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SC2Moose (NA)
: Shadowfire Diana
This is a concept I came up with a while ago for the same idea! What do you think?
Krumblore (OCE)
: Some tips in Drawing (I heard Ironstylus is on boards so that'd be great if you helped)
You should definitely check out Kienan Lafferty's youtube channel. He's a former Riot artist who began his own web comic and is currently doing freelance work for Riot. He's worked on everything from champion splash arts to concept creation and in-game concept art. He has literally hundreds of videos on his channel to help you learn how to become a better artist and it has definitely taken my art to the next level. It might be just what you're looking for. **V** Link to channel **V**
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Arakadia (NA)
: Really like this idea. The clouds are a bit like Illaoi's, so maybe make it something besides they just passively spawn. Also if Ao Shin puts clouds where the minion waves are, it would be impossible to farm kinda. They should be destroyable, but not easy to destroy. Maybe once they are used for 3 spells they dissipate. I think the W could change to something that matches Ionian Dragon vibe, as it didn't really stick out that much as just: more dmg. I really love the ult tho... like omfg I love it. The E is pretty cool. I think you should try to make sure you don't get to similar to Kennen. Really nice Idea! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} (idk why these are still here, but no way am I complaining).
The idea of overloading a cloud with abilities until it dissipates is interesting, but it conflicts somewhat with the bonus attack range and MR he gains from being in a cloud. Since he can either use up the clouds with his abilities or get more auto attacks in. I suppose one or the other would have to go, depending on what kind of champion Ao Shin is destined to be. I played with the idea of a cloud dispersing when an enemy walks through it but, that just sets up an easy stun from Ao Shin. I also realize that his W isn't his most interesting, but it does have some interesting mechanics. I didn't want to overload his kit too much. I do have an idea though...
: Uhhhh, well Ao Shin was never cancelled, just shelved for a bit. Riot only said he wouldn't come out in 2015 and likely not this year. Anyways, the concept seems cool but it looks like a Mage version of Illaoi.
Oh that's good to hear. Shame that he's not planned for anytime soon. I don't see much resemblance with Illaoi aside from the randomly spawning entities that interact with your abilities :/ In my defense, I came up with the kit before Illaoi was revealed. (I posted this kit on reddit 6 months ago, way before she was announced)
: Concept artists needed please!!!
I would do it for free :/ I'm currently working on a concept for a fire-themed Diana, but I'm not sure what I would do after. I'm sure it would be a fun exercise to interpret your ideas with some concept art.
: Fire Diana Skin
I was thinking the same thing, so I just took it upon myself to create her a fire-themed skin. I'll probably upload it here in the next couple of days :D
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Jynx (NA)
: Awesome Bard fan art!
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Rewards for positive play should definitely be implemented into LoL. I hope that Riot will give better rewards to people that encourage their team and promote sportsman-like behavior rather than just not being classified as toxic. Either way sign me right up!
Opeli (NA)
: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
In a recent Facebook post, you told the story of Xerath's betrayal and how Azir was obliterated while Xerath completed the rite of ascension. Nasus and Renekton worked together to lock away Xerath at the cost of Renekton being trapped with him. I may not be a lore expert, but that does bring up some interesting questions: 1. Will Azir's bio explain how and why he has risen from the dead? More importantly, why now? 2. Weren't Renekton and Nasus from Shurima which, as I recall from their bios, was originally from a different dimension? Or is that idea outdated and it is confirmed that Shurima exists in the same dimension as everything else? 3. Has Azir not only been reborn but has also ascended? It would explain why he came back as a bird and not as a zombie emperor of sorts :P 4. If Renekton and Nasus are ascended forms of themselves, does that mean they were once human too? 5. If Renekton locked himself up along with Xerath, how did Nasus and him become enemies if they were separated? or did the falling out happen after Xerath broke free?
Mafilix (NA)
: Skin Ideas Everyone? Post them here!
Earthrune{{champion:54}} Infernal Thresh{{champion:412}} Black Diamond{{champion:44}} (WIP)


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