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: Akali doesn't have true stealth.
Her W does stop everything that grants vision though... Did you even see the video? She was stealthed in turret range and the turret couldn't even hit her. She can't even get hit by the enemy teams Fountain. Also, Shaco R is not true stealth. When he casts R he is literally removed from the map and put back with the clone. That's not stealth.
: I don't really like the idea to be forced to play a 3v3 game mode for this event...
Would you rather be forced to use the same comp every game for less represented regions? If the event was Void vs Shurima, the Void side would have 6 champions to pick from, none of which are supports. {{champion:38}} and {{champion:145}} wouldn't be available because they would never side with the void. At least in 3v3, you could have a few different comps.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Hellmaximus1,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=jnsaYuqg,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-01-05T19:32:15.565+0000) > > saying " you wanna get banned.." and "soraka you're reported too if you troll" Is what got this game marked with toxic. > > Try to avoid saying "yourself" "afk" "feeding" "fed" "reported" "Banned" "flaming" "inting" "intentionally" "Trolling", Those all seem to mark the game as toxic regardless of the context and it's because of this system that they're now groups of people baiting players into a ban, and also partly Riot Tantrum fault for revealing too much of the system to the players. > > I personally think you did a great job regardless, you managed to pull your team together and made them cooperate as a team, this game alone should absolve you of whatever you said last game. And companies in 2017 still haven't learned that you don't make a computer do a human's job.
Yea, just make a team to go through the hundreds of thousands of reports that they get on a daily basis. That'll work _fiiiiiiiiiiiiine_.
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Rockman (NA)
: Lets break down why the Varus lore change was a dumb idea
1) I actually agree with this point. 2) Not really. Rhaast is a powerful darkin and Kayn is a powerful human. That's a struggle for control. Varus is a powerful darkin and Kai and Val aren't very strong. They are literally fighting to continue existing because Varus is taking over their minds. 3) Pallas is the human name of the pit. The darkin's name is Varus. 4) They didn't remove human tragedy. Kai nearly lost his SO so he tried to revive him using the magic of the Pit, not knowing that they'd be taken over by a darkin in the process. Now Kai is nearly losing his SO to the hatred of the darkin. Its still human tragedy, and if anything its much less generic than "I lost my family and now I want revenge". 5) ...Seriously? They aren't actually related. It's like a soldier calling his "brothers and sisters". They are related in the fact that they are the last of their race.
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Stevev45 (NA)
: Unless you're Bard, Lulu, or Lucian then you can use 2 active instances of DMG
It's still two instances. They don't apply at the same time. Bard throws his attack, and a meep follows after. Lulu throws her attack, and pix throws after. Lux throws her attack and gets a bonus effect on it.
: No. CC layering has been outrageous for a while now. I'd rather Riot make one of the tank keystones into "When you are struck by any CC, gain 50% tenacity against all other CC for 10 seconds, stacking up to 2 times" and get rid of the others tbh. That way there's less passive tenacity and the only thing that gets weakened a lot is chain CC.
I don't think you realize how disgustingly broken that is. Even for a keystone, completely ignoring cc for up to 10 seconds is not ok. Olaf can't even do that.
LazyW0lf (NA)
: Is anyone else just not having fun?
Wow, it's not like preseason is supposed to be an unbalanced period where they make large changes to the game. Oh, wait. Everyone should know that preseason is wildly unbalanced. The point of a preseason is for riot to have a period where their balance changes don't actually affect someone's season. It's fine to complain, but a general complaint isn't helpful. Riot is fixing stuff and the game will be back to normal soon. In the meantime, either don't play or deal with the changes.
Áery (NA)
: Janna is now at a 61% win rate
[So glad she only has 525 seconds of mana now.](
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: You're too kind
I knew I recognized the style.
Growwll (EUW)
: Will you ever make Blitz's Poro Roundup available again? Loved that game ;)
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: Bubberducky 3000
Wait. Can Ult be leveled 11 times?
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: > [{quoted}](name=ZeroAgainst,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ja898NlO,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-21T07:02:40.503+0000) > > how dare you forget sion COWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD
DarkSoul159 (EUNE)
: [Skin Idea] Dragon sorcerer Yorick/ Dragon Neckromancer Yorick
Some people have some really weird fetishes man. What kinda shit head tries to give Dragons hickeys? (It's Necromancer not Neckromancer)
Broporo (NA)
: Ahhhh it sounds like the Mac OS might be blocking the program from running because it doesn't have the proper administrator rights. Make sure league has the right [**admin privileges**]( and let me know if that helps or not!
> [{quoted}](name=Broporo,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=aGEN1Noq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-30T00:28:47.843+0000) > > Ahhhh it sounds like the Mac OS might be blocking the program from running because it doesn't have the proper administrator rights. Make sure league has the right [**admin privileges**]( and let me know if that helps or not! For a while, the game was working fine without changing anything. Suddenly, it stopped again and I came back to this and checked if I had permissions and I did. I have no idea whats wrong with it, but I guess it just randomly corrupts and won't let me open it normally?
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Haev Xd (EUNE)
: fuck this fucking game
I see you have the Yasuo Icon. Have you tried not taking a game so seriously and trying to have fun? If you are Plat, you should be able to carry the game easily. Don't blame Riot. Blame yourself.
AdeBug (NA)
: If you're changing Shyvana to work with non drake maps, why not change Ivern's ability to free jg camps into something else on HA and TT, please?
Same with Kindred instead of being completely useless on Howling Abyss.
: Let me also point out all the players they don't hate them are lane mains that don't play jungle. Trading Smite buffs for plants is not worth it for junglers by a land slide. Yeah laners can use Blast cone for a wall hop just to get somewhere faster or pick up some grapes at random for a little extra health and mana. Maybe even spot a person with the vision one and waste the ward clear affect it gives. That is the realistic uses of them I played it on PBE overall it's fucking us in jungle and isn't providing enough to make it worth.
Ok, plants could be a nerf, but have you considered literally everything else in the patch? Machete buff, Greenfathers, Duskblade, Smite heal?? If anything, the plant "nerf" was only fair. So please, just stop bitching about changes. If it was that much of a problem, people on PBE would have complained enough and riot would have instantly removed it.
: Looks like his ideal build would be Frozen Mallet, Black Cleaver, Death's Dance, and straight AD, with no attack speed whatsoever so as to maximize the effectiveness of his passive when it activates. I'll just cherry-pick some issues I see. - W cooldown is too short. If he's going to be fairly durable with items, he needs to have a longer window of weakness where he can be caught and killed. - E looks nearly identical to Amumu's Bandage Toss, except that the damage is applied in two instances. This doesn't make it a bad ability by any means, it's just too similar to one that already exists. - His passive and R seem incredibly situational. Dealing only 30% damage with auto-attacks makes them very questionably useful in a 1v1 fight, but potentially devastating in teamfights (and jungling). Possible suggestions: - Give him a scythe instead of a sword! - Roll Q into his passive. Remove the permanent blind, but simulate it by making his default auto-attacks AoE with only .3 AD scaling (tentative number). Give him 125 attack range (typical melee range), but have him actually deal the damage in an arc with 200-250ish range, with no guarantee to make contact. Attacks alternate between right-to-left and left-to-right sweeps, - When his passive activates, focus his attacks in a narrower arc (thrusts and looping overhead strikes?) and give them a higher AD ratio (perhaps .8?) and shorter attack animation/decent attack speed buff. Of course these suggestions remove his Q, leaving an empty ability slot. I have no idea what to fill that with. Use your imagination!
>W cooldown is too short. Yeah, I see what you mean, if he built CDR it'd get ridiculous. Fixed to 10 seconds. >E looks nearly identical to Amumus Bandage Toss Definitely, I probably will change that, but I have no idea what to do with it ATM >Give him a scythe instead of a sword! That's actually a great idea. Thanks! Also, I left out something in the passive, its supposed to be an additional 30% bonus AOE damage to his normal targeted damage. Woops.
: Champ concept (still deciding on the name)
If it looks wierd it's probably because I'm posting on mobile. I'll try to fix it eventually.
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: Yes but it use to be a flat amount. once maxed you dealt 300 true damage.
I'd say it's better now actually. I had like 124 ad and was doing 300 damage as Olaf.
: *facepalm* here you go: Frost Shot FROST SHOT: Ashe's basic attacks and abilities apply Frost Shot Debuff Frost to affected enemies, Slow icon slowing them by 5 - 25 (based on level)% for 2 seconds and causing subsequent basic attacks against them to deal 10% + (critical chance × (1 + bonus critical damage))% AD bonus physical damage while they remain Slow icon slowed. CRITICAL SLOW: Ashe's Critical strike icon critical strikes deal no additional damage, but instead double Frost Shot Debuff Frost's Slow icon slow strength to 10 - 50 (based on level)%, decaying over the duration to its normal strength.
I just used Ashe as an example. I haven't played her since tutorial like 2 years ago and didn't even realize this was a thing. This stat has been patched before. I know it's a thing.
: You mean an Ashe with 100 AD attacks a target with mini-crits from her passive, boosting her damage?
No, I don't. There is an actual auto attack multiplier, I just used Ashe as an example and forgot about that cause I have played Ashe like once. I have seen it been patched before.
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: Stop picking favorites
Do you realize that Dev jungles were literal cancer for however long it was available, and tanks just sucked unless it was rammus? It's called a balance. Though they do need to fix Lucian.
: I miss the time where he had his old kit. He was so broken but oh so fun <3 W: had spell vamp so the Q would heal E : dealt flat true dmg R: 45 armor and magic pen at level 3 and then had that in bonus armor and mr
E is still True damage
: I miss the time where he had his old kit. He was so broken but oh so fun <3 W: had spell vamp so the Q would heal E : dealt flat true dmg R: 45 armor and magic pen at level 3 and then had that in bonus armor and mr
E still does true damage.
: Really hard to understand what you are saying based on the wording. -First of all, he doesn't fit the role of a tanky top laner. He is not tanky due to his level scaling. -At level 1 you pretty much have to go with W, the only way you can get that 40 percent missing mana regen. About the 40 percent missing mana regen. does he pretty get full mana afterward? I mean you waste all your mana just to cast the 5th spell. -Also he seems super weak, No level of CC, barely have any spell that lets the player control properly. Because its pretty much playing yorick with longer CD and you have to choose when to summon each one.
At first, i was developing him to be a mid laner, then i realized he is a bit weak for middle so i thoght he could be a good top. Forgot to update the stats though.
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: Faker meets Ekko
Why is this not a thing for English speaking places ;-;

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