: Light over dark: Creating Lunar Revel’s triptych
i like the story but these new skins are not my cup of tea.
: Hextech Crafting soon debuts on PBE
what if crafting items were given out for following the summoner code and being a worthy opponent. toxicity i think is a huge problem with league.whats the incentive for following it besides being punished? the year end reward like last year? just a thought.
Ep1taph (NA)
: Apparently, the only way to get Championship Riven is to be 100% correct at the World's prediction game.
so your saying there's a chance?
: A Good Death
yes i can read, but im more of a visual learner if ya know what i mean.
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with Lomar! [COMPLETE]
what are your computer specs? what other games do you play?
: TL;DR Graves can't have a cigar.
hey just remember that tobacco is bad for you and you cant make decisions for your self. i get it riot, business is business
: Riot Games privacy policy updated: now easier to read
im not sure what "choices" i have. haven't you seen south park? nobody reads the terms and conditions.
: Update: Refer-a-Friend now retired
who cares guys, league is so big now it doesn't need rewards to bring people in. just watch it on ESPN. thats enough to bring in more people to play. or have booths at colleges. i feel like every college male i know plays league.
: Heat things up with the Dragon icon
is it just me or is buying icons just a waste of money? skins for the wins!
: The Tahm Kench Cookbook
hey any one actually try making one of these? i would like to see some actual photos of them!
: Champion Update: Gangplank
the citrus bait!!!!!!!
: mystery wards? I'm still waiting on my mystery champ {{item:3070}} {{champion:32}}
log back in. its probably there.
: Your Team Up Week Party IP Weekend is here!
: Champion Insights: Tahm Kench, the River King
im sure its gonna be another great champ. Thanks riot for being awesome .
: Looking for people who want to play on a serious ranked 5's team and meet new friends to play with.
me and 2 other friends are looking for a team. were friendly but competitive. Even if you dont wanna add us to the team. will still play for fun. were west coast and normally on from 10pm-3am pacific time i got a private team speak to use so we can talk. message my friend at......... MasterDuP hope to hear from you.


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