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: I don't know what you're on about, I've got it playing on youtube right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQUjlgkSQ9s
At Youtube.com or at watchlcs.com?
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: Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client
I miss the old tab that gave you more in depth analysis of your ranked performance. Or maybe I just cant find it. Either way its a problem.
: NA LCS Summer Split Survival Guide
I hate the new formats. Hopefully RIOT will as well and go back to the BO1.
: EU LCS Survival Guide
I hate the new formats. Hopefully RIOT will as well and go back to the BO1.
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: Looking ahead: NA and EU LCS format changes for Summer Split 2016
I like the intent but having to choose or go back and watch VODS is really lame IMO. I like sitting down and watching all the matches.
: Building Butcher’s Bridge: the Bilgewater event
Can you take out the fu%$ing snowballs for the event. They ruined my favorite past time (ARAM).
: Exploring Player Behavior Design Values
One thing RIOT needs to get a handle on is how premade teams act. I have had a few chat restrictions in my time and I am willing to bet everyone is because I would not lay down and be bullied by a premade team. I have found that often a premade has learned that they can act and talk to others however they want because at the end of the day they can out report you. We all know Tribunal was a joke, very few people actually read the entire reports they just clicked one option or another. I used to judge Tribunal quite a bit and I was shocked by the number of people being pardoned when they used some of the most offensive language, like Bunt with a C and extremely homophobic or racist language like Maggot with an F or Jigger with an N. I was also concerned with the number of people that got punished for just telling people to leave them alone. The only constant I found in Tribunal seemed to be, that people reported by 3 or more team mates got punished and the ones reported by 1 or 2 got pardoned. As a player myself I was never punished when Tribunal was active but I have received a couple chat bans since the auto punish was turned on. The couple of times I was sent an email from RIOT about these chat bans it was games where a 3-4 man premade was harassing me or a team member and I fought back. So once again it was simply majority wins. RIOT will say don't react to those players. But really what does it say about me if I stand by and watch these groups of bullies and I don't say anything. Silence only empowers those types of behaviors? "In the early days of the internet, players might use racist or homophobic language and nothing would happen; as a result, deviant behaviors not only emerge, but become the norm." I will not ever stand by and watch a group of premade people harass someone. But since they have more people to click report I get punished and they continue to act how they please. If RIOT was seriously concerned with player behavior they would add a level of monitoring that included a RIOTER actually vetting out reports and reading the logs, including champ select and game exit. Of course that would require paying someone and put some responsibility on RIOT to police the community. I understand that in the early days of a free internet game that expense and time commitment would have been a burden but I think I just saw an article about how RIOT has made 1 Billion in micro transactions. Combine that with the income they get from LCS sponsorship and its time for RIOT to invest some money in policing its community and not just leaving it to some automated system that simply counts reports or a Tribunal that acts effectively the same way. Pay some people to actually investigate reports, take stand against premade bullies, and stop making it majority rules.
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: Patch Rundown – 4.12
Go Snoopeh...jungle timers is BS
: Patch 4.12 notes
Jungle timers are just crap...taking away mind games that made you have be be paying attention to just looking at your screen is going to make people lazy in the jungle....as if feral flare wasn't doing that enough already...
: LoL Design Values: In-depth with Clarity
I always felt that tracking your timers was part of being a good jungler. I totally oppose this change and think it will lead to more lazy junglers and will stop people that are good from distinguishing it vs bad junglers by making it harder to counter them for not paying attention to their own buffs. Please Riot do not do this!!!!!!
: ***
Soifler (NA)
: I just want to comment on the leaverbuster system. Sometimes, my computer dies out and the game crashes on me (I have a pretty crappy laptop) and when I rejoin, it says that I was afk so long that I'm kicked from the game. Then I join again, same thing happens.
Then don't play and internet based game where people depend on you to be online for the duration of a game!
: I feel that leave buster is a horribly flawed system. based on the amount of teens who play leauge most of them have do do what a parent says when called. thus if it takes to long they get kicked and leave buster targets them.If you are going to upgrade the system please start accepting reviews of leave buster cases like the one i explained above
If there is a chance that your parents could call you away you should not be queuing a game. It is a terrible waste of someone else's time for you to afk a game. Its a difficult concept for teens, I know, but the world is filled with other people and its simply disrespectful of their time and effort for you to just walk away from a game for period of time.
: I would like to say that these changes really help prevent toxic players, but also empower them. I have had my chat restricted for "toxic" chat and it puts me as such a disadvantage as a jungler. Whats my crime? Well i rarely talk in game, and when I do its usually to tell toxic players to calm down, and often these toxic players have a dou partner, and they report me..... thus getting me punished for trying to prevent toxic behavoir because the computer that assigns this restriction doesnt look at the chat, and just gives it out to people who get reports...... even if they shouldnt be punished. So, this system is flawed, and should get some more attention, but thank you riot for finally taking steps to stop toxic players.
Tribunal rewards bullying and punishes people that stand up to it
: Upgrading the Tribunal
The biggest issue I have seen with the tribunal is that it actually encourages a bully mentality of premade teams. I have received one chat restriction in my almost 3 years of LOL and all the reports I saw on my tribunal report were games that I was teamed with 3 or 4 man premades that started by harassing me and telling me stuff and I responded to them because I will not back down from bullies. But because you get reported by 3-4 people the people voting in tribunal think your toxic. Its fairly obvious that most people do not even read tribunal reports because there has been times that I have done tribunal, selected punish on people that used the very worst of terms (N-Word, C word in reference to female parts, f-word directed at gay men etc..) and yet they get pardoned because people get lazy in the tribunal and don't actually read reports. Tribunal is a great idea but in practice has been broken for a very long time. It really just allows Bully premades to constantly get away with bad behavior and punishing those that stand up.


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