: Queue up in new champion select this week!
Spent over 20 minutes trying to get into a game because people kept forgetting to lock in their champions, or not banning. I think I was in 8 or 9 lobbies and also had 3 matches found where not everyone accepted. Seems to be that although the game pops up in front of whatever else you're doing when it's time to accept the match or it's your turn to choose a champion, it does not notify you of your turn to ban. Please fix this so I don't spend another 20+ minutes trying to play and then just giving up.
: Dominion Point Bars are Frickin Huge
I agree! These need to be fixed. I can't handle these bars taking up this much of my screen. I can't even play dominion properly because of this, so I just haven't played it. I can't attach a screencap right now, but the bars take up about 1/5th to 1/4 of my screen. There needs to be a way to adjust them. I want the bars to be really small because it's not like they need to be that noticeable. They're not very complicated. Edit: I have the highest resolution on that I can, and the bars take up more of my screen than they do on the screenshot that was posted originally. I tried every other resolution available in the settings but none make it better.
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago, Here We Come
All these West Coast players whining about ping above 40, and East Coast players about 120 ping. And here I am trying to play with ping that jumps all over between 260 and 360. *cries*. At least this should fix some of it for me (being in the east). But I hope to move and get a new ISP in the coming months and that will help a lot. My internet in general just sucks.
: Their already is one Go into the gallery
They don't mean a picture, they mean a skin to play with in game.
: I think you should get a chance at more ip if you get honorable opponent as that would improve the game by rewarding non toxic behavior.
I still give out honor if I feel that people have earned it. But unfortunately, most people don't do that anymore. They always forget or just don't care. But maybe if you got a notification in the end-game screen when you've received honor instead of not seeing it until the next time that you're not in lobby, maybe those who do give honor can remind and encourage others to without having to say something about it in the chat. Also, many people never seemed to do it properly in the first place. They'd honor players who were skilled, not players who were actually friendly, helpful, good teammates, or good sports at winning or losing.
Maganar (NA)
: How about +0? That's what I got on numerous occasions. We laughed it off to try and avoid becoming frustrated, because I for one could have put that bonus IP to good use.
I got +0 several times as well. And I could have used the extra IP too. But all I ever seemed to get was mostly 0 or 1 bonus IP. It was disappointing.
: Pencils down: Party Rewards test concludes
I know this was to encourage people to play with premade teams more to reduce toxicity and negative behavior. And it did do that to an extent. But they should have been up front about our chances of winning so we weren't hyped up only to be disappointed. 4 or 5-person Summoner's Rift rewards: 1,0,3,1,0,1,5,0 .... There's a lot being said about the whole system so I don't need to restate all of it. But I'd like to have at the very least gotten as much bonus IP as the number of people in the team. It's such a slap in the face to barely scrape together some other people for a full team and sit around waiting for everyone and finally get to play, only to have no bonus at all. I don't need a 16x jackpot or even +50. I just wanted something that wasn't 0 or 1. If I have 5 people at least +5 IP guaranteed would be appreciated. Again, I know the point isn't for IP farming. But people won't put forth the extra effort of bugging random people on their friends list if the reward is so low and you're not even guaranteed to get anything at all.
: The best solution: Lower rewards, make them happen more often! It almost felt like mockery to get 16~30 lp back when I was hooked by the promises of 2x, 4x lp etc etc. It felt just like entering the lottery. I don't like lotteries. So if you guys want to Truly encourage players to play together and reduce toxic behavior (which is in desperate, desperate need of happening) give out more immediate in your-face rewards for doing so, and not just the chance of getting one.
Exactly. They should be fair to us and let us know what our real chances were, instead of "Maximum Jackpot 16x!!" and so you get all excited and play a bunch and you get +0-10 per game. If they had said outright what the chances were, I wouldn't be so disappointed at always getting really low rewards. I'd have known what I was getting into from the start instead of getting hyped up then disappointed over and over again.
Alkavas (NA)
: **Rather than disjointedly replying to other people's comments and hoping for the best, I'll leave my remarks here so they're hopefully seen and taken into consideration. ** I absolutely loved the concept, foremost. Anything that adds incentive for making friends and playing with them consistently over always playing with new people from a pool of, what, 12m people?, is a blessing. I can't tell you how eager I was to get into game and tear into this, hoping for that big jackpot. I gathered up my online friends, got them to gather up their friends, added everyone to my friends list, and we took off into the rift. Now, at the end of the event, I can safely say if any rewards were earned, if any jackpot was earned, it completely slipped by me and my scouring of the endgame stats and match history. > Scott Wade: I'm not sure what the data will tell you, but I can assure you that I never felt like I was getting any rewards, even if I did get a bonus +30ip or whatever. > It just didn't give me any emotional satisfaction at all Exactly this. I partied up constantly the entire time this event was active and I'm pretty sure I got no rewards. If anything, it just built up the expectation that "something awesome is going to happen!" and it never once paid off. I get that it's a jackpot, and it's not going to happen all that often, but not once? Easily 40~60 games, and not once did I get any reward? Bad times. If you hit the jackpot, there should be some celebration/splash/sfx on the endgame stats page -- something very obviously alerting you to the fact that, **hey, you hit the jackpot, baby!** It would be nice if there was definitely a more consistent and worthwhile reward for playing with friends. Not only would it incentivize better behavior (so that you can make friends in games), it just makes the game more fun all around to get to know the playstyles of, and learn to rely on, your teammates. Piddly rewards with a chance at a reward somewhat less piddly isn't doing that. **This is not something that should happen for a short period of time. This is definitely a part of how the game should be, period.** That it boosts the IP gain of people that actually play nicely together with people is not a bad thing -- they should absolutely be rewarded in a way that doesn't feel completely insignificant. This should happen on a fairly regular basis, though, and in an amount equal to the effort of grouping with x number of players. The jackpot should be an added bonus on top of already solid group rewards. **Possible problems here:** -- 1. **So we're talking about incentivizing playing nicely, making friends, and playing with said friends, right? What about the people that don't want to do this? They just get shafted?** To say that not doing something resulting in not being rewarded is getting shafted is a strange interpretation of things, me. This being a mainstay feature in the game would help Riot out in many ways, not the least of which is encouraging and incentivizing positive player behavior. If you choose to continue to be a unfriendly/antisocial (or, even worse, toxic) player, should you be rewarded? You're not contributing all that much to the community, but hey, you still get to play the game the way you want to. The best reward you can hope for if you choose to do nothing is that nothing changes for you. And nothing will. Yippee! -- 2. **Does it mean they'll play the game less because they get to a point where they don't need any IP?** Doubtful. They're playing a team game with friends. Even if they want to get out of it, their friends will usually pull them back in. If it's not the friends encouraging them to rejoin, it's simply being on vent/curse voice/skype with the friends and hearing how much fun they're having in LoL that'll do it. -- 3. **Doesn't this mean they wouldn't be spending real money on the game? Isn't that the opposite of what Riot wants?** Here's the thing. Let's say the party rewards become a full-time feature. All the time, this is just how the game is now. People that make friends and play nicely are now able to have enough IP to get a good portion of the things they want without needing to open up their wallets. This is just the way things should be. Paying real money for something you can get if you're just a little patient does not feel good at all. Not needing to pay money for said things makes the experience of a F2P game feel more wholesome and rewarding. It's like the game is being good to you for you being good to it. In our stupid monkey brains, and this is a real thing that happens, this creates massive goodwill to the company that creates the game. We start thinking of Riot as an entity that is nice to us. (Corporations = people, right?) League of Legends is our friend. We start to want to support the game that is so good to us. Thus, we open our wallets. Even people that would otherwise 100% oppose ever spending money on something silly like a cosmetic change in an otherwise free video game would do so. -- 4. **So some people will spend because they like Riot. Doesn't that equate to an overall loss, though, because they're no longer spending on IP Boosts and other money-wasting garbage that doesn't feel good or rewarding anyway?** It's a loss because they're no longer having to spend on stupid shit, yes, but it's an overall gain because brand loyalty is a crazy thing. The more goodwill we feel toward League of Legends, the more we play. The more we play, the more invested we get into it. The more invested we are, the more we justify spending a few bucks here and there to pick up something nifty like ward/champ skins to make us stand out in-game. Basically, the more we love the game, the more we really, really love it. And we reward Riot by showering them with our affection/money. This also translates massively to spreading the word, encouraging/pressuring friends/family/acquaintances/strangers into playing the game, too. The happier we are with the game, the more people we spread the word to. The happier we are with the game, the better the word we're spreading is. (e.g. instead of saying, "Yeah, I play League of Legends. It's alright." and turning people off to the game forever, we say, "DUDE, have you played League of Legends? No? Seriously? Go download it, now. Or you're dead.") The more people playing, the more people spending. Net gain. -- 5. **But with all of those extra people, everyone is still spending less than if everything was frustrating to earn the slow way, right?** Nope. Quality of life (in the gaming world) all leads to brand loyalty. Everything's coming up Riot! More fans. More fans that are fanatic about the game. More fanatic fans (not to be confused with Fnatic fans) means more fanart, more community involvement, more exposure, more word-of-mouth recommendations, and more people attending live League events. (Like me, in May!) And, of course, more money for Riot. In summation, I love League of Legends, and League of Legends loves me. I think. *Sometimes.*
: First let me say this: It's nice to see that their trying to improve the IP system; it does need work. Second: Okay, so I understand that this is a business, and the idea is that you have x number of players and it takes y number of games to earn a champion. Currently the improvement system seems lackluster, and several of my friends who came who don't normally play came and basically said after just 3-4 games "This is stupid, I get like 5 extra IP. Then logged off once again probably for months." Now lets say it was better and the player felt like they could earn champions quicker, they would likely be more willing to play the game. More willing to stay, spend money on skins, and champions. Dota2 for example gives you ALL the heroes for free! And it is still a successful game! Okay with that said. So lets do some math. Lets assume you played 2 games (at least) per day. You lose one and you win one. (50/50) The win gives you 300 IP (FWoTD bonus (generous estimate)) and the loss (or win, doesn't matter much) gives you on average 70 IP. So you earn 370 IP Per day playing 2 games. With drafting and game start and etc, it takes ~45-60 minutes per game, lets average that to 50 minutes. 370IP/100 minutes = 3.70 IP/min @ 2 games. Extrapolating now. 370IP/100 minutes = 3.70 IP/min @ 2 games 440IP/150 minutes = 2.93 IP/min @ 3 games 510IP/200 minutes = 2.55 IP/min @ 4 games 580IP/250 minutes = 2.32 IP/min @ 5 games 650IP/300 minutes = 2.17 IP/min @ 6 games 720IP/350 minutes = 2.06 IP/min @ 7 games 790IP/400 minutes = 1.98 IP/min @ 8 games 860IP/450 minutes = 1.91 IP/min @ 9 games 930IP/500 minutes = 1.86 IP/min @ 10 games My point here, is that the dedicated player base is earning less IP per minute. Lets say a dedicated player plays 5 games at least a day and the casual plays 2. There are 123 Champions currently costing 480,450IP (avg=3906IP) OR 96365RP (avg=784RP). Therefore currently you could purchase all 123 champions instantly for 650.00 from the store. 6*(100$ RP Bundle) + 1*(50$ RP Bundle) OR You can spend: 1298 Days @ 2 games per day. 1091 Days @ 3 games per day. 942 Days @ 4 games per day. 828 Days @ 5 games per day. 739 Days @ 6 games per day. 667 Days @ 7 games per day. 608 Days @ 8 games per day. 558 Days @ 9 games per day. 516 Days @10 games per day. To EARN the IP to buy all the champions! So these are our y for x players for the entire champion pool(cp). Lets add some real world modelling to this now, lets say player has a minimum wage job at 9$ per hour. They get ~7$ after taxes. So how many overtime hours do they need to work to earn all the champions? Easy 650/7$ = 93 hours. Doing 8 extra hours per month, this could be achieved in just under a year (11.625 months). Okay so with these numbers now, You can see that the process of getting all the champions is really slow. Over 4 years playing 2 games per day. And playing 10 games (which is the better part of a whole day), takes over 1.5 years. This is the worst of all the moba's out there. They neeeeed to make this better. I have many many many friends that would play this game if it werent for this insanely disgusting grind. And honestly they would probably spend money on skins if they got into the game. Riot is losing sooo much potential money from the playerbase that would be here if the IP system was better. **I mean. Add a wheel of fortune, that you can spend 2800 IP on to spin which wins you a champion. 2800 for random, and still 6300 for specific. This adds really awesome complexity, people can save up for ones they want, but it also encourages people to spend real money on specifics and roll their ip on randoms. This makes the grind much less painful and people love to gamble! Probably have to add in caveats like, can't spin if you own more than total_number_of_champions-10. It will make you so much money Riot!**
All this and it still doesn't factor in runes. Which are expensive and give very little to have a couple, but matter to have a full set of good ones. So you get stuck in a bad cycle. Not many runes and/or not many champions, so you don't play as well, so you don't want to play as much, so you don't earn IP. You have to play a lot to get to buy runes and champions. I've been playing since 2011. Anywhere from 0-5 games a day, typically 1-3. I have a few sets of runes and about 60 champions. (Spending no RP at all on champions or boosts).
Brey42 (NA)
: I usually play with 3 or 4 people and I think the most we ever got was +34 ip. It was more of a joke to see how little we would get every game. Most of the time it was between 1-5. Getting 1 bonus ip was always good for a laugh!
This is pretty much my experience exactly!
: Nobody plays in TeamBuilder anyway xD It's freaking good on paper, but you can't change your champion once the search for solo players has started and you can't pick just "Any top laner" and adapt with the team you have. It makes the game more "good luck for the teamcomp" instead of "do well in champ select and you have a chance to win"
Exactly. It would be nice if you could change things around after you've found your team. That way you can create a more cohesive team. So you still can do Mid/Ahri, or you can do Mid/Any and grab and AD mid instead if you see an AP top and jungler, for example.
: What's really pathetic is having a full 5 people only getting 1 IP. ***ONE.***
Yeah I had that. Or 0. I got nothing at all on several occasions. MOST of my games, yes MOST, were 0-3. With 3-5 people. It was sad.
: How could you play the party rewards?? I wasn't there so don't judge me. I heard many things about it and read a post. But I didn't know where this was. Was this in the actual client? Or you had to sign up for something?
When you have the option to invite teammates, the more people in your group then the more IP you had a chance of winning. Basically a bonus for making premade teams. But a lot of people are sour because the description made it sound like you'd get a lot of IP and most people hardly got any extra.
: yeah I played at least 100 games in these 2 weeks about half were full 5 mans...biggest bonus....5 IP...Thanks Riot, really glad I was doing this instead of fucking climbing the ranked ladder....
Yup. I got 0-5 most games. +16 once. Hooray.
zeno79 (NA)
: I played duo-queue and a few 5 man games, and across the board I was getting about +100 IP per match, so like double IP. It is something for nothing, I mean we are going to play these matches anyway right? I don't understand why people complain because they didn't get the jackpot every time...
People complain because they don't even see more than +10 IP per game. Most of my games I got +0-3. The highest I got was +16. And these were 3 to 5-people normals. I appreciate that I at least got something, but it was not as worth it as I expected. I couldn't play any ranked during this trial because I was on spring break and had horrendous internet except after 2 or 3 AM, and my laptop instead of my desktop. So I don't know if my rewards would have been a lot better if I had done ranked, but from what I saw of this I was disappointed.
Maganar (NA)
: For some reason I can't edit my own comment anymore... I'll just drop my edit as a reply: EDIT: I should also probably point out I normally premake with quite a bit of frequency anyway, and particularly after seeing the low rewards, I didn't even attempt to get more people than I usually did. I just flatout went for whoever (however few people that might have been) I would have normally gone with. The lack of consistency caused the system to not motivate me to "make more friends" or do whatever it was supposed to do - I fell upon all my old habits and just decided to take note of the bonus (or lack of it) each game. If it comes back, and unchanged, I most certainly will ***NOT*** be premaking teams any larger or more frequently than I did in the past, because there is no need to inconvenience myself or my friends in trying to rope together larger groups than we might have been inclined to for a reward we *expect* to *not* get. So, no, I consider the system a failure and if they see a spike in premaking, it's only because of the initial expectation they shattered, so it probably won't repeat on rerelease unless they fix the system to be fairer.
Exactly what you said. I typically play with 1-4 other people anyway. I usually saw 0-3 IP bonus, and I think the highest I got was 16. I basically never play alone anyway because I have several IRL friends and we all play together. But this does not encourage more premade teams if you never get anything. This system doesn't work the way it is.
: Pencils down: Party Rewards test concludes
Most games with the party reward I got 0-5. Severely disappointing to have a 5-person party and get no party reward. I think you should have the minimum reward be the number of people in your party, not a minimum of 0. Then you at least get something.And I think the biggest bonus I ever saw was +16. It became a joke among my friends. "Let's see how pathetic the bonus is this time". I know that it's at least something I wouldn't have gotten otherwise, and for that I'm glad, but when you make it sound great and then I consistently get nothing, I'm going to be disappointed. Also, instead of a raffle where a very, very, very few people get the big advertised jackpot and most people get basically nothing, go for something a little more in the middle. I saw other comments with suggestions that were good. TL;DR: Overly disappointing, usually no reward. Reward should be at least the same as the number of party members, or use some other system.
: Team up and earn Party Rewards!
They're doing this the week before spring break, when I have a TON of work, and then during spring break I'll be at home with really really bad internet.{{item:3070}} Oh well, at least I'll have free time to play at home, even if the internet is bad (except from about 2:30-5:30 AM). *shrug* Party on!
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
As soon as I saw him I thought "Looks like {{champion:79}} and {{champion:26}} had a lovechild."
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Kikirino (NA)
: Does the player's gender matter to anyone?
Yeah I always call people by the gender of the champ they're playing unless I know that person. Otherwise how can I know who is behind the curtain?? As far as I've ever seen, people call others by the gender of the champion. Makes the most sense to me.
: Meet your nemesis (draft)
I just played a game that was supports vs. marksmen. It was really funny. Supports won, btw
: So this is complete bs, my ENTIRE team was automated bot accounts?
I know this is a really crappy picture because I took it on my old phone sometime last year. But I have had this problem too, especially in dominions (which this is from). It's bots that people make to simply play games and earn levels, and then they sell the level 30 account. When you're on a team with only one of them it doesn't usually matter but the attached picture is one where I was the only human and it ended badly. They all had similar sounding names (two words and two numbers), same default icon, ghost and heal, never bought items, never talked, never attacked... yeah. I feel your pain.
: Ranked Game ending with mass disconnection: Proof of Game disappears
I've had this happen to me twice in ranked games. The game will freeze and just disappear entirely. I read up on the issue at the time, and according to the old forum threads I found, it's the result of someone basically spamming the game in some way to make it drop and disappear. I don't know the computer work behind it, but that's basically what happens. People will do this if they are losing and want to get rid of the game. I'm sorry you didn't get your win that you deserved. If you want some info from other people who've posted about this maybe you can Google search it (but I don't know if the posts will still be there since League re-vamped their forums).
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: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
Hey, Rito liked my name so much they gave it to this guy (seems like it's pronounced the same. "Az-zeer")
: Gnar Reveal
At first glance I thought that bone in his hand was his arm bone and his hand was gone. 0.0
: Lose yourself in the song of River Spirit Nami
I don't like how the story switches from past tense to present tense.


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