: [LoR] How to link my Youtube account with my Riot one?
I went to Youtube, clicked on settings under my profile, went to connected accounts, and clicked the connect button next to Riot Games. I wasn't given any requests for my league username or anything so I'm not 100% sure if this worked.
: League of Legends 2019 Comic Contest
Are we limited to one submission or can we submit more than one as long as they are different?
: The House Triumphant
I made a joke to my friends who are Council that when they were last on the first week that they "Going for the big brain end game." Looks like I was close. United #1!
: The Final Week Begins
The United Stand strong! We shall not let the tryhards win!
Rioter Comments
: hey riot , Whats the point of having a pet poro...
The guys on that bridge need to start selling {{item:2052}}. Though this may lead to over poro population and would need the poros to leave the map so they do not multiply infinitely and overthrow the FPS.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BBQroo,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=yvv4AV4B,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-11-24T19:21:46.890+0000) > > I had ideas for an all for one SC2 map that was aimed to avoid people 2+v1-ing at the start. In this case it would be: Red wins if Blue dies, Blue wins if Purple dies, and Purple wins if Red dies. To me, that sounds like a no-win scenario for either team. Should Team Red and Blue do battle, both teams would have to cease and desist to defend themselves should Team Purple make any move at all. And furthermore, if Team Blue and Red do battle in Red's base, what's to stop Team Purple to rush to Blue's base and destroy it, taking out both Team Red AND Blue in one move, if they are too late to recall and defend their base? Even if Blue successfully recalled, and Red attacked Purple - a weakened attack Purple would likely beat back - all teams would be back to square 1. The result would be a never-ending ceasefire, and every match taking hours. Interesting concept, but not one that is feasible. Mainly because there is no way a team's defeat should be impacted by what other teams do to each other. All this said, I'd like to see the concept tested in a tiny map-environment, where travel time between bases is essentially non-existent. Also, since you specify "at the start", presumably you had a timer in mind for these battle conditions?
That does sound like a possible outcome. Instead of a 5v4 with someone spiting into your base it would be a 4v4 with 4 people splitting into your base. Guess making the first move would just be asking to get killed off. As for the "at the start" bit, this idea came to me back when I played Starcraft 2 (before starting League) where In the beginning, when it is basic units vs basic units, numbers tend to win. I wanted to think of a way where you could get everything set up without losing because blue and yellow both thought to attack you early. This also was thought about in the scenario of there being 4+ players. Where some would be interested in coming over only to prevent you from killing your target (winning) or protect you from dying. I was just an early idea and I wanted to put a thought into the mix.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Last I heard about a LoL tri-war map was that the concept got scrapped due to a fear of teams "ganging up" and cooperating to taking out 1 team before fighting each other. Personally though, I'm all for it, and would very much like to try LoL Aeon of Strife tri-war map.
I had ideas for an all for one SC2 map that was aimed to avoid people 2+v1-ing at the start. In this case it would be: Red wins if Blue dies, Blue wins if Purple dies, and Purple wins if Red dies. Red would attack Blue because that is how they win but only defend vs Purple as if Purple gets too weak then Blue kills them and wins. If Purple is about to die then Red may need to help just enough to keep them alive without giving Purple the ability to take bits of Red's base. I don't know how this would work is practice though so it may be stupid.
: Pyke and Shen have a very meaningful conversation
{{champion:98}} "These are not the droids you are looking for" {{champion:555}} "Those are not the droids I am looking for"
: {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2004}} Bring it back too
That stuff is addictive man. Most champs can't do anything without their fix.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: punches jungle 2 death.
{{champion:427}} I'm the nicest guy on Summoner's Rift! Shame this isn't Summoner's Rift >:D.
Xareav (NA)
: {{champion:122}} "Any champion that I can't dunk needs to somehow be fixed." -Darius
Dunking scaarl should reset the dunk for max dunkage.
: Poor Amumu. 10% increase in friendship doesn't matter when the original number is 0.
Darn. Logged in to say something like that. Now what am I going to do? up vote? ... Fine.
: Learn more: Pool Party 2018
The info in the launcher states that completing all the missions will reward a total of 1400 Blue essence (not including repeatable missions). With Pool Party Pals being repeatable and Ultimate Pool Party and Fun In the Sun 3/6 only giving 900 BE total, where is the other 500?
: Champ Memotions Contest Voting Begins
After looking through what I think was all of the entries, I have come to two conclusions. 1. Akali has a noodle problem 2. I should have tried to make a Garen looking sick with dizziness.
iDerpi (NA)
: Not Able To Save Emotes
Same here. Works when adding or removing my other emotes. Edit: I just closed and reopened league and it works now. Seems that this error happens when trying to use emotes gotten in that session.
: Learn More | PROJECT: Hunters Event
The Ekko weapon icon is missing
: Some guy's been making memes for "Spooky Month", so here's a TRULY spooky image
Dude they remodeled that bush ages ago. Noway there is anything dangerous in there... *an ally has been slain.*
: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
: ***
I tried to follow Twitch. He went invisible. :(
: Can't even play PvE anymore.
I know right. Every time I jump into a PvE game it is like everyone on the other team is a bot.
: Learn More: Arcade Boss World Event
So, Without spending money, you can only get 100 tickets? or will there be other (free) ways to get tickets? A good orb and some blue dust doesn't sound all that worth the effort.
: Patch 7.13 notes
Game Caster {{champion:85}}!?
: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/wjs-xXyOyPk/hqdefault.jpg
: Experiment escaped, still at large
so this is {{champion:23}} after he got his hand blown off by {{champion:245}} in the _seconds_ video?
: Ascension is now live
The {{champion:115}} pic says it all. Poro King Bomb => Ascension Bomb => Not sure Bomb => Poro King.
Clayturd (NA)
: Poro King is the worst.
German sausage is the wurst.
Croezz (NA)
: have the scripter they hired to just have ai's throw ss's while you try to dodge them. Call it faker training.
I can imagine a small arena surrounded by brush with random champions walking out, shooting something and going back in. 3, 2, 1, GO! {{champion:53}} Hook {{champion:81}} Ult {{champion:32}} Q {{champion:161}} Q and so on.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
{{item:3682}} {{item:3680}} {{item:3683}} {{item:3681}} 3 weeks of Poros, Throwing, Dashing, Summoning, Pushing, Killing, Feeding(poros), Feeding(enemies) and SNAXING!
: Patch 6.24 notes
{{item:3682}} {{item:3680}} {{item:3683}} {{item:3681}} Looks like the King has some snax. also, what it this? {{item:3632}}
: In the Zombie Apocalypse, Which 4 Champs Would You Have in Your Group?
{{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:10}} Zombies are weak to healing.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
finally {{champion:157}} will see some play. :b
: Thank You
The gift chest only said I received the icon. But when I went to check the skins it said I owned it.
: Wait... Are you the legendary Golden Teemo??? Happy birthday to you!
{{champion:81}} He belongs in a museum!
: Patch 6.15 notes
{{champion:99}} {{item:1052}} {{champion:13}} "Hay! Get away form that"!
: Champion Reveal: Kled, The Cantankerous Cavalier
Riot heard us! The age of 3rd hit mechanics is over! From now on the number of attacks to trigger effects shall be 4!
: New Hextech Crafting components
"PROJECT Cores fuse with blueprints to unlock various types of loot. Certain blueprints allow you to craft First Strike icons..." So there are things other than icons to get? And if so does anyone know what that stuff is?
: They are working on it that is true. Im scared if they make doom bot illaoi. Picture it.
doom passive: everyone has the vessel effect all game.
I think it's going to be nexus siege and some pool party thing.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Player1 is getting his butt kicked. 9 levels behind. {{champion:101}} >{{champion:268}}
: EVERY Champion described in form of Spongebob pictures
Warwick man. Just looking at it make me chuckle.
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
Unless the in-game shop starts selling sunblock I think Leona has this one. Have you ever seen the moon kill someone?
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Ultra minions should have been called Winions.
Ohmei (NA)
: I could've sworn that there was an item that let you look like another champ on your team (ala the Spy from Team Fortress 2). Does anyone know about it and what it was called?
Tricksters Glass I believe was its name.
: /ALL Chat | WTF is that? Items Edition
Though I wasn't around when heart of gold was a thing the only items i missed were {{item:3069}} and {{item:2015}}. Welp maybe I'll do better next time.
: Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 live now!
But, but, I just Re-rolled {{champion:420}}(didn't want her) and 2 {{champion:412}}(I own him). I should have just disenchanted. :(
Mhija (NA)
: Lucian vs Thresh: WHO WOULD WIN?
{{champion:236}} Stay dead.
Tøys (NA)
: Where is my snowdown showdown? I want to 1v1!
maybe make it a three round best of 3. round 1: level 1 and 500g round 2: level 6 and 2000g round 3: level 16 and 10000g
: Ascension is my personal favorite mode
'tis mine as well. Urf 2nd One for all is my least favorite. First game is interesting then it's just everyone doing the same thing for 20-40m.
: Am I the only one who wants Showdown? Heck I'll even take Doom Bots, Nemesis pick and Hexa on the Rift over, the Poroking but that's just me.
Showdown was the 1v1 or 2v2 gamemode right? I Played it when a was a pre-30 scrub. Maybe make it a 2 out of 3. Round 1: start at level 1 with 500g Round 2: start at level 6 with 2000g Round 3: start at level 16 with 10000g
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