks silly.
Which means it doesn't make sense to create characters that are stupidly huge and them put them in the context of fighting regular-sized champions.
: Why do I write in the comments, let alone respond to other peoples'? I have neither the time nor the interest to respond to backlash, and I know that people expect me to. While we're on the topic, why do I go to the boards? What do I expect to see? Something worthwhile? Fat chance; all that's there are memes, complaints, and news that I can find on Surrender@20. Don't respond to this; all of these questions were rhetorical. If you absolutely must reply, I can't stop you, but don't expect anything back from me.
Responding to your other comment, visual updates can be good, but they're not the problem. And we don't have a problem with some changes being made, as I indicated before with my Talon example, but you may be right that we shouldn't have total reworks. There's no good reason to totally change a champion. It would be better for Riot to just kill of a champion openly, maybe even with lore about it, and be honest about removing a champion from the game, instead of a disingenuous "update". They could have even had Galio killed (for real) by Jhin when Jhin was introduced. People still would be upset, but they wouldn't feel so betrayed.
SadKill (NA)
: So you have a problem with Galio's in-game size but not Malphite? Malphite's lore size is bigger than Galio.
He simply didn't mention Malphite. The fact is that abnormally large "champions" would not fight the same way that regular-sized champions would, and it's absurd to create a back story for a champion that makes them huge and then put them in a scenario where they're fighting comparatively tiny opponents as if they were the same size. And it's also absurd to introduce a new champion and give him the name of a different champion that is being removed from the game.
: Isn't that what they do with most champion reworks? The only things the same about champs like Yorick and Warwick are their core themes and ideas. Almost everything else changed.
And I understand why players who used those champions were upset. But not all reworks are so extensive. Ryze's abilities kept a lot of similarity each time he was reworked, aside from his ult. The assassin updates stayed true to the champions' identities and the feel of their abilities. My prime example is Talon. He had some changes, but people didn't feel loss. We only felt like he gained something from the changes. Galio players, on the other hand, feel like we lost everything (even if the new "Galio" still gets a tiny bonus from MR, and even if one of his abilities still has damage reduction and a taunt). Shoot; even if they'd kept his old passive and healing he would still feel enough like the real Galio. That would have been enough.
: Galio Update Now Live
So, now our level 7 rank with Galio is meaningless, right?
: Surprised that there are no upset comments about URF not being on April 1st
It is kind of weird. I guess they don't like the idea of it being an annual tradition. I can understand that, though. April Fool's jokes should have some originality to them.
: Patch 7.6 notes
Rest in peace, Galio. And welcome, new champion that is coincidentally also named Galio! Just so we're clear on what is happening here.
: Aatrox and Galio updates....Soon Urgot...Soon.
Galio's update is really replacing a champion with a new champion that looks vaguely similar and happens to have the same name. It's kind of disappointing to those of us who already like Galio. Updates like what Talon got are great, but complete reworks are cruddy. The new Galio should have a different name so that it's clear that he's just a new champion. Urgot? Again, I like him a lot already. A complete rework would be disappointing like other drastic reworks.
: riot first off thank you for all the hard work you put in MOST of the things you do are really really really awsome, like the aatrox and galio reworks. BUT can you tell us why you kept galio as a magic damage counter pick? you could have easily made his pasive work with armor too and make his w a normal shield not a just magic shield. im glad you reworked galio and i think MOST of his kit is super cool. but making him a magic damage counter pick is really screwed up and just flat out dumb. i hope you respond to this comment have a great day.
The fact that he's a counter to magic damage has made him unique, and it's good to have variety in champions. It's not so good to basically throw out a champion and replace him with someone almost totally different but with the same name.
: Get yourself a {{champion:117}} Buy {{item:3053}} Drink {{item:2138}}
I still want to see that combination with Cho'Gath.
Azalone (NA)
: Is it just me or are the item nerfs here going to make Urgot even more obsolete?
These changes don't really affect my Urgot builds much.
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