nelogis (EUW)
: (Champion concept: Bruiser-Diver) Beauty de Morknaut
I think his base HP should be lowered significantly, since a regular amount of base HP on a champion who can have a passive 50% max HP shield is insane. In return, his "scrap" HP should be subject to Gretchin repairs, maybe at an increased rate.
: I mean, that's kind of unfair. You quote the LCK for why Caitlyn's fine and doesn't need buffs. Jinx hasn't been pro scene viable for a year, regardless of meta, and she's ALSO fine? How does that work?
Maybe, but Jinx has her own problem. The buffs going through now are essentially reverts to prior nerfs (which were done for a reason), plus a lethal tempo effect on her passive. This is probably just going to put Jinx back in the absurd state she used to be in.
: Caitlyn is picked in LCK when broken ADCs are banned
I think Jhin should be encouraged to go into mid instead of ADC, because honestly he just isn't a proper carry, he's a physical nuker. Just from a teamcomp standpoint, a having Jhin mid causes fewer problems than ADC Jhin. Mid Jhin requires that his team grabs some AP, and maybe doesn't pick up Ashe or Sivir on ADC. There are plenty of champions that deal magic damage, and plenty of ADC's that aren't Ashe or Sivir, so this is pretty easy for a comp to build around. ADC Jhin requires that his team pick another tank buster, and there aren't many options right now, since any magic damage tank-buster has issues getting through Adaptive Helm until they're nearly full build. As a result, he's only ever a good pick when the enemy drafts an all-squishy line up, which they'll never do if you pick Jhin early in the draft, or if your team drafts specifically to accommodate your Jhin pick, which nobody in solo queue is gonna do.
VulDread (NA)
: That's just going to be disgusting with supports.
Not in most cases. Seeing as he can't actually do anything with the buffs, it would just kinda be "ok" in most situations. The only ones that might get out of hand are Kayle R, Taric R, and Morg E. (Maybe ghost in URF)
: He would break dabbing forever if he tried. He must remain more subdued. Be sure to Ctrl+3 when he hits PBE. :D
How are his moves in comparison to now? He's already one of the better dancers.
Shırø (NA)
: Don't play Jhin in ranked unless you are really good with him please
Even if you're good at him, don't pick {{champion:202}} without either a late pick or specific allies. If the enemy doesn't pick a champ alongside Jhin to pick up the slack against tanks, you essentially win by default with some picks. For example, {{champion:54}} loves it when you pick Jhin. If you pick Jhin and he doesn't get specifically countered by a hard-carry top/jungle pick, it's pretty much game. He'll get {{item:3068}} {{item:3047}} and laugh at Jhin. If you don't have a hard carry in top or jungle, neither of them will be able to deal damage. I'm not talking "Lethality {{champion:64}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:59}} OMG THE BURST" I'm talking {{champion:11}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:48}} , champions with high amounts of persistent damage that cuts through Malphite's armor. If you have an assassin or burst mage mid, he'll be useless against {{champion:54}}'s high HP pool. Most skirmisher mids will also be dogshit, but {{champion:157}} can deal with Malph with his armor pen. If you have a battlemage or artillery mid, they'll be useful in the early game and the extreme late game. Before {{champion:54}} has MR, they can melt him. Once they're full build with all the AP and pen they could ever desire, Malph will melt. At every point between {{champion:54}} completing {{item:3194}} and your {{champion:90}} hitting full build they won't be able to kill him either. Maybe {{champion:161}} can contribute with his true damage, or {{champion:45}} whose burst might actually be enough to kill Mallphite, but
: FQC's & the Tribute reward is getting removed in 8.2.
FQC will be re-implemented as a twin shadows type item. Probably won't have anything like the tribute reward, but hey.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dineachaexor,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=No5PoOtJ,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2018-01-19T06:55:10.369+0000) > > Lul if anything needs to be brought down its {{champion:12}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:55}} . Ik boards has chosen adc to cry about since ur all toplane players but there are tons of things in this game rn that just make carrying as a marksman legit impossible. Also{{champion:164}} clicking 1 ablilty on someone and 1 shotting them while they cant run is hard.
{{champion:12}} is balanced by the absurdly long CD on his Q. W-Q is a powerful combo, but even at 45% CDR he can only do it every 7 seconds. His ult usually lets him survive long enough to do two combos in a teamfight, but that's all he can reliably do (plus Trample and his passive, of course). {{champion:75}} is balanced by how easy it is to kite him when played against properly. Nasus uses Wither on your carry? They use QSS and melt him before he reaches them. Nasus uses RG to close the distance? Too bad, a frontliner dove in front of Nasus to stop the speed boost. He's strong until tanks get enough items that he can't kill them before the ADC kills him, or until the ADC has the DPS to kill him in between Wither CD's. {{champion:89}} is balanced by having a very poor late game. Her damage falls off at this point, and the support build path doesn't make her all that tanky. Eclipse only does so much, so she often can't survive her own engages. {{champion:117}} is balanced by two things (assuming we're talking support Lulu). FIrst, she's very squishy. This means that if anyone threatens her, she'll have to burn her ult or her exhaust to survive the encounter (sometimes both). Seeing as her ultimate is her main power play in a teamfight, you can see how this is easiyl exploitable. Second, she's extremely reliant on her carry. You pick Lulu for her ability to protect and buff up a hypercarry. If you can separate the two, both will suffer greatly. {{champion:55}} relies heavily on getting that initial kill. If she doesn't get it the moment she goes in (due to shields, exhaust, hourglass, MR, etc) she's gonna get stunned and killed pretty much instantly. Hourglass helps, but then again it only delays her death by 2.5 seconds. {{champion:164}} builds one or two tank items, tops. She's really damn squishy for a diver, especially in a team fight. Sure, you can't leave... That doesn't mean you can't force her to leave. ADC's ain't BS either. The game is more balanced than the boards give it credit for.
: if the match is declined can u close the stupid popup plz?
Huh? Are you sure you don't want to keep listening to that glorious sound?
Goatfish (NA)
: Yeah, Resolve tree SUCKS
**Keystones** Aftershock is absurdly powerful. Guardian is... it's OK on a couple champs I guess. Rakan, Braum, maybe TK and Thresh. Grasp is, again, OK. It's not very satisfying. "I've gotten 90 free HP this game!" doesn't quite compare to "I've earned 650 extra gold this game!". **Slot 1** Unflinching is hard to see, but incredible. Demolish is great. Font of life is pretty bad. If it healed on hit instead of over time, I could see it being useful, but it just heals for so little that there's no point unless you're trying to make Ardent Censer Braum work. **Slot 2** Iron Skin is actually decent. It equates to armor seals in early laning, which is good on tank supports. Mirror Shell isn't as good, since it doesn't help against enemy autos, creeps, or towers, but it has its place against your Teemo's and Rumbles. Conditioning is unquestionably the best if you don't need more early resists. Still not all that great. **Slot 3** Overgrowth is kind of pathetic. After 200 minions die near you your max HP is increased by 5%. On a 3000 HP champion, that's an extra ruby crystal. Revitalize is really strong on champs with innate healing. Second Wind is amazing if your champion doesn't have innate healing. 4/12 are very strong runes. 4/12 are mediocre. 2/12 are situational. 2/12 are unusable garbage.
: LoL, just happened to a guy in my Discord and it made me laugh
Your rank placement isn't based on what % of the games you win. It's based on your MMR at the end of your placements. Placements just re-calibrate you after 10 games. If you've been losing a lot at B5 in the preseason, your MMR is gonna be so low that you will be B5 no matter how many games you win in placements.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Mast3rMahan,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=45fEGKGX,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-01-18T17:27:48.898+0000) > > Good news is that a teaser is out! Where tho?
: "If you are nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it." - Tony Stark.
: "Dangerous, yet disarmingly precocious, Annie is a child mage with immense **pyrokinetic** power. Even in the shadows of the mountains north of Noxus, she is a magical outlier. Her natural affinity for **fire** manifested early in life through unpredictable, emotional outbursts, though she eventually learned to control these “tricks.” Her favorite includes the summoning of her beloved teddy bear, Tibbers, as a **fiery** beast hellbent on destruction. Lost in the perpetual innocence of childhood, Annie wanders the dark forests, always looking for someone to play with." From Universe, just now... ;-)
Thank you. It's been bugging me for years.
Nea104 (EUW)
: Am I wrong or a new skin for Vayne has just come out? So...
Wrong. Project was released in November.
Potentia (EUW)
: Yes lets remove a champs entire kit and identity, because **one** hardstuck silver doesnt know how to land his cc on a low range squishy adc.
To be fair, it isn't unique to that guy. There are a LOT of hardstuck silvers who can't deal with Vayne.
: New Annie Icons
Maybe a lore update? You know, maybe update it so that it actually mentions FIRE?
Wuq (NA)
: Animation Canceling was also a bug that is now a feature though, so I would rather have Ornn's W form of skill expression than something majority of spectators don't even see happening other than the enemy's health bar disappearing.
: Bruh your complaining about a champ that can half health you with only a chain vest. Legit ornns damage is insane and people like panth can't even play into him. You can't out trade unless you an irelia with a few kills and ignite.
I know. That's why I called for nerfing his damage instead of his core gameplay.
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Akrid415 (NA)
: Will anything be done about Vayne?
Sure, it's not like she has a massive nerf on PBE as we speak. But w/e it's not like people on the gameplay board actually care about balance.
: they changed her Bubble so u can cleanse it?
You've always been able to cleanse it. Just make sure you don't cleanse until you're actually asleep. If you try to cleanse Drowsy, you'll get rid of the slow but still fall asleep.
Eedat (NA)
: > You know what Wukong really needs? I'd settle for a real passive tbh
Wukong's passive is alright... in late game team fights. 40 armor and MR is pretty valuable. Nothing crazy, but it's good. The problem is that it's absolute dogshit in every other situation.
: you literally listed basically every counter for hard cc. It's zoes entire kit that makes people hate her, she has range, super easy to aim cc and a long ranged nuke that gets true damage mega boost from her easy to aim cc. All of that combine with a 6 sec cd double blink and the potential ability to flash multiple times in a row just make her cancerous. Personally I dont mind her since i play supps that excel against her but also because shes almost never seen in game due to bans. I dont even ban her because i know someone else will, thats how much people hate her.
1. I did, and I also listed other things. Read past the first batch of counters. 2. Her CC being easy to aim is your own damn opinion. 3. Her bubble pop is not actual true damage. You'd know that if you actually read the post. 4. Calling her ultimate a "Double Blink" is perhaps the most misleading thing I've seen on the boards in a while. It's a temporary reposition, notable in that it can never be used to escape. 5. She can only flash multiple times in a row if you forget you're up against Zoe and flash directly away from her. Even then, she has to go to specific spots to pick them up, making it easy to predict where she's going for skillshots. 6. People also hate Teemo, and he's universally agreed to be shit tier.
: I'm fairly certain Yasuo gets wrecked by Zoe. Her enhanced autos go through wind wall for some reason. Also, wind wall CD is like 24 seconds. She could cast bubble like 3 times before it comes back up.
Nope, Yas destroys Zoe. The passive doesn't really matter all that much, and windwall blocking the bubble is huge. Not only do you deny her the sleep, you deny her the 30% CDR for landing it. That gives Yasuo enough time to run her down like the degenerate she is.
: Literally not one of these champs is in actual counter, you're listing stuff you could use against any champ. Let's get real here fellas: Zoe effectively does not have a counter. Case closed. Now, can she get nerfed?
What the hell do you think a counter is?
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Not sure you are colorblind or something but he has really clear green eyes in the cinematic. His eyes are actually "unnaturally" green.
The light from his blasters makes them look green-ish. In the frontal shot, after the light dies down, they're clearly brown. In the home screen countdown, they're clearly brown.
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: Woah a cleanse that counters a cc?????? Man maybe if cleanse wasnt on a high cd....., Woah people who can shove waves weird last time I fought a zoe she used max ranged Q everyone wave to take out the entire back line and half the front....People who can dive zoe?????Lets hope she used her bubble already.....They are removing face of the mountain, Juggernauts are terrible against her she still hurts them a lot and the kiting potential makes actually catching her damn near impossible god forbid you burn a sum to catch up and she Rs to it and uses it with her W to get farther way r.i.p ghost and flash....People Like yi you just have to wait till they get near before you E them so you can nuke them.Zoe pops most champs plus a large shield if shes going full ap god forbide magic pen......Of course tanks sorta counter her if you think they have one job of being a meat shield and only that job.........I guess shen would counter her decently because of his dash taunt but most of those tanks you listed would get kited pretty easily......
1. If you find yourself needing to cleanse her bubble on CD, that's just you being a bad player. 2. Zoe's Q aoe is tiny as fuck. In lane, she needs multiple Q's to take out each line of the creep wave, and she can't hit both with the same Q. 3. Even if she bubbles you, you have 2.2 seconds to burst her or lock her down. If you're a diver or assassin, that's plenty of time. 4. Juggernauts can't kill Zoe easily, but Zoe can't kill them either. This will generally result in a raid boss going unchecked. 5. They're removing FoTM, but Locket still exists and they're likely going to re-implement it alongside Twin Shadows and Shurelyas. 6. Yi uses alpha to dodge the bubble. If Zoe doesn't bubble, he doesn't alpha. 7. Not true. Locket will generally block almost the whole Q if the victim isn't asleep (will block the whole thing if the locket wielder is tanky), and even then will usually save their life. 8. Tanks are good at tanking damage. That isn't their only job, obviously, but it's a good way of dealing with Zoe and they're amazing at it. 9. Those tanks were listed for their ability to block a Q for a sleeping ally without getting chunked too critically. It's a list of durable champions, not a list of divers. 10. Block'o'Text is not a good format.
Rexxiee (NA)
: They should make it scale on AD/AP and reduce the base value. Would make it weaker on tanks and juggernauts and stronger on glass cannons, and a rune like dangerous game or triumph was never intended to be used by tanks, but by carries or assassins/melees who have high risk/high reward gameplay patterns.
Maybe, but then I'm pretty sure {{champion:8}} would break it.
sutora3 (EUNE)
: cho gath well cho gath isnt exactly a juggernaut but he could fill that
No, Juggernaut is an apt description. He has Rupture, which is more CC than most juggernauts have, but it's unreliable enough that it doesn't really solve his issues with getting kited.
: one thousand hp healing on juggernauts? i wonder which juggernaut had 10 000 hp
If you have 4k HP and are on the verge of death, Triumph heals you for 480. If that happens twice, you'll heal for 960. Something very notable about Triumph is that if multiple people die simultaneously, you get the full heal for both. This makes those fat heals a lot more common.
: Unrelated, but I believe you played {{champion:432}} support with lolTyler1? Just wanted to say awesome job! I loved watching your Bard skills!!! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
CoffeeMug (EUNE)
: Although this has been informative,most means accessible to champions such as {{item:3222}} ,{{item:3140}} ,{{summoner:1}} have a high cooldown and it doesn't help that her E,at max range,nearly instantly turns into an AoE.
It still only hits one guy.
: Not sure how having CC cleanses makes fighting her any better. QSS is over 90-second cooldown while her bubble is less than 10.
You don't need to block every bubble. You only need to block the bubble that would either kill you or save her.
: My experiences on Eve vs Zoe are mixed. Zoe will know you are coming and pointblank E you. Eve's damage is backloaded unless super fed, so the sleep effect tends to countdown before eve can get zoe below 30 for the ult damage bonus. Zoe's point blank cc makes her better vs eve than other squishy mages
I may be biased. I had a game where I was essentially able to spawn camp Zoe. It was very fun.
: fizz isn't untargetable long enough to negate the sleep. if he gets hit by the bubble he will get hit by the q. vlad might be long enough, the other two listed definitely aren't. You have to dodge the bubble if you want to dodge the damage, it's that simple. The morgana interaction pisses me off. I wouldn't mind if I could still get hit for the true damage if i shielded after the bubble, fizz ult for example will still deal damage if i shield after it hits someone, but it won't knock the target up if i do that, so why do i go to sleep from zoe. These spells basically act the same way, but are treated completely differently.
Fizz and Vlad can pool at the last second to dodge the bubble itself, even if they didn't react in time to dodge normally. Morgana is a weird interaction. Wouldn't be surprised if it got changed.
Eedat (NA)
: > it's a troll item on most ranged champs. {{item:3083}} {{champion:16}} is sooooooooo busted
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: but riot said ranged adcs sitting in the back and poking eachother and sustaining is more fun than actually having to be in melee range to do damage! hence the adcs getting left broken as fuck while melee fighters are in the dumpster! riot knows best!!!!
That hasn't been true in a long time. {{summoner:32}} turns any melee into an initiator. {{item:2051}} gives melees an insane amount of regen and durability in the early stages. {{item:3083}} is one of the best item in ARAM, and it's a troll item on most ranged champs.
: ARAM with mostly melee is SO fun
{{champion:12}} is my favorite ARAM champ. The plays you can make with reduced flash CD and mark are insane. {{champion:9}} second. Mark-R-Dash is just incredibly powerful. {{champion:72}} third. Mark-Dash-R is fun. He's only this far down because it's not quite as fun as Poro King Skarner.
: I think dangerous game worked off of assists which is why it is more consistent if it was changed to 5% without assists then its useless
xelaker (NA)
: let me just plow past a 4 second cd hard cc, her kiting, an ult that (even though she comes back) gives her some breathing room, any summoner spells she picked up, her own summoner spells, any minions/monsters or terrain she has put between us (she's prob using a wall to add some range and safety to the fight, and 4 other champs without taking enough damage to die to her let alone the other champs and kill her. as the support. so aside from the odd {{champion:2}} support game, or 10 way clown fiesta of a stomping I get about halfway to her before the adc and Zoe take turns hitting me with 1k explosions. or she misses and zones off most moderate enclosures on the map because nobody wants to eat 1k of damage or get hit with the cc train that is sleep.
Her hard CC * Only lasts 2 seconds. * Is cleansable. * Is single target. * is a skill shot. Her kiting * Relies on landing her Sleep. * Relies on having ways to proc her W passive. Her ult * Extends her reach. * Lets her dodge skill shots. * Gives up any chance of escape if used to try and open a gap. So yeah, killing her is hardly impossible. There are plenty of ways to beat her. * Send two people to dive the Zoe. * Get cleanse/QSS or have your support buy Mikaels. * Dodge the damn sleep. * Buy a Banshees or Edge of Night and rush her ass. * Don't leave her a trail of flashes and ghostblades. * Make a play on your own champion. It's not like every champion in the game other than Zoe is on par with Nunu or Garen. Land a Thresh hook, have Camille or J4 dive on her, pick Lee and Insec her, Snipe her as Ashe, etc.
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Suasion (NA)
: Miss Fortune lore appearance > Miss Fortune's in-game appearance
Captain MF is what she canonically looks like. They should just give her a new VO and make that her base skin IMO.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bârd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yNKRYiqi,comment-id=00050001000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-14T20:25:19.573+0000) > > Except this doesn't actually make Top Thresh any good. > > His base values haven't been changed. Bruh, you either just don't get it or don't want to get it. The answer is no. That cancer can stay like her already is and in damn bot lane. Bad enough Yasuo runs around top lane and while Darius is shit atm, we don't need a 3rd CertainlyT champ in top.
You're clearly overestimating Thresh.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bârd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yNKRYiqi,comment-id=000500010000,timestamp=2018-01-14T00:01:18.149+0000) > > I know exactly what I'm asking for. > > * Targons melee only, so ADC's can't abuse it. > * Thresh reclassified to melee so he can use Targons. > * Thresh can no longer purchase hurricane. > * Thresh can now purchase Hydra items and Steraks. > * Thresh now gains 10 gold from Bandit procs. > * Thresh now gains full bonuses from Grasp of the Undying. No man, you weren't here for release {{champion:412}} in the top lane were you? I don't think you were or you wouldn't ask for such a thing. Ive seen a lot of broken crap, a lot. But all of it pales in comparison to top lane release {{champion:412}}. You think he is powerful and game changing in bot lane? My good sir you haven't seen nothing till you see AD bruiser {{champion:412}} in the top lane when he was released. No, {{champion:412}} is fine. That is one CertaintlyT champ that has never had a weak phase, and never will with all that kit offers. I rather {{champion:157}} get buffed then {{champion:412}}
Except this doesn't actually make Top Thresh any good. His base values haven't been changed.
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