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: Apparently Rito is still saying there's nothing wrong with earning chests, they are playing ignorant. Approx. ~50 people reported the bug by now, but as always, anything that doesnt have at least +50 upvotes is not a real problem and never will be, this is when I really hate this bug reporting system. {{item:3070}}
: No Hextech Chest after getting S rank
Screen cap of Jinx bug:
: No Hextech Chest after getting S rank
I just found something weird, on my champion page I have the special border for Jinx, and the chest symbol is yellow, but the highest grade I got with her is a B+. Could it be that the game somehow mistakenly has me as an S for Jinx, didn't give me a chest, but still bars me from getting one? on my profile page it still says I can earn one.
: Did you earn a chest for Leona before or no?
No, I have not. Also, I did not receive a chest from Jhin either, so I would have received 2 if I had not already earned three.
: Hextech Chest not received
Same kind of thing happened with me, my friend got one, but I did not. Let me know if you figure it out!
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