: Summarize your main's Ult with a GIF
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Polyxena (NA)
: My Dryad Soraka Cosplay
: I find it hard to believe that with all the know-how that we have in computers these days that they can't figure out an easy way to detect bots? I can tell with 95% accuracy before the game even starts. It's VERY easy.
AI bots go midlane, stand on 1 spot at the start buy boots first item, chase the enemy under turret and die. Mainly having weird combination of summoner spells and the tibbers (teddybear) summoner icon. I need 2 minutes to recognize a bot. If Riot needs 30 levels to figure one out then I wonder what's wrong
Barcid (NA)
: Yeah, then I'd know you're trolling off the bat with a record like that. Although if I wanted to go into an actual explanation, after 200 games on a champ you feed your ass off on, the vast vast _vast_ majority of people will halt long before they'd hit mastery. That's even assuming that the required mastery threshold is level 4 or 5. Level 3 would be fine. Hell, level 2's even at least _some_ thing that says that somebody at least played the champ before whipping it out in ranked. I also specified that it's exclusive to ranked, and you're free to do whatever the hell you want in norms. Literally nothing about this request is unreasonable, and in fact would vastly improve game health in general. If everyone knows for a fact you'd have to at least have played the champ before to bring them into ranked, there's a far greater chance they're going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you may have just had a bad game and aren't just an ass intentionally throwing a game by being one of those people who thinks their fun should be justification enough to ruin the enjoyment of others. Did you think before responding? Did you even think? Did you give it a thought? No, no you didn't. I know you didn't because all you saw was, "Oh gosh, more work for me before I can just play a champ in ranked willy nilly. You mean I'd have to _practice_ at a competitive game? Goddamn, spare me that." And then you came here with a half-baked response like that one that's about as constructive as a wrecking ball. Good show, chap. Good show.
The point I tried to make was, masteries don't mean anything. You can still suck if you're mastery 7 but you can also play like a challenger without a mastery, smarty pants We all once had that Yasuo level 7 main that got shitted on and went 0/15. Or that player that carried the game but had no mastery.
Barcid (NA)
: Disable champs for people in ranked if they haven't met a mastery threshold
Let's play 200 games on 1 champ and feed my ass off. You still want me on your team WITH a mastery?
: Botters chats too
I remember having bots in my team who often said: PUSH! ATTACK! RETREAT! Just short lines but often repeated, it has only been a while since I saw those but I think it's possible to program a bot using the chat to just do a short line. At first I thought it was just a guy feeding/trolling but after seeing more of those I knew it was a bot. P.s. it caught my eye when he said PUSH! when we got aced
Ms Cam (NA)
: I doubt a new player would run straight to the enemy turret without attacking a single thing over and over again. Or perhaps disconnect and instantly reconnect like the disconnection never occurred. And it wasn't just one bot doing it. All the bots were disconnecting at the same time and reconnecting. If I had good enough internet to the record the whole thing without lagging myself out I would've done so. Only then would you be able to see what I saw during that match. I never criticize anyone of being a bot until I see them perform like one. That Udyr helped me off a 3-BOT push top lane for like 10 minutes while I pushed out the entire bottom lane without any enemies coming near me up until I took out the last turret and he had died. Whether he was a bot or not, he did really well at holding them off. If it wasn't for that, it would've been over in about 15 minutes, total. But he was also diving in the enemy turrets like nothing was there to begin with at the early stages. Only until all hope was lost, was he sticking to one spot and holding it until he died. - - - - - That aside, I hope somebody sees this thread & does something about it in the future. I'll be glad to play League on the EST side between 10AM to 12AM. Any time after or before, no thank you. Even though I will just to squeeze in a few matches with actual players for IP. My chances of repeating tonight any other day are a solid 50-50.
I know that bot plays are pretty obvious but I just say that because you said Udyr was a bot as well which he wasn't. That made me worried you would call everyone a bot in the game if they fed or did something stupid
: > [{quoted}](name=Ba Vhalk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uKmWLEZE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-21T07:59:01.502+0000) > > Okay you can play every champ as support but if they pick a Lux botlane they go doran's ring with full AP and people get mad since they don't buy sightstone. It's just that even whatever champ they play they still need 'support' knowledge which isn't really given anywhere at the start. > > Later on in draft pick you see that you have 2 botlane, 1 mid, 1 top and a jungler but that support in botlane is mainly just a random champ (which is fine) but then with a full AP build from the midlane. And don't you hate it when your support doesn't ward or buys sightstone, steals your cs as adc and kills everything in normals or lower ranked? i personally always go full ap sup, but i do buy sightstone and sup item at start, than somewhere mid i sell my sup item, and sometimes even late when i almost have full build, i sell sightsone, since most battles are conducted mid, and the game counts 15 free wards O.O the thing is when this game started out, i had the same thing. everyone kinda has/had .-. people were trying to find certain strategies and stuff, certain items didn't exist, riot did have a tutorial, when you started the game messages would pop up, and tell you about choosing which lane and lane explanation, ofcourse supports should buy wards and support item, it doesn't matter much if they take some of your minions though, that little gold is insignificant, and exp is shared. but yeah taking alot of minions is bad. they will learn about roles later on like everyone O.O the issue is that since 2010-2011 new players are forced to play bot games untill level 3, thats something we definitely didn't have back then.
That is perfectly understandable, I myself also sell my Sightstone in lategame, but I am talking about those supports that just go full ap from minute 1 who don't create vision and are just the 2nd adc/apc botlane. I mean just a quick introduction of every role and the basics would give support enough attention so people know what they should do.
Ms Cam (NA)
: True. But still. The amount of bots that end up on the player side after 12AM is like 75%. And when you do find a lobby with 5 actual players including yourself it's incredibly awesome. I think the past 4-5 matches I had in ai's were with at least 1-3 bots. The recent ones I had were with 4-5 players. Which is a good sign. Honestly, I'd rather queue with 5/5 players at all times than 50-50 chance of getting bots as your entire team. Better of queue-ing with people you play in the past with that were human players just to minimize those odds. But then you never meet anyone new... <.< Defeats the purpose! Maybe he was new and didn't understand the champ. But with the exception of him, words can't explain how I felt during that entire match. AND I was so close to getting their Inhib but would get stumped on each attempt of getting even close to it by 4/5 of the enemy bots, since I pretty much killed I think it was Alistar 24/7. When I first started playing League around 2013, you didn't have this problem. Queue's were with 5/5 human players. Nowadays you have at least 1-2 bots if not more on your team. And if you're pretty bad at the game (me playing ai matches all day) there's no room for improvement when you're going 0-20 each match. Anyway. I could rant all day honestly. I just want some future updates to have some kind of bot detecting or something. I guess since it's not affecting PvP at all they don't really care... :/ I can only hope maybe they'll start caring more for ai's.
I certainly understand that you're pissed of that Co-op vs AI is now just a AI vs AI fiesta, I face them same problem whenever I play in bots just for a quick game. When i started playing League I think I barely had bots in my games, nowadays it's actually a miracle if you play without a bot on your team. I would only be careful with calling everyone on your team a bot immediately, there are still new players out there who will act like bots but they just don't know their champion yet or just don't understand the game. Report them for bots or being pissed about that while they're new is not what you should do. In this case you thought everyone was a bot, while they don't have to be and it can be hurtful to those new players. But yeah Riot has to fix bots
Ms Cam (NA)
: Get rid of the BOT players from Co-Op vs AI
I am going to be honest: Udyr wasn't a bot at all Probably someone who didn't understand the champ
: support role was never a real role to begin with O.o all supports now were once either mages tanks or fighters, support is a gray area, and any champion can support. riot once stated they want any champion to be played on any role, and remove roles completey, removing that limit so to speak.
Okay you can play every champ as support but if they pick a Lux botlane they go doran's ring with full AP and people get mad since they don't buy sightstone. It's just that even whatever champ they play they still need 'support' knowledge which isn't really given anywhere at the start. Later on in draft pick you see that you have 2 botlane, 1 mid, 1 top and a jungler but that support in botlane is mainly just a random champ (which is fine) but then with a full AP build from the midlane. And don't you hate it when your support doesn't ward or buys sightstone, steals your cs as adc and kills everything in normals or lower ranked?
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aspects1 (NA)
: who plays arams before level 30? like your entire champion pool is gonna be the free week lol
When I started playing on my main I went to ARAM because I could figure out the champs and people wouldn't flame as in normal games. After playing like 5 normal games I got flamed a lot already so ARAM was peaceful and back then you didn't have a lot of bots like you do now
aspects1 (NA)
: i have 550 aram wins, and have yet to see a bot maybe its just me
Make a new account, play during the late hours when I play and then you should be happy to see an actual player
Ba Vhalk (NA)
: Smurfing goes the wrong way
I understand that most people say: Don't duo with him to not make him face smurfs, but it's not the point here. I've been smurfing before for fun and still I had like 1/2 new players in my games eventho I was a smurf. Same with games I play with him I sometimes still see new people in our games. The fact that bothers me is that those smurfs just stomp them and be toxic to them even when they are trying to learn the game. Yes there will be less smurfs if you're new but there will sometimes still be a smurf in the enemy team or in your team even if you're new.
: Ahh, I see. Well If that's truly the case he'll be fine then as long as you report those scrubs doing that when it's /all chat (since he can't see it but you can) and let him report it the games he directly sees it. Only one of you need to report per game though, multireports don't make it "more reported." I legit think you should show the minion thing in a custom game though. Get him to auto you while you're sitting in the wave and don't hit him back. It's an extremely useful piece of information that I wish more players knew earlier.
Maybe the auto with minions is a good idea, thanks for the tip
: Try asking him directly then. Explain to him the pros and cons of you helping him so that when he gets destroyed he at least knows why. He'll appreciate it eventually. Just don't use the excuse "you're doing great, they're just smurfs" since that doesn't help him. You'll need tough love such as explaining and showing in a custom game just how much damage minions do first. He'll be miles ahead of the competition with just that. I still remember how frustrating games were when my brother was there with me, and that was back in season 4.
He knows that he is playing against better players because he experienced it in playstyle already. If I am ingame I will always try to give him some attention points to improve his gameplay, no matter if it were smurfs or whatnot. Like his map awareness (which is hard) last hitting (which I adviced him to pratice in the tool if he wants to do it alone). And he doesn't get angry, he is still having fun which is great and he doesn't seem to care about having smurfs in the teams. It's more of the behavior towards him from others in the game that is frustrating rahter than playing against/with them (from both our views). Addition: But maybe some sort of mercy instead of going 5v1 tower dive him babysit his lane would be appreciated. I can teach him everything I can and want but I can't prevent that.
: I know, it's super sad. However, know that when you queue with him he'll end up with/vs. smurfs since it detects you. If he plays on his own, after a few games he'll get moved to the new player group.
That's true but when he was playing on his own (since he streams) he got destroyed (maybe 1 or 2 per game were smurfs) so helping him ingame would be nice and improves him and I can help him as well to learn the ingame aspects without him doing it himself like I had to do. And I am not such a good smurf, it's not that I am like plat or something
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