Vanëssa (EUNE)
: Ok.
THe actual FUCK does this have to do with the post?
: Ok, next time you play league, turn your monitor off and turn your sound up, and see how well you do, mkay?
I want to point out thats exactly what faker did, and he did fairly well, granted he IS faker, but i'm sure if a blind person wanted to, he could learn to play league.
Jet Sett (NA)
: Varus and Ashe are such bad champions
I love how the photo is Archer
: Why are people fine with this kind of no counterplay laning phase?
"not a single melee matchup heimer loses" {{champion:14}} "IS THIS WHAT PASSES FOR WAR???"
Elezzro (NA)
: {{champion:54}} would ult them and would be followed by a wombo combo yas ult.
: You/Your main just walked in on this
{{champion:54}} he'd be rock solid. (not a malphite main but this joke was too easy)
Velgam (NA)
: Badly describe a champion
{{champion:6}} - he exists, I swear!
khorney (NA)
: Umm sure what ever you say. A good adc will carry a lane with a bad supp it cannot happen the other way around
i am a shit adc. I can get carried by my supp. It's really not hard, esp if it's thresh/blitz/leona or some other supp with crazy high kill pressure
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I have just read Udyr changes. They seem insane! With {{item:3071}} / {{item:3078}} +{{item:3053}} {{item:3022}} he will deal massive dmg while still being quite tanky
Thats every juggernaut though... deal damage like a carry, durability of a tank, but no mobility outside of some fast movespeed.
: > [{quoted}](name=fuffychan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uEdtNQRi,comment-id=000100010000000100000001,timestamp=2017-06-27T11:56:55.650+0000) > > This is probably the smartest thing youve ever said. Bravo. then ive said 1 more smart thing than you.
fuffychan is a known troll, ignore him. please.
: Not tanks.
fuffychan is a known troll dude
: > This is just to show ADCs aren't melting tanks faster than hell. There's no one able to boost their DPS regardless except Lulu.
: It's good for zoning. You can place it by minions and move it whenever they walk up to get a minion. Ahri vs Ori is a 100% skill matchup. Fizz is, well fizz, but she can play safely. Kass doesn't really counter her until he gets items. She isn't fine. Give her a weakness in the game like every champ SHOULD have
There are a lot of champions without a weak stage in the game, and I think thats perfectly fine. {{champion:126}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:99}} are some midlaners that come to mind for me
Sukishoo (NA)
: We used to have one, but they removed it. They do plan on having some other kind of competitive teams in the future.
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Penns (EUW)
: Well every champ requires game knowledge, many tanks just dont really require mechanix. My point is, you first time Zac or you first time Galio on my team ? Go ahead. But you first time broken assassins like Kat and Talon before their nerfs for example? Youre probably gonna feed regardless.
I think most tanks have a low skill floor and a high ass skill ceiling. Truly godly tank players have massive amounts of game knowledge, and it's a lot harder than it looks. I do agree about the mechanics part, but certain tanks also require mechanics too. (thresh comes to mind) Knowing when to do X action at Y time every time is hard, considering how many actions a tank has to perform, like peeling for your carries, engaging, etc that kinda shit.
: My thought process whenever I lane against a pantheon.
Play rumble. He shits on pantheon so hard. If pantheon engages, it's bad for him, his spears have less range than your e, so you can outrange him your q shits on him if he tries to trade.
: Press R as syndra works as well.
Press R as syndra doesn't work as well when that hypercarry adc is lifestealing through it all, and escapes with 200 hp to come back in 3 seconds with full hp... Which is why the cc is necessary. (I am well aware that any form of cc lasting longer than 1 second works for this express purpose, but IMO mauling a squishy as ww is the most fun)
: You do realize thats only one scenario in which the mid champion can 100-0 Vayne with just one ability. There are other mid laners who cant do that instantly in late game since they are not burst mages or assassins. So your argument that Warwick is the anti hyper carry is not true at all as it doesn't fit in every scenario. In fact Malphite accomplishes the same job but in aoe form, without being body blocked, and cripples the shit out of adcs. The true anti hyper carry would be Syndra for deleting Vayne instead of Warwick. No point of calling a champion who can disable a hyper carry for 1 sec an anticarry if he or she cannot do the most important task of deleting the hyper carry. By your definition, any champion with a form of disabling cc who can sneakily get to the hyper carry would be an anti hyper carry then.
It doesn't have to be 1 champion. Your team probably has enough time to instantly murder a vayne within 1.5 seconds. I perhaps should rename this to WW is the most FUN anti-hypercarry, because in my humble bronze 3 opinion, ulting from 1200 units away into the middle of a teamfight, and scaring the living daylights out of their hypercarry is by far the most fun way of dealing with one. Also malphite accomplishes nothing outside of his ulti. While I am aware he is not THE best at shutting down hypercarries, it doesn't mean hes bad at it. Also, since when was WW sneaky? It's just that his cc is targeted and lasts a long ass time. I think a better way to put it is that anyone with reliable hard CC lasting more than 1 second is good against hypercarries. Galio works pretty well. I am gonna rename this post though, if I can.
Mig89 (NA)
: wouldnt that mean anyone with a stun is an anti-hyper carry? lol
I mean, thats not entirely false, but most stuns aren't as long as ww supression, and what stun will let you jump from 1200 units away into the middle of a teamfight?
: Warwick suxx against hypercarry since he doesnt scale as much as he did, he is kittable very easily by a vayne and his ult is easy as well to : body block, or just tumble it, even if warwick hits vayne will probably have a qss and just laugh. I dont know if it still works, but with old warwick, if vayne condemn at the right moment and warwick ults, the condemn hit after warwick blinks to vayne and it interrupted it. Plus the fact vayne has true damage so she doesnt care about warwicks E this much...
It's not hard not to get kited by vayne if she doesn't know you're there. Get a pink ward and remove all her vision, and just pop in from behind. Play like a twitch, not like a tank.
Ralanr (NA)
: That's only if no one peels you off of Vayne, which by late game is a number one priority.
To be fair, I don't think anyone is gonna peel me off of vayne in the .5 seconds that syndra or any other source of burst damage is gonna murder her... and sometimes they will, but a lot of the times they won't be able to peel for her before she dies.
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excodar (NA)
: Playing In High Elo just as shitty as Low Elo
Can relate, but not in league, but IRL I'm a competitive martial artist with a 3rd degree/dan black belt (too young for 4th+) and it's pretty similar here. I get lower ranked competitors going: "Damn, I wanna be like that guy!" and not realizing the stress that comes with it. Say you go into a sparring match, first to 7, 2 minute time limit. Kicks below the belt (with the exception of leg checks) are not allowed, and so missing a leg-check can actually give you a strike, which gives your opponent a point. It's a tight pocket and a lot of my matches have been won because my opponent missed a leg check, and right after the match is over their coaches or teammates (if it's a full team) decimate them for the smallest mistake, and like OP, I tend to focus on mistakes after the match, like not blocking when I should, etc.
: Nami, Zyra, Morgana, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Nautilus, Leona. Especially Nami and Zyra. Not sure what you're talking about.
ayy, bb you forgot your boy alistar with his point + click w to knock draven away, or better yet, w-q so your adc can get some free shots in EDIT:forgot about that fact that you might overextend, but you're pretty tanky and have a good bit of cc, so you should be fine for the most part.
xWaters (NA)
: When is Deaths Dance being nerfed?
I find it a very viable build on juggernauts, as it gives me a helluva lot of damage and gives some sustain, though not as much as something like steraks.
: when i downvote a post its when i desagree... like there when he said >But hey, it was WAY better than Ascension If it was just his opinon, i wouldn't downvote, but he show it like a fact. After maybe its just me, but a downvote is just difference of pov. Nothing personal
fair enough
: maybe because some desagree ?? Personnaly i desagree, i could/can spam Ascension.... but not the dark thing...
but that doesn't mean you downvote the post? it's just his opinion, and it's not toxic or a bad argument
: I didn't enjoy it that much, since none of my teammates ever played Thresh, but the enemies somehow main (Yes I'm an %%%) But hey, it was WAY better than Ascension
idk why you're getting downvoted, tf?
: I think you'll find that Zac can nuke you plenty now that he can Q you while you're knocked up by his E. It's not a coincidence his winrate shot up 8% with the buffs he just got.
Yeah well, thats what happens when you buff a fucking 40% winrate champion...
: Personally, I love every single one of the Tank reworks and don't get why people dislike them
I personally agree with this so much, at least for Sej and Zac. (I don't play maokai). People complain about Zac being undertuned, and I agree, but I don't think it's as severe as anyone says. His ultimate can be used in so many more ways now, too, as you can force all the fighters and mobile champs to blow their dashes, and the immobile champs to flash, or you can catch them off guard when they're not paying attention, and drag their 3 carries under your tower into your team to cuck them all. His new q is great because now he has become even more sticky and is able to lock down champions harder now. New Sej was definitely overtuned on release, but she's a bit better after the hotfix, though she still needs some tweaking. Her new kit feels great, and her R is fucking amazing, with it being sort of a long range initiation/chase tool, and her w feels clean to use. Her Q feels same as ever. The thing that bothers me about her rework is her new e needing 4 stacks from MELEE autoattacks, or her w, and that means you won't ever get full potential out of it if you have even a single ranged champion on the team, which is honestly just dumb. Otherwise though, good shit. ~~Fuck full AP Support Maokai though, shits cancer~~
: "sejuani mains hate her rework" no shit, which champion rework had his mains loving it? {{champion:14}} mains insulted riot for what they did to him, same for {{champion:78}} old mains but then new mains appeared and took the champion as their kit completly changed new sejuani does what she was supposed to do before, unreliable damage CC and initiation "she only has 2 spells" what a fcking joke, her Q is a dash that CC, her W deals so much damage (until maybe late game because of armor but this is intended because she's a tank)it slows and add potentially 2 E stacks, her ult is a giant nuke with counterplay "she can't be played with ranged champions" lmao, she can stack E so fast if she plays well with W, she doesn't need ranged champions "she's bad at initiating" dafuq? i have to teach you that your champion has a ranged stun, a dash with knock up, and slow immunity? for real? "i can't build liandry anymore" sucks friend, maybe you should consider once that running around and dealing tons of magic damage+%hp damage was not healthy for the game anymore nothing to see here, it's {{champion:35}} rework again, mains crying on the board, same for i don't know how many rework
: I never want Zac to be meta, ever. He is absolute fucking cancer to deal with. The only way to counter him is to have a Janna.
Or, you know, just deep ward, don't burn your cc/escape when pushed up, etc. Basic shit
: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand silver you have 0 credibility my opinion is more valid and carries more weight 2 seconds to travel 1800 units is 900 movement speed. Hec doesn't go that fast. > The Zac forced you into an unfavorable position any fucking champ can do that if they have a broken kit Yasuo/Ahri/ivern/kat/lux force you into unfavorable positions because they're just complete bullshit and can spam high zoning abilities with 0 cost or risk
Any champ can do it if they're not fucking retarded, unlike you... (If you need an example, Shen can taunt you under tower at an early level for an easy first blood. Shen is pretty fucking shit right now...) You're forgetting thats 900 movespeed at level 9 for 2 seconds on a 10 second cooldown... ~~or the fact that hecarim doesn't have a gapcloser and instead gets fast as fuck movespeed ALL THE TIME but you know lets disregard that fact~~
: To be fair, if Varus whiffs a Q, he's not much the worse for wear. Mind you, I have no problem with Zac, but Varus' Q is a poor comparison.
I said in the sense that he can still aim after it's charged. Not that if zac misses his e he's kinda fucking assed. :P
: And then I'm condemned because he played smartly and there's nothing I can do except flashing. Right.
"Wow, I got outplayed, I need to be able to reverse that situation so that I can always win even though I fucked up and made a big mistake by using my only anti-gank spell while shoved up my fucking ass in this lane, and if I can't counterplay his punishing my horrible mistake then this champion has 0 counterplay even though he simply was a good player!!!!1!"
: Not if he's decent and knows that Syndra's E has a long cd = he can gank when it's off and get an easy kill.
Wow, really? Who knew junglers can gank an immobile champion when their cc is on cooldown. Man, I wish the other junglers could do this man. /s
: You can't move out of the way, he can change where he lands after he starts charging, unlike Pantheon for example. He can dive towers in almost any situation where his team is pushed to your tower. You can't push because he can jump from fog of war. Mid lane has 8 potential gank spots for Zac. He's completely unfun and uninteractive to play against and has an overall overwhelming amount of map presence for being a tank.
"he can jump from fog of war" Wow you're listing his biggest strength as a jungler. Quality argument. You forgot the fact that he does shit for damage, or the fact that he's supposed to be able to do that. Being able to gank from 8 spots from mid isn't that bad, when you realize at most 4 are able to be used at any time. (My personal favorite is raptors camp if I'm diving, and behind the wall that outlines the side of the river, opposite the side of wherever the enemy mid is.) Also his E is like Varus Q, in the sense that he can change it after he starts charging, but you don't see people complaining about that.
: Stop buffing Zac.
Zac isn't even that bad. Then again I'm biased because I play him, but he's not cancerous at all if you play against him, IMO. You're complaining about the fact that he's played like he's supposed to, which is to counter immobile champions. Zac isn't too mobile in the sense of dashes, actually, but in the sense that he has the ability to cover large distances very quickly. His kit was built around the fact that he's able to do this, and he's naturally good against immobile champions because they can't avoid his long range small AOE cc. His counterplay is much more linear than someone like lee sin, who if they miss their q can just wardhop to you, kick you into their mid, have their q up and fuck you over, or {{champion:113}}, who perma slows you and has 2 stuns and a knockup to make sure you never escape anything.
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