: Patch 9.1 notes
dont worry tho, Sol finally getting buffs and u delay them. rip 48% wr Sol in diamond+
: Patch 8.6 notes
so you change mage items, but dont buff the mages that got left behind. However, you change 1 ad item and buff every single ad assassin in game to "compensate". feelsbadman
: Aurelion sol just got a skin confirmed for 2018!!!! Plus a pool party Zoe!
but.... a pool party sol skin would be sick with the pool party zoe
: The client crashes SO MUCH. It is INFURIATING to lose LP because of it.
This is my problem and it has happened mutliple times, Client crashes due to whatever reason, then you try to log back in before the game thinks you dodged. (the client actually doesnt know you are out of the lobby). you can log back in, but then have no way to actually rejoin the lobby. If you attempt to join a new queue, the game then realizes it messed up and instantly makes you dodge even though it appears it put you back into the same lobby.


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