: Riot support staff being so rude and disrispectful
You asked? No, you demanded. Who are you? A nobody. You are the rude one, not Riot. Yes, Riot does a lot of Derpy or annoying things, however, it is still a free to play game that you are not forced to play. If you absolutely needed a detailed report, you could probably find all or majority of the info online. They put patch notes/ people on sites like Reddit post info all the damn time on what Riot is doing. Your question is not something that should have even been posted to a support ticket, thats for things like your account being locked or skins/ rp not being registered, etc...Not for questions like," WHAT HAVE YOU PEOPLE BEEN DOING"? So, unless you are someone who has stakes or investments in the company, which obviously you are not, you are just an entitled nobody trying to get attention and prove something. If you don't like what they do or don't do, then the logical thing to do is to not play their game.. You're probably the type of player that AFK's if the jungler doesn't gank you right away. GeeGee.....


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