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yoniame (EUNE)
: Could we have a marksman with basic attacks looking like magic?
: Proposed Renekton lore change
I see someone had some fun with the ebonics translator
jQuery (EUNE)
: Have u seen this?
Why does this not have more upvotes... Why...? I'd fucking pay for this
Azzmo (NA)
: [ CHAMPION CONCEPT ] Chara, the swarm within "NEED MORE YORDLES" (original)
Cherysse (NA)
: I feel this should be more of an "Arcade" skin actually xD, or a DJ Viktor Skin. can you see my custom item? **I've made an icon for it!**
That's actually really cool man
Mogarl (NA)
: I've seen this idea before, and I still 100% support it. A quick google search brought up this and this
I actually have seen those before :D The pole I described was meant to look exactly like the first images and the robotic shoulder hand is still the same. Afro is spot on as well. But like Jeff da buffalo said, mine is meant to be more disco-y, not a DJ
ƒoes (NA)
: What are your keybindings like?
I have my basic abilities on Q, E, R, and the ultimate on F. I use WASD for camera movement, and I bound sums to Z and X. I have the standard 123456 for items
: What Azir needs
As a fellow Azir main, I could also sympathize with the bullshit amount of tikes soldier bugs have prevented me from landing otherwise game changing kills (seriously, it's fucking ludicrous), and I actually really think extending the soldier cast range would be a good idea. I really think all he needs is the Q knockup, extended soldier cast range, and just.. fix the damn bugs... Please Riot
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Slave15 (NA)
: Mordekaiser rules the Shadow Isles based solely on his absolute power. Nothing else in the game even comes close to him from a lore perspective.
Okay, and? Even if we take the closest to him (Azir), who ruled over an empire and can reconstruct all of it with a gesture, not only can his army destroy Mordekaiser and take over the island, but Azir could just entomb him in sand. And that's not even the most powerful example. Again, we're talking about beings who can create black holes, stop time, destroy portions of a continent, world sized beings, and beings who can create cities at a whim
Sharjo (EUW)
: I've said it before and I'll say it again: - {{champion:432}} universal protector and dimension traveler. - {{champion:203}} incarnation of death. - {{champion:54}} living mountain. You kinda just don't beat those guys. Even folks like the undead of the Shadow Isles and the Ascended aren't comparable to folks like these in some way or another.
I'll agree with Bard and Kindred (to a degree, as some people I listed also can't die), but Malphite? No, god no. In terms of sheer destructive physical capability, he may be in the top 10, but not the strongest overall. Hell, I'm pretty sure anyone on the list that I said could defeat him, either by shattering him or just whittling him away while avoiding him. Xerath destroyed an entire capital city just by ascending, and I'm pretty sure even Azir could stop him by constructing the walls of his city around him and just burying him underground
GreenLore (EUW)
: {{champion:63}} despite all this he was easily defeated by garen and lux,that doesn't really seem that powerful.(and he wants to burn the world down,that doesn't mean he is actually capable of doing that) {{champion:31}} I doubt he can grow that big,though I think that he is the strongest void creature. {{champion:30}} The whole "requiem could end the world" is just an old fan theory,there was never anything that confirmed that(and a very unlikely one,given that karthus wants to spread as much death as possible,there wouldn't be a reason for him to hold back). Also not all liches need a phylactery that depends on the fantasy universe and karthus was turned into a lich simply through the black mist,so its unlikely he has one. If any of the shadow isles champs belong on this list i'd say its {{champion:82}},his new lore basically consists of making clear just how powerful mordekaiser is. {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} both weren't able to defeat xerath,so I don't see how they are even candidates(and the summoners pleaded for Nasus to help them,they didn't beg for their lives) {{champion:45}} again the black hole thing is just speculation,though I think veigar has the potential to become one of the strongest mages in the whole roster.
Cho'Gath can grow infinitely big. Alright, fine, I suppose his requiem isn't that powerful, but (and I'm going off of standardized Lich lore), a Lich needs a phyla trey, making them immortal if it is destroyed. Nadia and are nekton were both ascended beings, capable of godlike feats. The the summoners trembled in fear and caused somewhat of a stir once Nasus was heard to be coming to the institute of war. And just so you know, Nasus and Renekton weren't "fighting" Xerath, they were trapping him. That means the binds weren't strong enough, not Nasus and Renekton
Tysmin (NA)
: more than likely it is {{champion:75}} with {{champion:101}} following up behind him because Nasus was the one who created the ritual that gave Xerath his power
Actually, Nasus and Renekton just went through the same ritual that Xerath did. They didn't create it. The Dias of Ascension was already there
Skelenth (EUW)
: I think Karthus is a bad example. He may not die, but Malphite could probably rip and shred him to pieces. Karthus has magic powers, but his body is as frail as a corpses
Actually, in my response I was fairly sure everyone should've seen, I said that a Lich cannot be killed without destroying his phylactery. If even one creature cannot be killed through physical force, Malphite is disqualified. I honestly don't think Malphite should've even come up at all
: Who is the strongest champion in the game (ENTIRELY BASED ON LORE)
Okay, not many people seem to understand my point. No, we're not including moves in the game. I'm talking about lore only. I'll make my own list of potential candidates, and I'm trying to get meaningful responses {{champion:268}} - An ascendant being, capable of creating a memory of his entire city and people in sand, can potentially summon armies with a gesture {{champion:432}} - A celestial and universal protector, tasked with fixing entire timelines and was given the power to do so {{champion:63}} - The incarnation of destruction and flame, capable of bringing upon an apocalypse {{champion:31}} - Can potentially grow large enough to devour worlds {{champion:420}} - Invokes the power of a god {{champion:203}} - The incarnation of death, but their lore states that they are not beings capable of feeling, and that Lamb is just and doesn't necessarily fight without reason. I would say they are the strongest because everything dies (more or less) and they are death, but they're not evil and never will be so idk {{champion:30}} - His requiem is said to be capable of destroying worlds if fully finished, and he defies death through his phylactery. Being a lich, and a smart one, I would imagine he hid his Phylactery well {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} - Both godlike ascended beings. Nasus was stated to have made even the summoners plead for mercy, and if Renekton is even slightly on par with Nasus, they are both immensely powerful {{champion:45}} - Capable of manipulating time, gravity, and space itself. Has been stated to be able to create black holes {{champion:101}} - The physical embodiment of arcane power, and wiped out an entire capital city just through the process of becoming what he is now
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