ISmurfy420 (EUNE)
: I thought u had to attack the enemy to get the Passive to activate? I might be wrong tho.
Only the damage reduction passive, you have to attack for. I also basic attacked the target dummy in my video at 0:17, but it didn't make a difference unfortunately.
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Gothikus (NA)
: ***
Once upon a time, Riot used to do on-launch sales for skins that just came out, but that was replaced with "Early Sales" that discounted the skins 4-6 months after release. The sales are called early because they precede the 50% discount schedule, which only discounts skins over a year old.
: Im just trying to understand here, so in advance, im sorry if i offend you in any way... i just give advice like you, use pings when necessary and help as much as i can(sometime i joke with people to ease the tension of a possible lose), and i reached level 5 last season, this season Im at 3 i believe, i have to check it xD, so way are you not reaching at least level 2? Is there something that prevents you to get honors or something? Im truly curious about it. Please let me know.
I haven't been dishonored myself, but I read that the climb from honor level 0 to 2 is exceptionally steep. I've seen some posts on reddit where dishonored players complained playing for a couple of months and still not being able to reach honor 2. Riot mentions the steep climb in one of their Ask Riot, and only recently was honor patched to make the climb from dishonorable less steep. * *
: you don't need a cell phone to get sms {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} just use google voice on any pc/smart device
Google Voice doesn't work for verifying with clash. "Also, SMS will definitely not work with things like Google Voice, in case anyone is running into that issue." - RiotIAmWalrus
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: {{item:3175}} {{item:3345}} {{item:2050}} {{item:3637}} these are items?
The first is Khazix's head. It's the ability icon for Khazix's passive, and it is also a special item Rengar used to get for his Bonetooth necklace upon completing a special side-quest and killing an enemy Khazix. The second is the revive trinket on Dominion. The third is the Explorer's ward; it used to be part of an old mastery that gave you a free ward at the start of the game. The last one is a blank slot for the summoner spells you buy on Nexus Seige.
: I don't get the joke.
From what I heard, the PBE swapped the two icons (frog and duck) back in 2015*, to where the Frog icon had the name "Rift Duck" and vice versa:
Kaydo (NA)
: Why did you remove this article? It's no longer showing in the news feed
It's on the news tab, at the bottom left now.
Conalll (NA)
: Where did you see this? I'm not saying you're wrong, but did I miss it in the notes? Was it posted somewhere else? Thanks though. I'd have to say it's a bit of a nerf then (unless that isn't a typo). Not exactly a reliable heal.
Riot phroxz0n mentioned it on Reddit: "Tentative numbers on warlords are 1-50% lifesteal on the energized attack (increasing per level exponentially) and 30% movespeed for 0.75 seconds. It charges at the same rate as static shiv and rapid fire cannon and kirchesis shard and they will all proc at the same time. Takes roughly 6-7 auto attacks while moving for an ADC to fully charge." Link here:
Kovaxz (NA)
: I'm assuming you're making the assumption people are also moving between autos here otherwise this doesn't make sense.
Yes, I'm assuming people are moving inbetween attacks. However, I think I messed up my math. 100 divided by 12 is about 8, so every 8 autos.
Conalll (NA)
: I’m sure someone does it, but I’m going to start giving my detailed take on patch notes anyway. The more the merrier right? Anyway, this is only my take. I don’t mind if you disagree or think I’m flat wrong. All I ask is that you voice your thoughts respectfully. There’s no need for insults, flaming, demeaning, ect. I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong, and I actually like having conversations about different takes on the notes. So, without further ado, here's my take. **Attrox:** At first glance, I thought his Q had been nerfed to worthlessness, then I realized they doubled the AD ratio, and made it include ALL AD, not just bonus. I’m sure the pure math is one way or the other, but overall, the damage change shouldn’t be that much. I will say the health costs, or rather the removal of them, will make him safer to play. 30 HP every time rather than 5% will mean you can go slightly tanky without basically killing yourself every team fight. If I’m reading it right, looks like the revive passive no longer scales, but it instead is only there when Blood Rush is active. If I’m right, going in now has a higher skill curve as you’ll stay dead if you aren’t in Blood Rush. In short, it’s all about playing around that power spike much like Vladimir’s Blood Rush or Caitlyn’s Headshot. I’ll probably hit the practice tool to test this one out to be sure. The W changes will help your sustain as the base healing is up, and it scales with missing health. Pair that with Warlords (even after the change), and you could become quite hard to kill in a team fight. That said, they did hurt the damage side of the W a bit in exchange for it filling his blood pool. His E changes are pretty minimal. About the only “nerf” is no more AP scaling, though the base and ratio damage are up slightly. Yes the slow now scales with skill levels, but the duration is fixed, so I’m calling this one an adjustment. All that said, after reading a post by Supe, I'm actually think it is quite the nerf. (you can find his post here: [Link]( One of the nice things about Attrox was the buffed attack speed as his blood well filled. Well, if I’m reading the notes right, that has been removed. If it has, yeah, that’s gonna hurt. The sustain changes will help after a revive, but not being able to get more attack speed until the well is full, and then only for 4 seconds, that’s going to be a problem. **Fizz:** The Q buff will help his assassination, but you’ll have to aim that ult more carefully now. If it misses, it stays missed. I understand the pop-up zone is still there, so it’s not a total waste, but the enemy can run/dash over it now to get away before it hits. Overall, other than the Q, not much to see here (though that’s plenty to respect). **Kindred:** Scuttle control just became more important early to see that she does (or doesn’t) get her stacks. Nothing more done so far. Don’t think it’s enough, but it’s a start. **LeBlanc:** Ok, on behalf of all LeBlanc players, let me just say, **#?%*! OUCH!** I get that they want her to be a “deceiver” rather than an assassin, but my word. Her primary damage just got sliced in half. Having never been much good with her even before the rework, I may be over-reacting, but it seems to me they over did it with this one. Possibly to the point of going from ban worthy to barely played. I’ll differ to LeBlanc mains to say if I’m right, wrong, or somewhere in the middle. **Lucian:** Minimal update here, but don’t totally ignore it. As we all know, fractions of a second matter, so the ones they gave Lucian may matter enough to help him out. **Miss Fortune:** Hard to call this one. Landing the right Q bounce will still hurt, but the nerf to the static bounce may well reduce her power enough to give enemies a better ability to lane against her. Good/lucky players will still get that longer range poke without it being automatically oppressive. We do have to ask, is there enough threat left without it? I think so, be time will tell. **Rengar:** In short, makes you think more about how you jungle, and when you gank. Getting a reduced heal from camps may well get him in line with some of the others. I’m mixed on the armor nerf as it does make him more squishy, and thus fightable, but does it make his clearing ability early too hard? Such a small amount, I honestly doubt it, but it’s still going to be an adjustment to Rengar players. **Ryze:** More minor changes. Normal root duration will help enemies get away better, and the longer cooldown on his E early will also help the laning phase. Overall, a fair tweak I think to give opponents something to play against. **Varus:** I think we knew this was coming, and here it is. The Q nerfs. Overall though, the damage nerf actually isn’t as drastic as I expected, and I might even argue is fair. When one Q can take an ACD to 40% or less, an adjustment is kind of needed. The cooldown is the one that’s going to hurt. Though again, perhaps it’s fair to make landing or missing those arrows more impactful. And as a Varus player who makes an effort to stack those Blight stacks before firing, the ability to regain some cooldown by procing them is going to make it hurt less. **Items** **Blade of the Ruined King:** I’m going to say slight buff on this one. Ok, the attack speed and active nerfs hurt, but the life steal, AD ratio, and ultra slight passive buffs make this a much more viable option for more champions. It might even mean Bloodthirster is no longer the “gotta have it” life steal item. You can trade the BT shield and higher life steal for the BotRK attack speed and active slow without it being such a drastic trade-off. It also means getting a BotRK for anti-tank combat feels better for the same reasons. Better life steal, and higher damage. As I said, a net slight buff. **Edge of Night:** I’m actually very in favor of this. The spell shield active is a wonderful addition, but 10 seconds? Yeah, that was a bit much. So reducing the duration to 5 seconds is a fair nerf to make it easier to player around. **Masteries** **Stoneborn Pact *Bond of Stone replacement*** I give it two weeks tops before a hot-fix comes in. Let’s see. 5% extra HP. You thought late game Maokai was hard to kill before? Yikes. Then there’s this: “Your movement impairing effects mark enemy champions with an earthen rune that heals other allied champions who basic-attack them for 5 (+2.5% of your maximum health) over 2 seconds. The mark lasts 4 seconds.” They wanted to buff it, boy did they ever. Possibly too much. This is almost worth taking for some supports who have slows in their kit (I’m looking at you, Zyra, Karma, Lulu types). What a nice way to help your ADC heal in a trade. And I don’t see a cooldown listed, so if you can proc it constantly, I return to yikes. **Deathfire Touch:** Gonna hurt auto attackers and those with long-range skill shots (sorry Jhin). It’s not the end of the world at least. We’ll see how it goes, but it may push DFT users onto other masteries instead. I think it will still be worth taking for those who want that extra damage on their skills/attacks. **Warlord’s Bloodlust:** Tell me this is a typo. 50% life steal at level 18? You let that Olaf get to late game, just FF. You’ll never kill him. I actually think it is a typo… maybe… probably… uhm… Riot, please tell me it’s a typo. Ok, joking around aside, this one is gonna take some getting used to. As I read it, the effect ONLY procs on energized attacks, which you gain by moving or attacking. So I think every other auto-attack would trigger it (first shot energizes, second shot procs, rinse, repeat). It also looks like the life steal early is a lot less, and then scales. Ultimately, I think the change is minimal because now you gain some movement speed when this thing procs. That’s worth more than people think for an ADC in a team fight. The life steal element has been nerfed early, but it’s gained other uses that may even it out. **Other** **Exhaust:** Well that hurts. Half the reason I take Exhaust mid at all is to defend against a Kha’Zix, Master Yi, ect gank. The attack speed reduction is the whole reason to take it. I think they trimmed a little too much fat on this one. Removing the resistance reduction I’m okay with, but I’m not so sure they didn’t trim too much fat on this one.
The new Warlord's Bloodlust is going to charge at the same rate as Statikk Shiv/RFC. That means Warlord's is going to proc every 6-8 autos approximately, given one auto charges 12/100 stacks.
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: Mallet should be MELEE only.
Just want to point out that Mallet already has a limitation for ranged champions. On ranged, mallet's slow is 10% weaker. 40% -> 30% to the point where it matches Iceborn's slow.
Mehico (EUW)
: I mean when you are placing runes it says by 5 sek and when you hover on it in champ select for example it says a lower amount. in my case 2.5 per 5 sek instead of 12......
Champ-select health regen values are in *per second,* unlike rune page values which are in *per 5 seconds.* I went in custom game to test this out (in alpha client). I had 18.2 regen per 5 on rune page, but in champ select it showed 3.6 regen. 18.2 / 5 ~ 3.6 In your case, you had 12 regen per 5 on the runepage; but in champ select, it was shown per second, so divide the number on your rune page by 5... 12 divided by 5 is about 2.5 (rounding errors)
: health regen
The health regen you see on the bottom of the screen by hovering over the green horizontal HP bar is in units *per second.* The HP Regen you see in the shop, on the advanced player stats (C), and mastery descriptions are in units *per 5 seconds.* Also, the numbers may be rounded on the display.
: It's a 3rd party software used to alter the game.. any software that does that is illegal according to the ToS.
Third party software that "intercept, emulate, or redirect any communication between the Software and Riot Games" or "that collect information about the Game" are prohibited. Not all 3rd party software is banned, and I don't consider modifying the config files (which is part of the game itself) with a simple text editor (everything is a text editor; you're using one right now to type your comment) to violate the conditions.
: Riot isn't's third party.
I don't even. Riot bans third party software that "intercept, emulate, or redirect any communication between the Software and Riot Games" or "that collect information about the Game." Notepad literally lets you edit a text file and change something in it. You are not interfering with the Software and the Servers in any way, since config files are client-side. Notepad doesn't collect data about the game. How in the world is changing the config files bannable? (Note Riot doesn't ban players for using custom skins either, and custom skins change way more files than the .config). Not only that, but dude this is motherf\*cking notepad. Do you realize how simple notepad as an application is? It is legit just reading a file and editing its words. Do you realize that code itself is written in text? It's common for programmers to write their code with Notepad++. Hell, you don't even have to use notepad to access and edit the config file, just open up the command-line interpreter of whatever system you are using: Command Prompt, Unix, etc. And type "type filepath" or "cat filepath" and Presto you accessed the file. And don't give me that bullsh*t that's its third-party; whenever you open any application, your computer does the exact same thing: reads the files, carries out the instructions... If you think notepad is an "illegal" third party software, then I don't even.
: You have to use third party programs to mod the config files..
"Third party application." You mean notepad??? The config file is a *.cfg* file, but you can literally open and edit it with notepad, wordpad, Microsoft Word, any other text editor, etc. If it's in text format, I don't consider that third party software, seeing as how notepad and wordpad are included in every edition of Windows. >
: Can view match history reports [Crash]
I have been experiencing this too. Whenever I clicked on the "View Advanced Details" button after a game, match history doesn't show. A fix I found was by logging in and accessing MH thru the portal: Tell me if this fixes it for you.
: "How to get an always-on Attack Range Indicator" can potentially get you banned.
You should include the rest of the sentence you quoted from the ToS. Currently it prohibits "automation programs **that interact with the Software in any way**" such as third party applications that "intercept, emulate, or redirect any communication between the Software and Riot Games and any unauthorized third party programs that collect information about the Game by reading areas of memory used by the Software to store information." My understanding of the ToS is that the use of dodging scripts which read skillshot locations, in-game jungle timers which tell you exactly when an enemy takes a jungle camp, or cheats that let you see through fog of war are all prohibited. Macros only relay keyboard commands to the server, and they do not read League data to help players dodge skillshots. This is just my opinion though; Riot has given an official statement regarding this subject. As user Aeszarck mention, a Rioter commented on this. Redditor yace987 asked: "Can Riot please give an official answer ? Will we get banned for doing this or not ?" Riot's respone: "Not going to suspend for it now, but couldn't ensure this functionality in the future." Source: As far as I can tell, this subject is still a grey area, and I think you should provide more detail rather than give this PSA and claim it to be true.
: Macros (you are binding multiple actions to one input) are not allowed. However, Riot has no way of tracking macros. This will get you banned if Riot somehow finds out you're doing it. It just like how Riot can't track scripting. They have to view gameplay that's essentially flagged by other players' reports that notice it. There's not really a way to realize someone has range indicators being displayed, so you probably won't get banned. _____________ If Riot tracks it somehow, you will be banned. I would suggest against doing it unless you want to risk your account. ** Keep in mind that its just like how jungle timer trackers could get you banned before they were implemented in-game. Its giving you real, usable information that can assist your gameplay that other players do not have, even if the information usually known anyway. ** It is not the same as custom skins, maps, or interface. __________ Downvote all you want. Its not my account that you're putting at risk.
Macros are not specifically outlawed by Riot. The Terms of Services only prohibit: > Using any unauthorized third party programs, including mods, hacks, cheats, scripts, bots, trainers and automation programs that interact with the Software in any way, for any purpose, including any unauthorized third party programs that intercept, emulate, or redirect any communication between the Software and Riot Games and any unauthorized third party programs that collect information about the Game by reading areas of memory used by the Software to store information. Can you give a source to where Riot specifically bans macros, because it appears they do not. After doing a quick google search, it appears that Macros are a grey area in League and is not specifically banned or endorsed ([reddit]( \)\.
awdaf (NA)
: Why don't we have the ability to toggle our entire HUD on/off?
Go to your hotkeys menu (key bindings), and go to the DISPLAY category. There should be an option for you to hide/show your HUD.
: Karthus Will Become More Usless Thanks to Edge of Knight
{{item:3156}} An item like this already exists. Hexdrinker for just 1300 gold hard counters a random Karthus ult.
9kPluzZ (NA)
: He posted that on Twitter, not league chat dummy...
Justin Carter, a teenage boy, was taken to jail for saying "I'ma sic a kindergarden." He posted this on Facebook, as his friends and he were discussing League of Legends.
: So apparently Ivern might have some bugs..
You should probably post this in Report a Bug, so Rito knows what's up.
: Here is a great example of why new champions need to be banned in ranked
Why would you ban a teammate's pick-intent champion? Just let them play it, rather than piss them off and have them troll.
: Funny sion build
Reminds me of Vandril's video where he tanks 5 people and a turret for 10 mins in a custom game.
: What is going on?
Pepe is being altered and used as a symbol for white supremacy. A bigoted group called the "alt-right" added swatiskas and antisemitic symbols to turn the feelsbad frog into a sign of racism. There's some Pepe the frog in a Trump drawing, and he's a picture of a parody of the Expendable called "the Deplorables" featuring a Trump and some other Republicans. More info here:
: note yasou has enough damage people are really gonna care much
So...? A bug is a bug. This is the Report a Bug section of the Boards, not Gameplay. If you want to discuss balance issues, you should go to the Gameplay boards. Also, I don't know who downvoted me, but wtf this is a _bug_ and I brought proof. Jesus.
: Yasuo's statikk shiv when paired with Infinity Edge is not doing enough damage.
Sidenote: anyone commenting about Yasuo's passive, please note I have already factored that into my calculations. (2.5 IE crit x 0.9 passive = 2.25 real.)
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Budlyte (NA)
: Thunderlords is Inconsistent
Heimerdinger's turrets only proc spell effects (eg Ludens) with the charged beam. You have to have all 3 of your turrets hit someone with the charged beam to proc thunderlords.
: I haven't received a chest in forever. Is this normal?
You can't get chests with champions you already played and got S ranks with. You have to get S ranks with different champions to get a new chest. For example, if you got a chest while playing Yasuo, now you have to play someone else to get another chest.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 6.18, Worlds Patch!
In the PBE, Mallet built out of an extra long sword (Giant Belt + Jaurim Fist+ Long Sword + 550g). In the real patch 6.18, Mallet only builds out of Fist+Belt+900g. Was Long Sword intentionally removed out of the recipe because you guys thought that would be an unintentional buff to Mallet? With the long sword in the recipe, Mallet would need less increments of gold to build (600g at best from Ruby->Belt), and therefore would have a easier buildpath. Will new item nerfs also have a theme of tough build paths or high combine cost? Kinda like the oppposite of Morellononicon and Athene's where they were given an extra Amp Tome in their recipe way back in S5.
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AdeBug (NA)
: Can we penalize the banning of team champs? Or add a hint so accidents don't happen
I do not agree with penalizing, but I like the idea of the indicator. This would stop people from accidentally banning a teammate's champion and saying "I wasn't looking at champ select." Perhaps have some kind of marking on the champ-select tiles during banning phase.
: Uhhh it says in the patch notes the stun is "in addition to the knockup". It doesnt say they run concurrently. Also if the stun is running concurrently, why would riot even mention it at all at rank 1. The way you are interpreting it leads to a very muddy tooltip, and is very unlike the current clarity focused gameplay riot has been crafting. Tl;dr occam's razor, if it says in addition to, then it is a 1 second knock up followed by a 1/1.5/2.0 second stun
> The 3 seconds of hard CC [from Nautilus] is assuming that [he is] able to land hook + auto afterwards, which isn't always true. Riot Bao & > The stun and knockup on the ability are applied concurrently and not sequentially; the total CC duration on a target is not actually 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds but 1 / 1.5 / 2 seconds. Nautilus wikia page
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >What I DO have proof for is the interactions with minions that do not occur on J4 nor Anivia's wall. J4 ult & Anivva wall do not extend the duration or spit out a unit when Sion E's through them. Vayne's condemn and Poppy's heroic charge which only stun on walls are also applied upon impact with J4's/Anivia's walls. You do realize changing those things, could be as easy as adding two lines of code to existing abilities, yes? The code for checking for terrain is already present in those abilities, all you have to do, is to add proper flag, then check, if the code behaves exactly as you want, then edit it further, if necessary. >The real reason why Riven can E thru/ Vayne can tumble thru the walls are because they are very thin. See Vayne and Riven. **Could through only one wall.** That particular wall was bugged. Under no circumstance Vayne's Q or Riven's E should be able to dash over actual terrain. >Multiple abilities interact with walls: from pathing, to ghost, phantom dancer, teleport, Syndra, Sion E, Condemn, Heroic Charge, Sion ult crashing, etc. And what's your point here exactly? I'm talking about abilities that are bugged and fixed and you in response are listing abilities that are meant to interact the way they they do. >Source? Do you have a basic for this, or are you just guessing at Riot's source code? It's an assumption based on programming paradigms know for decades. Such as functions. You'd expect, that even Riot is using them in one way or another. Else they'd quite literally have to double check the whole source code with every change to make sure, it isn't broken.
Riven and Vayne can dash through multiple walls (I guess you didn't watch the entire Vayne video). > It's an assumption based on programming paradigms know for decades. Such as functions. Or... Riot can just assign classes such as Minion, Champion, or Terrain and assign whatever game object a class. And interactions could occur via that. You are just speculating at Riot's code. I listed multiple interactions where those walls _do in fact_ act as walls. Give me an up-to-date interaction or proof where J4's ult/ Anivia's wall act as minions. Your claims are baseless until you don't back them up.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >Irregardless That isn't even a word. >Unit-generated walls aren't coded as minions anymore. You have ZERO proof for that. >When Riot changed Baron to be unpassable (can't go inside baron using ghost), they made it as natural terrain. Oh, so Baron is terrain now? >In fact, one of the unintended consequence of the walls acting as terrain is pathing. In an earlier patch, Riot had to change player-generated walls so that champions wouldn't try pathing around them. Pathing around something is as much true for terrain as it is for units, minions included. >Sometimes, Riot messes up their code, and things act like minions. When there is literally only one ability in the game, that perceives things that "aren't" minions as minions, that means, said ability ignores certain flags for that object, like "_I'm untargetable_". If you can destroy an ability like Jayce's Gate and it gives freaking gold for it, the last part isn't a bug. It's like wards having 0.625/0.63 attack speed.
Ignore my last post, it was based on conjecture, and I have no proof for that. What I DO have proof for is the interactions with minions that do not occur on J4 nor Anivia's wall. J4 ult & Anivva wall do not extend the duration or spit out a unit when Sion E's through them. Vayne's condemn and Poppy's heroic charge which only stun on walls are also applied upon impact with J4's/Anivia's walls. These walls and non-minion interactions clarify that player-generated walls do in fact behave as real walls and not minions. The real reason why Riven can E thru/ Vayne can tumble thru the walls are because they are very thin. See [Vayne]( and [Riven]( > When there is literally only one ability in the game, that perceives things that "aren't" minions as minions... Multiple abilities interact with walls: from pathing, to ghost, phantom dancer, teleport, Syndra, Sion E, Condemn, Heroic Charge, Sion ult crashing, etc. > said ability ignores certain flags for that object, like "I'm untargetable". Source? Do you have a basic for this, or are you just guessing at Riot's source code?
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: And you think minions can't be given permanent effects? Since you mentioned Syndra, I'd like to inform you, that there was a bug, that made jungle monsters attack her Dark Spheres and otherwise get "creep" blocked by them. Just as if they were units, like minions. Or when Azir could ult through Jayce's Gate... doing damage, destroying it instantly and getting gold for each end of the gate. Just as if was a unit, like a minion. It's not an euphemism. It's a fact.
Ok, whatever. Sometimes, Riot messes up their code, and things act like minions. Irregardless, unit-generated walls aren't coded as minions anymore. They are coded as terrain. ~~When Riot changed Baron to be unpassable (can't go inside baron using ghost), they made it as natural terrain. Same things with the walls now.~~ In fact, one of the unintended consequence of the walls acting as terrain is pathing. In an earlier [patch](, Riot had to change player-generated walls so that champions wouldn't try pathing around them.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: No, it's not implied. Freaking base wall "gates" are coded as ghosted minions. Do you really think they'd recode abilities from ground up, just to add a feature to Vayne's Condemn? No, it's the Vayne's Condemn, that had it's code changed, to detect those "terrain" abilities, not the other way around.
You do realize that the whole "coded as minions" meme is just a euphemism, right? Units were never just coded as minions. It's super complicated, so Riot just says "coded as minions" to make it easier for plebs like us to understand. PS: How to test if wall still coded as minions. Go into custom game, and pick Sion + Anivia. Use Sion E on her wall; nothing is pushed back. 2) Throw a skillshot into the wall and look at your CS, it doesn't change. 3) Try teleporting or using Syndra on the wall, you can't. 4) Pop ghost and try walking through the wall.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Can't see anything about champion-generated terrain not being coded as minions.
> [Condemn] now detects collision with player created terrain (Anivia's Crystallize, Azir's Emperor's Divide, Jarvan's Cataclysm and Trundle's Pillar of Ice) It's implied. Vayne condemn works on J4 ult. J4 ult counts as real terrain now (instead of minions).
: *feeds* *gets runaans* *right clicks and presses w* ??????? victory
Most Vaynes don't get runaans though.[']( Also, isn't Vayne's W a passive?
: Plat V with a Silver 2 laner
That is really weird. I think matchmaking f*ked up in this case. Assuming you're talking about the Silver 2 blitzcrank in your game, I checked out his profile and found out he wasn't duoing with anyone and his MMR is silver leveled. Rito pls. I have also experienced something like this. For my Gold promos, I had to face off with Plat 5s.
: Which cartoon is this?
Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge (The Severing Crime Edge).
Zirzon (NA)
: What anime is that gif from? _______ Indeed, it is too bad that many supports are used to more harsh reactions from their teammates: Stay strong my fellow support brethren!: (gifs from Chuunibyou)
Gif is from the Severing Crime Edge (also known as Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge).
: Yasuo Nerfs (Don't downvote it just because of the name)
Hello, I read the points you mentioned, but I do not think these are the right fixes for Yasuo. * First of, his passive. At first glance, his passive seems overloaded: free crit and shield. In actuality, the shield exists due to the fact that he has no scaling MR/level. In exchange for no MR, Yasuo gets a shield that is easily popped by a ranged auto in order to help mages lane against him. His crit passive seems really OP, but it harshly limits Yasuo's build. His crit passive encourages a glass-cannon build - making Yasuo a squishy melee champion who can be focused should he try to do damage. This passive also makes him very prone to power changes as any of the crit items are nerfed (Yas's winrate dipped when Statikk Shiv/ IE got nerfed in Preseason), and Yas can't fully utilize tanky builds due to his crit passive being wasted. * Yasuo was created to be a dps fighter. You compared Yas's Q to Wukong's, and Wukong's does more damage than Yas. Wukong can nuke a squishy faster than Yas can. Yasuo is meant to dps, so that's why his Q cooldown is so low. His Steel Tempest is also quite hard to hit, it is a very narrow skillshot and has a long cast time early on. * Yas's W vs Braum's W. Braum's W is quite stronger than Yasuo's. Braum can repostion his shield (by moving), and it gives Braum free damage reduction. Yasuo's windwall has a really long cooldown and is stationary. There are ways to outplay it (juking the shield or baiting the windwall). Using Yas's windwall reactively is quite hard - like a Fiora riposte but it only blocks ranged attacks. * I don't really agree with the E changes. Yasuo's identity is that of a fluid, in-the-moment fighter. Having his Q and E on short cooldowns allow him to do that. Better would be nerfing the damage on Yas's E. This would disuade players from maxing E first, and a lot of Yas's lane bullying and power budget is on the point-click hybrid dmg of E (225 magic dmg).
: Why isn't there a time limit on Sona's powerchord?
A lot of Sona's earlygame damage comes from spellthief. With a q+aa combo, she can proc spell thief twice. If you count her spellthief charges, you can know when she's gonna be poking you. So, that's kind of a cooldown (20s).
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