: Clash Beta launches in North America
As a captain I cannot kick anyone from my team. There is no option...
: Clash Beta launches in North America
My friend cannot come online today. As captain is it possible to remove him from the group so another friend can join?
: Weird, I was even logged in when it did this to me. Nothing has worked so far, so I guess i'll have to try and reinstall.
don't it's a waste of time, you will run into the same issue
: seems multiple regions are having this issue and it seems running as admin wont work >_> did reinstalling the client work for anyone ?
Valendin (NA)
: Same here, if we all have the same problem at the same time it must be an overall LoL issue
yeah I think so
AzirVFX (NA)
: i'm reinstalling league so I'll let you know if it works after that
rip it still didn't work after reinstalling
Arashin (EUNE)
: I'm stuck aswell. If any of you guys come with a solution please share :)
i'm reinstalling league so I'll let you know if it works after that
Undyne (NA)
: Literally same here
I think I might uninstall and reinstall league but it's such a pain :(
draecina (NA)
: Client Patching Issues
Yeah right now i'm stuck in the loop and can't log into league.
: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
I am an decent azir main? with around 200k mastery points. I remember when I first started the game and I wanted to be the best, so I went on google and searched; best league champ, then I found out about azir, an emperor who, when played really well can be the best. I started playing him and damn he was hard. I remember going the first 10 games with a score around 0k 10d. But he was so fun! you could drift through obstacles, make flashy plays and throw the full team into tower. He was so much fun and I loved playing him. Overall, I hope that you don't take away the shurima shuffle. It makes the champion so hard and is one of the best parts of azir. -azir main
Sw4de (OCE)
: 1million% option 1, and i think you should be asking azir mains what they enjoy not all these ppl here who are commenting from a thematic standpoint that most players couldnt care less about, most ppl main a champion because its fun to play and high skill cap, i would definitely prefer to be able to make plays on the champion rather than be a backline dps even if option 2 would be stronger in most cases.
Yes, please keep his dash. He is so much fun to play and removing it would make him a brain dead champ. I'll also feel like I wasted a lot of time learning his mechanics if they are taken away.
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