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: Maybe they practiced him a bunch on PBE? He doesn't look especially mechanically challenging.
> [{quoted}](name=Jo0o,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=qN2K9E2K,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-10T23:12:32.644+0000) > > Maybe they practiced him a bunch on PBE? > > He doesn't look especially mechanically challenging. thats a small niche of person tho not everyone has a pbe account
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: You kids totally deserved it by banning Yi. There are so many kids in this game who are actually bronze players, but they get to plat and diamond by playing Yi only. He really is so broken that you don't even need teammates to win the game. Easy elo. Nice loss.
That bronze mentality is why I lose so many games with a yi in my team. Every yi in a nutshell : If I get sated by afk farming, I can carry my noob team gg ez. No it doesn't work like that. You put your team further behind by never ganking and then cussing them out when they end up being ganked by the opposing jungler.
: plot twist: there is no tribunal system.
Just a robot filtering profanity and auto punishing you. Then for the 14 day ban, it's usually a human doing a case by case review. I think?
Iqqi (NA)
: I am going to assume they were not serious and were pointing out that it does not matter _**why **_ you broke a rule, just that you did. Riot is not here to listen to people make their arguments on a case by case basis or create the scenario in which the violation occurred. Just like the real world. Life doesn't care. You broke the law. The circumstances don't matter. But that's a lesson you learn after you move out of your parents basement. Or its a lesson you learned which moved you back :)
Of course you're right. I just had a rough day and had so much fun that game. I guess moving the chat box to the bottom of the screen is my best bet. Don't have to type, and it's not like communication is so important in ranked kappa.
Nidelkha (NA)
: I get chat restricted and 14 day bans for talking mad shit to enemies when i kill them or straight up outplay them. But they don't ban people running down mid and feeding 0/20 then afk. Riot has no priorities!
Just got a 14 day ban for being salty to a quinn I destroyed in lane. Then this bitch resorted to harassing me all game, calling me a silver noob when his team carried his kda of 4/11.


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