Albz98 (NA)
: u turned down shit for a video game?
When someone is as retarded as you, it's just sad.
Barnaldo (NA)
: How to improve capture quality of replay highlights? HIGHLIGHT VIDEO QUALITY SETTINGS By default, Highlights are captured in 720p, but we've added in-game options that will allow you to set the video quality of your recorded Highlights. You can ajdust these settings in-game while you are watching a Replay, before you begin recording a Highlight.
: It does kinda suck. The good news is that item sets are still there—just not the item set creator tool. So all of your item sets still work and you can set up as many as you like between now and the 24th using the legacy client. We also support third party devs using our API and some of them have built tools that'll let you tweak your item sets. I personally like this one:!/editor I know it's not perfect, and some people just don't like using third party stuff, but that's why we are rebuilding the item set creator tool, so it won't be a problem for long.
Thanks for the link. This site is pretty good.
Meddler (NA)
: 10 bans in ranked at some point yes, though it'll be a somewhat different format (all bans up front for starters).
>all bans up front Terrible decision. 10 bans in any format would be but especially in that format. Sad day for one tricks. Guess I'll stop playing League since Yasuo will be permabanned.
: We understand that you want to play tank jungle corki. However...
your teammates do not want you to play tank jungle Corki.
: >It only takes a single report to trigger a game review A review by a bot? I put in easily 3 reports a game and have had easily days with 20+ reports. There is no way humans could be reviewing every report. It would be millions per day with a 100 million player playerbase. If you disabled chat or gave users the option to disable chat, there wouldn't be any reports to review, there would be no people to flame and there would be a lot less bannings. And let's face it, chat is rarely used for anything else but self-sucking or flaming. Riot's been trying to stop toxicity for 7 seasons now and it's a losing fight. I know the RBSC(Rito Butt Slapper's Club) will downvote and harass me for saying this, but getting rid of chat altogether and instead improving the ping selection would solve so many issues.
I believe Riot has said in the past plenty of times that they have bots or an AI reviewing reports. Humans only review some of the reports. Don't remember which ones. Pretty sure all permabans are reviewed by humans. Edit: Also, I doubt Riot thinks they can stop toxicity. That is impossible. They are only trying to reduce it. Which supposedly, they have reduced it from what it was a couple of years ago.
: Agree completley. Twitch's kit is far better designed (i.e. not overloaded) he has a lot more counterplay.
: Perhaps it is worth mentioning, are you aware that the bots will change lanes to accommodate you? For instance, if a bot is mid and you go down the middle lane at the start of the game then the bot will move to one of the side lanes. Basically the bots will match the 2,1,2 meta as long as you go to the lane you want prior to minion spawning. I tend to find this is good enough to get whatever lane setup you should need. If you want to solo a side lane then just do 3v3 instead of 5v5 on SR.
The problem for me with 3v3, is that if I go to a side lane, neither of the bots will go mid.
Meddler (NA)
: We're still planning to look into 10 bans once the new client's out (changes needed to champ select for extra bans would be made in that, not the old client). I think it's quite likely we move to a 10 ban system, though that's not guaranteed yet. Assuming we do go to 10 bans it's also possible Pro games and regular games might make the change at somewhat separated times (different workflows for draft matchmaking games versus tournament draft in custom games which is what Pro uses).
Please don't increase the bans. This will ruin the game for a lot of mains. Too many people just ban champions that they hate rather than using their bans strategically. Look at this Reddit thread if you haven't seen it already. All these people calling for Yasuo to be removed from the game. Yasuo's ban rate has been so high for so long after his nerf just because there's not too many annoying OP champs right now. Imagine having 10 bans. People won't get to play Yasuo anymore. People will ban their own teammates out even just because they don't want to see them on that champ. The same goes for other hated champs like Zed and Riven. Bans are best used for banning OP champs. After that, people seem to more often ban champs they hate rather than banning their own counters. We don't need more than 6 bans for OP champs. Edit: What maybe would be a good idea is keeping it at 6 bans for Solo Q and changing it to 10 bans for LCS and Flex Q to add more strategy to the ban phase.
Ulriah (EUW)
: First of all, don't put words in my mouth, makes you look pathetic. Second of all, if I'd really have to blindly believe someone, of course I'd choose him over you.
The problem isn't that you believe him, it's that you are using his statement to prove a point instead of actual reasoning. Tell me something, if he's not wrong or biased then why, according to, in the past month in Korea has Yasuo only been played 17 times? Surely if Yasuo was as OP as Apdo claimed, he would be played much more? And no, he isn't banned that often in Challenger.
: *Assasin update* All ADC mains quietly cry in the background....
Sinatraz (NA)
: Yes ranked should return sooner! Im all for it. The game is in a pretty good state so please don't make too many changes. Focus the work on your new client.
I agree with the statement that ranked should return sooner.
: I definitely agree with your core argument that more is not better. Over time we have been gradually shifting from TONS of new champs and 0 updates to less and less new champs -> more quality of new champs (and more updates). Rough estimates off the top of my head: 2010 : 24 2011 : 24 2012 : 24 2013 : 8 2014 : 6 2015 : 5 2016 : like i said probably 6 This trend is definitely deliberate to focus on only making the few additions that will actually add something new and essential to the game. A side point that you bring up about how managing 130+ champions is extremely complex and possibly reaching the ceiling of what is legitimately possible. We are constantly thinking about what systemic changes to the game we could or should make to make this a sustainable and scaleable future. Things like: * Limited draft modes (like original DOTA RD) * Rotating sets of champs that are "in play" (like things that Magic The Gathering does with cards and sets) * Shifting some more of the "make new champ" resources into big VGU style updates * Other crazy ideas like - In a best of 5 every time a champ is picked, they are cut from the pool for the rest of the series These are very loose conversations at this point and we haven't found anything that we all agree is the right move for LoL, so don't expect that any of these are coming soon or in the pipe. Though I would appreciate and value your opinions/feelings on these types of directions.
: I really like watching on azubu, any reason its channel got removed? (since riot stoped using azubu, I've been watching the games on youtube)
The reason is that you were the only one.
: And in what way are they important enough for me to care about their opinions? What have they accomplished relating to the game that gives them any more credibility than you have? Have they played since the closed beta or work on the development team? I doubt it. Sure no critical chance, doesn't mean he hasn't become even more frustrating to fight; a hyper-mobile assassin that you have to burst down effectively 3 times, while he's filleting your entire team.
"And in what way are they important enough for me to care about their opinions? What have they accomplished relating to the game that gives them any more credibility than you have? Have they played since the closed beta or work on the development team? I doubt it." Arkadata is a challenger Yasuo main. I feel like that gives him more credibility. The Rioter I mentioned earlier that commented in this thread does, in fact, work on the development team. He's the lead gameplay designer. :) I don't know how long they played but on, I can see that Arkadata has played at least since S3. I generally don't find the length of time someone played the game an indicator of how well they understand the game. I'm a fairly new player. Met so many people that have been playing since S1 or S2 that have a piss poor understanding of the game. A League friend of mine that has been playing since S1 recently went on a rant that no one should play adcs, that they are useless, because any champ that isn't good at 1v1 is useless. "Sure no critical chance, doesn't mean he hasn't become even more frustrating to fight; a hyper-mobile assassin that you have to burst down effectively 3 times, while he's filleting your entire team." I don't see why you're still arguing with me. Not sure if you are even reading what I'm saying. It seems like now you basically agree with me based on your link and what you just said. You and the OP from the link just said that Tank Yasuo is a problem, he doesn't utilize his crit passive so that isn't the problem. Base AD should be nerfed. I'll even give you the armor pen point. I was just trying to say that isn't his main problem. If Riot nerfs only one thing, it should be the base AD not the armor pen, but they may end up nerfing multiple things in his kit, including the armor pen. Who knows? I personally think that just nerfing the base AD would be sufficient but I'm not going to argue on that point.
: But neither of you are accounting for runes. Normally you only get a maximum of +20% critical strike chance with runes, but he gets double that thanks to his passive. And it's not an uncommon practice to use runes contrary to your item build to cover for some issues your champion has; such as magic penetration runes on zac while he build only defensive items. Needs ad? Have you not looked at basic stats? Every champion has a base attack damage value; his ends up being 110, without masteries or runes. You're also overlooking that his steel tempest Q has a 1:1 AD ratio, and his last breath R has a 1.5 to 1 ratio. The triforce may not have high stats, but it gives both attack damage & attack speed, both of which he should require in general; but that's not why people take it on yasou, it's because of it's spellblade ability. Thanks to his low cooldowns & free cost abilities, he can practically spam while hitting for near 3 times his AD on basic attacks, that's if he doesn't critically strike.
I did account for runes. Most afaik don't take crit runes even on tank Yasuo. Don't see crit runes on Arkadata who is a high elo Yasuo main streamer on EUW doesn't. The reason is to take attack speed runes to reduce the Q cooldown because you only build Tri-force for attack speed. I suppose you could take some crit runes but it wouldn't be 20%. Either way, the point is that Yasuo doesn't need to take any crit whether in the build or in the runes, and he is still considered too strong. That's because the base AD is too high not because of his crit passive. "Needs ad? Have you not looked at basic stats?" Sorry, I should have been more specific. I meant that you still need AD whether it's base AD or AD from items. I wasn't trying to say that he needs to build AD in order to make use of the armor pen. My point was that the armor pen by itself isn't the problem. And also, armor pen helps with both the tank build and the normal build so nerfing that part of his kit wouldn't only nerf tank Yasuo, it would nerf the normal build as well.
Junkο (EUNE)
: >Armor penetration helps for sure but not by itself. You still need AD to make use of it. And, it applies only on the champs that he ults. Just saying but the last part is false. As long as you ulted, you have 50% bonus armor pen- I agree with everything else though.
I didn't know that. Just checked it and you're right. I think I read it too quickly last time and assumed it only applied on those you ult.
: The issue isn't that he has a defense mechanism, it's that the one he has is arguably the strongest ability in the game as-is. It provides far more utility than a high-damage champion like Yasuo is supposed to have; compare it to Trynd, Yi, or Fiora, who all offer relatively little to no utility beyond the damage they bring. THAT is why I'm suggesting nerfing it. (Also, it's not the only "thing" he has to keep him alive, he also has his passive shield.)
Spoken like a true ranged champ main. :) Whatever you main, you clearly don't know where the issue with Yasuo lies. The Rioter specifically mentioned tank builds on Yasuo. If you look at, Yasuo's win rate is currently 2.16% higher top than mid lane. Tank Yasuo is played top lane not mid. There are far more ranged champs played mid than top. All this should show you that the problem has nothing to do with windwall.
: It definitely does have something to do with it; why would he build more damage when what he already has is enough to gib the enemy? It's why other assassins building all defensive has been a problem; there was no reason for them to stack damage when they already had plenty to do their job. Triforce has been a problem since they changed it in the marksmen preseason patch, I'm not surprised another assassin is abusing it. Oh yeah like it's hard landing a long range AOE popup, not to mention several other champions have popups in their kits for him to synergize with. Point is, his ult is on a 30 second cooldown as the baseline, and this piercing buff lasts 15 seconds. As it stands he has access to significant, utility, mobility, defense, & damage in his kit; an assassin shouldn't have all four, no champion should have all four at all, remember graves & mordekaiser? I don't care how yasou is nerfed, I just want him nerfed in some way that; either removes one of those, or at least noticeably limits one of those powers of his kit.
You aren't paying attention to what he's trying to say and you don't understand tank Yasuo. He agrees with this statement: "has too much damage built into their kit for free" Although, Yasuo isn't an assassin, he's classified as a skirmisher. It's close but not quite an assassin. He disagrees with this statement: "in his case double critical chance & +50% armor penetration." With the most popular tank Yasuo build, he doesn't build any crit. With this build, double crit chance does nothing for him because if you double zero, you still get zero. Armor penetration helps for sure but not by itself. You still need AD to make use of it. And, it applies only on the champs that he ults. That's why the problem is the base AD. The Rioter even mentioned tank builds specifically. The double crit and armor pen is fine.
: Here you go fam This is NA only: This is all riot regions: These are win rates of 1,2,3,4,5 man vs. every other kind of premade, bundled together. Keep in mind, solos is a much larger group, hence these not averaging to 50%. *I stole this data from Riot Socrates so I could take all his upvotes.
What does it mean where it says Type of Match and the choices are mirror, non-mirror, or all?
: Reformed Players Ask Riot, How You Like Me Now?
Should come out with a recolor or maybe a loading border.
: > [{quoted}](name=hashtagrahb,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Tnfw1WW6,comment-id=002f0001,timestamp=2016-06-23T21:02:58.558+0000) > > {{champion:11}} isn't an assassin, they gave us the subclass rundown 3 weeks ago. [Statikk's post about it]( Umm... I did not know that. But I just read it... > they are instead armed with situationally powerful defensive tools to survive in the fray, along with extreme sustained damage to cut down even the most durable targets. He is like neither here nor there. his defensive tool is meditate which does not qualify =\ But thats a problem for another thread I suppose. Thanks for the clarification! You did good, but Rito still needs to work on it.
Alpha Strike is also a defensive tool. He can dodge abilities with it. That combined with meditate helps him survive longer. Remember it says it says "situationally powerful". That means you have to know how to use it and time it correctly.
: RGM, IP, and tons of damage in Ask Riot
I don't mind percent health damage by itself so much, I don't mind true damage that much, but percent health true damage is pure bullshit.
: Yo, mastery 5 here with Yorick, he is actually damn good in solo que, but not in lcs cause he is a lane dominant champion, and there is practically no laning in the LCS. He isn't in a perma nerfed state, he is actually pretty balanced right now.
46% win rate with .43% play rate is not balanced. And don't tell me that it's because he's hard. He might be good in certain matchups but overall, he's not good. The other guy was right, Yorick and Poppy were kept in a weak state because Riot themselves have said that their kits were not healthy for the game. Poppy because of her ult that allowed her to ignore all but one person on the enemy team and Yorick because of his ghosts that make it cancer to lane against. If either of those champions were buffed to actually be decent, people would be raging about them non stop.
: Why League of Legends Isn't As Awesome As It Could Be - @Morello, @Meddler
"League is dying right now" You're killing your credibility here. When you shit like that, I'm inclined to believe you don't know what you're talking about.
: Yasuo makes me want to uninstall.
You're wrong. I think he's one of the most fun champions to play. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: No. Not like that one. What is it you people don't understand about that whole situation? They had no concept creations when they made the decision to let us decide which champ would receive the skin. Concept creation takes a while. A really long while. Please, understand the process and time frame of creating a skin before you jump in with that.
: Translation - "Because most people would prefer solo queue." I really don't understand why it's such an issue. I mean, this is the most played game ever _in the world!_ There are so many people ready to play at all times that it should not be an issue to have a few different playlists without making wait times ridiculous. Plenty of games with much smaller communities have a ton of playlists and matchmaking that's much quicker.
> There are so many people ready to play at all times that it should not be an issue to have a few different playlists without making wait times ridiculous. That's not true. For players in high elo, they already had fairly long queue times last season. With the new champ select, it made queue times longer because the system has to match people up by their roles where last season all the system had to do was match them by their mmr and you would play whatever role you had to. If you split the playlist in two, the problem becomes even worse. Other games might have quicker matchmaking because they don't have ranked or there are no roles to choose that affect matchmaking. (I'm basing this statement off of games that I have played. There may be games that have both and still has quicker matchmaking but none that I have played)
: TIL I could do that. So why get rid of it?
Most likely because of the exact same scenario he mentioned.
: That means people who complain about soloq champions useless in lcs should just l2p. I used to complain about Katarina too, but when i learned how to counter her now shes like meh..
If it was so easy to l2p (for everyone), people wouldn't stay in bronze after thousands of games. Riot, as a business, has to consider everyone, including the bronzies and silvers, especially since they are around 70% of the playerbase. They may not l2p but the game has to be fun for them as well, otherwise they will leave. That said, Riot tends to take all skill levels into consideration probably leaning more towards high elo. Also, Katarina wasn't strong in SoloQ only because people need to "l2p" but also because there is much less coordination on SoloQ and people aren't using voice comms. Katarina wasn't picked in the LCS because teams can easily coordinate to shut down the Katarina. There are other things to consider in LCS that can cause champions to be weaker or stronger in LCS than in SoloQ. Even Udyr, as strong as he is/was, was rarely picked the past few weeks and was not that successful.
Meddler (NA)
: We're nerfing Devourer because we believe Devourer itself is a problem. It's intended to be a mid game power spike that at present is coming online too quickly and contributing a bit much before it's sated. As a result we're both making it a bit harder to stack and reducing its power when not sated. While Devourer itself hasn't been changed recently players have got significantly better at optimizing collection of stacks, those from Scuttle/Dragon/Rift Herald in particular. We did look at whether we should reduce the number of stacks those monsters granted. We felt strongly though that pulling Devourer junglers into more contested objectives was really valuable though, as a way to offset the low interaction PVE play that farming junglers engage in. Longer term I suspect we may end up making heavier modifications to Devourer too sometime this season. It does some cool things, but the play patterns it promotes and some of the power spikes it creates have been costly to the game at times. It's also an approach that can be extremely dominant in low level play without being functional at all in top tier play. As to the principle of least disruption, certainly, that's a great one to consider. Do need to be careful not to fall into the trap of addressing symptoms rather than causes though, sometimes bigger systemic changes are needed.
With games ending quicker this season, it's already been questionable to build devourer. Now with this nerf, in most games the match will already be decided by the time the jungler gets sated, if he ever does.
: So we really nerfing a item that nobody gives a fuck in competitive play? Makes sense.. even more that we didnt see a single devourer jungler/item whole seasson yet in LCS.
They can't just balance for LCS and say fuck you to everyone below Challengers. That's retarded. There have been times where champions have been very strong in SoloQ (like Katarina a while ago) but not played in LCS. Does that mean that Riot shouldn't nerf them?
: I have had the Keyboard from release. Since then I have only found one game that utilises both (or even any) the Lighting SDK's and ARX control. The game in question, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. As you could imagine this frustrates me, as well as all you guys. To load up League that already has support for various other Logitech Keyboards and find that it is not supported is a shame. Here I have waited and waited but nothing. Riot, It would be a huge relief if you could just say Yes, No, Later or Never.
The problem is that Logitech didn't add a way to use old lcd applets on ARX. Then you would be able to use the same apps you used to and maybe ARX would be more popular.
: What are his win rates at high elo? Those win rates reflect mostly bronze and silver probably. He is not seen much above gold.
A bit late, I know. I haven't been on this site. only takes data from Plat and higher ranked games. There's also You can choose from what rank you want to check the data from. I think think there's a bug with one of them though because the numbers don't match up. Either way, he's decent. Not as strong as some champions but he's definitely not shit tier.
: Retring Aatrox
He's not weak right now at all. Look at his win rates. That said, I do agree with the fact that he may need a rework.
LoaDerSpt (EUW)
: Just a question. Won't you have an issue when someone goes to dynQ as a group of 4? Won't It be hard to get that one guy that's missing? Why would a solo go to DynQ if they have the SoloQ to go instead?
Not necessarily. Some people may not feel like maintaining two different ranks so when they will queue up in dynamic queue even when they don't have friends to play with.
Rilea (EUW)
: Thank you for your honesty regarding a controversial topic - one of the many reasons I love Riot as a company is their honesty and communication with the community As a player who purely plays alone, I dislike dynamic queues - I like the idea of a ranked queue testing how you adapt from game to game with a new set of teammates - not how well you can synergise with a group of friends over a course of hundreds of games - in my opinion, that is what the Ranked 5v5 queue is for I understand that Riot wants to facilitate the players that want to play ranked with friends, but don't have the a stable amount of friends to form a Ranked 5s team, but in doing so with Dyanmic queues, it feels as if exclusively solo players like myself are being forced to make friends and play with them (even if I don't like it or want to) else I am being severely hindered in game with factors outside of mechanical skill, game knowledge etc. I truly believe the best solution is to have a seperate Ranked Dynamic and Ranked Solo/Duo queue, so both solo players and groups of players can play and enjoy ranked in the way they want to. I'm not sure if this is feasible, but it's just a suggestion
I agree with having a separate solo and dynamic queue. I personally don't dislike dynamic queue replacing solo queue but I think separating them would be a solution that would make almost everyone happy. It would also have the benefit of having separate rankings so we wouldn't have to worry about ruining our solo queue ranking. However, I think if they did separate it, they would have to remove duos from solo queue and force them to go to dynamic queue. Because one, it would fit the philosophy of solo queue better and two, dynamic queue times will be too long if players can duo in solo queue.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: 1) (original question was what I studied in college) I majored in economics and studied film, theater, chem, and japanese on the side. 2) My favorite to play is Vi, my favorite to want merchandise of is Gnar, my favorite in terms of what I personally believe to be a "great design" is also Vi (with Jinx a close second). Objectively speaking, Jinx is likely my best design based on the insane number of players all over the world that seems to love playing her or feel she's fair to play against. 3) -Get up at 10:20, -Roll out of bed and book it to the office for standup (a meeting where we talk about what we're working on for the day) at 10:30 -Morning playtest to get designer feedback on the champion I'm working on -Lunch -Iterate on current champ/ideate on new champs and design space/fix bugs if I'm about to release -Talk to other designers about design/champs/games/projects we're working on -Get stuff in for evening playtests -Evening playtest to get feedback from other designers on the changes I made throughout the day -Dinner at 6:30 -Implement more changes based on the evening's feedback for the next morning's playtests -Finish up with work around 8-12 based on current projects and deadlines -Play video games until 2 am -Force myself to sleep
Riot's not a fan of work/life balance I see
Frederico (EUW)
: Not to mention there will be alot of people spoiling the game in chat of one stream and vice versa, so if you want to view the other game after you seen the one you choose to see 1st you already know the score and the big plays, wich kills the tension and the magic
Is it really that important to have the chat open to you?
Azteryz (NA)
: Even tho we complain a lot about league you guys gotta admit
Rebonack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QGFEnnvV,comment-id=00010001000100010000,timestamp=2015-11-12T07:31:18.255+0000) > > Lemme get back to you with some initial thoughts in a couple of days on that one, too early to make bigger picture assessments like that (individual pieces of content can be clearer outliers than more overarching trends, especially when everyone's trying out the new stuff whether or not they've got a good team for it). Wait wait wait. Kog'Maw *buffs?* I'm a Koggy main, so I'm pretty happy with my favorite Void Puppy getting attention. I'll admit that I'm a Dominion player so my insight is a bit different from the standard map, but *are you crazy?* Short of instantly bursting him, Koggy can already hold his own against... basically anything. Now, Dominion tends toward smaller skirmishes and that can be nice for Kog, but still... What exactly are you guys thinking is too weak?
Kogmaw has the lowest win rate this patch with 42%. He definitely needs some buffs.
: Yeah, I try to play the champs I'm good with but I'm always afraid the comp isn't good enough for them. That's probably why I have a lot of games and wins on Trist, because she fits in most comps and I'm good at her. Other than that its just top which I play a lot of Renekton, but jungle and support I'm pretty weak on picks especially to fit comps.
Fuck the comp. Pick one role, pick one or two fairly strong and not too hard champs. Master that shit. Don't pick something like Mordekaiser because he's banned all the time. And he's probably going to get nerfed again. All I play is Udyr jungle. Before that, Tryndamere top. They're strong but not too strong. Yeah sometimes the comp might not be too great but if you get ahead enough, it doesn't matter. This is my first full season. Placed in Bronze, my highest rank was Gold I a few days ago. I'm hoping to get Plat before the end of the season. As for your chances of getting in Gold. It's possible. If you can play a lot of games and maintain that win rate of 63% on Tristana, then definitely. But you don't really have that many games on any champions so it's hard to tell what you are actually good or bad at.
: How PROJECT Champs Transcended Humanity
The concept art looks better than the final product imo. Not saying that PROJECT Yi looks bad though. I bought it.
: Can you pls make both skins (grey Warwick and Medievel Twitch) unavailable at all time? I feel like they are special and i dont want to see new players playing using them "because they were in the shop and we like them". All of us who managed to get both by either creating new accounts in other region (i got one account level 10 in South american while i was taking spanish class) or by simply showing someone the game. Thank you if you do.
They aren't going to put them in the shop. He said that they might make it a reward for some other social program. I'm with you on not putting it in the shop because up til now players had to put a lot of effort into getting the skins. But I don't agree with making it totally unavailable as long as effort is needed to get it. That's selfish.
Alywan (EUNE)
: One button champion
Actually, Tryndamere has one skillshot, his spin. And why would you expect a melee champion that doesn't have ranged abilities to have skillshots as a requirement?
: But that's just it, it _does_ make the experience worse, especially for those on average ISPs who were already getting 40-60 on the old server from the west coast. The solution would've been to have two servers without splitting the region, like other multiplayer games. But you have decided, for whatever reason (Technical? Logistical?) that it is just not worth it. If the NA Server Roadmap was truly about making everyone's experience great, you'd have west coast, east coast, and possibly southern NA server farms without splitting the region at all. As Theostru said, at least own up to it, or offer some explanation other than "We don't want to split the region." Other games don't have to do it for multiple servers in a single region. Why does Riot, with one of the most popular and profitable games ever?
From what I've read regular players say and some pros, there is a period of time that you need to adjust to a ping that you're not used to. If there are multiple servers, you can't adjust to a certain ping because the ping is always changing from game to game. That is worse than just having a single constant higher ping. If people avoid that by just playing on one server, the the region becomes split anyway and then you get one server better than another and all that stuff. That's what I think at least.
Theostru (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Ahab,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=U0M1AVfO,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2015-08-18T19:08:43.441+0000) > > Totally understand the excitement around the move, but please keep in mind that no part of this project (or the NA Server Roadmap) is meant to make any player's experience *worse*. We're all one region; and while some ping values shift, the overall goal is to make sure as many players as possible can enjoy League at under 80ms ping. We're all in this together! Uhh what? It is absolutely meant to make a set of players' experience worse. You're going to make a minority of users have an objectively worse experience without any consideration paid to them so that the vast majority of your users (who have had no consideration paid to them for years) get a dramatically improved experience. It's the right decision, and most of the region's players will benefit, but at least own it. Trying to white wash it or gloss over it is insulting to those who are going to be screwed moving forward. Like I said, it's the right decision, but at least own it.
He's saying that the _goal_ is not to make the anybody's experience worse. The goal is to try to make everyone's experience as equal as possible. He's not trying to say that people on the west coast isn't going to have a worse experience.
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: {{item:3070}} {{champion:92}} - What I imagine Boxbox doing after he just move to California for better ping.
He moved just for the ping? Or were there other reasons?
: Petition To Have An Old Lady Champion
Downvoted. Don't want an old lady champion.
: so behind you already lost doesnt exist until the nexus has already blown up and over
It was a bit of an exaggeration to match his exaggeration. For an Ahri to be able to kill someone 100-0 with just her W and 3 dashes, I can't even imagine it. I don't think it's possible, assuming the person getting killed didn't afk or dc and assuming there were no trolls. If it is possible, I think it would have to be a custom game where one team is a much higher rank than the other.
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