: That is ~~almost~~ easier to distinguish than the original, unaltered version.
I mean, I can hardly see it. It might be easier for you to still see cause there might still be some red in the picture but if I had to try to work around that in game I would hate it.
: Could someone upload an inverted version of what it looks like in colourblind mode?
http://imgur.com/lCoFlo7 Here's roughly what it looks like to a protan like myself.
: Only B-tier memes, huh? I dunno about that... ;) When are you free?
Wow, I didn't expect a response. Sad news though, I'm too addicted to the game to not play on some of my only free days, so I already got my 1000th win D: If you're still up for B-tier memes though, hit me up, I'm b1naryb0t on NA. Weekdays are most of the time I'm free.
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: > Malphite, the Stone This
Rioter Comments
Eedat (NA)
: The amount of us low ELO players that complain about Lee Sin is astounding
I completely agree, but it's still annoying seeing him so popular. Like you said, he's garbage around these parts, why don't they realize it?
: Write a LoL movie, why? So they can retcon the lore 6 months later because they didn't like it. Good joke OP.
Enlegacy (NA)
: Draws 2 cards.
As someone who doesn't know how the game works, only likes the memes, is there any point in not using this card the moment you get it?
: They should also refund your autofill protection--it sucks when you put in your autofill game, then get a remake and lose one of the protected games.
It is nice though when you get autofilled and the game turns out to be a remake anyways.
: Played ARURF a few times, ended up in a bot lane as bot lane Kass/Ez against an Irelia/Kog. Ended up getting roflstomped by Irelia's like massively reduced and amped damage with her Qs. Couple games later, got to do the same thing in return as I got Irelia. 5/7, would play again. ARURF seems to make it more random with not seeing some massive 5 man coordinated shenanigans with all OP URF champs, and allows you to try stuff you normally wouldn't because you had to play the absolute best or lose. Or you know, not care too much about winning and have fun that you can basically perma shield on some champions *cough, Karma* All depends on your playstyle!
I just want the option to make a custom game with regular URF. I wanna play with my friends and play the champion I want to have fun with. ARURF is fine for a public queue, but in private it's just not fun being forced on to a champion.
: But Naut has three also.... inb4 joke -> head
: While I like this reasoning, unless you are in high elo, you probably won't need to worry about being autofilled. Still, I upvoted anyways.
Explain why I recently got autofilled in my Bronze game then.
: All incredibly sub-par compared to CoC. Why would anyone pick Nunu as a frontliner when they can pick a CoC user.
Because you hate yourself.
: You have to take your main on a date. How wrong can it go?
Me: You like jazz? {{champion:432}} BWOOOONNG
: Yeah qtpie is washed up trash. He doesn't know what he's talkin about.
Washed up ex semi-pro.
Mig89 (NA)
: Didn't Faker put him in his place last year?
: {{champion:30}} Dead on the outside. {{champion:61}} Dead on the inside. {{champion:96}} Likes to eat alot.
Notice Kog'Maw never actually eats anything, he just spits everything up.
: I'm actually impressed they managed to make this Poppy more broken than the original one. That's quite an impressive programming feat, considering the other one could go invulnerable for 8 seconds. Well done again Rito {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: The worst part is they said they wanted to sheer away from keystones acting as "Flat steroids" like that. Ok, explain Bond of Stone then. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I'd rather see masteries just get removed and have riot add more run combinations, improve rune cost, and balance rune efficiency better. If anyone played Infinite Crisis they had a pretty interesting setup for "runes" (just about every stat combination you could think of) and opened up some interesting possibilities. Granted some runes will be niche (for both certain situations, champions, maps, etc), but having choices and versatility wouldn't hurt (assuming they balanced efficiency vs cost).
Interesting, I feel the opposite. I feel like runes are just numbers that don't contribute much to the game aside from an invisible power and an IP sink but masteries can have unique conditions and effects.
Ralanr (NA)
: Can the next marksman we get use throwing weapons instead of a gun/bow?
I want an ADC that uses a slingshot. I think that would be fun.
Ravore (NA)
: Need a video of it
: As does Trump
Trump approves of anything Russia does now.
: XD that sounds horrendous lol. Side note: why are you surprised that I still like the game since I started in season 5?
Season 5 was probably one of the worst seasons in terms of balance and fun IMO. You got stuff like the cinderhulk meta, the bruiser/juggernaut meta, the 5 dragon stacking system... *shudder* It was the birth of toplane yasuo who built bruiser {{item:3078}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3053}} Tank ekko Devourer jungles Sejuani bending people over every game THE 5 DRAGON STACKING SYSTEM CAUSE FUCK THAT Generally the champs played and how they were played were pretty toxic. Even more so than ziggs in s4.
: I actually don't remember that! I played ranked first in season 5.
Well that's impressive, starting in Season 5 and not hating this game. Either way, you missed out on a pretty shitty meta where ziggs/gragas would waveclear midlane all game, have a teamfight at 40 minutes and win the game.
: Yep, but it's still fine for Ziggs to do!
Do you remember the old meta of having Ziggs buy Chalice and waveclear for 40 minutes? Riot remembers that too. As such, they shifted his identity from protecting his towers to tearing down others.
: > Not bot turret? Not bot turret. #Clarity: They removed Fortification on bot turret. Why? ...Reasons.
It was pretty clear the reason. It meant that laneswapping was once again a punishable strategy in pro play. Before it was really boring to watch pro players because it was lane swap for the first 10 minutes, standard lanes the next 15 minutes, then let 2 or 3 teamfights decide the game.
: It's been done, building him full attack speed and magic penetration.
It's mostly been gutted though since they took any power to take towers with your soldiers now tho.
: lmao @ everyone downvoting you because you said Yasuo isn't broken ######Also yes all three of those champs are broken in case you didn't notice.
If they're so broken why was Darius last played by pros in June of 2016? And lost that game? Or Yasuo, picked that July?
: no, because the people aren't watching it on the streams but rather the client so they don't get that viewer count.
To further explain, advertising revenue is based on how many people on Twitch are watching, not how many see the actual games. An argument could be made that you would discover new streamers from the old system but seeing as how a lot of them get discovered on their own or get into pro league they don't need the small bit of name recognition.
JunyrMD (NA)
: Riot should bring back High elo Spectating.
My memory is hazy, but I think the reason they took it away was that some high elo players complained they were losing potential viewers from their streams.
Mogarl (NA)
: But Sotere is a game analyst. What if he analysis that Yasuo is actually the root of all evil in the world and must be destroyed?
Then he probably won't be a game analyst for long.
: {{item:3152}} {{summoner:4}} Fuck your range Tibbers fucks your tanks
If you have someone like ziggs or xerath, that's the range they're looking for. You know, dealing damage from 2 screens away. Also, if Annie is destroying your tanks, you already lost.
: Have you seen a lux "support"?
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpcf_qD3GW4
: Ooof, the pain of being a thresh player and watching your adc failing to last hit under turret. Actually got flamed one time and I was just like "What do you expect? My auto does more damage than yours!"
: Probably because Yorick's play rate was so damn low that your Fiora opponent legitimately had no clue what you do or how to counter you, and old Yorick kinda shat all over glass cannon melees.
: It's almost like different people have different opinions.
No. All internet forums are their own monolith. One opinion, all else is shunned.
: even more importantly.. what does tank nunu even do??? I mean even then its just about the damage... I guess he walks around and scares people a bit?
Oh wait you were serious about building him AP lol. Sorry. Basically the reason you play nunu in fights is to buff your carry with bloodboil, slow/AS slow the enemy carry with snowball, soak damage, and maybe land a decent ult. Being tanky lets him do that job, longer time alive for blood boil, longer time shutting down the enemy carry with snowballs, soaking up way more damage, and surviving long enough to carry out a decent ult. Nunu gets blown up if you deviate from the insane tankiness he needs, and a dead nunu isn't worth anything. When you're tanky, the healing you get from consume is pretty insane, plus your Q buff scales with tankiness. And his base damages are still pretty strong without AP. I can 1v1 any ADC at any point in the game as nunu, especially if there's minions I can consume for healing. Plus also there is the utility of 1000 true damage to monsters ability meaning securing objectives and counterjungling gets way easier. He's very good at snowballing (heh, puns) a lead on the enemy jungler by denying every single camp and having total objective control. I make it my goal as nunu each game to get all 5 dragons before elder and I get that goal way more than you'd think. Unfortunately the new jungle is not very kind to nunu. I hope it is sometime though, I love playing him and just being allowed to do whatever I want to the enemy jungle.
: AP fighter with a support ability. Nunu is not a tank, just wanted to say that explicitly
Yea cause you pick nunu because he does damage. Not cause he's tanky and has utility. I understand now.
: if you can't make use of CoTC can you really call yourself a tank?
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: but valve can't count to 3
Jaygo41 (NA)
: Vayne has plot armor just like any other anime main character. People should realize this by now
I thought that's Yasuo. After all, he is THE Weeb Swordsman.
: {{item:3070}} {{item:2049}} . {{item:2045}} ............... {{item:3105}}
{{item:3107}} FTFY
: Or, just don't autofill me during my placements, promos, or on a winning streak.
Promos I know for a fact you're safe from autofill. Placements I think you are. Winning streak? You're not allowed to have that. Riot doesn't allow your happiness. Then again, what do I know, I'm a support main.
AhmCha (NA)
: *changes title* "The only two nerfs Yasuo really needs"
"Nerf" As if you wouldn't be tilted after a laning phase of that auditory hell.
: Raging on how Draft Pick is gone? Ok, I can accept that. Raging on how Blind pick should be removed? That's kinda hypocritical. You don't want a game mode removed, yet you advocate for another game mode to be removed.
Riot wants to limit resources spent in the game despite being one of the biggest games on the market right now. That was their reasoning for removing Dominion, too many resources.
: why are wards different i think wards should also consume powerchord
They used to and then everyone kinda agreed it was some BS seeing as how it wasted a vital part of Sona's kit that she works for to do her job as a support.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=MunchCrunchLunch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sAE0holg,comment-id=000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2016-11-16T16:46:15.396+0000) > > umm but who gets any attack speed on jhin? and rengar is melee. rengar is sitting at 47% winrate. shut up please Right back at you, because you clearly can't make any rational argument without resorting to insults and childishness.
Even with insults and childishness, the argument isn't rational. It's not like AS is completely wasted on him.
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