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: Client problems
anyone figure this out ?
: New Reporting System To Be Lightened!
the point is once you unmute players you are at free will to chat without getting banned reported for verbal abuse which could be from a couple of stupid words or a bad word ... saying goddammit or what the fuck gets you reported.... oh yea they say only one report is needing i doubt that man. ive watched guys afk in my games call people racist shit ive reported them, then adding or watching the match history for up to 2-3 days later and they're still playing...... ive done this for years. So it was their first offense maybe? doubt it. please i get more keys and free skins which is like once every two months more than a "instant feedback". ... yea yea instant feedbacks dont always pop up mhmm point is to just be able to chat without being scared of being reported.
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: In game, no names no timers ..... no gold.
Axtrous (NA)
: Was this really worth a 14 day suspension?
just like Tyler 1 said , some guy goes 0-49 on nunu feeding doesnt get banned but tyler says one thing to him in game and he gets banned.... games a joke, they turned this game into a non team communicating game. its stupid. they just need to create a mode for 18+ players and agree to terms of allowing toxic players or just normal people who like to chat during a game. i can go on for hours and paragraphs you all get my point. cant believe the amount of times i have been banned cause of premades getting other teams to report me for saying 3 sentences in a game without cursing even. just make us a 18+ pvp mode already to cover your ass riot ?? cant believe how long its been to where no one communicates in games now.... like they actually... suggest "once in your team game of 5 and the game starts its best to just mute everyone" like ... rofl ? thats their fix.
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