: Suggested Changes! I have no guarantee of the balance in any of these, and these are just something i thought of when i had the time. **Rune Tweaks** +5% Crit chance added to Offensive Rune Stats options. +Another scaling HP added to the second row of Rune Stats. -New Resolve rune that functions as a physical damage version of Nullifying Orb. -New Keystone for Inspiration: --After 4 seconds in combat, your next attack against a champion for 2 seconds grants you the effects of an adaptive Travel Elixir. The elixir lasts for 5 seconds after which the keystone goes on a 12 second cooldown. This cooldown is refunded if you do not attack an enemy champion during the 2 second period that you would gain the effect. **Item Changes** -Stopwatch Unique Passive: Similar to Tear of the Goddess, you may now only possess one item that builds out of Stopwatch. Currently there are champions like Ezreal or Kai'sa that can abuse having Guardian Angel and Zhonyas, making them more safe than tanks and still outputting damage for them. -Dorans Blade, Dorans Shield and Dorans Ring quests: --UNIQUE Passive - Dorans Tool --New Quest: kill 100 minions with a Dorans Item to upgrade it to the Howling Abyss Equivalent; Guardians Hammer, Guardians Horn and Guardian Orb Cull Rework: +3 Life on HIt +6 Attack Damage UNIQUE Passive - Graverobber: Every 5 CS will grant an additional 5 gold. After 150 CS the item upgrades into Scythe of the Ruined Isles -Iceborn Gauntlet is now Melee Only. Wicked Hatchet: -Added to the Summoner's Rift -Now also grants 200 HP. -MELEE ONLY (This item should allow Melee champs to build a bit of Critical Damage, allowing melee champions to have more impact in the late game, the addition of HP should make it a more desirable item so that you don't sacrifice essential stats for it.) - Additional Items could have been made to accompany a more crit-focused melee build path, but as of now critical items are Core to most marksmen and useless to nearly all others. since champions like Jhin or Draven could potentionally abuse the passive, it needs to be Melee Only. **New Items** _Ohmwrecker of Zz'rot:_ Stats: +40 Magic Resist +200 HP +15% Tenacity UNIQUE Active: Channel for 6s, targeting a turret and tearing a rift to the void. The rift summons untargetable Voidlings, dealing 100+[80% Tenacity]+[20% Magic Resistance} Physical damage to the turret over the duration. Taking damage or moving interrupts the channel and puts it on twice the cooldown. (120 Second Cooldown.) (A TURRET CAN ONLY BE TARGETED BY THIS ACTIVE EVERY 120 SECONDS, REGARDLESS OF WHO USES IT) Cost: 3100 Build Path: -Raptor Cloak -Negatron Cloak -Stopwatch _Targons Bulwark_ Stats: +35 Magic Resist +350 HP +100% HP Regeneration +10% Cooldown Reduction UNIQUE Passive: After taking magic damage, double the magic resistance you gain from this item for 10 seconds. Once this effect has been activated it goes on a 10 second cooldown that begins after leaving combat. Cost: 2900 Build Path: -Spectre's Cowl -Crystalline Bracer -Kindlegem _Targe of Truth_ Stats: +400 HP +20 Armor +10% Critical Chance UNIQUE Passive: You take 20% less damage from true damage. UNIQUE Passive - Cold Steel: Physical damage reduces the attackers attack speed by 15% Cost: 3100 Build Path: -Warden's Mail -Brawler's gloves _Scythe of the Ruined Isles_ Stats: +15 Life on HIt + 20 Attack Damage UNIQUE Passive - Gravetouch: After casting an ability, your next basic attack against an enemy champion silences for 0.5 seconds and slows for 20% for 1 second. This ability can only be used on a the same target every 20 seconds. Obviously the Scythe of the Ruined Isles seems a bit strong, but these changes could make top lane matchups more favored for melee champions, so that it isnt dominated by Vayne, Vladimir and the like. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!
If you remove {{item:2053}}, {{item:3512}}, and {{item:3056}} be sure to have something that has their stats and raptor clock's unique passive, since we have a lack of move speed bonus items, removing these items will make movespeed values rocket up, and with wind drag giving CDR on ULT instead of movement speed, it's gonna make sblit pushers want to ใ€ŽKYSใ€and I'm one of them, also with the introduction of wind tunnels it lets people claps on to sblit pushers way easier and so rendering 20 champions useless unless they get ahead by a hell lot ex:{{champion:122}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:27}} Bouse: [why is gameplay designer removing items for balancing issues?!?!??]
: Patch 9.20 notes
Secret **AKALI NERF!** Akali can't dodge Garen R anymore with Twilight shroud {{sticker:sg-shisa}} this is 5 nerfs in a row! time for some buffs riot~~~ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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BOUGHT IT, JUST NOW!!{{champion:267}} FOR THE WIN!!!!


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