TrulyBland (EUNE)
: I'm guessing it was a direct reference to the post that AzureDragoon replied to, where it would indeed be "your". Not gonna lie, it's hard to say what precisely they were referring to, given that OP is constantly using "ur" as a replacement for both. One could say OP is ur-inating all over the place.
: Not to mention. Ur anti trash talk policy vs ur toxic trolly behavior policy is ass backwards. I would invite the idea of verbally toxic players in a game being unbanable if I knew for a fact that if someone said they were watching netflix in my ranked games they would get banned. I can mute vs im going to lose.
Ok, first off, it's "Your" not "Ur". Second, you were banned for the following: * Repeatedly insulting your teammates in an extremely obnoxious fashion. That was not trash talking, that was the equivalent of a child demanding something and throwing a temper tantrum when their parent/guardian says "no". * Telling a player to commit self-harm/suicide * Use of an offensive slur Third: You already agreed to the terms of the punishment when you selected "I agree" to the Terms of Service before playing the game, which outlines that such punishments are possible if you violate the rules of the game. What you are now declaring, is that you made that agreement in bad faith.
426287 (NA)
: LCS Finals are so exciting!
"What? They're using the same roster as last game? That's not very entertaining" -Words never heard from Sport team fans unless their team is doing badly. Addendum: BTW, did you even watch the finals? Because a quick look at the match history shows that aside from Pobelter picking Azir every single time (and again, see above. Why change whats been working in Game 1 and 2), TL Impact, Xmithie and Doublelift and 100 Cody Sun and Aphromoo picked a different champion they had not used yet in the series every match or at least a champion no one else used in the match.
Prox64 (NA)
: I got permanently banned for nothing
And what did the reform card provided say? If there was a chat log, post it as well.
: Gotta love RIOT games. They really tried hard to protect themselves from any legal fallout from taking money and time from 14 year old kids
Ah yes, it be terrible if people started taking responsibility for their actions, easier to blame others for making the rule in the first place.
: Have fun league im done with you
Just a theory, but perhaps at the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd account permanent bans, maybe you should've asked yourself if the problem wasn't other players, but rather your own behavior and choices you made?
Cynthoz (NA)
: Got banned permanently
If no reason was given (no chat logs, no mentioning of use of third-party tools/account sharing, etc etc), you may have been given a "Shield ban" (Temporary security lock on your account until you contact Riot Support and sort it out), or a Chargeback ban (if anything purchased is charged back, Riot locks the account until the money owed to them is paid back)
Vilsh (EUNE)
: The Banwagon
Telling another player to commit self-harm is a serious rule violation that defaults to a 14-day suspension minimum.
: > [{quoted}](name=Snapp2Kill,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ujsNRpgv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-22T11:13:39.138+0000) > > 0/10 > no effort at all delusional players who think janna and lulu have counteprlay always funny
> [{quoted}](name=you blac irl,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ujsNRpgv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-22T11:16:26.167+0000) > > delusional players who think janna and lulu have counteprlay always funny [citation needed]
'They're toxic, and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong and deserves to lose their jobs' is not a valid argument...
: Perma bans for behavior
> [{quoted}](name=Yourmydaddy247,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=RVRnuF6U,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-28T10:11:07.755+0000) > > There should be no perma bans ever for something you have put money into. Take away chat privileges and ranked play. Only leave open blind and arram, let them stew and hopefully they will calm down and earn their privileges back but never perma ban. Remember the Terms of Service that you clicked "I Agree" to? Yea, here's some relevant points: > Make a game where people can be as toxic as they want some people need to take it out somewhere stop catering to snowflakes whos feelings do not matter. Yep, Riot agree's with that sentiment. That's why they don't care about the feelings of snowflakes who think they are entitled to be as crass, obscene, obnoxious, rude, etc. to others with zero consequences.
Merkon (NA)
: What is the point of the maturity filter?
Well if you want to know why you received the chat restriction, my first piece of advice is to post the chat logs you were given.
: The problem with the in-game system is it doesn't solve the issue when they are back-logged on people reporting for "Bad plays". Also, for your SA, i did report in game as well, i would not just go straight to the forums. I've been browsing these forums and "Name and SHaming" appears to be happening on the regular with posts not taken down so i'm not sure that it's "Not allowed" or "frowned upon". Also something i've noticed about these forums is people refuse to believe you unless you've screen capped it and that's what i've done here, which if they click the link they will see the name regardless. > Naming and Shaming > > If you see or hear about another person breaking the rules, in-game or on Boards, regardless of evidence, please send a ticket in to us at > Moderators will look for the following: > * Personal attacks * Posts that accuse others of causing a negative in-game experience * Posts targeted at witch-hunting / naming and shaming * Posts accusing others of malicious activity * Posts that accuse others of cheating or using illegal services * Posts accusing others of trolling on the Boards >
: League Today, Platinum II Player: Hate Speech and Harassment (Screen Caps Included)
Name And Shames are forbidden on the forums. If you have a problem with a player in game, use the in game report function, or open a ticket with Riot Support (seriously though, they prefer if you use the Report button, the IFS is in place for a reason.)
Resentitan (EUNE)
: Revisit you BAN-system RIOT!!! Please!!!
The coffee shop example you give is completely nonequivalent to the argument you are trying to make. There's a big difference between "Hey, I think you gave me the wrong order" and launching into an expletive, slur, and insult filled tirade over a simple mistake. Your justification that somehow your human rights are being violated is rather amusing. People in the past few years seem to have this notion that Freedom of Speech somehow means they are entirely free from any criticism or consequences entirely from everyone, when instead most such laws and rights are narrowly based on governments themselves (i.e. one can not be jailed or censored by a government for holding a differing opinion).
: This All Star Team Makes No Sense
And this is what happens when you build your all-star team around Memes and "TSM!" chants...
Agnesu (NA)
: 14 day ban for being "mean" to friend in chat
You took that risk by choosing to use the phrase in public chat. Also, calling for reports is a form of harassment and can be reported in and of it self. The system is a simple "True/False" check on whether a match was flagged for review, meaning 9 players reporting another player at the end of the same match has the exact same weight as a single report against a player.
Suprême (NA)
: "Seems fair, and I don't think he's gotten any extremely recent skins." "plus she recently received a skin as part of the Flying Sword line." "Gnar just got Super Galaxy skin" You do know the skins come out 8 months from now right?
Yes, and even then, I'd still say that's something to consider.
JJester1 (NA)
: Where's my Unban?
Times are based on Pacific Time You are ineligible for Ranked Rewards for Season 7/2017: > * Players with bans or chat restrictions active when the season ends are ineligible for this year’s rewards. * Players issued a ban of seven days or more from 8/22/2017 are ineligible for this year’s rewards. Bans that started before 8/22/2017 will not disqualify a player, even if the ban period extended past that date. * Players banned for boosting during the 2017 season remain ineligible for rewards. * Players who experience fraud-related or erroneous bans will still be eligible.
: it means that I havent been active in months.
Again, what does that have to do with this?
: Well SORRY for living in a foster home.
What does that have to do with not logging out of the client? You downloading something or where you live has absolutely nothing to do with not logging out of your account.
: What is wrong with all of you?
If you are legitimately getting so upset over your teammates making mistakes in a video game, that you feel the need to rage and unleash insults, slurs, and demanding that person harm themselves, the kind of behavior you would very unlikely display directly to that person's face, you need to re-evaluate your manners and your life. Because you are way too hyper-sensitive. And if you are that hyper-sensitive that you explode into a rage over the most minor of things, you will never go anywhere in life in any outside interactions. See, I can play this game too!
nerak23 (NA)
: > i did not say anything racist or homophofic so i dont really know why would this be a permaban Has anyone ever said that these are the only reason players get permabanned ? This is a real question, I believe I know the answer but can someone confirm as lately I see this type of statement more often. TY
People have tried to claim or argue that, but Permanent bans are not limited to only offensive words. Just those who use those words in game will find themselves more quickly facing a Permanent Ban. Specifically, it is entirely possible for someone just being plain obnoxious/negative behavior in chat all game to eventually receive a Permanent Ban, just that they would have to climb through most or all 4 of the penalty tiers (10/25 game Chat Restrictions, 2 week Suspension, Permanent Ban) and through quite a fair number of games. Where as someone who makes use of offensive slurs will skip over the chat restrictions, and jump straight to a 2 week minimum. In the OP's case, it would seem they were already at the 2-week suspension tier, and in the chat log provided, proceeded to harass and insult their team, threaten to grief their team by sitting at fountain and not helping, and calling/threatening reports against their own team. This led to a Penalty Tier being advanced to the next and final step for them: a Permanent Ban. Additionally, poor gameplay behavior is also punished (I.E. Intentionally throwing matches, griefing, non-participation, etc), which leads to hefty Leavebuster Match delays, 2-week suspensions and Permanent Bans.
Lùmen (EUNE)
: The guy who made the PSA about the trick that causes people to get banned said this.
Champ Select and Post Game chats were always reviewable in my understanding, the problem was that only the Player Behavioral team had access to it, and with the IFS, had to manually review the case. The OCE region however has been testing IFS improvements that let the automated portion of the IFS to scan those lobbies (but still doesn't include the Chat logs with the reform card), and led to a significant increase in penalties being handed out, that one of Riot's OCE Player Behavior team members spent time in one thread providing the chat logs from those lobbies to punished players who asked.
: SSG skins...
> [{quoted}](name=R0XTAR,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=B4EcjBku,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-04T10:53:27.522+0000) > > Varus. Seems fair, and I don't think he's gotten any extremely recent skins. > Lulu/Janna non-fucking-stop... DAMMIT ARDENT!!! Lulu. Janna already has at least one worlds skin (S1 FNC), plus she recently received a skin as part of the Flying Sword line. Also Lulu in a team jersey/attire/etc just seems amusing for some reason. > Malzahar. Please no, I don't want to face more of Malzahar in game D:< > Cho'Gath/Gnar. Both are tempting, but I'd say Cho'Gath appeals to me more because again, Gnar just got Super Galaxy skin, and Cho'Gath for the same reasons as Lulu above: it would be amusing > Gragas/Sejuani/Jarvan. Gragas and Jarvan both have World Skins (S1 FNC). Sejuani could use a new skin, and I'm interested in how the Skin Team would design Bristle.
: look at my match history dates
What does that have to do with the Permanent ban?
: i was downloading something thats why i didnt shut down my computer
But why didn't you log out of League? If you left the Client running and logged in, that's on you and still falls under a violation of sharing an account.
: 🔒 Keep saying that League/Riot is a good game/company
Poor sportsmanship, use of an offensive slur (minimum 14-day suspension), sharing an account (14 Day or Permanent Ban)
: Literal physical dictionary... On my desk...
Its most commonly used meaning is as an offensive slur, which Riot has a zero-tolerance policy on its use. At the end end of the day, no matter how much you try to cover-up your use of it as a slur after the fact, doesn't change the point that its use at all in League of Legends is strictly forbidden.
: Show me any proof that I was disparaging homosexuals with my words. Exactly... You can't. It's not an excuse if it's true.
You're not fooling anyone. You used it completely in the context of the offensive slur. Trying to find some alternative and older definition of the word, because you just can't accept that the rule on its use is **_Zero-Tolerance_** here is just poor in manners. But if you don't want to take responsibility for your actions, and continue behaving in this fashion, well, that's on you.
: He brought up my KDA 6 times, I called him a %%% 6 times.
Doesn't excuse your behavior. You had the option to use the mute button, but instead chose to respond in the fashion you did. You got no one else to blame but yourself. The rule is simple, don't constantly argue with your team, and don't use offensive slurs. And before you repeat your excuse that you mean an alternate/older definition of the term, it doesn't matter, and is far too often used as a weak cover when its clear the person who typed it meant it in the offensive slur definition. Zero-Tolerance means just that. Its use is forbidden here.
: 15 day suspension for this?
So, your idea of "responding appropriately" to someone bringing up your KDA, is to not mute them, but instead use an offensive slur 6 times? Regardless of what they said to you, you either started and/or participated and escalated the argument. The general argumentative behavior alone is worth a Chat-Restriction/Penalty Tier Advancement. There is also a zero-tolerance policy against the use of offensive slurs, which escalates the penalty to a 14-Day Suspension minimum. Make note, the 14-day suspension is your final warning, as the next penalty after this is a Permanent ban.
: Riot does not prevent the cycle of toxicity. If player is banned for toxicity he/she will just make a new account. This multiplies revenue for Riot and thus is beneficial for their company. A simple solution is to restrict chat permanently for toxic players but rather than doing that, they ban these players to renew the cycle. never fixing it but continuing in the favor of their company.
Stacking Chat restrictions were tried before, they failed (someone actually just wrote up a history on the behavioral system over the years here that details that issue). As for banned players creating a new account, buying things again, and potentially behaving poorly and getting banned yet another time, that says more of a lack of discipline, manners, and self-control on the player's part, don't you think?
: > [{quoted}](name=LitAF,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=VbkWUe0r,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-30T23:19:57.933+0000) > > skins are for winners SKT1 has gotten ALL the skins though I just want some NA themed skins I will pay money Riot plz I want to give you money
Ways Doublelift/NA can get their own champion skin: Step 1: {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:21}}
LaLimbre (EUNE)
: >tfw u get permabanned :DD
You were punished because you kept arguing with your team, as well as these lines in particular: > **LaLimbre: my team is literally retarded** > **LaLimbre: kys** In short, you ended up contributing to team animosity.
: How to be more popular on boards.
Step 1: Go to Gameplay Boards Step 2: See what is the current complaint meta Step 3: Post message that simply says the most complained about Champion needs to be nerfed. No, don't bother trying to actually post any actual arguments, that will just confuse people. Just simply give vague, straw arguments about how that Champion is completely disgusting and OP. Step 4: Profit (receive hundreds of upvotes) Step 5: If all else fails, make a Riven/Yasuo complaint post as back up material.
: Rift scuttle gets an update
Fetch me my crab mallet! Someone, get the pot of water boiling and the butter melted! We go to ~~dinner~~ war against the new rift scuttle menace!
: You say that cause you only see the most negative points of the conversations when I simple say "I can't really gank if you don't have control wards" and I'll get "no u can't gank because your bad at jungling" that's literally me getting insulted so when the game is spiralling out of my control I find it natural that someone would get upset about it.
No, I said the above exactly for the reasons I stated. Even if they were the ones starting the argument, you are contributing nothing useful to that conversation by constantly insulting your team.
: When I tell people what they should to help themselves and the team and all I get is dismissal how can anyone not get upset?
No, you're not offering constructive advice, what you are doing is raging at your team constantly. And thus your team, already frustrated at their current situation, become more frustrated from constantly having to put up with your insults. You are not providing a solution, your making a problem **worse** with the way you're behaving.
: So i posted the chat logs I receive when I log in and it shows my mindset at the time but again if you look at my match history I hope people understand why I might get mad.
I'm failing to see what justification you had to repeatedly call team mates "garbage", or act like this: > Game 1 > **Dj MAX V: welp it was bot lane that ended up being the retrards** > Dj MAX V: get control wards so i can try idiot > Dj MAX V: i wish our bot wasnt aboslute garbage > Dj MAX V: 0/7 boy lnae what a surprise > **Dj MAX V: this lucien is tilted cause of how shit he is** > Dj MAX V: operation carry the retards bottom is a go > **Dj MAX V: 4/19 dont forget to report ths retarded bot lane after hame** > **Dj MAX V: 6/21 and ur calling me toxic u fucking retard** > **Dj MAX V: like u did retard** > Game 2 > Dj MAX V: mid laner is blind > Dj MAX V: ur an idiot > Dj MAX V: no u didnt > Dj MAX V: and ur a aliR > **Dj MAX V: fuck u retard ur a liar** > **Dj MAX V: gj mid dont stop him or anything retard** > **Dj MAX V: such a retarded mid** > **Dj MAX V: no fucking help from all u retards** > Dj MAX V: u guys r such trash > Dj MAX V: wow u guys r absolute garbage > Dj MAX V: ty nas dont do anything > **Dj MAX V: why do u guys keep watching them hit me while i tank u fucking retards** > There is nothing in those games that indicate an attempt to intentionally feed from the players you repeatedly insult. All you did was constantly lash out at your teammates over mistakes made.
MysterQ (NA)
: How do you know this? It isn't an impossibility so far. I got 3 of 4 group stages correct (only missed GAM/IMT). And I got SSG over LZ correct. This other guy might have just used his brain. Yes it was a longshot upset for LZ to lose, but every other pick has been easy to read (except GAM!!)
I don't, I was simply joking about it.
Cabruh (NA)
: After just 1 Quarter Final game...
The last person with a chance, has never watched e-sports, randomly picked the teams, and is doing this just for the poro icon and in-game missions.
: Travis Gafford's theory on IMT's departure.
Overall, a monetary issue is certainly the most plausible answer (and being boring/not something the average fan of a team tends to discuss, something that could come off as a sudden surprise, since that's not something most E-sport teams openly advertise unless asked directly). As an Immortals fan, it would be sad to see the team I've been cheering on since they started and really get me into watching e-sports vanish over lack of stable funding, but it is a major reality of this franchise system. Yes teams will get the stability they've been demanding, yes, the system is being switched to a Bo1 so teams can have a bit easier time to build dedicated fan bases through marketing and viewership. But if there is a significant risk of a team suddenly collapsing and leaving things unfunded, then I can understand that being of concern to being given a franchise spot. Just wish/hope there would be more transparency and information on all this, so everyone understands what happened.
: > [{quoted}](name=Breaku,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=modjJRun,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-18T21:17:51.672+0000) > > IMT is broke fam. People are saying they got rejected because the organization has teams I other games. If that’s true, C9 will be out as well
If that was the case. all of the teams would have to be rejected. Every team that was in the summer split fields multiple E-Sport teams. And as far as I know, everyone but possibly the unnamed team held by the owners of the Golden State Warriors basketball team that has been rumored to have been approved all have multiple E-sport teams.
Miror B (NA)
: I'm under the assumption it's because of two things: 1) TL's financial backing is far superior to that of dig's, such that if the corperation that owns them wanted to they could buy dig 6 times over 2) More importantly, TL's success in OTHER esports (not league, as for some strange reason it's as if steve's mind "derps" out whenever he does anything involving rito) theoretically makes them better than a newer dig ownership. While I personally don't like the move either (as I entirely expect TL to exploit the whole "not being booted unless they finish in the bottom-3 for 4 of 5 splits" rule), it sorta makes sense if you focus entirely on the financial and non-league esports side of it.
There is one other point I offer as a possible theory. And that's DIG 2016. If you recall, when DIG got relegated after Spring Split 2016 that rather than stay in the NA CS, DIG decided to jump ship and sell their CS spot off to Apex Gaming, under the decision at the time that they wanted to instead invest in their teams for other games. Indeed, the reason why DIG is even back, is because in September of '16 is not because DIG battled their way back into the NA LCS, but because the Philadelphia 76ers bought DIG and APEX, merged the teams together, and then fielded under the DIG banner for 2017. That would arguably not settle well with Riot's E-sports division, having a team just up and leave because it became inconvenient for them for 1 split.
: Banned Permanently > **2.2. What happens if my account is terminated? (No LoL for you.) ** > If your account is terminated, you’ll no longer have access to it, including any of the associated data or content (e.g., champions, skins, Riot Points, etc.). You’ll not be entitled to any refunds and we’ll have no liability to you. We also reserve the right to terminate any other accounts you may have created (also without any refunds or liability to you). > > You understand and agree that using the Riot Services comes with the risk that your account may be terminated or suspended and that, whenever you use the Riot Services, you’ll bear this risk in mind and always conduct yourself appropriately. > 4.3. **Do I “own” the Virtual Goods I unlock? (No. What you “unlock” is not the virtual good itself, but rather, a qualified right to access it in the Game.)** > > You have no ownership or other property interest in any of the Virtual Goods you unlock, regardless of whether you acquired access to those Virtual Goods using Riot Points, Influence Points or Hextech Crafting. Virtual Goods have no monetary value. You can’t redeem them for cash. You can’t obtain any refunds for purchasing Riot Points or Virtual Goods, except as expressly permitted by us. You can find our current content refund policy here. > > We have the right to delete, alter, move, remove, or transfer any and all Game Content—including Virtual Goods—in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason or no reason, with or without notice to you, and with no liability of any kind to you. We don’t provide or guarantee, and expressly disclaim, any value, cash or otherwise, attributed to any data residing on servers we operate or control, including any Game Content attributed to your account. The sale or transfer of your right to access certain Virtual Goods, Influence Points, Riot Points or Hextech Items may only be conducted via services approved of or provided by us, if any. > **4.4. Once again: I don’t own these Virtual Goods? (“No!” shouted all the lawyers.)** > **NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY HEREIN, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU SHALL HAVE NO OWNERSHIP OR OTHER PROPERTY INTEREST IN YOUR ACCOUNT, AND THAT ALL RIGHTS IN AND TO YOUR ACCOUNT ARE AND SHALL FOREVER BE OWNED BY AND INURE TO THE BENEFIT OF RIOT GAMES. YOU FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU HAVE NO CLAIM, RIGHT, TITLE, OWNERSHIP, OR OTHER PROPRIETARY INTEREST IN THE GAME CONTENT THAT YOU UNLOCK OR ACCUMULATE, REGARDLESS OF ANY CONSIDERATION OFFERED OR PAID IN EXCHANGE FOR RIOT POINTS OR VIRTUAL GOODS. FURTHERMORE, RIOT GAMES SHALL NOT BE LIABLE IN ANY MANNER FOR THE DESTRUCTION, DELETION, MODIFICATION, IMPAIRMENT, HACKING, OR ANY OTHER DAMAGE OR LOSS OF ANY KIND CAUSED TO THE GAME CONTENT, VIRTUAL GOODS OR RIOT POINTS, INCLUDING THE DELETION OF GAME CONTENT, VIRTUAL GOODS OR RIOT POINTS UPON THE TERMINATION OR EXPIRATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT. **
: If i somehow getmy honor back to lvl2-3 will i get season rewards then ? :/ * Players with bans or chat restrictions active when the season ends are ineligible for this year’s rewards. * Players issued a ban of seven days or more from 8/22/2017 are ineligible for this year’s rewards. * Players banned for boosting during the 2017 season remain ineligible for rewards. * Players who experience fraud-related or erroneous bans will still be eligible.
: No I've never used hate speech or something as intense and telling someone to kill themselves, I talk a lot of shit but it always has to do with the game. "dude you fucking suck at last hitting" "wow really? nice awareness" "You should go back to bots" Things like that Now that I think about it, I actually don't use a lot of bad language when i'm flaming
But here's the thing, if you keep doing that over and over again, the penalties stack up, eventually leading to things such as this 14-day ban and eventually Permanent Ban. It should also be added, that anyone recently off a 14-day ban is on their last warning until they show signs of reform and drop down a tier. This means if you continue to insult other players in chat, a valid report against you is much more likely to have that permanent ban issued.
: Oh i see, I assumed it was because of my language But banning someone for talking shit seems excessive. Chat restriction seems perfectly reasonable, and if i fuck up again, just increase my chat restriction every time lol, don't ban my ass for 2 weeks, it's just not cool
That's not how it works. And before you ask, yes, stacking chat restrictions were tried before and failed. People ended up just taking advantage of that system to be as poorly behaved as possible by using up their allotted messages with insults, then switch over to poor gameplay behavior, such as intentionally griefing/feeding. The punishment tiers are as follows: * 10-game chat restriction * 25-game chat restriction * 14 day suspension from game * Permanent ban Players that are punished move up the tiers of punishment and can skip over it with frequent or severe cases of poor behavior. Good sportsmanship exhibited over a significant amount of time **and** games will reduce the punishment tier you currently are.
: It never lowers. Got an account perma banned from 1 game without using it for nearly a year. I don't know who's telling you false stuff of how the system works, I'm literally playing with it for the past few years. And one day I'll find the loop hole and you'll see =P
Punishment tiers do not drop simply from time having passed by. You have to also be actively playing on the account as well. But again, you continue to prove the point of a complete lack of willingness to accept responsibility for your own actions. In your opinion, the problem is not you constantly arguing with your team and your behavior in general. Instead, the problem to you is the rules and systems in place, and trying to seek out a "loophole". That the rules for some reason shouldn't apply to you.
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