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: Dragon Buff Counter
yeah its hard to see, especially on red side which is dark. If i didn't also play league it would be even harder to know what is going on there.
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: Learning about Worlds
right now is offseason, so there is not a whole lot going on. But, if you take the time to read the league of legends subreddit everyday, you will be a wizard in esports knowledge in no time.
Rillain (NA)
: If you want more viewers don't try to have TSM eliminated right away.
OP is implying that there is a secret conspiracy that is preventing TSM from doing well at the world championship, which is simply laughable.
Rhlax (NA)
: Not Happy with Analyst Desk Selections
Mostly my problem is with DL. What does he contribute, exactly?
: "Perfect" Bracket Challenge Infographic & Bracket Discussion
im a risk analyst by profession. I love numbers, and this is very informative. thanks.
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: Sorry? Why sorry? I'm not sorry that he's a TSM fanboy, just as I have no shame in describing myself as one. Loyalty to a team is in no way dishonorable, something would expect a Curse fan to know very well :p. Curse have certainly had a great history, but if you are a longtime Curse fan then you have stuck with your team through its rough patches and ups and downs, why do you begrudge us the right to do the same? As for the upcoming games... we shall see. I expect a good series, and honestly, I don't believe TSM and Curse have faced each other in a playoff environment since s2 regionals so it could certainly go either way (assuming it is a TSM vs Curse match for third place); but if I had to make a prediction I would say TSM 3-1. A large part of that might be fanboyism, but TSM has a long history of doing just enough to win when it comes to playoffs. Consider s3 summer, when they beat CLG 2-0 in quarterfinals. It is noteworthy imo that CLG had won all 4 games in the s3 summer regular split, but TSM was able to win when it counted. Then they beat Vulcan 2-0 when most of the casters were counting them out (then lost horribly to C9 but we shan't mention that shall we? :p) TL;DR Fanboyism isn't necessarily bad, and never count a team (particularly TSM in my biased opinion) out until the games are played. Who knows, we might even beat LMQ, though don't hold me to that one please :D
why I am "sorry" 1. Its clear to me that the commenter I responded to is so emotional that he has lost some grasp on reality. I can accept an argument that TSM will win because they are a clutch team. I cannot accept an argument that TSM will win because they are playing better than CRS because factually, this is not accurate. 2. Trashtalking. In my eyes TSM/CLG fans are guilty of it by association. C9 and CRS have the capability to win without badmouthing the rest of the LCS scene. TSM and CLG do not have this capability.
Weagle (EUNE)
: this is so stupid how can you all say that crs is so fucking strong now i mean yes they re stronger than ever but they played vs a clg which right now is nothing more than failure all 3 games were so bad quality and curse just destroyed a not powerfull at all clg and now if we talk about tsm and dignitas both teams have gotten so much better since the last tsm shot calling was a lot better with great roaming and incredible wards all over tha map on the other hand dignitas is looking much stronger than clg team and this friday you will understand that all of you in my opinion we can not say nothing and for tsm vs lmq and for c9 vs curse these guys are pro gamers they know better than all of us and they already said that they dont know how these games will go so i will personaly shut up and wait for this saturday match ups
I'm sorry that you are a TSM Fanboy. When i watched the CRS v CLG Quarterfinal, I could not detect any tactical errors in CRS's play. Based on this level of play, they can easily handle TSM. What has happened in the past does not matter.
Rhlax (NA)
: DL should not be on the Analyst Desk
I am in 100% agreement with OP and I find arguments to the contrary to be entirely uncompelling. There are a ton of people who could do a great job on the caster desk, given the opportunity. We already saw DL last year, what could he bring this year that's new? I hope that Riot already knows the wisdom of this.
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: Of course, if we're talking about it as a "narrative," the set up is absolutely perfect for that: you have the battered veterans CLG, leaving to take on some serious boot camp training under the direct guidance of their coach and mentor who is knowledgeable in the ways (if no longer able to take the fight directly). On the other, you have Curse, the team that showed up big in Week 11, looking for all the world invincible. It's backs against the wall as the CLG squad returns, changed from their training. The battle is on! It's fierce, it's intense, CLG looks like a brand new team! The dust settles, and CLG's training pays off, defeating the mighty foe to establish themselves as a challenge for the major boss fight, the previous #1 team in NA, the dreaded Cloud 9, and are now looking to knock the giant down to 3rd place, if not 4th. Seriously, that is some anime level shit, and self-respecting mangaka would pen the narrative like that. (Alternately, they'd play it for laughs/subversion as Curse surges out of the playoffs in the final weeks, but still look the underdog as CLG returns the mighty, untested giant, toppling it, then going past Cloud 9 to face TSM in the finals as a destined duel of rivals and that is also some serious Eyeshield 21 shit)
Well obviously CRS and CLG are holding back their true techniques. They didn't want to reveal their true power even though they were pretty close to not qualifying for playoffs. After some flashbacks to childhood times where they (and/or their mother/sister) were horribly bullied, the final battle will occur in game 5. 3 final forms are required. (at a minimum)
: I can see this team separate if they fail to make worlds. The way Curse was playing at the end of the split, it won't be easy for them. Could this be the last time we see Doublelift in competitive play? Will Curse finally make some noise in the LCS? The hype is real! The weekend needs to get here in a {{summoner:4}}
I think this whole CLG narrative is in Curse's hands. If Curse shows up and plays like they did in week 11, then its lights out for CLG. Only one of these teams can make it to worlds.
: Nah I appreciate you saying something. Legitimately didn't see it.
thats because the OP edited his post
: Wishlist for Season 5
> League on TV > This one is self explanatory. I want to watch worlds on my big screen without setting up my computer in my living room. Also this gets League more exposure and that means more people start playing the game. My solution to this is to stream youtube using my Xbox one. The youtube app was recently upgraded and now it can stream live events no problem. You could also invest in a device like a roku which I understand also has this capability. Now i just need to convince my local pub that they should stream youtube instead of broadcasting ESPN....
: EU- Alliance FNatic ROCCAT NA- LMQ TSM CRS
ROC implodes on the 3rd place match. Oh well, i guess.
Qualk (NA)
: Fantasy League for Worlds?
I think there is a bracket thing that is in the works. Which would be much better than a fantasy league.
gubigubi (NA)
: Calling the winners of the playoffs for NA and EU
I think that there is a reasonable chance that curse may upset for the #3 NA spot. Its at least 50/50. Otherwise I think this is right on.
12tales (NA)
: You're watching a single game between the 4th and 5th best teams in the region, using that to draw conclusions about the entire region, and suggesting that their pick/ban phase might be attributed to a roster swap in a different team? Just making sure I follow.
Both Curse and CLG look like terrifying opponents to me right now (compare with ROC and SK). Only one of these NA teams will make it to worlds.
Azurr (NA)
: NA is a land of immigrants, and I think this is part of the reason NA is much stronger than they were last year. Koreans, Chinese, Danish peoples. They are all coming to NALCS, playing and sharing what they know about the game, and NA as a whole levels up because of it.
Note that Athletic Visas from the state department are a big reason this is possible. GO USA!!
: Why is EU so bad right now?
NA is a land of immigrants, and I think this is part of the reason NA is much stronger than they were last year. Koreans, Chinese, Danish peoples. They are all coming to NALCS, playing and sharing what they know about the game, and NA as a whole levels up because of it.
Azurr (NA)
: Petition: Let Sjokz do play-by-play
well, i think i can claim majority opinion, at least.. need bigger sample size!
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Smoke (NA)
: College Tournament, and World Championships Viewing Party Convention at a Beachfront Casino!
wow this is legit. Too bad i don't live anywhere near Oregon.
Yo, I need some space for my {{item:1038}}
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: Balls Balls Balls (Everybody)
: Summoner spells in LCS
I have occasionally seen cleanse in the LCS. but, as previously mentioned I have only seen it when it has a specific purpose such as removing {{champion:4}} stuns on an immobile adc. Generally the other spells have broader utility. For example,{{summoner:7}} gives speed to dodge a stun, and also heals yourself and an ally. This is way better than{{summoner:1}} in most situations.
: No Wickd? WHAT? Well, GG, EG. That was one of four reasons I watched that team. Wickd, Snoopeh, Krepo, and the way they played as a team. Without Wickd, there's no point in watching the top lane, unless the new guy proves himself to be a great top laner.
If TBD knocks them out of the LCS, then you won't even need to worry about it. I say 50/50 chance.
: More Montecristo plz.
Actually I think its more of a matter of what Monte wants. I think he likes Korea. That being said, LCS would be improved if Monte casted every match.
Void2258 (NA)
: Good luck. I've been trying to get to Silver from Bronze 1. I played 17 games yesterday, including 2 silver promo series. I won 10. Guess EXACTLY where those 7 lost games fell? Right, all but one lost game was in my series, where I had such brilliant teammates as a 0/10 Singed top, a 0/7 Morg mid, a 1/10 top Nidalee, and a Leona who stood there waiting for an "opening", didn't do anything, not even an unpowered autoattack or a ward, except walk in circles until 17 minutes in, and yelled at me for being zoned by a Vayne-Thresh lane. Hopefully this won't happen to you.
Whoa there dude. Have you considered Psychotherapy? Seriously though, if you want to make it to silver only thing to do is focus on improving your own game, rather than raging on perceived mistakes your teammates are making. I guarantee that raging is not a constructive use of your time.


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