: It's actually the only elo I'd argue that "autofill is garbage" has merit. Diamond players, particularly D3+, very rarely give an opportunity to come back into the game after they get ahead, and being autofilled gives them a significant chance to take that lead. ----- I'm not super high elo yet, so I can usually rely on good mid to late game play and carry regardless of my role. Diamonds do not enjoy this luxury.
This is what i dont get. Why do diamonds complain when every 5th game they make a game unwinnable for a challenger player? Autofill is okay, and I should very well expect Diamond + to be able to play at least 3 roles at that level, and if they can't, they deserve to lose the LP. Hell even Challenger one tricks get banned out and still win games, while having 4 diamonds drag them down. That is the difference between Diamond and Masters/Challenger, Diamond complain about shitty teammates, Masters/Challengers complain about having to play with diamonds. If the people above you are complaining about having to play with you, how can you then go and complain about crappy teammates. Except this: Challengers and Masters still win games despite all this autofill and crap.
: Because especially in lower elos players are garbage anyways and it doesn't make a big difference? You dont want an adc main in the jungle facing a 3 seasons diamond jungle main pubstomping your team. And since there are less players in the top percent they are more likely to get autofilled. So hard to understand?
Um... You guys in diamond make games literally unwinnable for Challengers. Plz stop acting high and mighty.
: Diamond matchmaking is bad and with autofill the games are really unbalanced.
It isn't just bad in Diamond, its bad everywhere. Just think, Challengers have to play games with you guys, if they had the choice, trust me they wouldn't play the game with you guys, and they complain about how braindead you Diamonds are, and ask constantly why you are in their games. Silver matchmaking pits Golds against Bronzes. Its horrible. But is isnt just for you guys, its for every elo. Just think, for every game you have bad teammates, you make a challengers game unwinnable.
: Careful What You Wish For
Okay so I would agree with all of this, because everything that you have said is correct, HOWEVER, Riot does have the ability to patch weekly. You can gut a champions mobility, or an item's ability to provide tank stats. Or just completely nerf true damage because it is not a healthy mechanic. Everyone has been asking for nerfs to Yasuo for years, and nothing has happened other than minor changes to remove a tank build. But the reality is, simply reworking the W so it only takes either 5 shots or a certain amount of damage is enough to nerf him into a healthy place, he just right now has too much utility for an assassin. The kog'maw revert was actually the dumbest thing i have ever seen ever. Could have just nerfed on hit items, instead just completely gutted the champion until buffing him 4 weeks later to semi-viability. Let me ask you this, why hasn't immolate passive been nerfed? It is honestly too much but hasnt been touched. Lets look at tanks base damages over the last 2 years, oh wait hasnt been touched. If a champion gets out of control *cough* LUCIAN *cough*, you hotfix it by nerfing numbers immediately. If an item is being built first buy in every matchup, you nerf it next patch without question *cough* SUNFIRE CAPE *cough*. But none of this happens. Instead we wait like 2-3 months for any changes to something broken. Remember Tank Ekko? I do, it was the worst 3 months of my top lane maining life, and i moved to jungle because of it. We aren't even gonna bring up graves because i think the PBE change is actually enough to bring him down, but he was #1 jungler for 8 months, cmon. In final, I really don't care if they do whatever they want to the game as a whole. Like bring new items, rework things, add new champs, but make sure that your game is being balanced on a solid basis. Because one patch every 2 weeks that barely covers anything and just uncovers more problems than it fixes isnt working. And they are not responding to the community with their buffs or nerfs, simply just going off of a win rate number. You can tell because Fizz is toxic to play against, not overpowered just toxic, and nothing has been done about him.
: Graves needs more than his removal of MR on his E
I don't actually think you understand how much of a nerf this is. Let's put it this way, syndra could barely half health graves, now she one shot him. Same with most mages. I think it is fine because mid to late game, hes not gonna be the monster he is on live right now, and can actually be dealt with. The problem has always been the fact he gets 400 AD as a tank. Hes just not going to get that anymore, and that is good. It may start forcing him to build a bit tankier, or it might force him to actually think in fights. I just think you are really underplaying this nerf. It is so much MR lost. And he is going to be one shot by most AP's now in team fights instead of lasting through it while dealing insane damage.
Anags (NA)
: If sunfire isn't good tanks just won't be played. It's not like everyone in the game is building it even in top lane. There are a lot of viable non tank tops in soloq especially right now. The only reason you don't see more non tanks in competitive is because they have a carry jungle, mid, and don't normally run tank supports. Seriously sunfire is as balanced right now as it has been probably at any time. Also in your last 20 games sunfire was built like 6 or 7 times total. In 20 games. Yep, sounds like a busted item for sure.
Wut, your comment literally just moves away from tanks. Every tank top laner builds sunfire. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. FIRST. ITEM. It is overpowered, and everyone knows it is overpowered. Its either Sunfire or Cinderhulk, no matter what it is immolate is a broken passive and needs to be nerfed AGAIN. I'm sorry but my sejuani build shouldnt be 1 shotting adc's with no counterplay on even items while being unkillable. It just seems like the combo of sunfire + tabi makes any ad absolutely useless. Anyone who says it isn't busted is absolutely biased towards it. I play tanks so much and I know that the only reason my champion has enough damage to straight up gib an ADC or squishy is because i have a DoT that does insane damage. I'm just gonna wait for the gutting of tanks damages and we can see that they will still do insane damage because of Sunfire/Cinderhulk. I don't have to prove it to you by buying it on every single champ in the game in every position.
: Also looking at some of your matches you also do just as bad as the Yas that was in one of your games with 17 deaths. This is evidence that we all have bad games and you should let it go because you put your team in the same situation as that Yas did to you and your team mates.
What, i have legit never died that many times except for the 3rd game of provisionals where i was playing mouse only maokai support going ham :P My scores are always indicative as to how the game is going, not inhibiting my team in any way. I have had a bad game here and there maybe once every 20 or so games, but thats like 3-8-5 not 1-17-3. The fact i have to play mouse only maokai support to do that bad, and didnt even reach 17 deaths mind you, is pathetic at best. This proves without a shadow of a doubt that anyone who goes over 15 deaths should be removed from ranked play. I legit got to 13 deaths playing mouse only support maokai going absolutely ham. Do explain how he goes 1-17-3 and is playing seriously.
: Because a 30/15 Yi is probably carrying your team. Also some champions having 15 deaths may be doing their job, while others not.
Yasuo, that is my only response, 17 death yasuo with 1 kill and 3 assists...
Eedat (NA)
: thats why the reset this season was much harsher than normal
It really wasn't because i still get bronze 5 level players in my games in Silver... So wasn't much that was fixed with that. Just had a Yasuo die 15 times in 20 minutes. That isnt a bad game, thats inflated mmr.
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: What is your most hated match-up?
Facing a Xin as a jungler, not because i die to him, but somehow lanes die to him walking at them -_-
Eedat (NA)
: .....Dynamic Queue has absolutely nothing to do with role selecting
Dynamic Queue is the 1 reason everyone has inflated MMR and you see so many people with 20% win rates in ranked, cause they got carried by 4 or 5 man queues.
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: The endless Boards war
I play all and i can tell you for a fact that Tanks are 100% the problem. They 100-0 carries and don't take damage. Address their base damages and then look at the other roles.
Leonerdo (NA)
: I mean yeah, every time you win, your MMR goes up slightly, and you get slightly tougher opponents (and better teammates). If you're not getting better at the same rate, then eventually you gotta lose. Even so, you can still climb somewhat with as low as 50% winrate if your MMR is higher than your current division, because of extra LP gains. If what you're really upset at is that you have to lose at all, then I'm sorry but that's not how fair (matchmade) PvP games work. For every winner there is a loser. Unless you're a challenger god, sometimes you gotta be the loser. It's hard to accept; everyone wants to win. Every game. But we all gotta find way to cope with the losses and hopefully learn something from them. (Ideally, we could even have fun when losing, but I'mma be honest, I don't think that's a realistic goal for most of us.)
No that isn't how fair games work. Fair games, give everyone an equal opportunity to win based on how skillful they are. Lets say this system is fair like you imply. So the MMR of your teammates should be the same or within 10 MMR of yourself, and the enemies are the same. THAT IS NOT HOW THIS SYSTEM WORKS AT ALL. No, that would be fair. This system, instead of matching based on MMR, matches based on W/L + MMR. My games are almost always 100+ MMR difference between the teams. Imagine this, in your world where this matchmaking system is fair, the MMR for the teams would look like this: 230/225/228/232/231 vs 235/223/227/233/229. That would make sense, instead it is like this: 230/260/215/220/290 vs 240/230/255/260/245. Now that may not seem like a problem. But let me explain! Lets say it matches up favorably for the first team, where the 290 faces the 230. I want to point out that no matter how good that solid player at 290 MMR plays, they have 3 losing positions. Now you may be asking why? Well here is why. MMR decides personal ability to win games. W/L does not. MMR is personal ability, how well you do in a game, W/L is simply how many games you win as opposed to lose. WE KNOW THERE IS AN MMR SYSTEM IN THE GAME, and we know it is not based on whether you win or lose the game. Therefore the MMR of the 3 other positions that the 290 does not play in, are lower than the enemy team, therefore an increased chance to lose their lane. This is not fair to that one player, who plays well going 11-2 and tries to help his team, but the laners go 0-4 in the first 6 minutes because they are against someone better than them. Team game or not, that 290 mmr player deserves the win, he played better than the opponent, but his team failed early in the game BEFORE HE COULD HELP THEM. Now in your ideal world, yes games are fair because MMR should be close in games, but it isnt and that is the problem. The fact it matches based on W/L at all honestly baffles me because it is the only ranked system i know of that does it, and it is the only ranked system i have seen that is this badly flawed. I cannot tell you how many games I personally have lost that i completely shit on the enemy team, and it doesnt matter because the enemy 4 are just better than my 4. It isnt an even chance to win the game, because you cant 1v9 carry anymore because you just get one shot by anyone who is remotely fed. Before noone really had issues with matchmaking because well, you could 1v9 the game if you were innately better than your opponent. The game has changed since, and now the matchmaking system needs to as well. And here is the thing, i know you are going to say well the 4 who are better than my 4 deserve the win, however, that is a product of bad matchmaking. I do not deserve the loss because MY TEAM FAILED ME. Now, if the system was actually matching games properly and people still complained about losing, I'd be on the opposite side, but it isnt, and there is so much proof its unbelievable that it is not matching games fairly at all. If there is a 290 mmr player and a 210 mmr player, it isnt fair to throw them in a game full of 245 mmr players, because one is innately worse, and one is innately better.
: Saying he gets all those resistances for free is misguided. 80 reisistances is with a max rank E that takes quite a while to stack to the max.
It isn't hard to keep it up, sorry but it really isn't.
HerbieVG (NA)
: League Saved My Life
Just because the game is free to play and provides entertainment doesn't mean it is good :P
: Why is Graves considered too general of a pick but not Lee Sin?
Graves is overbearing at all points of the game regardless of 5 kills ahead or 0-5. The fact he gets 80 armor and MR for free! FREE. You can legit pick graves into any matchup and have it playout the exact same way because he is without a doubt the strongest jungler in the game right now. Lee sin only pops off in low elo. Because in all honesty, the champ is just overall decent and doesn't need anymore nerfs. Items need nerfs (all items in the game because every single item gives too much atm), but lee sin is in a decent spot. You cant build full damage in high elo because you need a brain and your opponents have a brain. That is the meaning of generalization. Graves is good in any elo, any game, doesnt matter hes good. Lee is good in low ELo because he can take advantage of lack of game knowledge, but in high elo its alot harder for him to get anywhere. And please stop talking about what you know nothing about. Lethality is why Lee is broken in low elo. Cheap effective items that allow him to 1 shot, oh wait you can legit stomp in low elo with anything so that doesnt matter. Graves is broken in every single meta, no matter items because his kit and AD ratios are overtuned massively. Please stop comparing the two because they are nowhere near close. Graves has been one shotting people since the rework IN ALL ELOS, lee has only been doing it since lethality IN LOW ELO.
Nogrim (NA)
: out of the block/dodge this only really hurts pantheon (the other two are time based dodges) not single hit. kiting wise evelyns the only one intended as a jungler, who has a spammable slow so if you are doing it right the AS doesnt matter as they shouldnt be hitting you anyway. pretty minor effect on all of them anyway and the -2 dmg mastery will do more to reduce the damage to them anyway.
Why is this upvoted rofl! No seriously, why? First, nobody in their right mind would get Rylais on Eve anymore, like nobody does outside of silver. Hextech is a better tech item and provides more. I feel like you aren't thinking and I'm kinda triggered you bothered making a post telling someone they are wrong when you yourself are the one that is wrong. There is a reason that in 4 years you cant get out of bronze, its because you dont think about the game on a fundamental level. Raptors as they stand make most junglers skip them. But wait, your proposal for upping the AS and lowering the damage, i just wanna point out one thing, just one thing. Rammus and Amumu are 2 of the junglers who can clear raptors/krugs without a problem. Tantrum is busted for aoe clearing, and so is defensive curl. If anything is going to happen to these two champions, its going to be minor because both are fairly good just need some minor tuning to get up to Graves level.
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ybuR (NA)
: I swear the balancing team is a bunch of Jhin mains
They did, two major item hits, and a DFT hit (which was massive btw). Both of the item hits were huge hits to his kill power, and DFT further screws it. Honestly the meta of Ashe is now here, have fun with the no bans on Jhin.
: 7.5 Retreat Ping does not work (shows blue ping instead) [halt ranked queues for now?]
Yes it is a bug, no Ranked queues do not need to be put down for this.........
1Matt (OCE)
: Retreat Ping no longer working 7.5
V+click is now a blue ping FeelsBadMan
: Riot, how hard it is to balance Aatrox?
The self heal on the W is critical to his kit, and yet is the massive problem that makes him impossible to balance. Personally looking at the kit, it would be nearly impossible to balance him in his current state, let alone his pre-rework state. He is either going to be amazing, or garbage because that ability to self heal alone means he either smashes lane or does nothing in lane. In other words, they would have to remove the W self heal to have any chance of making him balanced.
: and there lies the problem with most of the support meta, you can only place 3 wards and 1 control ward at a time and yet outside of challenger tier and the LCS everyone expects the support to ward the ENTIRE map and blames them when there's no vision. what needs to be done is find a way to make other team members also place wards. oh wait, we have that. they're called trinkets and cheap control wards. why don't they use them? this 'only supports ward' mindset is a big part of the reason a lot of people don't like support. no recognition when they save people or make plays, if something happens to the ADC its ALWAYS your fault, and lack of vision is the supports job to fix. even as a support main i wonder why play the role at all when this almost always happens.
Nah people only blame them if the map is dark and they legit are sitting on full sightstone....
Wráthful (EUNE)
: What have u done to Aatrox.
Well I'm not an Aatrox main, but I can tell you he is more of a split pusher than a teamfighter now. His kit just isn't good for teamfighting, but is godlike for splitpushing.
: I suppose. It's just so frustrating. So I found out that the Ekko and Riven were Duo-queuing together. I'm thinking that played a part in why the mmr got so screwed.
Frustrating yes, but Riot does recognize their mistake. Duoing is also a thing that messes up MMR, it puts your teammates at a disadvantage in lane.
: Something is Very Wrong with SoloQueue Match-Making
Give it time, Last year was a disaster and there is a reason Dynamic Queue was removed for ranked. Alot of people have inflated or deflated mmr and are going to return to normal by late this year.
: you have 23W 21L which is 52% win ratio not 70% ..... you liar
> [{quoted}](name=CompleteFailure2,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=QeziLM4i,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-07T13:11:53.482+0000) > > you have 23W 21L which is 52% win ratio not 70% ..... you liar 8 of those losses are in provisionals where i didn't try to win.
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Bultz (NA)
: Upgrading turret?
Nah just nerf tanks and their invincibility. Watched a Naut in the LCS tank 28 turret shots without losing much health -_-
: Prior to the current automated Instant Feedback System, which takes a mere 5 minutes to process a case, there was the Tribunal. If you don't know what that was, it was a player voting system in which a sample of a player's case (3-5 matches) was presented to a tribunal of player volunteers who would review the matches and vote to punish or not. While it might seem like a great system it could take *months* for players to get to a case for review. Even when cases did get around to being reviewed, players didn't vote consistently and would frequently punish minor and inconsistent negativity while passing on severe toxicity. It unfortunately has been proven to not be very effective or efficient. This is also on top of cases being judged by multiple players; giving a case to one person simply increases the variation in how identical cases are handled. There would need to be significant personal training to put a player out there to work as a GM, as the average player is absolutely not qualified to do that job. There isn't enough people to show up on demand either, the community is far too vast.
I do not think there would be variation in how it is handled. I think that they just only allow volunteers above the age of 18, give them a guideline and make them sign a consent form stating that they will do the job according to the Summoners Code and if they don't comply they receive a ban on their account. ^^ This is exactly how Overwatch in CSGO is and there are no problems with that system, oh and it bans within a day if there is a problem. Riot can shrink that ban time down to half an hour, they have the resources. Tribunal was flawed, in many ways. A GM system fixes that because you see things in real time. It's not a playback without context. You claim that its inefficient or ineffective, but so is this system, it really is. Every game i have been in in the last 2 weeks has had one or more toxic players, or someone straight up intentionally feeding. I am of the view that if something is not working, which this system is not, you need to fix it. It is banning people who don't deserve to be banned, and letting people skate by who are really really toxic. I am not by any means saying this is going to be perfect, but it will be alot better than this system that just is flawed in general, down to its very core its flawed because the summoners code is not whats being upheld, its the communities opinion of toxicity which is wrong in general.
: I'm sorry, but something like this just isn't feasible. There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of games being played at any one time. To be able to have at least one person be able to join and spectate a game at any time, while it certainly could be possible, it just isn't worth the effort it would take, especially when the current system in place does do its job quite well. Granted, the system isn't perfect, and there are definitely some areas that Riot could improve on, but it does work. Looking at your post, though, there does seem to be a misunderstanding about how the current system works. >I'm sorry but if 9 reports come from one game, thats enough to get a chat restriction, little did you know that person is toxic in 1 out of 100 games. The number of reports you receive in a single game is irrelevant. Reports alone simply flag a game for review, and it only takes one report to flag the game. Any additional reports won't make the system look any harder or faster for punishable behavior. This essentially means that 1 report is treated the same as 9 reports. The system sees both as only one reported game, and unless the behavior in that game was incredibly severe, one game is not enough to get you a punishment.
They don't actually get reviewed unless its intentional feeding. Toxicity is a number of report based system that automatically places punishment without review. There is proof of this by the fact that the singed got banned for "toxicity" and never said a word. Hell I've gotten a chat restriction for having a friendly banter with a teammate, and an ally thought we were actually arguing, didn't say anything but reported after the game and convinced the enemy team we were toxic... Or hell the fact you can straight up lie to the enemy team and get someone chat restricted as people have proven you can do. They don't get reviewed, and that's the problem, Riot is too lazy or cheap to review them. Hell I just had an intentional feeder in my game who legit ran it down bot the entire 12 minutes, and we opened mid and lost 20LP for it? Would have been great if as soon as the cait started intentionally feeding we could have called a GM into the game to call it a draw and ban the person. But you know what, that player is still playing despite ruining games????? It doesn't have to be an instant show from a GM either, games are 8-80 minutes long. And just remember, no matter how many games are going on, there are more people available to look at these games. Its why Overwatch in CSGO functions so well, because within a day those people are properly dealt with. Or hell, better yet, why not just make it so any game that someone gets punished in gets declared a draw. Because since 90% of losses right now in Bronze - Plat are purely because someone is toxic, stop being so lenient on the amount of reform and get rid of these children who cant play the game without raging at their team. But oh wait, i forgot, they get money for the skins these people buy, so gotta be incredibly lenient with them.
Kei143 (NA)
: actually.. they have more than million games going on.. If you count globally, that number is even bigger.
Except they don't because their active playerbase is only like 3 million who play daily :P And their entire ranked playerbase is only a million players who play ranked at least once daily. Why do people think the game is so much bigger than it is, it's the biggest game, but not a million games big.
: "2-3mins like wow" unless you directly call blizz support, all ingame support still takes time to get responded to wow support can take hours or days ingame support same thing depending on how many tickets they have
Gonna be honest, never had a situation where I contact a GM and it takes longer than 5 minutes. For a game that has 100k games going on, and its not like it takes 40 minutes to look at a case, it takes like 5 minutes tops. So assuming you have 100k games going on (thats super inflated), it still only takes like 15k people to do it. CSGO made it work, WoW made it work, whats wrong with Riot? They seem just relatively lazy and cheap to me.
: Comments made during champ select are recorded like the rest of your conversations in LoL. Reporting someone at the end of the game is still possible and action is still taken. Just because you didn't receive a notice of action doesn't mean action wasn't taken. Just because you see the person later doesn't mean that person wasn't warned, most people don't go from 0 to ban instantly.
That isnt my point tho, it isnt, why do i have to dodge and lose LP and have to wait to get back into queue, just because some person is 12 years old. A GM system should be able to come into the game, i feel like its a viable system that should be looked into. They have the resources, they have the time, i singlehandedly know like 150 players who would volunteer for this. I don't want an automated system based on number of reports to be the way we deal with people. I'm sorry but if 9 reports come from one game, thats enough to get a chat restriction, little did you know that person is toxic in 1 out of 100 games. Or someone who skates under the radar because people dont report him even tho hes clearly inting and claiming a bad game. I feel like the only way to address this concern is to have people who are able to jump into the lobby you are in.
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: remember how much fun it is when crit ADCs are good
The problem is tanks, and will continue to be tanks because this vanguard update doesn't even scratch the surface of the problem. Tanks are unkillable mid and late game, you have to focus them to kill them, and they deal a crap tonne of damage. Enough to solo an ADC. That is with the damage coming out of ADCs being ridiculous right now. Ever since the Juggernaut reworks the game has just been this crap snowbally mess because of that one update. Because all of the sudden ADCs couldnt deal with tanks, and neither could mages, assassins were a joke, and all of the sudden we get 2 years of tanks not being gutted damage wise. The product of this? A mage rework and an ADC rework that made them both be able to delete each other in under 2 seconds, followed by an assassin rework that made them capable of deleting really anyone but tanks. But despite all of this, the fact that Tanks are the problem actually isnt thought of by anyone? If you just gut the base damage and scalings of all tanks, you can nerf the damage everyone else does too, and you have an enjoyable game again with actual teamfights. I feel like 90% of the reason LB is even broken right now, is that she can delete an ADC while behind in gold in under a second, and its because her kit is so overtuned its ridiculous just to keep pace with the burst meta. ADC's were reworked because tanks were too good, mages were reworked cause ADCs were too good, and Assassins were reworked cause all 3 were almost impossible to deal with. Just gut the damage on tanks then slowly pull everything down to par damage wise. It is actually that simple, but Rito refuses to admit they were wrong in an decision even though for an entire year everyone complained about tanks.
: Just tuned into the support/smite/jungle Nunu steam
What did he do wrong other than pick a champion in a role and people got mad at him for it? I'm sorry but if you are having a negative experience because someone is doing something YOU are not accustomed to, and therefore are scared of it, perhaps YOU need to learn more about the game and stop crying about it. I am going to give you an actual reality here, because you seem to live in a dream world where everyone has to conform to your standards. He can pick whatever the hell he wants, when he wants, in whatever role, with whatever runes and masteries, and whatever summoner spells, AND YOU CANNOT REPORT HIM FOR IT. Why? Well because it's against TOS to report someone for playing the game the way they see fit. Honestly you complain about him not working with the team, i see it as more of the team not working with him. I've been to his stream, he is relatively kind at first until they start flaming, then he just tells them its what he is doing and just does it. His intention is to win the game, that is all that matters. I'm sorry that the ADC has no clue how to play passive in a 1v2 lane, that isnt the Nunu's problem, that is the fault of the Draven in this case. Here is what the game looks like if your dream world comes true: Every game the same champions in the same roles with no variation because we let a bunch of 12 year olds who can't get their head around the fact that everyone has a style of play dictate who people play and how they play it! I'm sorry but its so bullcrap to put all the blame on the Nunu when he is not at fault here for playing the game the way he wants to, its the fault of his teammates for being so god damn stubborn and meta slave. But he wins more than he loses, and isnt toxic in the least. I guess it always goes back to this, why play ranked if you cant work with something as simple as having a counterjungling nunu in the support role........ I've legit had so many Bards just never be in lane getting chimes, its not a bad experience for me, its just a playstyle that i have to learn to work with. TLDR; its absolute bullcrap that you put all the blame on the nunu when this goes both ways, one more than the other. The team is meta slaving and trying to force him onto something he isnt comfortable with. Not only that, its against TOS to ban someone for picking a champion. All i can say is you need to learn how to play with these strategies. Everyone complained about people who legit just sat top all game split pushing, but, hell its a viable strat, and given this nunu is winning 53% of games, its not really troll anymore now is it?
: Well that breaks into another category of stuff. First of all league is a team game. That means all 4 other players on your team have just as much impact on the game's outcome as you. Don't expect to be able to carry a team all by yourself, because otherwise what is the point of a team game? They also probably don't feed every single game. Anyone who you are matched with is, on average, going to do about as well as you. They might be doing badly that game, but that doesn't mean they do badly every game. That means that if you want to get matched with good players you have to get better yourself, and you can definitely improve (Looking at that 1/19/5 Maokai game less than a day ago.) You tend to CS decently but when ahead you CS to the detriment of your team, considering how well you do when ahead you have far too much cs to have been helping your team as much as you should have. Your kill contribution ranges from decent to pretty sad. Furthermore I have a couple recommendations for you. If you are going to play off meta champions like AP lane Nunu or Maokai support get better at the champions and put more experience on them in those roles. Maokai is only you 12th highest mastery champion. There is no excuse for you to be playing a champion you have mastery 1 on in ranked. Also focus down on what you want to play. Pick two roles that you enjoy. Pick two champs for each of your roles. Focus on them and only play them in those roles in ranked. As you get better add more champions that to your roster. If one of those two roles isn't support pick up one support and put in time on them and pick up a second support that you can use as an emergency backup if your support gets picked away or banned. Just some advice from another player to you if you really want to escape elo hell.
Oh btw, my champion pool is fairly large, i do play nunu jungle, full tank of course, but again the full ap was pretty troll. Maokai, was first time playing mouse only. Now that im out of provisionals, im taking the game seriously. I play jungle and ADC, and play top fairly well. But please do not base my performances off the last 7 games of provisionals :P Those were troll af. Basically todays games are the first taken seriously since the two to start my provisionals. Today has actually been the worst day of league i have ever had. Either a troll, afk, or feeders on either team EVERY SINGLE GAME TODAY. How can you support that kind of matchmaking?
: Well that breaks into another category of stuff. First of all league is a team game. That means all 4 other players on your team have just as much impact on the game's outcome as you. Don't expect to be able to carry a team all by yourself, because otherwise what is the point of a team game? They also probably don't feed every single game. Anyone who you are matched with is, on average, going to do about as well as you. They might be doing badly that game, but that doesn't mean they do badly every game. That means that if you want to get matched with good players you have to get better yourself, and you can definitely improve (Looking at that 1/19/5 Maokai game less than a day ago.) You tend to CS decently but when ahead you CS to the detriment of your team, considering how well you do when ahead you have far too much cs to have been helping your team as much as you should have. Your kill contribution ranges from decent to pretty sad. Furthermore I have a couple recommendations for you. If you are going to play off meta champions like AP lane Nunu or Maokai support get better at the champions and put more experience on them in those roles. Maokai is only you 12th highest mastery champion. There is no excuse for you to be playing a champion you have mastery 1 on in ranked. Also focus down on what you want to play. Pick two roles that you enjoy. Pick two champs for each of your roles. Focus on them and only play them in those roles in ranked. As you get better add more champions that to your roster. If one of those two roles isn't support pick up one support and put in time on them and pick up a second support that you can use as an emergency backup if your support gets picked away or banned. Just some advice from another player to you if you really want to escape elo hell.
Listen, 7 of my 10 games for provisionals, were not playing seriously at all, i ran around being an animal because after the first 2 games i was set to be placed Plat 5. I like how you base my gameplay off of games that i literally played with only mouse. When i actually care, its like the first 2 games of my provisionals where those games were hardcarried by me. The problem is, sometimes i don't get off to a an insane start like those games, or hell better yet, look at todays games, i didnt play bad at all, i literally didnt, and yet all of those games, were horrible, decided by either team feeding horrendously, or an afk. I'm tired of this games matchmaking system being literally horrendous. We had a trist get placed Silver 5 the game before last game, and LITERALLY DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO LANE! Why? because you can legit intentionally feed and get placed silver 5. And this ties in with my initial point of mentality, because at the end of the day, its very difficult to match games evenly based on both W-L combined with MMR. This game should not be matchmade on that condition, it should ONLY be MMR. Every game is going to be lopsided because the game knowledge is different between someone who gets carried and sits in silver 5, and someone who carried their way there. They are put in the same game, but they are on completely different levels of gameplay. I'm sorry but you would be able to solo carry games if the matchmaking system wasn't hellbent on keeping you at 50% winrate. BECAUSE IT IS, there is proof of this. But here is my final thought, when i play this weekend, I'm going to play solo, and I'm going to play my heart out, and you will see as with today, none of my games have been bad gameplay by me. Yes i make mistakes occasionally, so does everyone, but i dont intentionally feed my way to a loss like most of these people do. You will see that every game is a shitshow and it doesn't matter how well you play because at the end of the day, you are going to have a useless ADC, and a top laner who wont leave top lane. I feel like you can play as well as you want, and it just. doesnt. matter. 8 games in a row today, decided by afks and feeders. Yet i played decently, not great i admit, but i played decently enough to deserve a win in all 8 games, but the game was over by the 10 minute mark. I guess my problem is, i have played better than my enemy laner, in all 8 games, and it just doesnt matter. And if you don't believe me, just look. All 8 games, positive score, decent cs, and it doesnt matter, because the people here are animals and they just want to fight fight fight regardless of how stupid it is.
: I believe the general mentality is "They won through a fluke, I need to kill them and catch up." The issue is that even if they did win through a fluke they are now stronger. Another thing that can happen is you die, they don't back, you try to take advantage of having a component item over their dorans and you are a bit healthier but then you die anyways setting you really far behind.
I get that, right, i understand maybe they are just not as intelligent with the game, but then how do you carry them when its everyone feeding like that every single game? I feel like Riot is just handing me game after game that is impossible to win.
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: I asked Riot Game if i could Break the Meta, Here is the Reply
I dunno, i feel like people shouldn't ever get banned for picking a champion. It is an automated system that bans people, and regardless of Riots excuse, its unacceptable that i can get reported by 9 people because i go 1-10-14 as taric top in a matchup against Darius. Now mind you, i played that matchup well and was even in cs, only 2 deaths in first 10 minutes, and then started getting dove. My team doesnt care about why i died (horrid matchup and getting dove by alistar graves), all they care about is i didnt pick a meta pick, ergo trolling. You dont see me reporting people for picking Corki ADC, despite it not being meta anymore. Now here is the funny part, in that game, both the lucian and thresh were shit talking all game. I said nothing back, i just muted them. And they get out of game and immediately type that i was intentionally feeding and that i was toxic. I asked what i said, they replied with "stfu you stupid n*****" but that just is blatantly false, and knowing the ban system, it doesnt check the games. Therefore i could get banned for something i didnt even do, just purely cause that duo bot convinced the enemy team that i was toxic, when i literally didnt say a word. There is a massive problem with the current system, and it needs to be revamped. Or hell, hire people to look at the games and the whole getting banned for nothing goes away entirely. But nooooo they dont want to spend the tiny amount of money it would take to make their game enjoyable. But i do want to say this, i feel like all "trolling" cases should be reviewed, every single damn one of them. Because you never know honestly, and those who report for it shouldnt be banned ever. But neither should the target of the report. However, every single damn person who reports for someone being toxic, should be banned immediately if its a false report. It is so easy to convince the enemy team that someone is being toxic. Because we are on NA and people are incredibly gullible. Doesnt help they cant see your chat logs. How do you fix this? Riot starts reviewing reports. Instead of bringing out skins every week, or barely putting out any balance changes, perhaps its time to fix the one true problem with league, and thats the report system. Tribunal was nice because people got banned for legit reasons, and something as simple as calling someone bad once didnt grant you a chat restriction because 9 people reported you. Or hell, if you account is in good standing, it didnt give you a 2 day suspension from the game because you were toxic in a single game. I get that it didnt catch everyone who was toxic, but its alot better than this automated system just banning anything and everything that the community sees as toxic. Like cmon, you got a bunch of 14 year old ragers running around in your game, and you let them have control over who gets banned.............
: @Ghostcrawler, can you do the playerbase a favor?
I feel like they need to put the ban system back where it was. I hear more and more about people being wrongly banned. And the ONLY WAY that happens, is if they system is completely automatic and doesn't actually get reviewed. Nunu played straight up, he just only knew how to play Nunu. He got banned because the community thinks its a troll pick. I'm sorry but this is the NA server, people get reported for that all the time. I feel like its time to shift away from an automated system now that its pretty well failing at doing its job correctly. I seem to remember a post about how picking a champion is not a bannable offense. And I'm sorry but not talking to your teammates is also not a bannable offense, you cant force people to talk to the toxic community you guys created. I lock in Twitch jungle and get immediately flamed, I'm not going to talk to those people. I'm just going to mute them and do my own thing. But here is the thing that bothers me about this. Alot of people will complain about someone in bronze who loses alot, well fun fact everyone in bronze loses alot. I feel like you guys have to look at a manual system. Hire people, we know you billionaires. The thing is, nobody should ever EVER be banned for picking a champion. I don't care if they feed that game, nobody goes into a game with the goal of intentionally feeding. And if a nunu or a singed gets banned for playing it support with a 50% or higher winrate? What kind of ban system is this? If they are winning games, and not being toxic in the process, WHICH NEITHER OF THEM WERE, what is the problem?
: Just want to point out that this has harmed the reporting system's credibility. We are told that reports are only meaningful if they are valid. The summoner's code clearly states that you can't report a player for tactical disagreements. The reports on nunu are pretty clearly based on a tactical diagreement over what is best for the team. They are based on salt, and should be ignored. And then you go and ban the guy, meaning that y'all listened to the invalid reports. And then your team tries to defend that by saying off meta is allowed except when your team doesn't like it? This is disappointing.
Its because their ban system is automatic, and no case is actually reviewed ^_^ He wouldn't have been banned with a 50% support nunu win rate, if someone actually took the two seconds to look :P
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: I just can't play League anymore....
There is one thing you are wrong with but I do agree with your view on everything. Lethality as it stands is broken, but Armor Pen was actually unhealthy for the game. Now hear me out because this = smurf. There is too much Lethality, and the items that give Lethality give too much utility. Lethality the way it is is actually fine provided you can only stack up 40 (without runes) to 50 (with runes). WE CAN STACK 75 WITH RUNES. That isn't even including LW which is 45% armor shred that applies before the Lethality. But you have Maw, Duskblade, Edge, Yomuus, all huge items for assassins, and yet all have massive utility? I'm under the firm belief that it isn't the stat, its how much is available, and how much utility the items give right now. There is no reason an assassin should have bonus move speed, a spell shield, a magic shield, and a bonus true damage auto, despite the near 100% gold efficiency of these items. Now I main Kha, i have since season 3. Now the reason i mention that last part is for this. Lethality is not as bad as Armor Pen. I get that Items give too much Lethality, but armor pen was insanely busted and unhealthy. Imagine being ahead on Kha before where armor pen was flat. You literally could duel anyone in the game. You still have to think even if you are up an entire item now (because hurr durr tanks 1 shot people). ADCs of course suffer right now, but powercreep has gotten out of control as you said. But Armor Pen was a stat that was broken if you were ahead, and useless when you are behind, at least Lethality is always viable now. They just need to drop the amount you can get to 40-50 and you will find it is okay. I do however agree with everything else you are saying, this game is currently in a really bad place (anyone who disagrees with this didn't play before season 5), and it needs to be changed. I got my challenger, I do not have to keep playing, but this is the game I love, and I really hope that Riot starts to listen to people who can actually criticize them, because I'm about done playing. This is the 3rd smurf I've made in this year alone because its just cancer being forced into a playstyle and playing against the same playstyle every single game in Diamond-Challenger. BTW, as a smurf, please fix matchmaking for lower tiers while duoing, not for me, for new players. I've won every solo game, but when i duo, games are pretty cancer because of matchmaking being non existent when a pre-30 and a post-30 duo. Everything one shots everything, fun fun fun fun -_-
: Which game is the most popular for you? Because I have always heard league of legends was the number one most popular game on the list.
CS:GO, far more popular, with both viewers and playerbase, that game is growing by an astronomic amount per year, wherein league is dying, slowly but they used to be at 150 million active users in season 5.
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