Ralanr (NA)
: Why is it that you keep wanting to bring back Galio’s W heal?
Honestly the heal was super nice and i did love it on old galio, but being able to increase someones defenses for a few seconds was also kind of iconic, and tbh the fact that they removed it from him but braum and taric still have it is kindof bullshit, his passive slam as it is right now is very feast or famine, it either shreks people or tickles them with relatively no inbetween, so I'd be down for moving his personal shield to that instead. But I think if his taunt also had an effect on allies within the circle to make them tankier for x-seconds, would be a neat defender mechanic to add. Hell, make the taunt duration and DR/MR/AR or whatever scale off of amount of champions in circle. You only got 1 person? It is less effective because of that, maybe make 4 the number where it is the same as currently, and add .1 seconds per champ after that. Galio was always a massive peel/nuke that could sustain like nobodies business whilst simultaneously making either himself, or a friend, tankier (lol rammus galio bot cheese), and his ult right now is incredibly lackluster unless you have a teamcomp created specifically for it, with the windup generally being too long to the point that whoever you were trying to peel for died before you hit, and if it's an engage ally you're jumping to, he's either mega-low or the enemies just casually walked a few feet away
Kazekiba (NA)
: > Dont forget to buy our latest Irelia skin we ~~covered in urine~~ crafted an elegant Prestige variant for! ~ Rito James
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Why does pyke get another "your cut" on his ult?
I'm more upset with how you can't even barrier bait that shit, grievous wounds is essentially in every buildpath now so heals aren't even a safe way to do it, he gets a nice marker for that execute when the only other re-settable dunk doesn't "because the bleed is too hard to code with it" (apparently scaling off of level lethality and ad isn't tho), AND it gives full kill gold to one other person. Can't poke out of lane, you know, the thing you do to most heavy engage supports, has a stun that's also a dash, goes invisible and gains speed **based off of ad also**, a passive that gives more ad instead of health, and the highest base armor in the fucking game Gut this champion already
datfatguy (OCE)
: What the hell happened to rotating game modes?
"We found out that too many people play these gamemodes instead of grinding out needless amounts of promo matches, part of the new and intuitive Master Tilting Initiative (MTX, patent pending). We've also lowered the amount of tokens you get from the passes during these game modes because spending 80 hours after buying our ~~4800~~ **NOW ON SALE FOR _1650_ FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY** pass, we've decided that you should have to play at ** least** 250 rift games (only if you win all of them, mind you). Also now every rotating mode when it does come back will be random, as choosing champions for those modes isn't popular (actual poll withheld, but accounting was very against it), and have now also raised prices on key fragments, among other things. Also this latest patch broke half the game, abilities, skins, whatever we tested it plenty who could've forseen this we're just an indy company cmon guys."
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Nice talking about toplane only.
Mid is a snowball burstfest that tilts easier and botlane has two people to rely on if I gank, so if i'm picking one of the 3, it's gonna be the one that pretty usually has some form of cc, teleport, generally has demolish, and means I can force their jungler to countergank for a free drag on botside. Midlaners generally don't have cc or only have burst, which if behind means the other is going to have more, on top of the lane being short enough that unless they are massively overextended, it's pretty easy to get away/have a jungler nearby (with it being in the middle of the map). Botside probably has best kill potential since you would (hopefully) have two forms of cc with the support, but entirely depends on if your adc knows when to engage with you instead of prioritizing minions, or support doesn't miss. Ganking losing lanes there's always a tradeoff, but toplane tends to get favored based on seclusion and ease of access (as in you can just run through tribush to gank since river is warded or vice-versa) on top of the turret platings feel safer. Again, midlane the jungler can just hop on over from any camp within 15 seconds (and midlaners arent known for tower destruction in this meta until late game), and I'll take the most turret platings possible to snowball harder. Even 1 turret plating is a couple of control wards that I wouldn't have had before,first turret is more gold in general, and tilting a laner is definitely worth it also.
: pykes excute has to be the worst designed excute in the game
The fact that he has a dash that leaves a stun trail, can go immediately invisible (which makes him faster scaling off of damage) during allowing him to heal (which scales off of level and **AD**) effectively making it so that unless you spend a lot to burst him down, he'll just sustain back, a resettable ult that quite frankly has a busted hitbox that scales off of 3 separate things that all feed into each other (all lethality has damage, all other damage items he builds have health which is consequently more damage), he has the old akali problem of exactly which point of the assassin triangle is he supposed to represent? Because he has damage, sustain, and mobility. I could see pyke being okay if only the first r press did the execute threshold and the rest were just it's base damage, or if he didn't get the marker showing someone is ready, or if you could actually poke him out (you know, to punish a weakness), or any number of other changes to make him so babyproofed
Infernape (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ZeroAgainst,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nu1bgyQk,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-07-12T20:57:34.962+0000) > > lol i didnt know he had 130 wtf It's because he cannot build health. His effective HP through base stats has to be higher to compensate.
No see that's the problem, he's an assassin and it's not like he _can't_ build hp, it's that **it's turned into more fucking damage**
: Revert Galio's W and R
I really liked olf Galio, but lets be honest, the only time I liked him was running him as support against an immobile botlane for easy flash r's, or against a dot midlaner with the old rune page system, so I could start level 1 with 105 mr and stack abyssals and banshees. New Galio feels like an actual champ instead of a cheesemaker, but his ult still feels really dumb for not really giving whomever he ults any kind of damage resistance/shield, resulting in most galio's only putting 1 point into it until significantly later as the cdr on e or w is more important than hey I can maybe help my jungler out after like 4 minutes of waiting *if* I don't get interrupted or fucked up during the chargeup on it. Like yeah I like being a CC machine, but all the changes to the ult really just make me feel like they should just give him a new ult, or allow it to be like pantheons where he can just target but maybe at a shorter range, or maybe even a reverse kai-sa where you can ult enemies that have recently damaged a teammate/you. Anyone who has a passive/ult that requires a different person feels like a massive hindrance, Shen has the ability to be almost completely global but he also gives the shield on cast instead of arrival, Leona's passive is great in bot lane but means that she just loses out on that part of her kit if she tries to lane or jungle. Possible changes are making it not unit targetable but ground, making it have more/less charge time based on distance traveled, making it self-castable, etc. As of right now the only time you really want him is a protect the kog comp vs divers, but even then you have to make it through lane against tahm/urg/illaoi/ranged, and relying on jungle help isn't really a viable option
: Buff/Adjust Illaoi ult
I could be down if they made it essentially like her w where it can target someone, but then theres the drawback of not hitting a stealthed champ near you, honestly I think the area should be widened a little or give her some extra tenacity during, especially with the way that it scales (so someone who takes ninja against an ad comp could get like 20-25, but someone who took mercs and legend would only get like 5% more) or slow resist to kind of match the pissed off tentacle god ult she's supposed to have. Granted, there's not a lot I would change about her, I still hate the time being lowered on her E since that's her only big laning tool against ranged harass and the fact that they already took away the mechanic where being attacked by the soul's owner lowered the cd, but the w changes to monsters helps i guess? Decreased time e is in effect after killing/leaving range by 2 seconds, but tentacles slam significantly more often, overall is a buff but it feels like it was in the wrong places instead of reinforcing her heavy immobile presence.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bone Dad,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KgyviZTm,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-07-09T11:01:47.989+0000) > > Pretty much, yeah. But renekton got it as well and he's a top laner so it's all I can really figure. Riot really wants a shield buster when in reality it should probably just be on an item. That's what irelia did initially when she got reworked.... Then they took that away... Now blitz counters botlaners in general and definitely ruins karma r+e, Janna, Morgana.... Riot really not thinking on this one imho
The difference was Irelia's didn't make a whole lot of sense, if it's on an item yeah sure build that to fill a niche but irelia was already jumpy enough with enough sustained/burst that it didn't really make sense to also give her shieldbreaker as well
: I love league for all of it's diverse champs and playstyles.
Take conqueror udyr with scaling a/s, second and 4th row for preferred saltiness, throw in cheapshot and ravenous hunter, rush a wits end, laugh as mordekaiser can literally do nothing against you and whines to his jungler all game, who will then whine when you 2v1 them into next week wit's > triforce> steraks/DD/Maw>probably spirit>pick an armor item or go for maximum backdoor potential and titanic/zz'rot Not disagreeing that morde feels a little too strong, but he's just like every other scaler where you apply pressure early and win early, or pick megacounters so he cant do what hes designed to do
Barkley (NA)
: Just a simple request for silver-gold junglers (and maybe higher elo ones?)
Dude if your jungler is getting that many kills/pressure how the fuck are you not in a massive cs lead, let alone turret plating or objectives? Stop focusing on what you want from someone else and focus on what you should do. Vi killed your laner (with/without you?, not really clear on that) then you need to be exerting dominance and getting every cs possible. Waveclear for that turret plating, ping rift/dragon, secure scuttle, when he's back to lane zone exp/farm and freeze the lane, buy an extra vision ward with hopefully the money you got from an assist and **give your jungler a reason to come back**. If your Vi is 9/0 then you guys should've annihilated enough towers/objectives to be leagues ahead, even without you getting the kills
: Mages are indirectly powercreeped to hell. There is TOO MUCH cdr and mana accesibility without even a tiny bit of ABILITY POWER penalty. In the past rushing the CDR cap or even going 30% cdr would cost you a fuck ton of Ability and or MR runes ( scaling cdr was a thing on runes back then or flat cdr ) so right now mages have the freedom of brainlessly throwing out 5-6 second rotations from LONG ranges with no penalty. You will argue me *KILL THEM WHEN THEIR CD'S ARE DOWN* my counterargument is that unless i'm an equally long range mage i do not have the ability to effectively retaliate due to me having to reposition to dodge their spells ( whom usually oneshot me or any non tank/bruiser champ ) which means i have to put distance between us that by the time i close it again they will have around 1-2 seconds off their rotation to hit me again and the fight is always a 50-50 spam ( EXACTLY LIKE URF IS ) and it's extremenly toxic to deal with. Mages atm are arguably the 3rd lowest skill class after ADCs and Supports while beeing blatantly overloaded with clear problems that are not addressed in favor of the powercreep meta. All cdr needs to be cut in half and mana providing runes need to be toned down by a LOT.
Laughs in season 3 double nomicon, i do agree that it's too easy to hit cdr tho, what with 90% of users rushing ludens with probably the cdr sorc tree
: When the enemy yasuo complains your champion is too easy
Ah yes, ye olde wallbounce, super glad gears 4 embraced it instead of doing what every other gears did to balance it
: Why has the cost of key fragments doubled from 10 to 20? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
The first few events it was def 10 a key frag, which is what prompted me to buy it when I had like 1500 sitting in the cache, definitely feels like they were seeing how many people would buy the pass knowing the best thing to spambuy was doubled in cost
Kei143 (NA)
: Still, the report happens through support tickets. Boards have no power to get anyone punished. Outrage all you want on these boards, but no reports = no review. No review = no punishment.
For sure send in a report, prolly submit a ticket as well, but if this whole nubrac/nb3 thing has shown anything riot doesn't give two shits about the summoners code for some people, and i'm willing to bet if those accounts are buying skins then they'll probably skate by a lot easier without public notice
Kei143 (NA)
: Report all the people and the matches in tickets, not on boards.
Yeah because ddos'ing isn't a federal crime or anything, and it took him going back and showing everyone the footage to be able to see clearly how it worked the first time, let alone getting him in repeat matches. It's only really gonna happen in high elo, where you see the same people every game, show all proof you've got at this point since it's so easy to pay for wins, get people up in arms about it until rito does something
: Increase the range of Zyra's Q, Deadly Spines to 900
no lmao they spawn plants with her passive/w, she's obnoxious enough as is without giving her a range boost
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnaveil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A8P9lyjj,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-22T11:29:50.901+0000) > > Issue is, how much of that is accurate? Cuz I still run into people that don't buy qss for Morde R. In that case, shouldnt skarner be the same case? But skarner has less than 1% pickrate and still lower WR than morde, and he's a champion people had experience with for years. Morde is much more than just a walking ult like other champions who are countered by QSS.
Skarner also doesn't have huge base damages +decent ap scaling, nor does he take the person he ults to a separate dimension
Rioter Comments
: Viegar/Nasus passive scaling is good design?
With nearly every new champ having some form of cc or dash, keeping a fed susan away is harder than it sounds, since every meta jungler has hard cc, most supports do as well, midlaners tend to nuke, and adc's except for ashe really have ways to get away from/keep at bay, except it works for both teams. While susans adc probably doesn't have to rush a qss, the enemy does, putting their adc at a disadvantage midgame, and thats just to avoid a potential wither/cc **once** that fight, god forbid theres an amumu or an udyr with him (or, grab the ointment now if hes paired with yummy). Thanks to numerous buffs, all it takes is Nasus building his core fudging items to hit 40-45% cdr (based on personal saltiness), then pop his ult during a particularly juicy minion wave unattended in any lane to catch up, and that's on top of the bonus stacks from jungle camps, or a jungler being nice and letting you steal their small chickens while they get the biggun. Look at this another way: in order for nasus to hit 300 stacks by 20 minutes (which is doable in even bronze pretty averagely), nasus would have to hit 100 q's on normal minions, or 25 cannons/jungle camps/champs, or any combo. Thanks to buffs, you can't really stack armor against him as his e negates %armor, you can't stack attack speed bc you'll eat a fat witherino, damage is cool but unless you have the burst to hit him while he withers and pops biscuits/pots he's gonna heal up with his passive/spirit/possibly lifeline (again, personal saltiness). There are waves every 30 seconds pre 20, meaning 37(8? technically but thats at 20 so), meaning before 20 there's 12 cannons. Assuming you only get the cannon, that's 144 stacks already. If you grab one minion per wave on top of the cannon, that puts you at 255 stacks at 20. If, like most susans, after the first real back at 10 you grab your mandatory 2 cdr items, you're at the point where you're probably going to be getting 4 minions a wave at least, and all the cannons, and the 1 per wave before 10, that puts you at 417 **just at 20 on a lackluster q farm** and that's _not including any champ/jungle/scuttle/enemy pet/summons stacks either _. You throw in that even at challenger level they'll forget to keep a wave in check and suddenly after 20 you're looking at a possible 48 stacks per minute per lane, and if you have a susan who is metagaming the fuck out of his team stacking multiple lanes as they pile up, it's gonna be bad. Veigar isn't as big of a problem imo, mainly bc shutting him out early pretty much keeps him out (unless your team eats his stun at an inopportune time, but that +5 per assist gets nasty quick if he hits stuns (or buys, idk, an item that puts out a shield to his team giving him an assist on everything regardless of skill), and with his being a flat ap gain it's even more problematic. Veigar bottom is really the only time I've seen it be a huge problem, because with a skilled leona/thresh/lockdown champ, someone's gonna be cc'd for a while and hit with guarenteed w's, chunking them super hard. Although junglers make a huge difference vs both those champs, Nasus is one that it really doesn't matter if you do or not. Someone that plays him and has watched any big nasus player will tell you that there is always a way to farm safely enough, and if you're garnering jungle attention, it means that your jungler should be pressuring the shit out of objectives/enemy camps/ other lanes and snowballing them, as nasus will pretty much stay relevant regardless
: Warwicks attack speed feels really clunky
Honestly I think they should reduce the bonus as he gets from his w, boost his base a little more so it feels less clunky, but add in a passive to his w so that he can move whilst autoing (even if it's half speed or some shit) on targets under %hp per level of w, just to keep up with the bloodthirsty enraged beast motif. I don't really play ww anymore even though he used to be one of my favs but it never made sense for him to gain AS but not be able to really use it since he's melee
: and the upgrade is a giant orange sword
CytheGuy (NA)
: An analysis of the NB3 vs Nubrac situtation (off-meta Teemo pick)
If it was after "multiple reports over multiple games" then why does the report only show a single game, that one being the one with nb3 in it?
Infernape (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BackdoorPrincess,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vrmBjMNv,comment-id=0000000100000001,timestamp=2019-06-14T06:00:20.075+0000) > > Also there's a legal definition of sexual harassment and assault buddy, chances are if you get accused of it and have action taken then it was clearly crossing a line, whether physically or verbally Not necessarily. This is assuming that people don't and can't lie about things like that. The mere accusation of harassment with zero evidence is harsh enough to cost people their jobs and livelihoods before the case has even been through court. Look at Vic Mignogna. He's basically lost his job and contracts with dubbing companies over accusations of harassment/assault with zero evidence aside from hearsay. Now according to your words that would mean he "clearly crossed a line". When in reality, the so called "evidence" suggests that he didn't (as he's never been charged or prosecuted for it) and a group of people ran a smear campaign against him as he's currently dragging them and Funimation through the courts.
> [{quoted}](name=Infernape,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vrmBjMNv,comment-id=00000001000000010000,timestamp=2019-06-14T06:32:55.723+0000) > > Not necessarily. This is assuming that people don't and can't lie about things like that. The mere accusation of harassment with zero evidence is harsh enough to cost people their jobs and livelihoods before the case has even been through court. > > Look at Vic Mignogna. He's basically lost his job and contracts with dubbing companies over accusations of harassment/assault with zero evidence aside from hearsay. Now according to your words that would mean he "clearly crossed a line". When in reality, the so called "evidence" suggests that he didn't (as he's never been charged or prosecuted for it) and a group of people ran a smear campaign against him as he's currently dragging them and Funimation through the courts. He's been facing reports for at least two years as more step forward on top of numerous reports of super scummy behavior by con staffing (shocker majority of them reporting are female as well, almost like a pattern), and your call of demanding evidence in scenarios where there isn't a lot to be had is quite frankly ludicrous. Look at the Bill Cosby scandal, how long it took for it to finally be admitted and how many people stepped forward after the first, and that's with a celebrity that had a hell of a lot more coverage than a (fairly) well known voice-actor. Dragging them through the courts? Lmfao his claim of defamation has been refuted on several different points, specifically that he's being very vague about how exactly they defamed him when they have just reiterated the fact that they won't put up with the way he has/is acted/acting, and repeating someones testimony is not defamation, just because it's something you don't wish to be known doesn't mean it being told defames you. His actions were his own, and there are cons and testimonies sided against him dating before 2010 that even a cursory lookup would find. You're telling me that two separate companies (funimation and RT) let him go just based on hearsay? Nah, I'm willing to bet that his behavior has been noticed on several occasions by both parties, and others working at those places, and this is just the culmination of his actions over several years.
: > [{quoted}](name=afmghost,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vrmBjMNv,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-06-13T13:47:58.807+0000) > > While I agree that pay should be based off of the employee's contributions to the company, as well as things like merit and experience, this is Riot games we're talking about. I checked the article, and it mentions that it's also about things like sexual harassment and assault, not just pay. > The article also says that Riot is refusing to provide the information requested. The only reason they would be doing that is if they are trying to hide something. I mean people refuse to take drug tests or take tests at sobriety checkpoints because they're under the influence, and refusal to comply makes it worse for them. Why shouldn't it make it worse for riot? because it may cause disruptions in the company and if leaked can give information to riots competitors and start poaching workers the reasoning behind hiding pay isn't just because it may cause conflicts between workers it's also to hide information from competitors and governments aren't really known for keeping information given to them a secret pay negotiation is a thing as well some workers are more valuable then others and if they understand their value they will demand higher than average pay for their position if this doesn't include merit in the company a static comparison between male and female pay will just bring outrage in the female part of riots workforce and for the sexual harassment and assault americans are widely known to consider basic human interactions as sexual harassment and assault as their definitions are so loosely defined that an year ago masturbation was considered rape to some
> [{quoted}](name=Ornndyr2k19,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vrmBjMNv,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-06-13T14:08:53.357+0000) > > because it may cause disruptions in the company and if leaked can give information to riots competitors and start poaching workers > the reasoning behind hiding pay isn't just because it may cause conflicts between workers > it's also to hide information from competitors > > and governments aren't really known for keeping information given to them a secret > pay negotiation is a thing as well some workers are more valuable then others and if they understand their value they will demand higher than average pay for their position > > if this doesn't include merit in the company a static comparison between male and female pay will just bring outrage in the female part of riots workforce > > and for the sexual harassment and assault > americans are widely known to consider basic human interactions as sexual harassment and assault > as their definitions are so loosely defined that an year ago masturbation was considered rape to some If a competitor is willing to pay me more after hearing how much I make, it isn't the new company's fault that I leave but the old one for not recognizing that I was worth that, so the poaching workers argument just doesn't work, especially considering that's how a competitive market works. And for there to be an actual investigation, there has to be sufficient evidence of the wage manipulation, and in a company as large as riot games there's probably a sizeable sample to provide context, especially when most projects are team oriented so pay discrepancies would be easy to spot when multiple people work on the same thing but one/some are getting paid exorbitantly more than the others. Also there's a legal definition of sexual harassment and assault buddy, chances are if you get accused of it and have action taken then it was clearly crossing a line, whether physically or verbally
: [OFF TOPIC] Sony announced the Gaymer system is going on the open market next year...
It was a custom built console that was auctioned off for an lgbt charity/rights group, chill the fuck out. The gaystation part and for the gaymers is a little tasteless but as a non-lgbt myself I'd buy the shit out of a special edition rainbow ps4 Literally look up the gaystation 4 and see that it's not an official product instead of making a blatant outrage post
: Even though I do see the problem, you saying "If nothing is done then I am afraid I might have to quit play the game indefinitely.", kinda gives me the threatening vibe. I mean, you could have said "I'll have to keep banning this champ forever to avoid the risk, and I'll never be able to play blind games or aram again", but you choose to hit the "I quit" button right away. For that alone, I'd say don't let the doors hit your azz on your way out.
"Oh just ban the champ" yeah let's make the already asinine mechanic to balancing >130 champs recently be made even more so by using it to possibly avoid something that realistically can cause seizures, something that riot has made somewhat of a point to avoid creating this whole time. No, it's not a threatening vibe at all, if you say we're gonna play soccer in a dog park and I'm allergic to dogs, it is not threatening to say "hey if we don't change this I'm not gonna play because I don't want to have serious health implications when there is a perfectly reasonable alternative/fix, even if that guy over there has no idea what he's talking about and wants to just get offended". Riot has already been working with different colorblind variations (as can be seen with accessibility modes) and has certainly nerfed skins that made abilities harder to see/differentiate for years, and a skin that *can* cause a seizure you can bet your ass would be taken a hell of a lot more because of that fact, similar to what used to be frost annie for her passive being harder to see, steel legion lux for harder to see abilities, etc. There are several easy fixes to eliminate the epilepsy part, making it not flash as bright or as quickly, making a separate option for people who are epilepsy prone to eliminate particles and effects like this (which I'm honestly surprised hasn't been done yet), hell it looks so similar to Garen's ult they could change it to be something different even. I don't have anything related to epilepsy and don't really know anyone who does either, that being said it's already debilitating enough to have to avoid a large portion of videogames and media specifically due to not wanting possible brain damage, so yeah I'll take the epileptics side over the company who can afford to make a change like that
: I havent played LoL for 3 years, how to deal with Kled?
watch him farm, his w is a passive that procs 4 hits and the last crits, as soon as you see the animation for a crit go or after i think 12 seconds he no longer has his huge damage/as steroid and can be fought, otherwise he really excels at sticking to someone so you need either a good disengage or more sustain/damage than him. Really depends on champ matchup but as with most initiator bruisers you probably need to be a bruiser early or a decently scaled fighter mid-late
: Quick Reminder: ARAM Bans are a stopgap.
ThErE aReNt ThAt MaNy ArAm OnLy AcCoUnTs I by far play aram more than anything anymore, and have been sitting at (by a third party) a pretty high mmr bracket, and let me tell you the amount of games that I don't see at least 1 level <70 aram included in the name/club is pretty low, and that's just the ones that make it obvious. I'm in favor of bans if nothing else to just negate certain cancer champs (because who doesn't love getting quarter healthed by a kai bolt from halfway down field after her first item) but also because I'm tired of seeing the same champ 5 games in a row on the other team. Unlock all champs, do whatever mastery point shenanigans you have to to make it so people will still want to unlock champs (as in no mastery for not owning, keep the speed of reroll gains the way that it is so it still is faster the more you own). Snowball was a great change to the meta to make a lot of tanks more viable when it was first introduced, super happy backtrack didn't stick (same for the 6 seconds no death item) and the warmogs change makes fighting the entire tank squad a lot more bearable, but when you have a certain pool of people who only have the aram-god tier champs unlocked(plus f2p), **combined with champion weighting in the _random_ mode**, it gets real obnoxious real quick if you're someone who plays with nearly everyone unlocked The fine tuning going on with certain champs makes them a lot less of a pain to deal with, and would certainly help balance them into not being banned all the time, but it also makes them super confusing to bring from a normals to aram, as now you have to check a chart to see whose damage has been buffed/nerfed to ensure you aren't building them in a way that won't work (as in the recent gutting of ap maokai combined with the range damage nerf). Possibly have a little disclaimer above them when rolled that says whatever aram specific change they have so that you don't inadvertently pick sona hoping to heal/shield and seeing that it's nerfed even harder than just the -50% already.
: nah im fine with just bans, really dont want all champs unlocked since that puts people in the position of having to play a champ they dont want to more often. i grantee you dodges would happen more often
Then don't play the random mode if you don't want to risk getting a certain champ? The fact that people can just not buy the shit tier aram's to just null the chance of getting them is more of the issue. Dodging exists if you really despise that champ but it's time to make it truly random, not "the 20 champs I bought+free last week and this week"
: Toxic blitzcranks vs toxic dravens... I know
Toxic to use his relic passive so they both get money? Bruh
I think the bans also make it easier to balance in aram as they can literally see what champs people don't like playing against and tune from there. I have all but 3 champs but there are way more than 10 really good champs on the map, but there are 5 i can name easily that are just a huge pain in the ass to play against. I still firmly believe that all champs should be open for use in aram, but only let people earn chests/mastery for champs that they own to eliminate aram-specific accounts entirely
Myrmiron (EUW)
: 4? I got 9 skins this year already without spending anything. https://i.imgur.com/Ut6ailc.png[]
> [{quoted}](name=Myrmiron,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7MJELcH7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-28T00:36:58.494+0000) > > 4? I got 9 skins this year already without spending anything. > https://i.imgur.com/Ut6ailc.png[] I can hear the trophies clonking from here
: Actually muting every single players in my team from now on.
See I never get those comments, weird given my name
: This has nothing to do with autofill. When I'm ADC I like an autofilled sup, most of the time those autofilled sups play better than any main sup I get on my elo.
Bro you're silver don't start talking high and mighty about your supports, odds are you don't know how to play with an aggressive support if the ones that aren't comfortable in the role "play better" than the ones that play those champs exclusively
: > [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=22ltvAqq,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2019-05-23T16:00:04.291+0000) > > I never said riven was high skill cap either. Nor do I think she is. I’ve played that champion and she is easy af. > > As for his winrate. That’s because of all the “yasuo one tricks” who don’t actually know how to play the game and choose to turret dive with no items thinking they just win. so your telling me you think more than 50 percent of Yasuo's losses are people trying to tower dive with no items? Hm
No we call that the Yasuo effect. You either are cocky and go too hard or somehow misplay around your winwall/passive and feed your lane, only to scale up too late, or you won _too_ hard in lane and just gave up a huge bounty trying to do a flashy play. Then, the other 4 people on your team have to make split second decisions on whether or not to follow up and try to salvage the fight, or group as 4 at tower, usually a mixed vote causing 1 or more to die with you, then the enemy team grabs objectives and the game tilts further away because the yas is now megatilted and flaming his team at this point.
: https://i.imgur.com/cIeKBZG.gif[/img]
Always making me login to upvote, eh?
: Weekly reminder that Riot removed ARAM bans even if they are deeply missed.
They could also do away with champion weighting in the mode, since you only see the same 30 champs the way it is. As someone who owns every champ, and has a ridiculous amount of arams played, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've gotten a few of the less popular champs this _year_, whereas I can get Ziggs/Lux/Nid/Zil several times a **day**. As has been suggested before, unlock all champs during it, but only earn mastery points/chests for the ones that you own, but keep the rerolls limited by how many champs you own still, but to a lesser extent. This whole being able to hotswap any rolls that your team threw up is really cool, but also super stifling if every game people are throwing up 1-2 to get workable comps. The poke nerf wasn't really needed since poke champs lose hard to tanks/divers/bruisers in it after the first 8 or so minutes, the faster minion spawning is a nice touch and could def do with more supers spawning after a specific minute mark, but I think the bans need to be either old draft based where each team takes a turn banning one at a time for 3 each (if all champs are unlocked) or 5 if it stays with current champ pool. Also, maybe it's just me, but I do see a hell of a lot of aram specific accounts (as it's the gamemode I primarily play anymore), and it's super frustrating seeing them running Kai/Lux/Jinx every game when I still get a solid amount of tanks in my rolls
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Never said it wasn't. But if you remove the restriction of needing Smite, you'd see a lot of people buying it. That was my point.
I agree with changes being made and most of yours were pretty good, was refuting the whole "everyone is gonna buy bloodrazor" thing because the item itself is toxic af, as most that build it do physical but here comes %max magic
: > [{quoted}](name=BackdoorPrincess,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1f3pcBdY,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-05-20T19:23:02.847+0000) > > 868 lmao do you blame teammates for you inability to climb?
> [{quoted}](name=GreenTeaAndPoro,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1f3pcBdY,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2019-05-20T19:51:15.167+0000) > > do you blame teammates for you inability to climb? Bro I haven't ranked since s3, and stopped at gold so i could get the rewards. You can climb based on sole skill alone, as can I, but the problem especially with this meta is the winner so far had been determined by a) whoever is the worst player as they initiate the snowball for whichever team, or b)primarily whichever botlane gets ahead. As a support, Yuumi, as with most supports that aren't Lux/Brand/etc. rely on the adc for kill potential/lane pressure. If you as a thresh/leona/naut hook and go in on a perfect initiate but your adc doesn't respond, yeah that sucks that you either just wasted summs to get out or flat out died, putting your entire lane behind because of it. If your adc doesn't know how to respond to you latching and steering a q, it's on them for lack of game knowledge and they are flat out denying part of your kit. How many times have you had a targon's stack or your supp and the minion gets killed before it can get used? Low elo especially is subject to this due to poor mechanics/game knowledge/refusal to or lack of communication. Some games are 110% decided by teammate actions, as you can't be vayne/kai/a hypercarry every game thanks to autofill and bans, and if you have someone on your team who constantly initiates when behind, or straight up just feeds to an enemy, there isn't much to do about it after a certain extent. Even streamers who are mid diamond/GM don't have a 100% winrate when climbing on their smurfs, get off your barely silver high horse as you know damn well that some games are out of your control
: or just stop blaming team mates.
> [{quoted}](name=GreenTeaAndPoro,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1f3pcBdY,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-20T02:17:01.331+0000) > > or just stop blaming team mates. 868 lmao
: To be fair you need very high IQ to play Yasuo on a decent level
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Ok mister smart pants. How would you nerf the interactive Spellthief's no cs top lane without hurting supports? The fix Riot did is the best, and they even buffed the gold generation. Also, unlocking the jungle items away from Smite? Well damn, looking forward to on hit adc being broken because of Blood Razor. You just toss out ideas with no actual example of how you want to fix it, just say you will. And viability, viable for who, low elo Yolo que or high elo aka the good players?
Bloodrazor has been cancer since its inception, literally the only thing gating it is the fact that there's only 3 adc's that can semi reliably jungle, and they usually need the ad instead, yi is the only melee that can really abuse it and he does so at the cost of damage early (when most other top tier jungles can invade/supress). It's the same thing as phantom hit, a %hp on-hit shouldn't exist just as much as a %max every 3 shouldn't **as an always up passive**. Kog has to pay for his with specific time to hit, and a cooldown after, literally every other % is tied to an ability or a cd, make it so bloodrazor only applies for the first x-auto's on a champ, or after using a summoner, or hell make it an active to grant x seconds of it instead of oh i'm in range guess I got outplayed
Naono (NA)
: Prime ranked. Not sure about that. Many may migrate to that option than the regular. Making mm crappy in either worse. How do I get tokens? How many tokens do I get? It seems like pay to play. Ppl will get real upset when they ain't win. Return to the regular one and take out their fustration there. Might lose more players than gain. The prime is only thing I really don't like. Try to make clash work seems like a better replacement. Or develop something like clash. Like a strict tournament, you queue with randoms but rules are strict. You always get your position primary or secondary. Legiblity to join is tied to honor. Rank can be raised from these games. (Not sure how that sounds). Dodge option should be "leave champ select" with a prompt explaining what will happen. "leave champ select or exit post game lobby" sounds nicer. It's like constructive criticism. When you explain/state something they should try rather saying you are bad. E.g. I watched a bronze streamer. He sucked but rather than saying he did, I pointed out to him in live chat, he needs to develop map awareness among other things but I mentioned that one area as in that match, it was clear he wasn't looking at minimap and such. I liked that post game lobby remains and someone was in queue could join the lobby rather than queuing all over again.
I'm assuming it's more like a pass for the season in an attempt to deny multiple accounts into the prime queue, and would be a per season purchase
: Was your paper house repeatedly destroyed? Let’s rebuild it, it won’t happan again. I would personally make underground home, but maybe I’m weird.
It's the cost of not smelling like fish and chips
: Yuumi proves how utterly clueless this forum is.
It's a symptom of the support=adc's bitch mentality, this support has way better synergy with literally any other position other than adc (with the exception of like two of them that are still relatively lackluster), the speedboost is great for any melee's, the shield passive is great once you learn to not just sit on a carry, the ult feels weak damage wise but it's a huge aoe root after multiple hits which again proves the point of attaching to a melee carry (tryn yas hec riv) over an adc, on top of the huge damage ramp you can give someone if you're building full on ap, and being able to take a summoner other than the mandatory flash (exhaust ignite lmaooo), being able to attach to someone who has a global ult or tp, the champ is designed around being more than just follow adc and peel/buff and the first pro nasus/yuumi penta everyone is gonna cream themselves
: Cool idea, but Stormrazor would boost Deadman's speed even further then, to the point where it might be a viable option on ADCs that run fleet footwork.
Deadmans slow doesnt proc on ranged champs, and you lose the speed on first auto, so not sure what speed you're talking about then, especially since deadmans slow is bigger than stormrazors. I really don't see a problem with getting fleet's movement on auto with it especially since you could just run phase rush instead if you wanted the speed to begin with, and I'm all for conqueror alternatives rn
Nice Try (NA)
: Thank you for the memories Riot Games Im sorry i couldnt improve and be less toxic. (Please Read)
I got a two week ban between season 2 and 3 when I first started because I said "get dunked nooblords" at the end of like 3 games playing dunkmaster yi, since it was the only jungler my friends told me how to play at the time lmao
floo (EUW)
: What i'm saying is, you're going to lose the same game. It certainly won't help you, to put your teammates at a disadvantage with an attitude like this. And what does one thing even have to do with the other? If you constantly ban your biggest threat, it gives you better chances to win?
Bro plays botgames mostly, just walk lmao
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