ZER0 2 (NA)
: Riot has lowered the standards for Legendary Skins.
Check out the 1st comment it's really good
: I definitely agree that the standards have been lowered, and at the very least Riot could use older mechanics such as Pulsefire Ezreal's evolving model. Rakan would become more and more corrupted and Xayah would become purified. A lot of the lines and effects do feel like I'm playing on their base skins if not actually from their base skin.
If they did this that would be fantastic i love your idea
: Please do NOT buff Yuumi
Lulu is also sting her polymorph makes yuumi pop out of the adc
Deadwolff (EUW)
This is why the game is failing. We are your majority riot not competitive please consider us before making your decisions and please fix ranked queuing it didn't used to be like this.
S2018D (EUNE)
: Riot, you aren't letting this Phantom Dancer iteration through PBE right...?
Do not do this if you do decide this change items for yas please where are y'alls heads at


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