: New Champ Concept: %Gold Variable
Look up "The Gambler". He was a hero in the original Dota who scaled with gold. There's a reason that concept doesn't come up again.
Ghazter (NA)
: In Regards to Riot's Female Champions
No one under the age of 35 should be hearing these lines? Really now? You think that in order to be old enough to hear Eve's lines, you have to be a part of the age group that Viagra is marketed towards? What are you, some 18th century puritan?
: {{champion:35}} and i would say {{champion:420}}. they have no counterpick. I had same post about shaco he is truly broken.
{{champion:35}} * Ward deeper. * Actually look at your map. * Play defensive if you haven't seen Shaco on the map recently. * Countered by junglers who can match his early presence in some way (Lee, Xin, Camille, Nunu, Ivern) * Countered by the concept of late game, having to hope that he's gotten his allies far enough ahead by that point. {{champion:420}} * Dodge her E. * Just walk away when she ults. * Dodge the tentacle slams. * Countered by every ranged champion. * Countered by grievous wounds. * Countered by CC. * Countered by lane sustain.
Venompaw (NA)
: Best build path for Karthus?
For early items, you should consider your skill on the champion. {{item:1056}} is the go-to if you're inexperienced on the champion, since a Karthus who can't land Q will have a weak lane. {{item:1082}} is better once your mechanics are up to snuff, since a Karthus who can land every Q is a beast in the early game. There are two schools of thought for main item builds. **Battle Karthus** buys mana, tanks up, and wins teamfights by outlasting everyone on the enemy team. This is where the old school Karthus build comes from. {{item:3027}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} It's a bit outdated, perhaps, but it gets the job done. Swap out {{item:3040}} if you need a situational item like {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3165}}. If you're going this build, get a {{item:3010}} on your first back and wait to skill your W until level 5, instead getting an extra point in E. If you're getting last hits to sustain your mana, you'll be able to use the increased E cost to sustain your HP indefinitely. For this style, I reccomend running Aery. **Suicide Karthus** is the exact opposite, building glass-cannon with virtually no mana or survivability, hoping to get people low in life before dying and finishing everybody off with a post-mortem Requiem. I'm not exactly the most experienced with this method, but an example build would look something like this. {{item:3285}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3907}} For this style, I reccomend running Predator; activate before pressing R, and the bonus damage will be sent to whichever poor soul is lowest on HP.
: Guess what champion I am
Bind Me (EUW)
: doing more damage than anyone on the team
1. The discussion is about the Carry Role. 2. They top the damage charts because they deal constant poke damage for the entire match. Annie and Galio deal primarily in all-in damage, Lux is only a step ahead of those two, and Ziggs (the only one on your list played as the carry) needs several items to even start dealing damage.
: A melee carry? Oh you mean supports nullify them. Swain, Teemo, Sol, Kat, and Taliyah couldn't be bot lane. Swain and Teemo are lane bullies vs melees. Sol, Kat, and Taliyah need to roam.
Lol ok buddy. Enchanters counter melee carries by kiting them out, and catchers counter ranged carries by repeatedly killing them. Supports are stronger than carries in the early stages of the game, but once they get items those weaknesses stop mattering as much. {{champion:50}} is not a lane bully, he's a lategame carry. {{champion:17}} is a carry and an anti-carry, so he can kick ass in bot if the matchup is right. {{champion:136}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:163}} can still do their thing. They can go gank mid, they can invade the jungler, they can walk into fog and gank their own lane.
Bind Me (EUW)
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:143}} were(still are) also common picks on bot lane, but i guess you're new to this game
: "Mages have been dominating mid for many years now"
Not for lack of trying. {{champion:82}} was attempted to be made an adc replacement. {{champion:115}} was briefly a meta botlaner back in early 2017. Plus they're opening up botlane in the midseason.
: Who is competing to be viable bot lane exactly? Assassins are competing for mid lane.
Melee carries {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:157}} AP Carries {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}}
: [Discussion] What's your favourite Skin?
Bard Bard. Because of my club tag, I get to load into a game as Bard Bard Bard Bard.
remakoro (EUNE)
: Who are those WE that you are talking about? Who are those WE that made you their representative? I personally like D&D Bard style. Giving persistent AOE buffs to your allies without increasing burden on them. And Sona is VERY easy to play despite the amount of things she is capable of doing. Shields. heals. buffs to damage. aoe stun. target slow. debuff to dmg. damage. Aoe speed ups that you can keep up almost all the time. And thats from her abilities only. And that simplicity is the great thing about her. Another artistic champion could be fun but i really hope riot wont get urge to ruin sona with some great rework.
A buff-centric champion is fine. Thing is, when it's mostly done through passive auras, it's hard to see the impact unless the numbers are really high. Look at the old sona; those auras of AD/AP and Armor/MR were massively impactful, but they didn't feel like it and they didn't give many ways for a Sona player to make plays other than Crescendos. The new Sona has more obvious power (the burst of damage from tagging everyone with Q is obvious, shielding everybody is nice, and the speed boost scales excellently into the late game), but she's not really any more of a playmaker. As a musician myself, it's frustrating that the "Musician Champion" is this simple, since playing music in reality is anything BUT simple.
Rioter Comments
: Since Riot is ramping up the VGUs even more...
{{champion:17}} His passive is fine, but has been made a lot worse by the introduction of Shimmer. His Q is a polarizing spell; against AA centric champs, it's incredible. Against spell centric champs, it's trash. His W was great back in the day (and it's still very good), but mobility creep has made a speed boost like this not enough to deal with most of the threats in the game. His R is a cool spell, but often feels unfair to play against. On the flip side, the combination of red trinket and ingenious hunter turns the mushrooms into free gold for the enemy support. Hell, the game has even evolved to counter his DoT's. {{item:1054}} {{item:3211}} and Second Wind make people heal tons whenever Teemo attacks them. {{item:3194}} cause tanks to take negligible damage from Teemo, especiallly if it's a {{champion:36}} because of his E. I'd put him at B tier.
: "Mages should run out of mana if they cast constantly in long fights"
They also doubled the cost on his Q, which is pretty significant.
: RIOT ADC's needs gutting not MAGES
[The circlejerk is going strong.](https://giphy.com/gifs/wtf-what-gif-oaZk0WNSO7fXi)
: Alright. I guess I'll get into specifics since that what you seem to be calling for. > [{quoted}](name=Bârd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LxaKoH7r,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2018-04-18T14:16:30.967+0000) > > * Needs more items than any other class to come online. Crit itemization is stupidly cheap for the amount of power it brings to the table. Shiv, Rapidfire, and PD all need to have slight gold increases. > * Extremely squishy. Not with the addition of a ridiculous amount of percent damage reduction, heals, and shields in the game. They **_used_** to be extremely squishy. Nowadays, the health bar of ADC is just one giant lie because, more often than not, you gotta worry about damage reduction from PD, Knight's Vow, or Death's Dance. You gotta worry about the lifesteal they get from Fleet Footwork and Legend: Bloodline, even if they do not have any lifesteal in their build. You have to at least double the health bar of the ADC due to shields and heals coming from the support as well. ADCs are definitely not extremely squishy, like they used to be. They have way too much hidden power in the form of sneaky damage reduction (seriously, why do ADCs even get access to perfect damage reduction) and whatever survivability might be within their keystone. Add to the fact that the support class as a whole is ridiculously strong and ADCs simply become quite hard to kill. > * Horrible early game. I wouldn't say their early games are horrible at all, unless by horrible, you mean "sub par" compared to other champions? > * Most have little to no mobility. That's just simply not true, unless you have some odd way of defining "little to no mobility". About half of the ADC roster has mobility. > * Most have little to no CC. Again, it is simply not true. More than half of the ADC roster is packing CC, either in the form of self peel or for the purposes of engaging. > * Most rely heavily on allies to stay alive. I guess I'll give this one to you as well, though I will say that ADCs are currently **much** more self sufficient than they were in the past (%Damage reduction, new runes). Whether you think that is significant or not is up to you. I think it is. > *Burst damage is either lacking or slow. I'll agree with this point, with my only exception being Stattik Shiv. It provides too much burst (especially with IE), which is not really it's intended purpose. This item should be bought when you know you need the waveclear, not just bought in every possible scenario because it manages to nuke for 400 damage on top of your auto. The marksman class as a whole should never get access to item that help them burst. It's not how they should be played, and it messes up the dynamic between other burst roles/champions and them. And just to be clear, before I get taken out of context, I am not saying that ADCs have no drawbacks, because they obviously do. What I am saying is that a lot of their drawbacks have been slowly rectified by other changes around them throughout the past seasons, making it much harder to capitalize on these drawbacks. It's not that they don't exist, but at this point in LoL, they got a lot of them covered by other things, making their weakness much less prevalent, and therefore, making ADCs much stronger in comparison to other classes.
I was just saying that it seems like you were just throwing out buzzwords without any real meaning behind them. "Considering the power budget" is a meaningless statement in this context.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bârd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LxaKoH7r,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2018-04-18T14:16:30.967+0000) > > * Needs more items than any other class to come online. Draven and Cait (for instance) need two items to 3-4 shot people, while mages (such as Viktor) for instance practically need full build... let's not forget that mage spells are skillshots and not 100% reliable such as right clicking, but no, do go on about the plight of the ADC... > * Outranged by most mages. Cait has 600 range, 1200 for a headshot, further with ult... but again, go on about outranged by mages... > * Extremely squishy. As are mages for the most part. > * Horrible early game. Again, ever played Viktor? Awful early game. Meanwhile Cait, Draven and Xayah have pretty solid early games. > * Most have little to no mobility. Vel'Koz, Brand, Viktor, Syndra, Lux, Swain (if we're counting him as a mage), Xerath, Annie ... all mages, all have literally NO mobility... but hey, do go on. > * Most have little to no CC. ADCs can't have everything, although Cait has her traps, Trist has her ult, Draven has E, and so on.... not much CC, sure, but this is about the only real weakness they have. > * Most rely heavily on allies to stay alive. It is a team game, this can be said for any class in any given situation, unless someone is dramatically ahead. > * Burst damage is either lacking or slow. I don't know, 3 autos=dead is pretty "bursty" to me. > > But sure, no drawbacks. Yeah, pretty much.
ADC's need two items to be at all useful, and need 3+ to actually come fully online. There is no ADC equivalent to Ludens, Duskblade, or Cleaver, where you're ready to go with a single item. Viktor is an AP Carry; he has a poor early game, but scales harder than most. Cait traps are easily avoided. She can get a single parting shot if she lands her net on you, but that's about it. It's not like she's always at 1200 range. As for her normal state, 650 range is long, but still shorter than most spells, and most ADC's are around 550. Mages are often squishy, but they have a lot more options for durability than an ADC does. ADC's have DD, BT, Maw, GA, Merc Scim, and PD. Mages have Rod, Liandry's, Protobelt, Zhonyas, Banshees, Rylais, Shurelyas, Seraphs, and Morellonomicon. You'll notice that ADC's don't have any source of raw health unless they're one of very few who can get a Mallet or Triforce. Meanwhile, it's not exactly uncommon to see a Brand running around with 3k health come late game. Everyone relies on their allies to some extent, but ADC's are notably lacking in self-sufficiency. This is due to a combination of their poor durability and flawed CC (which is usually single target, unreliable, risky, or just low quality). A team goes for a pick on a Veigar, he drops his cage and blocks them off, buying himself enough time to escape. A team goes for a pick on a Vayne, she condems one of them back only to get dove on by the rest of the team. With enough damage items, sure ADC's deal damage fast. Thing is, that requires that they either be full build or dramatically ahead, not to mention hitting a low durability champion. With enough kills backing them up, any champion can kill fools that fast; we've all seen the AD Soraka videos.
: A lot of those weaknesses are just straight up negated when considering the power budget of support+adc+cheap itemization of both.
I've seen sentences on subreddit simulator that had more meaning behind them than what you just said.
: Mages already rely on skillshots more than any other group of champions. Why do they also need to be the most careful managing their attacks/resources?
: "Mages should run out of mana if they cast constantly in long fights"
* Needs more items than any other class to come online. * Outranged by most mages. * Extremely squishy. * Horrible early game. * Most have little to no mobility. * Most have little to no CC. * Most rely heavily on allies to stay alive. * Burst damage is either lacking or slow. But sure, no drawbacks.
Rioter Comments
: You forgot Lucian. Late game he can run out of Mana during a teamfight if it lasts long enough.
Yeah I considered him, but I haven't played him in years so I didn't know if he still had those problems.
Rioter Comments
: The moment when you see a mana change for mana gating the mage then you remember that one item still exhist. {{item:3042}} <------- Tell me who's AD champ is mana gated anymore? Even {{champion:81}} could get a {{item:3508}} if the muramasa effect wouldn't sinergy with his Q.. Even {{item:3508}} it's not used for what it should be (Remember the old version of essence reaver? AD + Lifesteal and a mana effect? Well noone needed that because noone adc was mana gating and ezreal still builded tear) and right now it's build only for Critical stat+CDR. But sure mage aren't suppose to use spell on wawe so let's give to doran ring +5 dmg on hit. Result -> {{champion:103}} {{champion:10}} They're rewarded because they got a good attack speed base so they can actually use that. {{champion:1}} {{champion:30}} They has the lowest attack speed i've ever seen and/or the lowest projectile for a mage. {{champion:115}} {{champion:161}} Who even need an artillery that can farm easy the wawe? Let's go all in because i need to auto the Cannon minion that give 60 gold because i had no mana, oh yeah don't forget that enemy zed has ult up so let's go on his range so he can ult me.
{{champion:119}} is spam-happy with his W and doesn't like going reaver. {{champion:420}} spams every ability she has for lane dominance, and the only mana items she can go are corrupting pot and MAYBE Sheen (though that makes her a lot squishier). {{champion:15}} has a very strained mana pool. Her shield helps, but you can't always rely on it for mana sustain. Reaver helps, but it's still barely enough. {{champion:121}} has issues when he's played in lanes, but his mana issues are usually alleviated by jungle buffs/items. {{champion:81}} needs tons of mana. Muramana is good on him for damage, but a big part of what makes it so core is that he needs a metric fuckton of mana. {{champion:110}} only for builds centered around his Q. {{champion:41}} in the early game, he has enough issues to prevent him from poking and sustaining without limits.
: Can we make baron stronger
What if Baron had increased health regen for each champion near the pit? Say, each champion within 300 range of the pit increases Baron's HP5 by 5 for each level that champion has (up to +900 HP5, or 180 health per second, if there are ten max level champions in the pit).
: Another nerf hits mages/enchanters directly by nerfing them and indirectly by nerfing their items
: What's taken the fun out of league for you?
Mostly, the knowledge that Riot tends to cave into the moaning from the gameplay boards.
Chortle (NA)
: Zyra has been a disappointment @RiotRepertoir
There are three things I think the rework got right. 1. They got rid of the old passive. 2. They replaced the bonus AS ult with a double hit. 3. They reworked her W's CDR passive to encourage Zyra mid. The rest of it... not a fan. 1. The old passive was horrible, but the new one isn't much better. 2. Larger plant spawning areas just mean Zyra doesn't even have to aim in order to spawn them. 3. Lowered plant lifetimes early game killed the insane clears of old Zyra jungle. 4. New Q shape is terrible. 5. They still haven't given us a real reason to use Lashers over Spitters. 6. Removal of range indicators for plants sucks. 7. They made the plants stupid. You shouldn't balance a summon by how frustrating its AI is ffs.
: What is Kat's weakness?
She telegraphs her positioning hard. Because of this, you can line up CC and nukes to land on her when she blinks to a dagger. All you have to do is predict when she's going to blink.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bârd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VixcUPEN,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-12T10:56:45.474+0000) > > 1. Rain has shit range, Hymm has a considerable range. > 2. Rain has shit damage if it splits, and it doesn&#x27;t prioritize champions. Hymm doesn&#x27;t care about isolation and does prioritize champions. > 3. Rain has a 3.3 second CD at max CDR. Hymm has a 2.64 second CD at max CDR, and Sona actually buys enough Mana to spam it that much. > 4. Rain has no additional effect. Hymm has an additional effect. Hymn has at best middle of the road range. It's longer then an auto attack but WAY shorter then many other ranged damage abilities. This is also on a character with no built in engage / disengage tool. Maxed leveled Rain worse case is 110 +40% AD and 40% AP ratio physical damage, best case is 473 + 172% AD and AP ratios. This is also on a character with an ability to gap close from very far away if they are skilled enough. Max leveled Hymn has a worse case of 160 +60% AP ratio with a best case of 160 +60% AP ratio. If you assume two targets Hymn will do 320 +120% AP ratio, Rain will do 330 + 100% AD and AP ratios. You are really going to bring up the 10-30 damage on next auto attack that Hymn gives?
1. Crescendo is an engage/disengage tool, as is Tempo. 2. The issue isn't raw damage, it's usability. Because of its target priority and range, Hymm lets Sona poke in lane very easily. If Kai'sa tried to do the same with Rain, she'd put herself in range for counterattack, push the wave, and end up doing very little damage anyway since most of the bolts would have gone onto the creeps. 3. That "10-30 bonus damage" scales with AP and applies to everybody. If you're playing optimally, it increases your teams damage output by 150 (+150% AP) every 2.64 seconds. It's one of the main reasons why Sona is so damn strong in the late game (along with her other auras).
: Kai'sa, "broken" abilities; now fine on new champions?!
1. Rain has shit range, Hymm has a considerable range. 2. Rain has shit damage if it splits, and it doesn't prioritize champions. Hymm doesn't care about isolation and does prioritize champions. 3. Rain has a 3.3 second CD at max CDR. Hymm has a 2.64 second CD at max CDR, and Sona actually buys enough Mana to spam it that much. 4. Rain has no additional effect. Hymm has an additional effect.
Azadethe (NA)
: It's still 16 minutes which you are drastically AP nerfed prior to the evolve minimum, and that's assuming you RUSH it. If you second or third item it, it's a full game nerf.
If that's the case, you're using the item line wrong. {{item:3003}} hasn't been a strong purchase in it of itself since the Mana>AP Conversion passive stacked. You buy {{item:3003}} solely because it upgrades into {{item:3040}}, but until you can upgrade the item is essentially a massive gold sink. Because of this, you almost always just bought {{item:3070}} early game and upgraded when you had it almost completely stacked. The only champions who would actually rush {{item:3003}} were the sub-par {{item:3070}} stackers, who needed the bonus stacking speed if they wanted {{item:3040}} before the game ended. Now, the item is strong enough that those sub-par {{item:3070}} stackers can just rush an {{item:3003}} without losing out on their early game. The nerf means that champions who don't stack a {{item:3070}} quickly will have an appropriate power-dip if they decide to rush {{item:3003}}, but the champions who are actually good at stacking it won't feel it at all since they only spent a few minutes at most sitting on {{item:3003}} to begin with.
: New Dev Team vs Old Dev Team
1. True damage is still a rare mechanic. In the last 3 years, they have only added three champions with true damage in their kit (Zoe, Urgot, Camille). Hell, I personally don't even count Zoe's true damage as real true damage since it works by multiplying post-mitigation damage. 2. ADC's are still limited in mobility and CC. In the last 3 years, only two ADC's with any form of hard mobility have been added (Kai'sa, Kindred) and only two have had hard CC (Jhin, Xayah). 3. League, as a base game, is not very complicated. Because of this, League derives it's complexity from the complexity of its champions. This is the opposite of a game like Dota, which is very complex at base but has relatively simple heroes (with an exception here or there). 4. Riot has a presence on the boards, they just don't tend to reply to a lot of the salt-piles on Gameplay. If there's a genuine discussion, there's a good chance they'll reply. If you're just crying about how "ADC'S ARE OP", not so much. 5. These guys are professionals. I'd hazard to say that they know a bit more about game design than a bunch of rando's on the Gameplay boards. Morde and Shaco are strange designs that they're trying to get into an eventual full update. The balance changes you see now are band-aids to tide us over until they can redesign those two into something healthy enough that they can allow them to be good. As for Karma, yeah they done goofed. 6. Excuse me? Have we been reading the same lore? Maybe Karma isn't exactly where she should be, but everything else they've done is pretty damn awesome. They're doing an incredible job with world building. I'd rather have a "Where Icathia once Stood" every couple months than a newsletter every week or so.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bârd,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AGpJQoby,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2018-04-10T05:49:55.396+0000) > > {{champion:35}} > Haunted Puppet > > Also, {{champion:136}} is a Space Dragon. Celestials are a different deal entirely. > Celestials exist (or existed, in the case of {{champion:16}}) on a higher plane, manipulating things from behind the scenes. > > {{champion:136}} is god-like, but he can&#x27;t just be thrown in with the actual gods. Celestial is used to refer to any otherworldly being such as Sol, Nagakaboros, and those who inhabit Aspects. Soraka actually had to fall in order to be able to manipulate anything, so you're wrong on that point. She's of the same ilk as an Aspect, though she chose to come down of her own accord without choosing a worthy human to inhabit. We know so because it specifically states she's one of the Targonian "gods".
Not all celestials are like that. Bard, for instance, exists in his higher plane while manipulating his puppet-body on Runeterra.
: What do you guys think is the strongest role in the game?
It's easy to say "Oh ADC's are strongest!!!!!" In terms of stats, yeah. They're carries, that's their job. Jungle, mid, and top all have carries too. Botlane may be saturated with carries, but those are hardly the only ones. Irelia, Fiora, GP, and Jayce in top. Azir, Vlad, Cass, and Ryze in mid. Shyv, Yi, Graves, and Jax in jungle. Any of these champions has the potential to carry just as hard as an ADC.
: {{champion:48}} Capable of single-handedly determining games. XD
If the enemy team drafts only a single tank, Trundle is all but a free win. Hell, he doesn't even need money to do that, which is half the reason support Trundle is a thing.
: List of beings on Runeterra
{{champion:35}} Haunted Puppet Also, {{champion:136}} is a Space Dragon. Celestials are a different deal entirely. Celestials exist (or existed, in the case of {{champion:16}}) on a higher plane, manipulating things from behind the scenes. {{champion:136}} is god-like, but he can't just be thrown in with the actual gods.
: I HATE this idea that attractiveness has to be there for a purpose
A champion being attractive is only a problem when it's in conflict with the character. Kai'sa is an example of that. She should be malnourished, yet appears to be in excellent health. She has been in social isolation for years, and has received no education, yet she speaks very well. She's constantly fighting, yet she has no scars and she's completely clean. She's seen as a monster, yet she looks like a model. The bodysuit flaunting her cleavage makes no sense, but that's the least of her issues.
Juhachi (NA)
: Why did riot apologize about making Kai'sa? "overly sexualized"
I am not a SJW. I simply like the lore of this game. I don't like Kai'sa being as sexy as she is. This isn't because I'm some white knight on a crusade to rid gaming of "unrealistic body images" or something like that. I don't like Kai'sa being this sexy because Kai'sa being as attractive as she is just makes no sense with her lore. _Her suit is a living, second skin. It's fused with her skin, giving her the sensation of being stabbed with needles whenever it hungers..._ but it doesn't cover her face or cleavage most of the time, for no particular reason. _She was raised as much by the void as she was by her parents..._ and the void kept her in excelent supply of Pantene, from how silky her hair looks. Also, she speaks very elegantly for somebody who received no education past elementary school. _She scavenged the ruins of her town in the void for years just to survive, the best thing she could hope for being some rotten peaches..._ yet she doesn't appear to have suffered any form of malnutrition _To the humans, she is a monster..._ except she straight up looks like a model in spandex with shoulder pads. Her legs are a bit weird, but that's the only unsettling part about her. _She had to fight every day just to survive..._ yet the face she so often leaves unprotected has not a single scar. Hell, she isn't even remotely dirty, which makes very little sense since I highly doubt there's an abundance of showers in the void. Sex appeal certainly has its place in character design, but not for Kai'sa. It just clashes too much with her lore.
: If you read the first comment on the video you linked you see how stupid your argument is: >Leonardo Bezerra explained http://prntscr.com/e435q3 - ashe build http://prntscr.com/e43691 - maokai build Ashe was 0/8 with no dmg items, sure every case is just like you listed, although we are on an ADC meta for 2 years with ADCs killing everything, including tanks, with 3 to 4 autos. Keep living you delusional dream, ok.
You're the one who thinks you don't need damage to kill a tank. Ok buddy.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Not only Mages, also Tanks who dont skill AD. I think its unfair that for some champions its super easy to last hit, only because they are AD-champs, and for other its super hard (especially under tower with Bamis Cinder). Is there an unwritten rule that says tanks and AP-champs need more skill in lasthitting CS then other champs? Skill-check by lasthitting is ok, but it should be at least "similar" for most champions. I dont say everyone should lasthit like an ADC, that would be too easy, but at least not 2 pixel-lasthits pls! It costs so much focus and concentration that you often cant focus on trades and interactions with enemy laner when your own tower is your biggest rival! Just insert a mini execute for EVERY champ that kills Minions at 8% or 10% HP
Tanks have a very easy time last hitting. Their base AD stat is above average. Their base AS stat is very high. Seriously, the top 7 level 1 AS champs are all tanks. A lot of them have enchanced auto attacks, some even passively. A lot of them even have spammable spells to nab last hits with. Oh, and {{item:1054}} gives 5 bonus damage vs minions.
: I disagree, the gold on it is fine, as well as the fact it's tanky and requires extended fighting But it's purely the last hitting via autos that is problematic. It increases the gap between low and high ping, AD and AS. I'd much prefer they solved it by changing something about cannon minion's last bit of health - like let them be executed by autos
Or how about you learn to last hit instead of asking Riot to make the most valuable creep in the wave a freebie?
: What I hate is Mages that with the NEW Minions have to wait until its 2 pixels of HP before you auto attack else its gone. That and the casters suddenly all want to focus ONE minion over and over. You cant time it and your attacks are SOOOO FREAKING SLOW its not possible.
"You can't time it" "Its not possible" Now that's just bullshit. Every champion, even those with low base damage and shit auto animations, can CS with autos. Stop making excuses. Source: My past mains have included Anivia and Zilean mid. I am currently an avid Karthus player. I play Dota. I know a thing or two about slow, low damage autos.
: Is the mentality of "Miss a minion by 1 HP? You're bad." what Riot wants?
Last-hitting is a skill. If you're missing CS constantly, that's on you and nobody else. You missed the farm. You fucked up. Missing out on that gold is the punishment for your mistake. It doesn't matter if your damage sense is off by a mile or just a hair, League doesn't have damage spread. Your attacks don't vary in damage by 5 to make you screw up a last hit. Your champion's attack damage is consistent. If you're consistently wrong, you need to spend more time practicing lasthits and less time asking for Riot to make the game easier.
: You don't need damage to kill tanks, just tank busting items like {{item:3153}} {{item:3036}}, Riot could have a balanced game with less damage and create more tools to deal with tanks. Your logic is flawed.
"You don't need damage to kill tanks" [Suuuuuure](https://youtu.be/C_KGCIaf6BI) I'll be generous and assume this guy meant to "just halve the champion's base damage and ratios!" (still a horrible idea, but slightly less horrible). {{item:3153}} 8% current HP is OK, but no tank is going to die to that. {{item:3036}} would be all but useless. Amping somebody at 50% by 20% still means you're only doing 60% damage. {{item:1416}} can only be bought by one member of the team, and even then it's unlikely since in this scenario they'd be playing a tank every game. {{item:3151}} still has an OK passive, but the amp is is garbage tier, since you're still sitting at 55% your curretnt damage output? If you want something worse than tanks being untouchable, look at burst champions. {{champion:134}} lands a full combo on an out-of-position squishy? Did she deserve to 100-0 them? Too bad, they've still got 40% of their HP. {{champion:238}} lands all 3 shurikens? Ha, no they're still at half health. The only assassins that would be remotely playable would be the ones who can go tank. Remember the days of tank {{champion:91}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:84}} every other game? **WE DON'T WANT THIS AGAIN** I see this same suggestion on the boards every couple weeks and I'm sick of it because it's such a horrible fucking idea and none of these people seem to realize "Oh, maybe this could go badly".
: For me balance would be = Cut every champ's Damage in HALF. Get rid of 40/45% CDR , Ultimate HAT, and pressence of mind, 2much cdr = League of Who spams more spells and which champ has skillshots or click 2 win spells. Remove Duskblade(I am a ZED main so no, i dont hate assassins but lets face it this item is broken) Ninja tabi = Melee Only. AP version of QSS Remove %HP or MAX %HP dmg, and true damage, cut every armor item in half = gg
1. This would completely break the game. If you halve damage, we end up in the worst tank meta in the history of this game. Nautilus is now invincible, congratulations. 2. Getting rid of CDR means that every champion who relies on it is now overshadowed by the champions who don't rely on it. I thought the boards wanted ADC's to be nerfed, but here you are asking for the single biggest indirect buff to ADC's that they could ask for. 3. Fair enough. Duskblade is problematic. 4. Unnecessary. 5. AP champs don't need a QSS. They have Banshees, Hourglass, and several items that give both AP and Health, allowing them to tank up. 6. So you want mages to be useless against tanks, and you want crit ADC's to be completely overpowered?
: 1. not everyone knows that so why would I call it by the name of the skill? 2. HP damage doesn't have a cooldown and never did even when it was on his r so why do you bring it up when I`m talking about cooldowns. Or did you not know that void gate is from a splitpushing/map pressure ITEM THAT SCALES WITH YOUR MAX HP.
1. Being uninformed isn't something that strengthens your side of an argument. 2. The discussion was never about its CD, but about its effectiveness as a spell. 3. The item is called Zz'rot portal.
: Riot,DON'T change apparently "oversexualized" champions.
It's fine for MF to be attractive. Thing is, that's not her only character trait. She's a beauty and a charmer for sure, but she's also tough, vengeful, a stone-cold killer, and a bona fide bad-ass. Her current look screams "Pirate themed prostitute". It could be very easily improved to show traits other than "she's hot".
: The assasin update has been nothing short of a complete failure
Fizz's rework wasn't supposed to stop him from all-inning early game. It was supposed to extend his burst pattern if he didn't ult you. In that, they succeeded. Talon's rework was fine. Not a massive improvement, but better than before (not that he was even that bad of a design beforehand). Akali's rework was an improvement, and it added a lot of skill expression to her kit. She still needs her VGU but the minor update did its job. Katarina's rework was one of the best things to ever come out of a class update. She was a braindead faceroller who was only really viable in low Elo. Now she's an assassin viable at all levels of play who actually takes skill.
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