AJ77 (NA)
: I mean it's different stealth. "True stealth" is catchy, but she is constantly an outline under tower, not even just the shimmer of stealth now when you hit someone. Not sure how vision wards work with it, or sweeper.
Control wards would do nothing, but Sweeper would reveal her position.
: Don't forget, according to Riot DFG's active was used in like 0.5% of cases where it was bought. People were walking around with a 10% (15?) max HP nuke plus a magic damage amp....aaaaaaaaaaaaand didn't use it.
Maybe a part of why people die faster now isn't because S2 was some glorious time, but because damage dealers actually know how to play now.
: 13 red pots. The ultimate start.
AD Carry Maokai
: "We want Season 2 back!"
"Damage is too fucking high I want it how it was!" * AP Yi * AP Tristana * Q-E combo Akali * AP Kog'maw being actually strong * Talon, LB, and Kassadin with Silences * DFG Mordekaiser * DFG Syndra * DFG Fizz * DFG Poppy * Poppy * Just DFG in general * Instant Veigar stun, Veigar true one shots * Katarina wiping your team because you blinked * Patch 4.20 Warwick * Feral Flare * Sated Devourer * Zilean point and click 100% AP Ratio bombs * Nidalee one shot spears with Morg Q hitboxes * Fiora's "ball of stats" state * Rengar getting first blood and taking 1.5 towers if you didn't have TP Not all season two, but these things aren't a thing anymore for a reason.
: Its not just Pyke.. {{champion:238}} has a very clear execute indicator for his Death Mark proc. I don't quite agree that all champs should have an execute marker, because then there is no fun in surviving a Garen R with 1 HP and making him cry.
Garen has a better execution indicator than Cho. When your ult would kill the Villain, the Sword icon grows.
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: Pool Party Caitlyn sure is Something
Is she balancing a drink on an inner tube?
: Pick a Champion who you want to be an announcer, and give them some lines
Rioter Comments
: Aatrox is an excellent example for idiots to STOP FULLY JUDGING NEW CHAMPS ON RELEASE
This is not a successful Aatrox rework. This is a decently successful new champion alongside the complete removal of Aatrox.
: {{champion:38}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} Nice cherry picking Well you also forgot old {{champion:55}} who could all in lvl3 as well i guess
{{champion:38}} {{champion:84}} fair enough {{champion:131}} I remembered Diana, but didn't include her because she's not really an assassin. She's often lumped in with them, but in her current state she's just a Diver who really wants to be an assassin, like if J4's only viable build was full AD.
: Remember when assassins had a weak early laning phase
Lets see... {{champion:91}} has always had a lot of kill potential in lane. {{champion:7}} back in the day was picked mainly for her lane bullying potential. {{champion:107}} was not only known for destroying his opponent early, but also for taking 1.5 towers by the time they got back to lane. AP {{champion:18}} could just spam E and basically auto-win lane. {{champion:245}} has always had a decent early game. {{champion:121}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:141}} are primarily junglers, so they don't really have much "laning" strength. So when you say that **Assassins** had a weak lane phase, you're referring to {{champion:105}} {{champion:238}} and {{champion:28}} (back when she went mid).
: A list of changes that Riot could explore if Aatrox needed to be improved
**Passive** 1. Only burn passive on large monsters. Burning passive on Cannon Minions is useless. 2. I'm fine with the current CD if they do the minion change. The mutilate duration should be a couple seconds longer, though. **Q** 1. Lowering the delays also means less time to reposition your Q with the mobile animation. It'd be better if we could animation cancel Q. **W** 1. Do you mean to turn it into an area target, like Spirit Fire, or to have it chain everything around the champion you hit? **E** 1. It should have a CD, but much shorter (1 second, maybe), if only so Aatrox can't do a triple E on his third Q. **R** 1. The changes you have are good, but I honestly just want the refreshing duration like we had with Hellbent.
: You are quite literally missing the point lol. 1. Assassins SHOULD NOT be able to 100-0 a target UNLESS they are Fed. 2. Assassins SHOULD NOT be able to get in and out in the blink of an eye. 3. Assassins SHOULD NOT have some of the best wave clear in the game.
If an assassin can't 100-0 somebody, then that is just a useless champion since they would have neither damage or utility. If an assassin can't 100-0 somebody QUICKLY, then that champion will **never** be played as an assassin. See tank {{champion:245}} and bruiser {{champion:105}}. If an assassin can't get in and out quickly, then that champion is a **Diver**, not an assassin. See {{champion:164}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:62}}. If a champion can't clear waves, they aren't a viable mid laner. This is especially true for assassins, who need to shove the waves to roam. For most assassins, being made unable to lane mid via removal of waveclear means the champion is dead. {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:7}} aren't exactly great top laners/junglers. {{champion:555}} is not a fucking assassin. He's a damage/pick oriented support who **looks** like an assassin.
DeusVult (NA)
: Pyke is the only assassin that actually works as a balanced assassin
Nope. He's not a proper assassin. Unless he's incredibly ahead, he can't burst somebody down. He might be able to take half of a squishy's HP, and then he has to auto them into R range. Seeing as his DPS is trash and he's squishy as hell, he can't kill on his own without getting himself killed. On top of that, he has to burn his W and E to get in position, meaning he can't get out. He's the only assassin that can't kill people on his own and then get out, which are the two criteria for somebody being an assassin. That's why he's played as either a JG or support, because he can't do much on his own but he can be a major impact with some help.
Schzym (NA)
OP is claiming that this happened with a W-Q-E. No auto attack. No Duskblade proc. So yeah, OP is full of BS.
: IF you completely ignore their passives, and compare her to being focused by multiple full build carries in isolation. . . . uh. . . sure? But she's still beefy as fuck and in a 1 vs 1 against all but a fed hyper carry, she should easily survive 5+ seconds. She gets a second life, a shield for over a thousand hp, massively increased healing from all sources, effectively 30% damage reduction to burst, and now heals for 15% of all of the damage she deals-- and Illaoi literally only offers damage, and most of it is in AoE and already heals her based on missing hp. So you honestly and actually think she should be squishy with such a build? She's an off-tank and has built as one. She deserves to have extra survivability for her several thousand gold investment into defensive stats. This is literally the fucking problem with the game right now, offtank builds don't make you actually tanky or survivable, because defensive stats (particularly armor and hp) don't mean jack shit. As a result, as literally every champion in the game except the few unplayed and sub 50% winrate tanks, its not worth buying an iota of defense over pure offense. Going a mix just gets you slaughtered if their carries so much as look in your direction, as they have far more than enough damage and easily accessible and cheap pen to burst through every scrap of armor or health you can afford to purchase.
Having a second life is meaningless when all we care about is Zed's ability to take out a massive chunk of her health. Steraks would shield her for 975 health after she takes 1800 damage, which is already half her health. DD is NOT damage reduction. She's still going to take all of it, and soon. She's healing for 15% the **single target** damage she deals. Since almost all her damage is splash, that only heals for 5%. Amping her innate healing means absolutely nothing against a good Zed, since he's in and out before she can get through her long-ass animations. This Illaoi built four damage items, and as a result has an exorbitant damage output. If she dies too quickly because of that choice, there's nobody to blame but herself. This is not an "Off tank" build. An "Off tank" build would have **one** of those damage items, two max. Building like this means you shouldn't get one shot. And hey, guess what, she didn't get one shot. Even going by OP's (highly dubious) claim, she still had 15% health.
Arakadia (NA)
: It's also a great cancer spell against immobile enemies. And can't be avoided.
It also has 575 range, and is on Fiddlesticks. {{item:3140}} the fear and instagib that fool. Buy {{item:3111}} Buy {{item:3814}} {{item:3102}} Run Legend: Tenacity. Hell, if your frontliners buy {{item:3194}} Fiddle won't be able to deal much damage to them.
: That build should not be squishy as fuck. There is armor, substantial amounts of health, a massive shield, a revive passive, physical omnivamp, damage reduction -> D.o.T. effect and increased healing from all sources (also magic resist, and less damage taken on auto attacks, but these aren't relevant to the wqe combo in the OP). This is the whole fucking problem. That build should offer substantial survivability but it doesn't. You're acting like he's purchased all AD/AS/crit chance/IE without a lick of defense or mitigation, but that's over half the gold value of the items he's purchased. He's paying more for defense than offense with that build, it's not a fucking glass cannon.
Do you seriously think that build is tanky? She has 1300 bonus HP, 60 bonus armor, and 55 bonus MR. Meanwhile, she's gone and purchased 197 bonus AD. Those stats are roughly comparable to a {{champion:63}} build. {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3165}} plus {{item:3157}} or{{item:3102}} and {{item:3020}} 1400 bonus HP, plus 45 bonus armor or 60 MR.
trve kvlt (EUNE)
: 150 armor, Zed takes 85% of my HP with w q e combo. Ok?
I'll provide context since you don't seem too interested in doing so. Here's the game I think you're referring to. {{champion:420}} 27/13/12 {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3047}} VS {{champion:238}} 24/11/11 {{item:3142}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3047}} He has four armor pen items, and you've decided it would be wise to build four damage items on Illaoi. You are squishy as fuck. You should not be surprised that you die fast. If you aren't referring to this game, you'd be referring to your {{champion:154}} game. That was an URF game.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: IIRC he was super oppressive when he first released. Until riot gutted him, he was pretty crazy. That's at least what I've heard from videos that stonewall008 made about him
On launch he had 20% more attack speed from his level 1 passive and 40 more damage on his max rank E. He still had all the problems you think of when you think of the OG Aatrox. He was mediocre at best. People simply didn't know how to play him them because, on top of him simply being a new champion, players were worse back then.
: old Ryze was unacceptable but shit like Yi, Tryndamere, Kaisa, and Yasuo is completely fine
Old Ryze was a mobile ranged tanky DPS with a root. All of this was point and click with short CD's. None of this actually took skill to do, and he was just complete faceroll.
: Yeah I understand that his old kit was toxic, but they could just work on the toxic part of each ability instead of changing like 5/5 of his spells. The drain tank that melts people fantasy is surely unhealthy, but working from that to make him more like a healthy AA-spells based bruiser instead of a caster juggernaut is not too bad of an idea imo :/
They kept saying that Aatrox was "Too unstoppable when he's strong". Funny enough, we never saw that happen, since they never allowed him to be strong in the first place. He was garbage from release until his 7.5 rework. In his 7.5 form, he was still bad until the meta shifted away from ADC's. Aatrox was a champion for five years, and was good for one short period towards the end. Funny enough, he didn't seem too overbearing.
: He just came out.
He just came out to Live. He's been on PBE for a while now, and he just feels like shit.
: Bard Skin Ideas
: If Pyke R is simular like Dariu's R. Does this make Darius an Assasin?
: Yeah you could have bought zhonyas/stopwatch to cuck him but you didn't. So lets nerf a champion because you didn't bother to buy items to counter him and he got a quadra vs 2 supports, 2 immobile mages and a rengar, in an ARAM game. For your information, THE CHAMPIONS IN THE GAME ARE BALANCED AROUND SUMMONER'S RIFT, AND NOT ARAM MODE. Holy shit the boards is a mess.
I checked this game. op.gg says his highest multikill was 2. Take that as you will.
: Guess I got "outplayed and just cc him" huh ?
Alright, so here's some context. The lineups were as follows {{champion:11}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:24}} VS {{champion:267}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:107}} 1. You have seven forms of hard CC. You could have very easily locked him down. 2. Had Thresh gone tank or Rengar gone bruiser, you would have had a front line. 3. This Yi is summoner level 17, and I can tell from his builds in prior games that this is not a smurf. Dealing with such an inexperienced player should be easy. 4. At no point did this Yi "one shot your entire team". His highest multikill that match was two. That said... 5. If this Yi was any good, your builds were terrible enough that he COULD have killed you all. Not a single armor item across your entire team. 6. This Yi LOST.
: Guess I got "outplayed and just cc him" huh ?
Or maybe you could stop pretending that ARAM is an accurate reflection of the regular game? Also, you're playing Zoe and this guy has no QSS, so it's evident that you didn't even do that.
: {{champion:103}} Charm {{champion:22}} Voley {{champion:53}} Hook {{champion:63}} Stun {{champion:201}} Shield-Throw {{champion:36}} Cleaver {{champion:81}} Q {{champion:104}} Autos {{champion:74}} Rockets {{champion:420}} Soul-Grab {{champion:427}} Root {{champion:222}} Laser {{champion:145}} W {{champion:85}} Q {{champion:96}} Q {{champion:7}} Chain {{champion:236}} W {{champion:99}} Bind {{champion:25}} Bind {{champion:111}} Hook {{champion:76}} Spear {{champion:555}} Hook {{champion:133}} Blind {{champion:497}} Q {{champion:68}} Harpoons {{champion:13}} Q {{champion:50}} Q and Root {{champion:223}} Tongue {{champion:163}} Q {{champion:412}} Hook {{champion:6}} W {{champion:45}} Q {{champion:161}} Q {{champion:8}} W {{champion:101}} Stun {{champion:238}} 40% of it's Q dmg {{champion:142}} Sleepy-time Bubble And this is only for laners or champions that Riot wants to be laners. It would be a meta where those champions either receive some big compensation buffs or become really really bad.
{{champion:7}} is just the chain. Q is targeted. W is AOE. {{champion:142}} is just the bubble. Q is AOE (a small AOE, but an AOE nonetheless), W is autotarget, passive is targeted. Otherwise you're good.
: What was the goal of Minion Collision?
In Dota, unit collision is a very important mechanic. Trapping enemies in summoned units, holding back your own creep waves, and stalling enemy escapes by blocking their pathing. Riot decided to keep unit collision when creating league, but didn't make any of the above things doable. TBH, unit collision is very rarely the problem. You will sometimes get trapped in a cage of minions, but that's not usually what happens. The actual problem is how pathing interacts with minions. If there is a wall of minions, the pathing engine will treat them as a solid wall and try to send you around them if you try to move through them (unless you are phased).
: That is irrelevant. You can build any one tanky and allow you to survive a wave of CC. Build taric glass cannon and he would blow up.
Except Taric can build tank without becoming useless.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: What'e the most overloaded basic ability?
{{champion:81}} Q Every new item has to take this ability into account. When Riot forgets this, Goldilocks here gets to wreck shop for a couple weeks.
Rioter Comments
: I think your statement is not true. Stuns/Knock-ups/Displacements Counter EVERY one equally. Silences/Disarms Counter Specific Types of champions more than the other Silences counters Casters more than Disarms do, and vise versa for Disarming countering AA dependent type champions more than Silences. And I would Argue that Snares counter mobile champions more than immobile champions, but Slows counter immobile champions more than mobile champions. (Example, snaring LB/Zed counters them harder than snaring Ashe. As it stops them from even casting a portion of their combos, where as Ashe can still cast her entire combo. Like wise slows would counter Ashe more than LB/Zed as they can still just dash into/away from as slows do not reduce the range of dashing. Also your comparison is not accurate. Yes Stunnign kat IN HER ULT counters her harder than just randomly stunning a Taric. CCing counters harder when TIMED well (Kat in her ult). but if you randomly stun Kat like you Randomly stunned Taric then it counters them Equally.
If a Taric gets locked down, he's tanky enough that he can probably survive it and continue contributing to the teamfight. If a Katarina gets locked down, she is squishy enough that she'll probably die immediately, rendering her useless for the rest of the fight.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=HeeroTX,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5fq2ezFM,comment-id=0000000100000001,timestamp=2018-06-19T21:00:14.440+0000) > > Then tell them to STOP F'ING SMURFING because they're bored or high elo queues are too long or whatever other reason low elo has to deal with them RIGHT NOW. (or even high elo having to deal with boosted bronzies because some streamer needs to keep the viewer count up) smurfing in norms isnt really common.
I mean, not in the normal sense. It's pretty common for high elo players to have low normals MMR, though.
: Just curious: Runes? That looked like an electrocute proc to me. Also it's worth mentioning if Taliyah took no defensive rune options.
Kayn had electrocute, yes. Phase Rush with Domination secondary for Taliyah.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: What's wrong with this game, summarized in 1 second
I'll give some context here, since it seems you don't want to. At this point in the game, here's what it's looking like A level 12 {{champion:163}} {{item:1056}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3020}} {{item:1052}} {{item:1028}} {{item:1026}} 6,495 total worth 2 kills, 4 deaths before this death VS A level 13 SA{{champion:141}} {{item:3117}} {{item:1400}} {{item:3147}} {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} {{item:2055}} 8,276 total worth 5 kills, 3 deaths before this kill Taliyah is already squishy. On top of that, you're behind and have basically nothing in terms of defense. If you had been working towards an hourglass you might have even lived. This Kayn is ahead. Not massively ahead (not yet anyways, he ends up being 19/7/10), but still ahead. He has a full item on you, and naturally preys on champions like Taliyah. It doesn't help you any that you basically handed him this kill. You walked out without ANY vision, even directly next to a wall (and a thin wall at that, so you had minimal warning). Ziggs felt safe enough to be standing around your T2 tower without any vision of your team, so that should have tipped you off that he had company. I can't tell if you had summs in this clip, but you had enough time to flash away from him or to barrier some of his damage (even with the minimal warning time, it was there). The point is that you/your team made mistakes, both in this clip and in the lead-up, so suck it up.
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
Didn't notice the "Only one change" limit initially, so I'll resubmit with just the one. {{champion:74}} Improved turret durability, turrets regenerate HP, beam charge no longer reliant on distance. "Heimerdinger currently does his job of lane bullying pretty well... at low ranks. At high ranks, people know just how easy it is to destroy his turrets, so he can't really be anything more than an annoyance. Prepare to raise your dongers once more". Q: H28G Evolution Turret [New] Ward-Type HP: 6 health. 1 damage from AOE abilities, 2 damage from single target, 2 damage from ranged champion attacks, 3 from melee champion attacks, 0 from DoT, 1 from minion/monster attacks. [New] Techmaturgical Repair Bots: After being out of combat for 8 seconds, active turrets regenerate 2 HP per second. Beam Attack: Beam Charge gained from ability hits is no longer reliant on distance. If you land a grenade/missile barrage, all active turrets gain charge.
: {{champion:111}} Titans wrath (w) changed from: Shield value 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 (+ 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 17% maximum health) magic damage 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 (+ 20% AP) To: Shield value 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 17% maximum health) V5.5 Magic damage 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 _Nautilus has been struggling to both clear and survive the jungle for a long time now. With the power of his riptide (e) drastically weaker than when power was taken from W to put into E, I feel there's room to buff it to its former glory. Wasn't a problem when damage was drastically lower, shouldn't be a problem now._
Casually tripling his shield strength and doubling his shield damage is tad much. Also, I hope you aren't suggesting we remove the AP ratio. Let us metamancers live in peace.
: {{champion:98}} *"Shen's ultimate is a big turnaround in an otherwise easy fight for the enemy and creates global threat from anywhere on the map. However, most of the time Stand United's shield will either be too small from being activated on a full health target or put on the target too late when activated on a low health target. This change should give Shen the time he needs to successfully Stand United with his team and set up for some Shensational plays."* **United we Stand: Ultimate now gives the maximum amount of shields to the target regardless of current health percentage.**
Maybe lower the shield a little bit at ranks two and three to compensate for how it's now always going to work at that amount. Other than that, good idea.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ellamayne,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Hl9nj5FR,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-06-14T22:39:32.701+0000) > > Same for {{champion:28}} . She had crosses on champions she can execute. If she has it visible Pyke should too. No she doesn't. She has crosses on champions who will take bonus damage. It doesn't always kill them.
I mean, if you're under 30% health, the odds of you surviving an 850 (+150% AP) nuke are slim. Not technically an execution marker, but most of the time it winds up being that.
Rioter Comments
Jaspers (EUW)
: Any thread about nerfing Pyke's execute, I will happily upvote. It's getting a base damage change and a bonus AD buff as well next patch. So expect to die with 40% of your HP still left.
An assassin who can kill a glass cannon who is already low? Heaven forbid!
Wanfear (NA)
: I'm a level 8 Ezreal with 988 max HP. He's a level 8 Pyke.
A level 8 Pyke deals 290 base damage with his ult. In order to get that 41 extra damage, he'd need 68.3 bonus AD. These stats are worth 2391 gold. If Pyke, a champion who is bad at both solo laning and clearing the jungle, manages to get this much gold by level 8, you already fucked up. Looking at your match history, that's exactly what happened; people fed the living shit out of Pyke and Ashe. Oh, and btw, 330 damage isn't exactly an insane amount of damage for an ult. Kennen's ult deals 300 damage without a single item. A five stack Darius ult deals 350 damage without a single item (200 base damage, 150% of the 100 bonus AD you got from Noxian Might at five stacks). Ziggs ult does 300 damage with no items to units in the center. Morgana ult does 300 total damage. Nid Q, a **basic ability**, rivals it at 210... at level 1.
: Now if only his voice over was actually decent...
Some of those lines are pure gold. Other than those, not a fan of the new Demon Viktor skin.
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