: No, Riven can flash on you as soon as she hits lvl 6 and can kill non-tanks in a rotation while stunlocking you with W and her knock-up. Stop making assumptions about me and respond to the points I made. Why are you posting non top laners? I'm talking about a top lane matchup, yes the jg can gank but that can win any matchup other than {{champion:420}} /{{champion:122}} lol jg isn't always gonna be babysitting {{champion:266}} autoloses after 2 items, hard outscaled, also riven can dodge sweespots {{champion:84}} even matchup, both cancer champs {{champion:164}} riven can 100 to 0 her from lvl 6 and if camille tries to farm without E up she loses half health or dies {{champion:122}} pretty sure this is an easy matchup for good rivens, only new riven players lose this {{champion:114}} 50/50 {{champion:86}} what year is this lmao? Garen isn't a riven counter anymore {{champion:39}} why would you even post this, riven hard outduels irelia from lvl 2 onwards and outscales her {{champion:126}} its jayce. {{champion:57}} he's a tank so ofc he won't die as easily, he can't stop her split though {{champion:78}} can bully riven until lvl 6 {{champion:13}} beats most melees {{champion:517}} riven wins from lvl 1 also her ult isn't good to steal {{champion:8}} you MUST be joking, riven destroys vlad she's one of his hardest counters {{champion:157}} only has the advantage lvl 2, can get 100 to 0'd when riven hits 6
{{champion:122}} is definitely not an easy match up. He is way more forgiving and has more wave control and sustain than riven. He will heal up in short trades and in extended fights the bleed will stack up. He is also much tankier. Riven has to play perfectly to win this match up in lane. Sure the Riven might outscale and can snowball with jungle help, but this lane is still Darius favored.
: Ya I want to get the exile morg and battle kayle{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Probably not silver Kayle
: Riot, we need to talk about... this.
True true no one wants to be called a n00b. It's a huge turn off
Keyrtyn (NA)
: Uneditable default runepages need to be editable.
You can still buy up to 18 more just like before. If you spent more of your ip on rune pages instead of champions like I did then you would have way more.
Eedat (NA)
: This new system REALLY isnt friendly to older players.....
I also wanted the Wukong icon. Got 6 icons with 15000 BE and ran out of BE still no Wukong D: So unlucky
: At least the stuff I got out of my BE was good kinda... I like this icon ok, only took me like 5 tries in the mystery box
Tried to get the wukong icon. Run out of BE after 6 tries RIP :(
: They took some lessons from Dyrus in backstabbing it seems. Jokes aside, yea with this preseason it seems they've gone full corporate commander, embracing tactics i'd expect from EA, Activision or Ubisoft.
Who did Dyrus backstab? That guy seems like one of the most wholesome lcs pros.
: The best part of course being that they said it was to help out new players to acquire champions faster and get into the game easier. They doubled the experience requirements for every level, so it's at least twice as long for each level (unless you literally only play first win bonus games) and made it so that almost all shards received are 450s with no refund value. Almost everyone I know has gotten less than 600 BE per level. Such a disgraceful company. I hope they get what they deserve.
I got 900be on lvl 31. They said you should get 800-1300 BE per level (900 average)
: Riot, I'm impressed.
I got enough BE to buy 8 6300be champions plus some chromas and those mini icons :3 So by the time I feel like trying out new champions I should have enough BE for a couple
: Urgot can get stuck between a wall and krugs.
lerkul (EUW)
While you spent your Ip on champions I bought 17 rune pages with my IP. It's a trade off.
Wráthful (EUNE)
: Riot please allow me to delete the "prepared" runes that you've made so i can create my own.
I like using them :3 This way you dont have to worry about it in champ select
: yeah. 6300 BE. Do you know how much you get for leveling up? 700
What really that's all you get for leveling up?! 0.o How many games does it take to level up? before it took about 10-15 games to get 700 IP (assuming each game gave an average of 50-60IP)
Abraxis (NA)
: "Rewards"
Check your loot. It's in there
: What do we do if we dont have enough BE for Urfwick
Wait for the sale next year or power grind some levels
: BE seemed to be a bit messed up
WalkerXY (NA)
: new premade rune pages
Some ppl like them. Give them an idea on what to take
Pflumpii (EUW)
: The blue essence I got wasn't nearly as much as I was supposed to get?
: It's based on if you've purchased more AP or AD from items. So some hybrid champions could actually switch which adaptive stat they get mid game depending on their build.
What about corki? He builds ad but does ap damage.
Malcha (NA)
: No atk speed for Xin? That was definitely a big stat on his rune page and is really integral to his passive.
The new xin scales with ad and pen better now due to his auto resets on all his skills. He doesn't need the as as much anymore
: Frozen Mallet is probably one of the most unhealthy items in this game.
You can get that effect even earlier now with the new rune
Project ashe has a cooler dance
Xurreal (NA)
: Autofill not granting autofill protection
Haha ya it happened to me too. I also got 4 games with autofill protection in a row right after too :3
MaggyMage (EUW)
: How hard is it to be a REAL master at Udyr?
His kits is pretty simple. It's more about knowing when you can apply pressure in a split push and having your team group on the other side. There are very few mechanics with him like preparing a q or r stack before activating it again when initiating on enemy.
: Who is the hardest champion but most effective when mastered?
{{champion:69}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:64}} Lots outplay potential & lots screw up potential
: Now that people are playing new ryze
Annie/ syndra/ zed/ talon: insta burst him lux/ xerath/ ziggs: poke him out
: best ADC's to play when the support is clueless?
You want ADCs that have strong lanning, escapes, or wave clear. MF is strong lanner and can 1v2 after lvl 2-3 Lucian is strong in lane and has escapes Sivir can clear waves quickly so they cant push you in
: Help Getting Data
About 3 minutes
: what adc counters draven
lucian can trade with him. sivir can shove wave. Cait can play from a distance. But the support match up matters a lot more than what adc you pick
: Galio broken? Let's make him free to play!!
: New free champion rotation: Galio, Vayne, Sona and more!
: Sad truth behind Lancer Blitzcrank's walk animation
The waddling is cute and endearing {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: The most generic thing just happened to me
Meh you still get the graves award
Mcemc (EUW)
: Proposal to remake Mecha Rengar recall
The car is awesome. You just can't appreciate
pakminsu (NA)
: New Emote Idea
Is that the girl from fairly odd parents
Tie2 (EUW)
: Ekko jungle not in the jungle catogory champ select.
Laakkii (EUNE)
: Doom boots of doom
: I'm having trouble finding success on assassins
She is not as face roll as before her rework. Most assassins require high mechanical skills, except diana. Keep practicing and you will get better.
Ugantus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BabyNaix,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=YTjcTW5y,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-10-26T21:46:39.270+0000) > > Ryze also has 2 halloween skins :/ What's the other skin?
Limid (NA)
: Vasilli taken in by the police after beating his girlfriend on stream.
Dude's got bigger issues than getting dropped from his team. Why didn't ppl see something was up when he destroyed the room before
LdCwrGm1vv (EUNE)
: Since Katarina can have 2 Halloween skins, I'm starting to worry...
: Way too high players
Yep can confirm. While leveling, once I'm near lvl 30 (around lvl 25) I had a few massive losing streaks, where I was winning 4-5 games out of 40 games. Around that time my win rate dropped from 55% to about 40%, and it never became positive again. I have about 3000 games played, and I always have about 200 more losses than wins. I blame it on that period of massive losing streak RIP
: Are the LVL 30 players getting all the level up rewards from 1-30 in the new season?
Cerastes (NA)
: How can I get these foreign players banned?
: > [{quoted}](name=ZygfrydGamomg,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=f85VQEEJ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-10-25T05:07:51.658+0000) > > Keeping alive doesn't make sense in tutorial. You can't die here. Like literally can't, it's not possible to die in a tutorial. Rito said they were very surprised by the number of people who died to the Nunu in the tutorial.
But how?! Dont you have like 3 lvl advantage on the nunu
Drugoth (NA)
: Which is the most likely reason you lost?
In most of my matches, there's one person on one of the teams that snowball the whole game. If it's a very close 60 minute game then it's usually one person that makes a mistake that loses the game.
Mellori (NA)
: Who is your favorite streamer for each lane, and why?
Top - Solo renection only - very educational Jg - Foxdrop - very educational Jg - nightblue - pretty funny, but his builds are not realistic, I think he is playing ppl below his elo Mid- Don't really know any - Huzzy Redmercy sometimes Adc - Phylol - I like his game top 10s and op champion - item combinations Support - Dont know any even though I'm a support main
: Permi banned for "extremely inflammatory and offensive" ok rito
You banned the champion your team mate hovered. That is the most tilting thing in the game. He is justified in taking your Darius. You are lucky he didn't run down every lane to feed everyone in the enemy team, ks all your kills, bait you to a fight and let you die, etc. However, probably not deserving of perma ban though. No hate speech. Maybe you are hiding some of the chat lines... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sotere,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=T9ZUnAr1,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-10-25T01:30:21.830+0000) > > Vandiril makes these builds look real fun. Excited to see how it does on Live. ARE U INSANE????
Dude that is not even a real game. You cant get away with that in a real game.
: Unfortunately TSM is just straight up not a good team. I have never, and will never like or support them (bless you Hauntzer, the one light in the dark). Anyways, they way that TSM builds teams and their mentality is to be the best team in NA. So domestically TSM is great. Internationally... not so much. Now, historically Cloud9 (like em or hate em) has always been decent domestically and consistently outperforms TSM on the international stage. That is the main reason I can justify all the TSM "fans" always flaming. Because TSM has a habit of always hyping themselves up as "this is THE year" or "the best iteration of their roster" and then falling flat when it matters most. As stated in the previous reply, since the inception of the LCS, TSM has only ONCE made it out of groups. Whereas C9 has only failed to do so once. So the blame is absolutely justified.
Bio and Bjerg were good too. Dlift played a bit too cocky. It's mostly Parth's draft and Sven bringing the team down. Sven could be good but he needs carry junglers and winning/even lanes.
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