: You think tooltip are accurate? You must be new.
Who told you that the specifications of the program are not how the program should run? You must be gullible.
: No, this has been a thing for at least a couple years. There was another thread about this shortly after I joined the boards that people did some investigating on, same conclusion: Yasuo windwall prevents Annie Q from landing and thus from adding to her stacks or using them.
By recent I mean in the past 3 years.
: The tooltips in the client are known to be horrifically out of date and, in some cases, champions who receive mini reworks never got updated tooltips or took forever to receive them. Riot should really get around to updating the damn things.
It's actually not a bug i've seen until recently as well, and i've played many, many games vs yasuo (years). Someone at riot added this for their own purposes without updating the tooltip.
: Inconsistency and lack of clarity in tooltips? Gee, what a new phenomenon!
That's why we report them, so that the inconsistencies are fixed.
: Not when the game feels like it, her q just activates her passive on completion rather than on cast. It's a feature, it just interacts weirdly with windwall specifically.
That sounds like a mouthful to write here: https://i.ibb.co/dBgCfMB/image.png
: Her q has to land to give her a stack. Thought this was common knowledge by now
https://i.ibb.co/dBgCfMB/image.png apparently riot doesn't even know
: It's not a bug so much as an old feature (the e-q thing has been around for a long time, possibly since the champion was released) interacting with a newer champion's kit to produce an unexpected result. The passive could be rewritten, but I'm having trouble thinking of a way that isn't super clunky.
"it stuns when the game feels like it"
: This interaction of annie Q allow her to cast E right before her Q hit to stun at 3 stack. So that ain't too bad.
It's impossible to use e to proc the stun after the abilities are used. Any person who is expecting the game to function as it's supposed to, see: https://i.ibb.co/dBgCfMB/image.png that person would have no abilities left to actually stun the enemy.
: Ahri Inari's comment sums it up, but it's the same mechanic that allows her to cast e while her q is in the air to make her q stun if she has three stacks. It doesn't stack her passive (or apply her passive) until it reaches its target, and Yasuo's windwall destroys the projectile before it can.
Yeah, this is either a bug or the description of the ability needs to be re-written.
: Yasuo's windwall interaction with her Q means it does not give her a stack of her stun or use a currently stacked stun if the Q disappears on the windwall. Whether or not that should be considered a bugged interaction... personal opinion, I think, but it's been a thing for at least two years.
That doesn't make sense, because it's "cast" 4 spells to stun, not land 4 spells. https://i.ibb.co/dBgCfMB/image.png
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: Can we stop with the "Bring back URF" messages? I'm sure Riot has already acknowledged this and have even said that they plan on bringing it back with new features.
For you, we'll stop the Bring back URF messages... when they bring back URF.
: July champion and skin sales
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